About Us

We founded Fishing Papa with the goal to help anglers find practically anything they need to know about fishing. We want anglers to get the best out of their money when purchasing fishing gear and enjoy catching fish as they should. That’s why we provide well-analyzed articles to help anglers become experts in various fishing techniques. We also provide reviews for the best fishing gears, including fishing reels, rods, lines, lures, and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed readers’ expectations by consistently providing well-researched content to help them in their fishing journey. We also want to create a community with a friendly environment where anglers can share their thoughts and benefit from each other. We believe in customer satisfaction, and we have a team that is motivated to take initiatives to ensure our readers are happy and satisfied.

What We Do

We provide our readers with the most valuable information about fishing products and fishing in general. We also answer questions to anyone who would want to know about the products on our site or want information about fishing.

How We Do It

We write articles on different topics in fishing. Here, you will probably find everything you need to know about fishing. We also review various fishing products and link videos for easier understanding. Our articles are well-written and easy to follow. The language used is easy to understand, and you will get valuable information from them. In the product reviews, you will find the best of the best in the various categories.

Why Fishing Papa?

We update our blogs regularly. Visit our blog from time to time to get fresh and high-quality content. Things keep on changing in the fishing world, and new products are introduced every day. At Fishing Papa, you will get information about all products, including the new ones, so that you can decide if they are worth your money. All our reviews are honest, and we never fail to point out the weaknesses of a product.

Types of Content We Publish

Fishing Tips

Here, you will find all the tips you need for various techniques of fishing. For example, you can find tips for fly fishing, tips for baitcasting, tips for taking care of your fishing gears, tips for finding trouts, etc.

Fishing Guides

We will guide you to the best fishing locations in your area to make your work easier. What’s more, you will find fishing guides in various topics such as an ultimate guide for salmon fishing, the ultimate guide for trout fishing, etc. In such guides, you will find vital information such as the lures to use, fishing reel to use, best rod for the job, and how to make the best out of your fishing trip. You will also find information about different fishing techniques such as ice fishing, fly fishing, trolling, and more!

Fishing Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Learn how to buy different fishing products the right way. In these contents, you will find buyer’s guides for baitcasters, and buyers guide for spincasting reels, buyer’s guide for spinning reels, buyer’s guide for spinning rods, buyer’s guide for baitcasting rods, buyer’s guide for fishing lines, and buyer’s guide for lures and baits. We also recommend the best products on the market to make your work even easier. Whatever you are looking for in the world of fishing, you will find it in the fishing reviews and buyer’s guide section.

Our Contributors

Daniel Devis- Chief Editor

Out of pure love for fishing, Daniel Devis is an experienced writer and editor. Under the guidance of his father, Daniel had done it all by the time he was 17 years old. He does not claim to know everything there is to know about fishing, but he’s a pretty good angler. He has participated in several fishing tournaments and emerged the winner in most of them. Apart from fishing, Daniel enjoys writing, and he has been an active writer for the last 15 years. Now, he’s the chief editor at Fishing Papa, and our content could never be in better hands.

John Wexler- Research and Content Writer

Wexler is a fishing enthusiast and a prolific writer. He started as a freelance writer, but with his enthusiasm for fishing and excellent writing skills, he became a full-time member of the team. He has been fishing since he was seven alongside his dad, and when he’s not out fishing, he’s writing or reading. He’s also a huge movie fan, and some of his favorite films and shows revolve around fishing. They include grumpy old men, big fish, and big man fish. He still likes content, not revolving fishing, including the sopranos, game of thrones, and Ozark.

Jesse Devis- Filed Tester

Jesse is a fish enthusiast like the rest of the team. But unlike the others, writing is not one of his strong suits. He’s an adventurer, though. He likes traveling and trying out new things. That’s why we could never find a better field tester. He tests the reels, rods, and other accessories and gives out his opinion about their functionality. Then Wexler and his team turn his voice into words to provide you with solid reviews. He knows his way around fishing, given he has been fishing since he was ten. Therefore, his views are typically spot on.

Ashley Lewis- Media and Marketing

Ashley loves being part of the team since she’s also interested in fishing like the rest of us. Her talents are, however, best-suited in media marketing. She’s a brand marketing expert who has been in business for many years. She’s excellent at what she does, and she represents our team on social media and conducts and directs most of the interviews we post on the website. She likes traveling, and her dream is to travel around the world with her family.

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