Fish is more than just a hobby for me- they’re my obsession, and I’m not ashamed to say that. All of my life, fishing has been the most important thing in it; from a mile on the boat compared with miles on the car – you see how much time I spend out there? And now as an adult who’s married and all…well let’s put it this way: nothing gets between me and my rod!

My wife often scolds me saying “You have bins and bins (and tubs and tubs) of crankbaits–and still buy more” but she knows how much joy fishing gives us all

I always love to talk with fishermen when I’m out on the water. It’s been an interesting and informative experience for me, so far! For a fisherperson like myself who knows how much of a difference it can make in your catch or time spent fishing if you get yourself set up right from the start by choosing gear that suits your needs and species type as well as having all sorts of tricks up their sleeve – catching fish is easier than ever.

I have been a fisherman for years, and I know one of the most frustrating things is when you’re looking to buy new gear but there’s not much information on what will work best. It can be difficult enough just picking out which bait or lure to go with without having any idea how it all works together. That’s why I decided to share my knowledge of in-depth practical guides and reviews that cover everything from fishing rods, reels, and lines down through lures and baits so fish are easy prey!

I love fishing and I hope to share my passion with others by providing information about the different types of materials that are available for catching fish. If you have any questions, please contact me!

  Daniel Devis Editor: Fishingpapa.com 

1937 Cassia Ln,
New Port Richey, FL, 34655

Email: info {at} fishingpapa.com

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