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Echo Shadow II Fly Rod 

Echo Shadow II is a high-quality fly rod that has impressed many. It is excellent for smaller fish like panfish and trout, but it is still strong enough to handle slightly larger fish should you hook one in the river. Typically, it is excellent for 6-14 inches fish. Here are the features that come with the rod:

Fast Action 

All fly rods in this series come with fast action. This means they are super sensitive, and you can notice even the slightest nibbles. In fact, the sensitivity of the tip is almost similar to that of a 2-weight fly rod. But since it has a thicker butt, it has the same pulling power as standard 3-weight fly rods. You can use this rod with dry flies and nymphs. 

Cork Grips 

The Echo Shadow II comes with half wells cork grips that fit perfectly on the arm. Furthermore, there is a rubberized cork ring at the rod’s back and front, enhancing the grip even more. The cork ring also adds durability to the cork grips since those are the handle areas often prone to damages. 

Silicon Carbide Line Guides 

Silicon carbide line guide inserts are smooth, and they will not wear down your line. The first stripper guide is placed on the butt of the rod, which minimizes the amount of slack between the stripper guide and the hand you are using to control the line. The rest of the line guides are secured with thread wraps to ensure the fly line moves as smoothly as possible. 

Hook Keep 

The rod comes with a hook keep, positioned just above the grip. 


  • After-sale service and lifetime warranty to the buyer
  • Super sensitive rod for small fish fishing 
  • Good value for money. 
  • A beautiful finish that makes the rod quite presentable.


  • The rod tip is prone to breaks. 
  • Not suitable for long casts and larger fish.

Echo Shadow II fly rod is available on online stores, including Amazon, and I recommend it to all fly fishing anglers, especially those who plan to catch smaller fish.

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