7 Best Fly Rod for Trout [Top Picks for 2024]

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If you are looking to fish for trout and wonder about its best rod, then follow this article. Trout fishing is prevalent among anglers who deal with smaller fish species. Getting the right rod can sometimes be challenging. It would be best if you considered the rod’s weight, cast ability, length, and strength. While it’s possible to use your regular fly rod for trout, you need to ensure that it meets the right specifications.

Getting the specific rod for this application will ensure your fishing success. Below are some of the best fly rods for trout. Here are Best 7 Fly Rods for Trout Fishing (Comparison Table)

Best Premium Choice Rod
Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod

Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod

  • Action : Fast
  • Length : 8' 6"
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Best Overall Rod
Redington Classic Trout

Redington Classic Trout

  • Action : Moderate
  • Length : 7' 6"
  • Size : 3WT 7'6" 4 PC (376-4)
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St Croix Rods Mojo Trout Fly Fishing Rod

St Croix Rods Mojo Trout Fly Fishing Rod

  • Action : Moderate Fast
  • Length : 6'
  • Size : 6.0ft 2wt
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Best Budget-Friendly Rod
Piscifun Sword Graphite Fly Fishing Rod

Piscifun Sword Graphite Fly Fishing Rod

  • Action : Slow, Medium
  • Length : 8' 6", 9'
  • Size : 4wt, 5wt, 6wt, 7wt and 9wt
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Best High-End Rod
Sage Fly Fishing-Pulse Fly Rod

Sage Fly Fishing-Pulse Fly Rod

  • Material Graphite
  • Length : 9' 6"
  • Size : 8WT, 9' 6" 4 PC (896-4)
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Orvis Encounter 5-Weight 9’ Fly Rod

Orvis Encounter 5-Weight 9’ Fly Rod

  • Material Graphite
  • Length : 9'
  • Size : 5wt 9ft 4pc 
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Eagle Claw Featherweight Fly Rod

Eagle Claw Featherweight Fly Rod

  • Material Fiberglass
  • Action : Slow
  • Length : 6' 6"
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1. Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod

Explore more waters with the Moonshine Rod designed for all level anglers. The high-quality graphite construction and double locking reel seats prove the durability and reliability of the rod.  Don’t confuse its lightness for agility; it has a durable, hard canvas fly rod tube that keeps your fly rod intact, protecting it from bumps, dirt, and mud. In addition to this, enjoy long hours of undistracted casting with the high-grade AAA cork grips.


  • Two-rod tip sections
  • Durable hard canvas fly rod tube
  • Ideal for all level anglers
  • Material Graphite

2. Redington Classic Trout

Focus better with the unmatched performance of the Redington Classic Trout fly rod. They offer moderate Action and excel in the freshwater application for trout fishing. The dark clay brown blank with matching rosewood reel inserts plus the titanium oxide stripping guides ensure the durability and quality of the rod. Additionally, you are assured of an easy time setting up your rod with the alignment dots and the divided rod tube.

Key Features

  • Parts Available in 4 and 6 pieces
  • Weight 59g to 85grams


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Unmatched accuracy
  • Alignment dots for easy setup


  • The drawback of the rod is in long casts and under strong winds.

3. St Croix Rods Mojo Trout Fly Fishing Rod

With this rod, you can confidently set out for trout fishing despite your level of experience. Featuring a high-modulus SCIII carbon construction with FRS, get ready to be amazed by the unparalleled performance. Also, enjoy long fishing hours with the premium-grade cork handle with a super-strong grip. Not forgetting the Kigan master 3D stripper guides with aluminum-oxide rings and Sea guide snake guides that ensure maximum durability for the rod.

Key Features

  • Construction  Premium high modulus SCIII carbon
  • Weight The weight ranges between 2.2 oz to 3.9oz


  • Slim-profile ferrules
  • Five-year warranty
  • Comfortable handle


  • They are a little pricey

4. Piscifun Sword Graphite Fly Fishing Rod

Enjoy the unmatched performance with the piscifun  Sword Fly fishing rod with five different sizes offering varying rod action. But for trout fishing, go for size 4wt and 5wt with slow and medium Action, respectively. Explore saltwater and freshwater bodies, and who knows; you will probably be boasting the largest trout and other species at the end of the day. With the precise fly placement and instant pulling power, enjoy precision at its best, plus the graphite construction for improved accuracy and durability. You do not have to worry about the impact of rocks, mud, and harsh waves. The PVC rod tube offers maximum protection to your rod while making it portable. Also, enjoy easy rod set up with the white dots making aligning easier.

Key Features

  • Sizes Available in five sizes
  • Weight 3.9oz to 5.3oz


  • Ingenious design
  • Comfortable and quality handle
  • The rods are travel friendly


  • Don’t impose them to too much pressure; they will easily break

5. Sage Fly Fishing-Pulse Fly Rod

Maximize your catch with the high-quality graphite IIIe fly rods built with ultimate care to ensure unparalleled performance. Featuring the full-wells cork handle with fighting butt for size 3 to 6 plus snub-nose half wells handle for size 6-8, get the leverage and comfort you need for trout fishing. The Fuji ceramic stripper guides, hard chromed snake guides, and tip-top are machined to ensure maximum durability. Additionally, the rosewood insert with gloss black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seats increases your comfort while casting.

Key Features

  • Size Available in 6 sizes ranging from size 3 to 8
  • Material Graphite


  • Durable graphite construction
  • Comfortable and firm grip handles
  • Olive thread wraps


  • The price is on the higher end

6. Orvis Encounter 5-Weight 9’ Fly Rod

If you are going to fish for trout for the first time, try the Orvis Encounter rod. The five weight 9′ series features a 4-piece design making it travel-friendly. Encounter a smooth, crisp performance offering the smoothest cast with excellent balance and line control. Additionally, the graphite construction will let you enjoy the unmatched durability and impressive sensitive tips, so you will not miss a single catch.

Key Features

  • Weight 2 ounces
  • Parts 4pieces
  • Material Graphite


  • Quality Graphite construction
  • Perfect for beginners with a beginner’s price tag
  • Excellent balance


  • The rods could break under too much pressure
  • Only available in one model

7. Eagle Claw Featherweight Fly Rod

Fishing never felt better like when using the 6’6” eagle claw featherweight fly rod best suited for trout. The two-piece fly rod makes carrying easier with a fiber construction that ensures maximum strength, durability, and performance. The cork handle made of stainless steel is durable and ensures maximum comfort for long hours of fishing. Don’t be afraid to explore new waters and try out species like trout, as the rod can handle every impact.

Key Features

  • Rod Sections 2
  • Handle style Half well
  • Material Fiberglass


  • Sturdy construction   
  • Comfortable and durable handle


  • The warranty only covers one year

Fly Rod SetUp for Trout

To ensure success when fishing for trout, you need to have the right fly rod set up. The following are the requirements for the setup.

  • Fly fishing rod
  • Fly fishing reel
  • Fly fishing line
  • Fly line backing
  • Fly fishing leader
  • Tippet
  • Flies  
  • Combination clipper with knot tool

All these items are crucial in your fly rod setup for trout.To set up, 

First choose your fly rod; rods come in different weights, lengths, and types.

The weight of the fly line will determine the weight of the fly rod. You must choose compatible fly lines and fly rods.

When choosing the length of your rod, it’s important to note that the length will determine your castability. The longer the rod, the longer your casts.

The next important aspect of this setup is the fishing reels. Fishing reels produce the necessary drag required to catch your fish.

After choosing your reel, ensure the fishing line is compatible with your fly rod. Fly lines come in different types, but they lie between 80 to 90 inches.

Next, consider the leader. This is the part where the tippets are attached. The leader is roughly 9 feet, and they help ensure ease in casting.

After this, consider the tippet. It should be as light as possible and is attached at the end of the leader.

Finally, to complete the set up make sure you have the flies or the lure. Without the lure, the fish will not be attracted to your rod, and you might end up with no catch at the end of the day.

How to Rig a Fly Rod for Trout

To rig your fly rod for trout, follow these simple steps. 

First ensure your rod is in perfect condition and string out your fly line and leader through the eyelets. 

Secondly, take the fly line and thread it in the eyelets. 

Then, pull the eyelet with your thumb and ensure the leader and fly line have a perfect knot.

After this, ensure the end of the tip leader is small and take your fly and set it on the tape up leader. 

Snug it up nice and tight and this way you will have rigged your fly rod for trout. 

What to Look for While Buying a Fly Rod for Trout Fishing

When buying a fly rod for trout fishing, you need to be extra careful not to end up with a low-quality rod. Here are some of the factors to look for.


Length is probably the most crucial factor when choosing a rod. When choosing a fly rod for trout, you need a relatively long rod. 8 to 9 feet rods are perfect since they will help you make longer casts. However, if you need to make very long casts, you can go with shorter rods.


The fly rod action determines how flexible a rod is. When using a fly rod for trout, having a fast action rod makes more sense as you need to make longer casts. Medium action rods also will work perfectly when trout fishing as they are quite versatile.


The material of your fly rod will determine its strength and durability. Graphite materials are known for their lightness and strength. Fiberglass materials are stronger and last longer, and are also ideal choices. So your choice of material will depend on your choice of strength and weight.


When choosing a fly rod for trout fishing, you must consider its price. Some brands will have their rods overpriced while their performance equals the performance of other affordable rods. It is good to counter check the rods’ quality without first considering their prices; you never know; you might pick a rod with unmatched performance.


The weight and size of your fishing rod will determine your success when fishing for trout. Usually, heavier rods will tire you quickly and also will be hard to operate. Therefore, you need to get a lightweight fly rod to be sure of your comfort and reduce fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best size (length) Fly Rod for Trout?

The best size fly rod for trout will be determined by where you are fishing. Rods in the length range of 8 to 9 feet are better suited for trout fishing as they let you make longer casts. However, anglers who go trout fishing recommend the use of longer rods.

What is the best Weight for Fly Rod for Trout?

A fly rod for trout should not be too heavy. This is because you will be required to make long casts, and making long casts with a heavy rod can be frustrating. A 4, 5, or 6 weight rod will work perfectly for this application. These rods will ensure maximum comfort and easier handling when fishing for trout.

What Action is Best for Fly Rod for Trout?

Action refers to the flexibility of your rod. The best Action for trout would be fast Action or medium-fast Action depending on the size of your fish. Fast action fly rods will be more flexible and have more flex hence better castability.

What other Species can I Catch with a Trout Fly Rod?

Most of the time, our rods can be used for different applications. Fly rods for trout can be used with fish similar in size to trout and those found in areas where trout are. You can choose a trout fly rod for salmon, pike, bass, panfish, and carp.

What is the Best Fly Rod for Sea Trout?

When choosing a fly rod for sea trout, it would be best to get a rod that will excel in the saltwater application. Also, consider the rod’s length and weight. A 9-foot rod will be ideal when targeting a Trout as it casts far. For the weight, consider a 5wt or 6wt since it’s easier to handle and will leave you less exhausted.

Final Impression

If you are looking for a way to spend your day, you could try trout fishing. This technique will improve your angling skill and help you enjoy your time. However, to ensure you have the best time trout fishing, make sure you choose the right fly rod. To determine the right fly rod, you need to research to ensure you pick the right product thoroughly.


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