In  my entire life, I have many outdoor hobbies. Fishing occupies the most
important place for my personality. I have more miles on my boat than my car. I
am obsessed with it. I do not mind spending money on fishing
equipment, testing different gears, reading a lot of books to learn
the biology of fish. My wife often scolds me saying “You have bins and bins
(and tubs and tubs) of crankbaits–and still buy more”

I often talk to local fishermen to gather knowledge from their
personal experiences.

Fishing is interesting if you can choose the right gear setup. Moreover, you
should have sound knowledge about species, water type, and some tips and tricks
to make your fishing experience enjoyable.

I want to share the secrets that I have gathered over the years of fishing.
There is little information on the internet that truly teaches
specific practical knowledge.
Almost all anglers, especially the newbies are confused while buying new gear.
If you do not have in-depth knowledge, you may purchase the wrong one. For
better experience and performance in fishing, you should carefully choose the
right one. That is why; I am providing in-depth practical guides and
reviews of fishing accessories, rods, reels, lines, safety equipment, lures,
and baits, kayaks, boats, and marine accessories.

I also started this blog to provide tips tricks to pick the right fishing
materials for the right species. Maybe my blog will help you catch a fish or
two. Contact me if you have any questions!

Daniel Devis

Founder: FishingPapa.com

4825 Ridge Top Cir

Anchorage, Alaska (AK), 99508

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