4 Best Rods For Pike Fishing [Top Picks for 2024]

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Pike fishing is a great outdoor activity. It is not only fun, but it also keeps you engaged for long hours. This activity is gaining popularity among experienced anglers and hobbyists looking to explore new talents. To master the art of pike fishing, you need to have the right equipment. A good rod, line, hook, and bait will make pike fishing fun and easy.

Your pike fishing rod will depend greatly on the size of lure you intend to use. An 8-9 feet long rod with fast action and medium or medium-heavy power will be perfect for any angler looking to have a successful pike fishing experience. Below are the best five pike fishing rods.

Here are the list of 5 Best Pike Fishing Rods for the Money :

1. ST. CROIX Rod Mojo Pike Fishing Rods

This rod is the best when it comes to pike fishing. We’ve picked it as the best overall rod due to its price and its distinctive features. This rod features a precision-taper solid carbon blank that provides the right combination of maximum action sensitivity and strength.

This pike fishing rod has the sea guide lightweight, durable stainless-steel guides that ensure corrosion resistance and provides additional strength. Additionally, it comes with a split-grip EVA handle that gives it enhanced sensitivity and balance while keeping your hands comfortable.

ST. CROIX pike fishing rod is handcrafted in Fresnillo, Mexico, designed in Park falls, giving it ultimate performance. It is well suited for a variety of fishing styles and techniques for Panfish, trout, pike. Walleye and lake rout.


  • The handle design of this pike fishing rod is comfortable.
  • The rod is light and highly sensitive.
  • The rod is built to ensure strength and durability

2. M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Predator Big Game and Salt Water Fly Fishing Rod

This pike fishing rod has an Advanced A-Helical tapered slim blank design technology that keeps the rod lightweight while retaining the line control. The 9ft, four-piece action saltwater rod is built on blank painted royal blue with transparent dark blue wraps.

The rod is fast-action loading quickly, delivering heavy saltwater flies with high accuracy. The rod contains the 30T carbon blank that ensures a powerful and smooth, fast action performance. It also features a full-well AA-grade Portuguese cork grip handle with a fighting butt. This cork grip provides precision and comfort for all-day fishing.

The pike fishing rod is available in 8wt, 9wt, 10wt, and 12wt. The rod also features PacBay guides and special anti-corrosion resistant materials, giving the rod all strength needed to cope with the saltwater environment.


  • The carbon blank delivers the best performance while maintaining accuracy.
  • The rod comes with a two-year warranty and a lifetime repairing warranty
  • The PacBay guides ensure corrosion resistance and the durability of this rod.
  • The rod has very beautiful colors.


  • You might have a hard time loading the rod for long casts.

3. Vexan Ice Fishing Rod

This affordable pike fishing rod features specific proprietary blanks that offer smooth and fast action. This rod is designed for techniques, lines, and lures you need to ice bigger fish like Pike, Panfish, Bull gills, and Walleyes.

This pike fishing rod features high visibility tips indicating the lightest strike. The rod also offers extreme sensitivity so you can feel every movement.  The rod has a solid hook set and a great backbone for icing even the very large fish.


  • The handle of this rod is quite long.
  • It is sensitive enough to feel bites from smaller crappies
  • This rod is strong, and it can handle heavier fish species comfortably.


  • This rid can feel a little stiff.

4. KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod

KastKing products stand out for their quality and great performance. The KastKing Crixus rods stand out in both spinning and casting models.

This rod is extremely lightweight with high sensitivity so that you can feel the lightest bite.

The pike fishing rod is made of graphite that ensures its lightweight characteristic. It is available in power ratings from light to heavy in lengths ranging from 5′ to 7’6″.  Every rod is designed to offer superior performance in freshwater and saltwater application.

The handle of this pike fishing rod is made of a specialized technical compound super polymer material, ensuring its durability and a comfortable feel. The rod also features stainless-steel guides frames with Zirconium Oxide rings used in all spinning and casting models. These guides hold up to strong fish-like pike.

For easy storage and transportation, these rods are constructed in 2 pieces. The IM6 Graphite blanks ensure superior performance in all weather conditions. The Kastking Crixus is available in 20 different models with varying power action and length to suit the needs of different anglers.


  • These rods come in 20 different models to suit every angler’s specification.
  • The stainless steel guides deliver long and smooth casts.
  • The Golf style Super polymer handle is comfortable and extremely durable.
  • This rod is lightweight and super sensitive


  • Under too much pressure, the rod could snap.

5. ST. CROIX Rods Premier Casting Rod

This pike fishing rod has a premium SCII graphite construction so, it’s lightweight and gives exceptional performance. Unfortunately, the graphite is a Mid-modulus graphite fiber with a higher strain rate than other graphite fibers.

The pike fishing rod is also highly sensitive so that you can feel even the tiniest bite. In addition, it features a premium-grade cork handle that ensures a strong grip and enhances comfort even on long hours of fishing. The rod also features Fuji ECS, TCS, PSS reel seat, Kigan Master hand 3D guides with strong Aluminum-oxide rings, and blank frames that ensure durability and exceptional performance.


  • This rod comes with a five-year warranty.
  • The premium-grade handle ensures a strong grip snd all-day comfort
  • This rod is lightweight so that you can be assured of your comfort even after fishing all-day


  • You will need to retighten the reel after a couple of catches.

How to choose a great pike fishing rod?


A good pike fishing rod ranges between 8 to 9ft. This length ensures long casts making pike fishing easy. However, if a different size rod works best for you, use it since people have other preferences.


The construction and material will determine how good or how functional the rod is. For example, graphite and fiberglass materials have the strength required for pike fishing.


When choosing a good fishing rod for pike fishing, you need to consider the weight. Lightweight rods are better since they are comfortable to handle, and they ensure longer casts.


When pike fishing, you need a comfortable rod. The handle ensures your comfort when fishing for long hours. Always ensure you get ergonomic and long handles.


When choosing a rod for pike fishing, you need to ensure its action. Get fast action rods with medium or medium-heavy power so that you can retrieve fish more easily.

Pike Fishing Rod Setup

The Pike fishing rod setup is not very different from any other rod setup. However, the steps below will help you set up your rod for pike fishing.

  • Gather all your equipment. Get your rod, line, hook, and bait close.
  • Understand the rod parts. These parts include the rod tip, guides, reel seat, and handle.
  • Connect the reel to the rod, loosen the reel seat, place the reel foot in the reel seat, and then tighten the reel seat.
  • The next step is stringing the rod. To do this, grab the tip of the line with one hand, open the bail arm with the other hand and place the line through each rod guide. Start at the bottom guide and end at the tip.
  • Then tie the knot
  • Set the drag knob. Cast the bait; to do this, allow about 1 to 11/2 feet of line from the tip of the rod. Hold the rod a few inches above the reel’s base and the line parallel to the rod. Open the bail with the opposite hand and lean the rod backward away from your target. After this, quickly swing the rod towards your target and release your hand from your cast.
  • Finally, reel in the line; after this, you are good to go fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of rod do you use for pike fishing?

When pike fishing, you need to choose your rod carefully. The pike fishing rod should be lightweight with medium-heavy action. With these features, pike fishing will be extremely fun and easy. The ST. CROIX mojo fishing rod is excellent for pike fishing.

2. What size spinning rod is good for pike fishing?

The size of a spinning rod determines the success of your pike fishing experience. The best rods for pike fishing are 8 to 9 ft long. However, you can use smaller or longer rods if they work best for you.

3. What is the best Fly rod for Pike?

The best fly rod for pike fishing should be fast, powerful, and perfect for long casts. The material of this rod should also have the strength to withstand the strength and fighting if pike.

4. What size fly rod is best for Pike?

You can’t be sure of the size to expect. These fish can vary between 2 to 30lbs. Therefore, when choosing a rod, you need a rod that can handle up to 30lbs. A small rod allows you to fish all day. An 8trod will be perfect for smaller pikes. The 10wt fly rod has more power, the ability to hold a larger reel, and strong drag.  So, this 10wt rod is perfect for larger pikes.

5. Can you catch pike on a six-weight fly rod?

When pike fishing, you need a rod that is strong enough. A six-weight rod can catch pike, especially if the pike is not very large. However, if you deal with large pikes, the seven or eight-weight rod will work perfectly.

6. What is the best size rod for pike lure fishing?               

For lure fishing pike, you can have a rod between six feet and 10 feet. First, however, you will need to consider the power it provides. Most anglers choose a casting weight of between 15 to 50 grams, so this weight range allows you to explore a wide variety of lures. However, when using heavier lures, you will need to ensure that your rod has a great weight casting capability.

Final Impression

Pike fishing demands strong fishing equipment. So, you can’t get any rod and sail out for pike fishing. You will need quality and strong rods to withstand the tough conditions brought about by pike fishing. The main factors you need to consider are length, weight, material, and action. Additionally, it would be best if you had a bit of expertise to master this art.


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