7 Best Rods for Bottom Fishing ( Top Picks for 2024)

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Bottom fishing is fun, exciting and still requires a bit of hard work. However, with the right gear and perfect spot, you are not limited, and you can match out of the water with a tasty panfish or even a giant grouper. Imagine the excitement that comes with enjoying an afternoon with the ocean breeze and coming back home with several fish. A proper working rod gives you the confidence to explore deeper waters and even fight heavier species. Below are some of the best bottom fishing rods.

Here are the list of Top 7 Rods for Bottom Fishing :

Multi Purpose Setup
Okuma Cedros E-Glass Jigging Rods

Okuma Cedros E-Glass Jigging Rods

  • Types : Casting
  • Action : Medium Heavy
  • Length : 6' 6"
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Best Overall
Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Casting Fishing Rod

Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Casting Fishing Rod

  • Types : Casting
  • Length : 7'
  • Power : Medium heavy 
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Premium Choice
Shimano Trevala Casting Rod

Shimano Trevala Casting Rod

  • Types : Casting
  • Power : Extra Heavy 
  • Action : Moderate Fast 
  • Length : 5' 8"


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Best Gift Choice
GOO FISH Jigging Rod 6’6″ Solid NanoTech Blank Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

GOO FISH Jigging Rod 6’6″ Solid NanoTech Blank Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

  • Section : 1 or 1.5 Piece
  • Length : 6' 6"
  • Types : Spinning & Casting
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Budget Friendly
Ugly Stick GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod

Ugly Stick GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod

  • Types : Spinning
  • Length : 5' 10"
  • Power : Medium
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Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Offshore Heavy Bent/ Straight Butt Trolling Rod

Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Offshore Heavy Bent/ Straight Butt Trolling Rod

  • Types : Trolling
  • Length : 5' 6"
  • Power : Heavy
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Jigging World Ghost Hunter 2 Piece Bottom Fishing Rod

Jigging World Ghost Hunter 2 Piece Bottom Fishing Rod

  • Rod Weight : 11.3 oz
  • Max Drag : 15 Lb
  • Length : 7' 6" 
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1. Okuma Cedros E-Glass Jigging Rods

This quality and high-performing rod work perfectly in bottom fishing. The rod features 16-key casting and spinning models with medium to extra heavy powers. The rod also has an E-glass that offers incredible pulling power giving you optimum success.

The rod has glass blanks that offer shock reduction when you are dealing with a braided line. Its reel seat is 2-tone anodized and ergonomic with an alps-pyramid shape. This seat ensures your comfort and offers more control.

The rods also contain Alps high-rise 316 stainless steel guide frames with zirconium guidelines that help reduce friction from braided lines. In addition, the rods are backed by a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about their repair and replacement.

The rod, even at 6’6, offers excellent sensitivity and has a lot of backbone, well-designed eyes, and an ergonomic handle. Therefore, the rod makes it possible to cast in tight spaces without hitting branches.


  • This rod offers excellent sensitivity. 
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 16-key casting models for medium to extra heavy powers.


  • Poor packaging

2. GOO FISH Jigging Rod 6’6″ Solid NanoTech Blank Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

This fishing rod is built with the latest technology ensuring a powerful performance. It has a thinner diameter. Its diameter can be thinner than a hollow bank since it’s rolled up. It features a solid nano blank that is very soft and stiff. Since most of the rod is made of nano blank and high-ton Toray carbon fiber, it is very light, and you don’t get tired even after a day of fishing.

The thin diameter of this rod also enhances its sensitivity so that you can feel every bite. The rod also feature FUJI K frame high-performance guides that ensures corrosion resistance and a fast outgoing line. The Fuji reel seat allows you to feel the fish bite with more ease. There is also a Piano baking paint on the rods ensures their beautiful look, and the colors do not fade.


  • The rod has a sensitive tip so you can feel every bite
  • This rod is lightweight, enhancing your comfort all-day
  • High drag power so you can fight even heavier fish


  • The rod is pricy

3. Ugly Stick GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod

The Ugly stick spinning rod is one of the most dependable rods for bottom fishing. This spinning rod is perfect for all-level anglers; it does not matter whether you are a beginner or experienced angler; you will enjoy using this rod.

This fishing rod offers better balance and assures a lighter feel. It is made with a combination of graphite and fiberglass, making it powerful and sensitive. The 6’ medium spinning rod feels very balanced in your hands.

Its clear tip design responds even to the lightest nibble and stroke and improves the strength of this rod. It also has an Eva grip handle that is light hence ensuring all-day comfort while bottom fishing. The rod is also versatile, and it can be used with all types of lines.

Additionally, the rod has Ugly Tuff guides that eliminate insert pop-outs for ease of use. Its classic diamond wind and sleek form make it eye-catching and very stylish.


  • The rod has a beautiful design and is very stylish.
  • It’s clear tip design ensures high sensitivity and strength.
  • The EVA grip handles ensure all-day comfort


  • The rod is a bit heavy

4. Jigging World Ghost Hunter 2 Piece Bottom Fishing Rod

This jigging World bottom fishing rod has a length of 7.6″ plus a section 2 butt joint and a weight of 11.3oz. It is specially built for North East bottom fishing. If you are looking for Blackfish or cod, this is the best rod.

It comes with eight guides plus a tip. The guides help reduce backlash while the tip improves the sensitivity and performance of this rod. Its max drag is 15lb, so you are assured the rod can handle large and fighting fish.


  • This Rod is lightweight and sensitive. 
  • The rod has eight guides and a tip for improved performance
  • It is a highly durable rod


  • This rod is pricy,

5. Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Offshore Heavy Bent/ Straight Butt Trolling Rod

This rod contains a composite fiber main shaft that ensures sensitivity. It contains super smooth rollers and hardware that ensures its good look. In addition, this rod features a classic design using CNC machined aircraft grade alloy that ensures superior strength.

It has a sensitive tip so that you can feel every bite. It also features a reel backbone, so you are in a better position to fight large fish. Its EVA foam grip is comfortable, and it allows you to enjoy long hours of bottom fishing and adds a non-slip hold against hard-pulling fish.


  • The rod has a sensitive tip so you can feel every bite
  • The rod has a sensitive tip so you can feel every bite
  • The super-smooth rollers ensure a good look
  • EVA grip handle ensures all day comfort


  • The rod is not as high-quality and durable as other rods.

6. Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Casting Fishing Rod

The Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Casting fishing rod maintains the quality and superior performance of  Ugly stick rods. This rod is versatile, and it can be used in different places.

This rod utilizes Ugly Tech construction, and it gives anglers every advantage.

It features Ugly Tuff guides that provide maximum corrosion resistance with no insert pop-outs. It also features  graphite content, ensuring sensitivity and lightness.`

The rod has fighting length EVA handles with contoured fore-grips that ensures a comfortable grip with rubber gimbels. It also contains reel seats with stainless steel cushioned hoods that ensure a comfortable day bottom fishing.


  • This rod is highly versatile.
  • It comes with comfortable EVA grip handles.
  • The Ugly tuff guides ensure the durability of these rods


  • The rod is not very attractive

7. Shimano Trevala Casting Rod

This casting rod has engineered the next generation of TC4 construction. It is excellent for bottom fishing, and it gives you the pulling power of TC4 with little weight and improved sensitivity. In addition, the rod has been designed to be used with the deadly Shimano Butterfly jigs.

The rod comes with high speed and high power reels making your bottom fishing experiences unforgettable. The rod also comes with Fuji Aluminum oxide guides that provides long-lasting durability and decreases line wear, ensuring better corrosion resistance and heat dissipation.

This rod is equipped with EVA foam rubber grips to ensure anglers’ comfort even after long hours of fishing. The handle ensures a strong grip even when wet. Additionally, the grip features a split grip style handle for off-shore conditions.


  • This rod comes with EVA grip foam rubbers that enhance your comfort
  • The rod is lightweight and highly sensitive
  • The guides ensure maximum durability.


  • The price is not favorable for someone with a limited budget
  • The butt is plastic and less durable, but you can always change it.

How to Choose the Best Bottom Fishing Rods


The length of a fishing rod determines how successful you will be when bottom fishing. Fishing rods range anywhere from 4 to 14 feet. The length determines how far the rod can cast. Basically, longer rods make longer casts, while shorter rods make shorter casts. However, longer casts are harder to control compared to shorter rods. Therefore, the best rod is 6-7′ is an excellent rod when you are bottom fishing.


The materials used in making fishing rods include fiberglass, graphite, and composite. Graphite is one of the most popular materials as it maintains the lightness and strength of rods.  Fiberglass rods have been in existence for ages, and they are relatively durable and low priced since they are easy to make. These features make fiberglass rods a favorite for many. Composite rods offer superior performance compared to graphite and fiberglass rods. These rods give you the flexibility you need without sacrificing weight and sensitivity.


When bottom fishing, you need to ensure you get a rod with an ergonomic handle and check on the length. Handles are made from cork or EVA foam. These materials ensure a comfortable and durable grip. Looking at the length of the handle, it is essential to note that longer handles are better for longer casting and shorter handles help anglers looking for shorter casts.

Rod components

To ensure your rod works effectively, especially when bottom fishing, you must check the various components. These components include the reel seat, blanks, guides, and ferrules. All these components enhance control and improve the performance of your rod. Always make sure the components are of good quality and they are fixed perfectly.

The best Rod for deep-sea bottom fishing/Deep sea bottom fishing rod

For deep-sea bottom fishing, you need to know that you’ll be fishing for bottom species. So you’ll need a rod that can handle heavier fish species. The strength and performance of a rod is a crucial consideration. Ugly Stick GX2 rod and Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod are among the best rods for deep-sea bottom fishing.

Best Rod for Offshore Bottom Fishing

Off-shore bottom fishing involves fishing on the bottom 20 or more miles off-shore in water 50 to 600feet deep. Here you experience large and small fish. You’ll need a rod that can handle different fish species. Penn Carnage II Saltwater spinning rod and Ugly Stik  Tiger Elite are excellent rods in off-shore bottom fishing.

Bottom Fishing set up Guide

Below is a setup guide that will help you become a pro angler in bottom fishing. When fishing, first ensure that you feel the bottom.

After feeling fish hits, don’t yank the rod immediately. Some fish hit three to four times before taking the hook.

If you feel the hits and sometimes there is no hook, reel up and check the bait. For example, you might be dragging a rig without bait along the bottom.

Some anglers love working the line.  Ensure the rod’s tip touches the water, smoothly lift it five or six feet, and then return the rod to the original fishing position. This helps attract fish when the bait makes small ripples.

Bottom Fishing Tips

Bottom fishing comes with different complications. If you are a beginner or a hobbyist looking to learn about bottom fishing, the tips below will help you.

  • Use just enough weight to hit and hold the bottom
  • Anchor up currents from the specific point you are fishing from.
  • The hook size should be matching with the bait and not the fish.
  • Circle hooks are recommended since they prevent fish deaths.
  • Use egg-sinkers since they drift the bait, and pyramid sinkers will hold the bait in one spot.
  • When you feel the bite, reeling quickly is more effective than setting the hook.
  • When in deep waters, you will be more successful if you keep the line vertically.
  • Chunks of baits work perfectly in the surf.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a bottom rod used for?

Bottom rods have evolved, and modern rods are very different from their predecessors. Bottom rods now come with all requirements needed for bottom fishing. Therefore, bottom rods are used for bottom fishing.

2. What Rods do I need for Bottom Fishing

The rods you need for bottom fishing are mostly determined by where you want to go fishing. The rods for offshore bottom fishing may differ slightly from the rods for inshore bottom fishing. If you are casting too far, you will need a rod that exceeds 7′. However, if you are making shorter casts, a 6-7’ rod is a perfect match for most anglers.

3. Can you use a Jigging Rod for bottom fishing?

Yes, jigging rods are also perfect for bottom fishing. However, when choosing a jigging rod for bottom fishing, you need to get a light to medium-weight graphite rod with good flexibility. Also, ensure that the rod’s length ranges from 5’8 to 7′.

4. What can you Catch Bottom Fishing?

Anglers understand that you’ll be at an advantage to catch large and heavier species when bottom fishing. You can catch anything from a tasty panfish to a giant grouper. In freshwaters, you can catch Perch, Bluegill, Carp, and Bass.

5. What are other gears for bottom fishing?

Like any other fishing technique, bottom fishing also requires that you have the right gears to ensure your success. These bottom fishing gears include sinkers, hooks, reels, and lines. These gears make your fishing successful and enable you to put up a fight against heavier fish species. Moreover, If you want your bottom fishing gear altogether, you may choose rod and reel combo for your bottom fishing journey.

Final Verdict

Whether fishing on the shore, inside the boat or surf fishing, every angler aims to catch fish. Bottom fishing has its fair share of controversies, but it is the best fishing technique for an angler looking for a challenge. Additionally, you get to enjoy your time in the water, and you can explore different water bodies as you improve on your fishing.


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