Best Spinning Rods (2022 Complete Buyer’s Guide)

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Every angler  has come across a spinning  rod or at least used one in their fishing career.Spinning rods are the most versatile rods and can be used for almost all fishing applications. They are also the go-to rods for beginners and first time users. They are lighter, easier to use and also more affordable.

However, due to the increased number of manufacturers it’s quite easy to end up with a poor quality spinning rod. To avoid the disappointments that come with a low quality rod, you need to be extra careful when choosing your spinning rod. Here we have reviewed some of the best spinning rods worth your money.

Here are the Comparison Table of 10 Best Spinning Rods :

St Croix Rods Premier Spinning RodSt Croix Rods Premier Spinning Rod
  • Ultralight Spinning Rod
  • Blend Material
  • Premium Grade Cork Handle
  • Premium SCII Carbon Construction
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Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing RodUgly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod
  • All Around Rod
  • Cork Handle
  • Ugly Tech Construction Material
  • Virtually Indestructible Blank Construction
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Shimano Terez Spinning Saltwater Fishing RodShimano Terez Spinning Saltwater Fishing Rod
  • Premium Saltwater Rod
  • Eva Material
  • Fuji K-Frame Alconite Guides
  • Spiral X Construction & Hi-Power X Construction


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Shimano Zodias Spinning Freshwater Spinning RodShimano Zodias Spinning Freshwater Spinning Rod
  • Freshwater Rod
  • Ci4+ Reel Seat
  • Fuji K Alconite Guides
  • Carbon Monocoque Grip
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Favourite Defender Spinning RodFavourite Defender Spinning Rod
  • Made In USA
  • Split Grid Type
  • Fuji SiC Guides
  • Carbon Material
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KastKing Perigee II Spinning RodsKastKing Perigee II Spinning Rods
  • Budget Friendly Spinning Rod
  • Premium Components
  • Smooth Power
  • 24-Ton Carbon Matrix Blanks
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KastKing Konvert Twin Tip Ice Fishing RodKastKing Konvert Twin Tip Ice Fishing Rod
  • Ice Fishing Spinning Rod
  • Highly Visible "Strike Tip" Design
  • "Pencil Grip" Shaped 3A Cork Handle
  • Clear, Protective Travel/Storage Case


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Piscifun Traveller Fishing Spinning RodPiscifun Traveller Fishing Spinning Rod
  • Traveller Spinning Rod
  • IM7 Carbon Blank
  • Silky Smooth Casting
  • Portable and Protective Case
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G Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Fishing RodG Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Fishing Rod
  • Inshore Spinning Rod
  • Multi-Taper Design
  • Grade A cork handles
  • High-modulus graphite construction
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Abu Garcia Ike Signature Spinning RodAbu Garcia Ike Signature Spinning Rod
  • Finesse Spinning Rod
  • Stainless Steel Handle
  • Right Hand Orientation
  • Fuji Reel Seat for Greater Comfort 
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1. St Croix Rods Premier Spinning Rod

Best Ultralight Spinning Rod

  • Length : 4’6″ – 8’6″
  • Power : Ultralight – Medium Heavy
  • Action : Moderate and Fast Action
  • Line weight : 2 – 6 To 12 – 25lb
  • Weight : 2.1 – 6.4oz

Despite being an ultralight rod, St Croix Rods Premier Spinning Rod has a sturdy and quality construction. Whether you are casting from the shore, lake or rivers, you can rely on this spinning rod for all your applications.

The rod consists of a premium SCII carbon construction combined with the fortified resin system to give an unmatched performance. The premium grade cork handle is super comfortable and ensures that you maintain a strong grip even when handling big species. You can rely on the quality kigan master Hand 3D guides with slim and strong aluminum Oxide guides to control your lije when casting.

2. Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

Best All Round

  • Rod Length : 5′ – 7’6″
  • Power : Ultra Light – Medium Heavy
  • Action : Medium Fast – Extra Fast
  • Line Rating : 2 – 6 To 8 – 17lbs
  • Handle : Cork


  • Guide Type stainless steel
  • No of Pieces 1 and 2

Whether you are a beginner or a pro angker, you can rely on the Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod. These rods are more advanced and better than the previous series. They will not only offer unmatched performance but also make you a better angler.

They are made with the Ugly Tech Construction that consists of 35% more graphite for increased strength and sensitivity. The rods also uphold Ugly Stik exceptional strength and durability. For a comfortable and firm grip, you can rely on the cork handle even for long fishing hours. Additionally, you can be assured of great sensitivity as a result of the clear tip design. The ugly tuff one-piece stainless steel guides eliminate insert pop outs and can be used with all types of lines.

3. Shimano Terez Spinning Saltwater Fishing Rod

Best Saltwater premium Rod

  • Action : Fast
  • Power : Medium – Extra Heavy Power
  • Length : 6’9″ & 7’2″
  • No of Pieces : 1


  • Handle EVA foam
  • Guides Fuji alconite

With Shimano Terez Spinning Rod, you don’t have to worry about the big and vigorous fish anymore. Their Sturdy build and quality will give you all the confidence you need to deal with all saltwater species. Additionally, the nine spinning rods available gives anglers a wide range of choices.

The Spiral  X construction enhances increased rigidity on the rod without adding any extra weight. This construction uses diagonally wrapped carbon tape to form an array of X shapes  on the rods, delivering maximum control for the angler. Despite the size of fish you are targeting, the EVA grip handles will offer all day comfort and a firm grip. The Fuji K alconite guides also provide better line control.

4. Shimano Zodias Spinning Freshwater Spinning Rod

Best Freshwater Rod

  • Action : Moderate Fast & Fast Action
  • Power : Light to Medium Heavy Power
  • Number of Pieces : 1 & 5
  • Line Weight : 3 – 6 To 6 – 12lbs
  • Length : 6′ 9″ – 7′ 6″

Experience the best of Shimano’s technology with Shimano Zodias Freshwater Spinning Rod. There is no better way to describe unmatched performance than the experience with this rod.

The Hi-Power X construction in these rods ensures high rigidity without increasing the rods weight. Additionally, the carbon monocoque grip technology is lightweight and highly sensitive. Therefore you can feel even the tiniest bites when fishing. This sensitivity is increased by 30% compared to traditional handles. The Ci4 reel seats increase sensitivity and reduce the rods weight giving you remarkable results.

5. Favourite Defender Spinning Rod

Made in USA

  • Length : 6′ 6″ – 7′ 3″
  • Weight : 4.8 – 4.9oz
  • Power : Medium – Medium Heavy
  • Action : Moderate and Fast Action
  • Lure Weight : ¼ – ¾ oz
  • Line Weight : 6 – 14lb

One thing about USA made rods is that they never disappoint. Favourite Defender Spinning rods were made with the everyday American angler’s needs in mind. These rods offer the best performance and enhance maximum durability without increasing your rod’s weight.

 The rod blank goes through an advanced layering process where carbon modulus are layered on top of each other enhancing the rod’s durability and great weight reduction. You can fish for long hours given the comfortable EVA grip handles that also offer a firm grip. Anglers also have better control of the line and can achieve great casting distance with the Fuji SiC guides.

6. KastKing Perigee II Spinning Rods

Best Budget Spinning Rod

  • Length : 4′ 6″ – 7′ 6″
  • No of Pieces : One Piece & Two Pieces
  • Action : Moderate – Fast
  • Power : Ultralight – Medium Heavy
  • Line weight : 1 – 4 To 14 – 25

With KastKing Perigee spinning Rods, you can enjoy a quality and durable spinning rod at an affordable price. Whether you are looking to fish in saltwater or freshwater one thing for sure is that this spinning rod will not disappoint.

The two piece and one piece rods are built with Toray 24 carbon matrix that ensure maximum strength and power without increasing the rods weight. The two piece rods ensure smooth transition of power given the KastKing power transition system. Moreover, the Fuji O-Ring guides help ensure better line control and longer casts. You can fish for long hours without experiencing fatigue given the EVA grips.

7. KastKing Konvert Twin Tip Ice Fishing Rod

Best Spinning Rod for Ice Fishing

  • Rod Material : Glass
  • Assembled Length : 27″
  • Power : Medium & Medium Light
  • Action : Moderate & Moderate Fast


Rod Material Graphite

Ice fishing never felt easier. With this rod, even the chilly weather cannot deter you from fishing. In no time, you will have built all the confidence you need to tackle different fish species and ice fishing tactics.

The strong yet lightweight material runs from the handle to the tip sections. These glass blank materials will help you detect light bites. The two tips with different power and actions leave you feeling like you are using two rods. One tip has a medium power while the other has a medium light power. With this rod you can fish in the dark and under bright sun given the highly visible orange strike tips. They are portable and easier to store due to their collapsible nature.

8. Piscifun Traveller Fishing Spinning Rod

Best Travel Spinning Rod

  • Length : 6′ – 7′ 6″
  • No of Pieces : 4
  • Power : Ultralight – Medium Heavy
  • Action : Moderate Fast & Fast
  • Line Weight : 2 – 6 To 10 – 17

Forget about all your travel challenges with the Piscifun Traveler Fishing Spinning Rod. With this rod you don’t have to worry about the size of your car trunk or storage location. The four piece rods allow for easier transportation even in your backpack.

Get the performance of  a one piece rod from the Traveller four pieces fishing rod. The rods spigot connection design and the carbon cloth craftsmanship allows for even distribution of the energy. You Are also assured of the rods exceptional performance and increased strength due to the 30T carbon. This material is also highly sensitive and maintains the rods minimal weight. Moreover, the spinning rod offer smooth and accurate casts due to the line guides. You can also cast for long hours without experiencing fatigue with the durable and ergonomic EVA handle.

9. G Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Fishing Rod

Best Inshore Spinning Rod

  • Length : 6′ 6″ – 8′
  • Action : Moderate Fast – Extra Fast
  • Power : Medium Light – Heavy Action
  • Line Rating : 6 – 12 To 15 – 40
  • Lure Rating : ¼ – ⅝ To ¾ – 6oz.
  • No of Pieces :1

Experience the legendary G Loomis performance with the G Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Fishing Rod. Whether you are dealing with the redfish, bass, snook or tarpon this spinning rod will make your encounter more fruitful and fulfilling fishing experience.

Consisting of a high modulus graphite construction, this rod ensures high performance and improved durability. In addition to the sturdy construction, the rod also comes with a multi-taper technology. This technology reduces weight and increases sensitivity so that anglers can feel even the tiniest bites. You can also fish for long hours without experiencing fatigue due to the comfortable grade A cork handles that also offer a firm grip.

10. Abu Garcia Ike Signature Spinning Rod

Best Finesse Spinning Rod

  • Line Rating : 8 – 17 To 15 – 25
  • Rod Action : Fast & Medium Fast
  • Length : 7′ – 8′
  • Power : Medium – Heavy Power


  • Guide Type Stainless Steel

Thus Mike Laconelli innovation will cater for all your finesse applications. Being an extensive research of a veteran finesse fishing angler, you can expect tournament grade performance and features.

These rods feature a 36 ton graphite build that is lightweight, balanced and highly sensitive. The rod is also super comfortable given the lightweight EVA grips allowing you to fish for long hours. The Fuji reel seats are there to enhance your comfort. You are assured of better line performance and accurate casts due to the high quality stainless steel guides with zirconium inserts.

Benefits of a Spinning Rod

Even with the increased developments in the world of rods, spinning rods have remained the anglers’ favourite rod. These rods are equipped with immeasurable qualities and benefits including,

  • Spinning rods can throw lighter lures farther.
  • Spinning rods experience less backlashes and tangles.
  • With spinning rods it’s easier to access and adjust the drag while fighting fish.
  • They are more forgiving when skipping lures and baits under docks and low hanging trees.
  • They are highly versatile and can be used for different applications
  • They are easier to use
  • Spinning rods are more affordable.

A Comprehensive Spinning Rod Guide

Where are you Fishing?

Your spinning rod choice will largely depend on where you are fishing. This is because fishing in saltwater can’t compare to fishing in freshwater or ice fishing. That’s why you need a fishing rod for every encounter.


Saltwater fishing is characterised by big and vigorous species. Additionally, your spinning rods are prone to wear and tear due to corrosion and the salt. That’s why you need quality and durable reels for saltwater fishing. Additionally, you need to ensure that your spinning rods material is corrosion resistant or have it coated. In saltwater you can either go for inshore fishing or offshore fishing.

Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing involves fishing near the shore. The waters don’t run deeper than 30 feet or 9 miles from the shoreline. Hence, here you will encounter smaller saltwater species like bass, tarpon, perch and kingfisher. You will need a relatively strong spinning rod as you can encounter almost all size fish.

Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing or deep sea fishing involves fishing away from the shoreline. You will be fishing in waters running over 30 feet deep. In offshore fishing you will encounter a wide variety of species like snappers, sharks,tuna, Dorado and wahoo. Here you need the strongest Spinning rods to bear the weight and fights of grown fish.


Freshwater fishing involves fishing in waters with salinity levels below 1.05%. This can either be in freshwater lakes, rivers or ponds. Mostly, in freshwater you will experience different species. But at least your reels will not corrode or tear much.


When fishing in the river you will encounter relatively smaller species. Therefore you need a spinning rod that is light and flexible. A 7 to 9 feet river rod is perfect for lures and a 9 to 13 feet rod can be used for techniques like float fishing and bottom bouncing .


Before fishing in ponds you need to make sure you have permission to do so as most of them are privately owned. You will not encounter very big species hence a medium action spinning rod will be an ideal choice rod.


When fishing in lakes, you will encounter almost all size fish. The best freshwater spinning rod should be stiff enough not to break but also flexible enough to absorb the tension of a vigorous fish. Graphite or fiberglass rods in the length range of 5 to 8.5feet will get the work done.

Ice Fishing

Using spinning rods for ice fishing is quite popular. Although they are not the most recommended rods they will get the job done.when getting a spinning rod for ice fishing you need to ensure that its short. Mostly ice rods range between 2 to 4 feet long. While it might be difficult to find spinning rods this short, you will find 5 feet rods.

What are your targeted species?

Different species have different fighting power and vary in size. That’s why you need different spinning rods for the different species.

Spinning rods for Bass

Spinning rods for bass have gained much popularity over the years since they are easier to use and they are better suited for light and finesse applications like drop shooting. A 7′ medium power/ fast action rod is ideal for bass fishing.

Spinning rods for Trout

Trout are generally small fish species and so spinning rods will work great with them. When choosing a trout fishing rod, a 7ft spinning rod will increase the casting distance. You also need to ensure that the rod has  a medium to slow action for increased sensitivity.

Spinning rod for Walleye

For walleye fishing, you need a spinning rod that’s highly sensitive so you can feel subtle tiny movements on the rod. A 7 feet graphite made rod will offer impeccable sensitivity hence superior performance.

Spinning rod for Pike

Pike are highly predatory fish and they offer a reasonable fight so you need to be careful when choosing a spinning rod for pike. A 6 to 10 feet spinning rod with fast action and medium to medium heavy power

Spinning Rod for Panfish

For panfish you need light rods of 4 to 8 pound test line and 1/32 to 1/8ounces lures. A 6 to 7 feet Ultralight spinning rod with slow action is an ideal companion. 

Spinning rod for Catfish

When choosing a fishing rod for catfish, you need to establish what size fish you are targeting. If you are going for an eating-size catfish weighing less than 5lb a short light or Ultralight spinning rod is an ideal companion. However, if you are eyeing a trophy size fish get a 9 to 12 feet spinning rod with a sturdy construction.

Spinning rod for Crappie

Crappie are freshwater fish that range between 4-8 inches long and spinning rods are perfect for crappie fishing. An Ultralight spinning rod with higher sensitivity will let you feel every movement.

Spinning rod for Tuna

Tuna are saltwater species that average around 2 meters. To avoid breakage, you need a heavy duty  spinning rod with materials that will not corrode in saltwater. In terms of action and power, it would be best to get a spinning rod with a parabolic action and heavy power.

Spinning rod for Striper

Your choice of spinning rod for striper will depend on its length, power, action and target size. Stripers vary greatly in size so you need to be very careful when choosing your spinning rod. If you are fishing for smaller stripers the best spinning rod will be a 7 foot rod with medium power and fast action. For heavy stripers a 6’6″ to 7′ long heavy power spinning rod will do.

Spinning rod for Salmon and Steelhead

Salmon and steelhead can be found in both saltwater and freshwater. The two are born in freshwater streams and rivers. They then migrate to coastal estuaries and enter the ocean upon maturity. However, they usually go back to the streams and rivers to spawn. These spinning rods require stiffer rods with medium to medium light power. The rods length can range from 9’6″ to 10’6″ depending on where you are fishing from

Spinning rod for All round fishing

Spinning rods are the most versatile fishing rods. Generally, a seven foot spinning rod with moderate action and medium power  is the most versatile rod. It can be used on small to bigger sized species.

What types of baits do you like to use?


Jerkbait is quite popular especially when targeting species like pike. Jerk bait technique triggers a bait from a well adapted predator. When using a jerkbait for a species like pike you need a stiff and powerful rod that is also shorter. Therefore, a 5 to 6.5 feet rod can be used.

Live bait

Getting the right spinning rod when using live baits can be challenging due to the different techniques used. However, a 7 foot rod will do. Rods with a soft tip help with casting and still maintains enough backbone to fight trophy fish.

Blade bait

Blade baits are ideal for current oriented fish. Usually shorter spinning rods are ideal when using these baits. A 6 ½  foot spinning rod with a moderate tip and medium heavy power works well.

Shaky head

Shaky heads are mostly used for finesse applications. A spinning rod will work perfectly in this application. A 6’10” to 7’2″ spinning rod with fast or extra fast action and medium light to medium heavy power will do

Do you want to choose your spinning rod based on your preferred line?

Matching your spinning rod with the right line will save you a lot of frustrations. The most common lines are braid, monofilament and fluorocarbon. Although these lines are different, they work quite differently with different anglers.

Spinning rod for Braided line

Braided lines are quickly gaining popularity. However, some anglers avoid them due to braid spillage.  Don’t let this deter you. Braided lines also come with their advantages like

  • Ability to make longer casts
  • You can spool greater lengths
  • Your casting performance improves greatly
  • Great durability.

However to experience these advantages, you need to solve the issue of braid spillage. The most effective way is by getting a monofilament backing. You only need 50 to 100 yards of monofilament and you are good to go. Alternatively, you can get a braid ready spinning reel. These reels come with a spool that consists of horizontal grooves in the arbor of the spool so the surface is less smooth, preventing slippage.

Spinning rod for monofilament

Monofilament line is the most popular, especially with spinning rods. These lines are ideal for beginners and even Pro anglers. These lines work perfectly for panfish, catfish, trout, bass and walleye. They also have great stretchability making them the ideal for tactics that require great stretching. However, they are low visibility lines.

Spinning rod for fluorocarbon

Fluorocarbon lines are heavier and stronger than monofilament lines. The most prevalent features of fluorocarbon lines include:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Tough
  • Stiff
  • Reduces stretchability

Due to these features, fluorocarbon lines have great sensitivity so that you can feel subtle bites. Where invisibility and lack of stretch is required these lines outdo themselves better than monofilament.

How much do you want to spend on your spinning rod?

Spinning rods come with a wide range of prices. Some are way pricey while others are quite affordable. Well, what makes the difference? We could say it’s their make, quality, material or durability.

Spinning rod under 50

There are multiple spinning rods under 50. Even well known brands will have these affordable reels. At Least even anglers who don’t have much to spend will have a reel for almost all their applications. However at 50 dollars and below you will encounter some less quality rods and that’s why you need to be extra careful. Brands like Okuma, Ugly Stik, Okuma, Berkeley, Shimano and Abu Garcia.

Spinning rod under 75

Spinning rods under 75 are numerous. The question however is, How good are they? You will find quality spinning rods from brands like ugly Stik, Shimano, Okuma and Abu Garcia. An example of these rods include: Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod and Shimano FXS  Piece Spinning Rod

Spinning rod under 100

Under 100 you will find quality spinning rods like Ugly Stik FX2 spinning rod and Cadence Spinning Rod. At 100 dollars and below, you will find quality rods of different materials  with a sturdy construction.

Spinning rod under 200

200 dollars spinning rods and below can be considered high end spinning rods. With them you can expect quality, durability and reliability. Manufacturers will ensure you enjoy the best qualities of these priced rods. Their sensitivity and weight are also built to ensure the anglers satisfaction and success in water. Here it won’t matter whether you are  looking for one piece, two piece or even four piece spinning rods

Spinning rods under 300

300 dollar spinning rods can be considered high end also and not every angler will afford them. However, they are characterised by their sturdy construction, quality and reliability. Most pro anglers and tournament level anglers will opt for these reels. Some of the best spinning rods under 300 dollars include, Moonshine Rod Co. The Rambler Series Spin Fishing Rod and St Croix Rods Premier Spinning Rods

Fishing technique

The different fishing techniques help determine the best spinning rod to use. Some techniques require finesse and Ultralight rods while others require stronger rods.

Spinning rod for finesse fishing

Spinning rods are some of the best finesse fishing rods. Most anglers actually, tend to classify all finesse fishing rods under the same category of choppy spinning rods. Mostly 6’6″ to 9′ medium power to medium action rods will work just fine.

Spinning rod for jigging

When jigging your preferred spinning rod should be between 6’3″ to 6’9″ with extra fast action. An extra fast action tip registers the tiniest movements so that you will not miss your catch.

Spinning rod for drop shot

Drop shooting involves the use of lightweight lines, weights and lures. Therefore, spinning rods are ideal since they use relatively lighter lines and weights compared to other rods. The best spinning rod for drop shooting is a 6’6″ to 7′ spinning rod with medium power and fast action.

Spinning rod for bottom fishing

When choosing a spinning rod for bottom fishing, it will depend on where you are fishing from. If you are bottom fishing close to the shoreline a light spinning rod that is 6-7′ long will do. As you move further from the store, you will encounter bigger and vigorous species calling for sturdier spinning rods. A 6’6″ medium heavy spinning rod will do as you proceed further into the water.

Spinning rod for surf fishing

A surf fishing rod generally is longer than most rods used on boats or bank fishing. If you are going for smaller species like trout, redfish and flounder you can go for an 8 to 10 foot medium action spinning rod. If you are targeting bigger species like small sharks,  big strippers and bull red fish a 10 to 13 foot spinning rod with fast action will do.

Spinning rod for long casting

When long casting you need a long spinning rod. The extra length helps increase casting distance and keep the line above breaking. A 10 foot rod is the standard spinning rod for long casting with moderate to fast action.

What action rod do you need?

Action is simply the rods flex under pressure. Understanding the rods action will help you know where to fish and what species to target. Most of the time, anglers overlook this factor resulting in unsuccessful fishing trips. Rodd action can be described as fast, medium, slow and parabolic action.


Fast action means that under pressure only ⅓ or ¼ of the rod bends. Under the fast action rods you can also encounter extra fast action rods that only bend at the tip. The remaining part of the rod remains stiff. These rods are ideal for species like largemouth bass, pike and muskie.


Medium action rods bend on the half of the rods total length when under pressure. These rods are the most versatile and they are highly recommended for beginners.


Slow action rods bend in the bottom third. These rods are soft and less responsive. However they excel greatly in live bait. Slow action rods are mostly ideal for smaller species like trout, perch and panfish.

Parabolic Action

Parabolic action refers to a bend through the bigger part of the rod. However, the bend occurs gradually along the entire length of the rod from the tip to butt. An example is a fly fishing rod. Due to the gradual bend the rod will have minimal lifting power.

What power rod do you need?

Power is the rod’s resistance when under pressure. In short the power of a rod depicts its lifting ability.


An Ultralight power fishing rod means that the rod is extremely soft. These rods are mostly used for light tackle and small fish like panfish. You need to use the lightest weight and lures ranging between 1/64 and 1/16oz.


Light power roads are also used for light species like panfish, medium sized trout and walleye. These rods have great sensitivity and let you feel light bites. Their ideal lure weight is 1/16-1/4oz.


Medium power rods are the most versatile rods. They will be used for a wide range of applications and species. These rods are suitable for lures uptown 3/4oz and they can throw a wide range of soft plastic and hard body lures.

Medium light

A medium light power rod still maintains high sensitivity and it can be used for soft plastic lures and lure weights from ¼-½oz. It also allows you to set the hook faster since the rod will tighten more quickly. It can be used in freshwater and saltwater applications.

Medium heavy

These rods will be used for bigger species and for heavier lures and jigs of ¼ ounces or more. However, there is still some feel in the rods so you can use them for throwing soft plastics.


Heavy power rods are meant for big species, heavy lines and lures. They can handle lure weights between 4-8ounces and they are stiff.

Extra heavy

These rods are meant for heavy species like tuna and bull fish. This is a must-have rod when fishing offshore in saltwaters. You can handle even the hardest fighting fish and they throw more than 8oz of lures.

Spinning Rod material

Spinning rods come in different materials. However, the most common materials include fiberglass, graphite and composite. Anglers have different preferences based on their experiences, weight and durability. Here are the different materials.


Fiberglass rods are quite popular due to their impact resistance, affordability and flexibility.

These rods are cheaper compared to graphite rods and they are more resistant to rough use. They are also quite flexible and this explains why there are alot of slow and medium action rods made from this material. However, the material is also quite heavy.


Graphite rods are experienced anglers’ most preferred choice. Graphite rods are characterised by their lightweight features making them easier to handle and cast.

They are also more stiff so you can feel subtle bites when fishing.

They are also stiffer and stronger and with them you will use less material to achieve the same stiffness as other rods from other materials. As a result, they have very small diameters. Most of these rods are fast and ultra fast action rods. However, their prices can get quite high.


Composite material involves a combination of graphite and fiberglass  usually, these rods offer the best of both worlds.

These rods are more sensitive than fiberglass rods but less powerful than graphite rods. They can be used for a wide range of applications and their prices vary greatly.

What length rod is perfect?

The length of your spinning rod is influenced by factors like accuracy, distance, leverage and comfort.  Spinning rod lengths vary between 4 to 14feet. The different lengths are ideal for different applications. Let’s look at the different lengths.

4 – 6′ Spinning Rods

These rods are mostly used kayaks. Handling a long rod on a kayak can be quite stressful. They can also be used when fishing in short creeks that have lots of overhanging trees and shrubs. So, you can easily cast underneath the vegetation and avoid snagging.

6 – 7’5″

These rods are the most common. They can be used for a wide range of applications including lure casting, bobber fishing and bottom fishing. For beginners this is the ideal length since it’s easier to cast and it can be used for different applications.

7’6″ – 9’5″

These rods are ideal when casting long distances. You can use them for applications like surf fishing and open water lure casting. These rods however, are harder to cast and less accurate.

10 to 14′ spinning rods

These rods are long enough for surf fishing and trolling. The extra length increases the casting distance. The rods are less accurate and beginners unfriendly. Most beginners will have a very hard time using them


Your spinning rod handle ensures your comfort while fishing and a firm grip. There are different handle materials including cork Rings, cork tape, shrink wrap EVA Foam, hypalon and cord.

Cork Rings

Cork Rings are ideal for freshwater and inshore rods. These handles give your rods a stylish look and help add some weight on the rod. They can be shaped for an ergonomic grip.

Cork Tape

Cork Tape is popular among anglers building surf rods with long butt sections. The handle is cheap and easy to attach. However, they are not as durable as other handles.

Shrink wrap

Shrink wrap is installed on cork tape. It is highly durable and it gives your rod a beautiful and elegant look. These handles are popular among surf and inshore anglers.

EVA Foam

This is a dense,lightweight and comfortable handle material. EVA foam grips are ideal for foregrips where the angler will hold the rod. They can be used  in freshwater and light saltwater applications. They can be shaped with sandpaper to form a more ergonomic handle. However it has very little stretch so you need to be careful when installing.


Hypalon is easy to install and is stronger than the EVA foam handle. It is great for a rod that will be fished out of a rod holder.


Cord provides the best grip for slimy hands. It is ideal when fishing with eels and live bait.  It’s more durable and heavier than other handle materials. Cord is ideal for boat anglers.

Reel Seat

Reel seats come in different types, sizes and material.

Salt water reel seats for example are larger since they sit on large spinning rods while saltwater reels are smaller and they sit on smaller spinning rods.

The different reel seats materials include:

  • Aluminum-These reel seats are strong, lightweight and durable. They are also resistant to rust.
  • Stainless Steel- Stainless steel reel seats are built to last and withstand all harsh conditions.
  • Graphite reel seats-These ones are sensitive, lightweight and also strong. They are sought after by many anglers due to their unique features and their durability
  • Line guide

Line guides ensure better control with your spinning rods. The more the guide the better the casts and responsiveness. These guides come in different materials including:

Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide also referred to as SIC is the best material for line guides. You can achieve longer casts with these guides due to their reduced friction.

Aluminum Oxide

These guides are smooth and affordable at a lower cost.


This line guide’s base material is aluminum oxide. They are quality, durable and exceptionally smooth. In addition they are also less expensive than silicone carbide guides.


This  is a new development in the world of fishing rods. It’s most unique feature is that it can spring back into its original shape even if it’s bent flat.

Choosing a spinning rod based on experience and user type.

Different users will have different needs and preferences when choosing a spinning rod. A pro angler will definitely not use a beginners spinning rod and vice versa.

Spinning rod for beginners

If you are a beginner, you need to look out for comfort, weight and quality. For beginners a 6′ to 7′ spinning rod made of fiberglass or graphite will do. This length is the most versatile and can be used for different applications.

Spinning rods for kids

When buying spinning rods for kids you should be more concerned of the weight, length and comfort. For kids you need a lightweight rod that is not too long to allow them to make casts easily. Usually, a 3 to four feet spinning rod will do even for beginner children.

Spinning rods for women

Unlike men, women have relatively smaller hands. Therefore, you need a rod that is ergonomically made for them. The handle and size of the rod should be a key consideration. Make sure the handle grip is firm and ergonomically made for smaller hands. The rod should also be smaller in size.  A 7′ rod for that matter will do for most women.

Spinning rods for Pro users

Pro anglers have a wide range of spinning rods to choose from. Due to their prowess, they can choose any type of rod given their applications. Pro anglers will go for the hard to use fishing rods or the most versatile spinning rods.

What Rig Do you want to choose on your rod?

Spinning rod for Ned rig

Ned rigs are suited for extremely light tackle. That’s why spinning tackle is the way to go for these rigs. For excellent results, you need to throw it to a fast or extra fast action rod.

Spinning rod for wacky rig

When using a wacky rig, light spinning gear will get the work done. Longer spinning rods help manage the line during the drop. You can get a 7’6″ medium light and extra fast action rod.

Spinning rod for Texas rig

When using spinning rods for Texas rigs you need to ascertain whether you are using heavy plastic or smaller plastics. If you are going for heavier plastics a medium heavy and extra fast  spinning rod will do. If you are using the smaller plastics a medium power rod with extra fast action will work great.

Spinning rod for spider rigging

Spider Rigging has become a very popular technique and it works perfectly for crappie anglers.  You will need a spinning rod that is long, stiff and sensitive enough to detect sibe movements. Fast/ extra fast action and medium to medium light power spinning rods will work incredibly here.

One piece or two piece or more piece blanks.

Spinning rods can come in one piece, two pieces or more. The choice entirely depends on the anglers preference.

One piece spinning rods

One piece spinning rods have remained most anglers’ favourite rods due to their strength and sensitivity. Most anglers state that when fishing with one piece rods you can feel your lure and fish movements better. Additionally, one piece rods never separate when fighting fish or casting.

Two piece spinning rods

One thing for sure is that two piece spinning rods are portable and easier to store. However, for years they have been known to separate when fighting fish. Manufacturers have improved on these rods so that their strength and sensitivity match that of one piece rods.

Three piece spinning rods

Three piece rods are great for storage and compact for travel. These rods however are less sensitive and have more tangles.

Four piece spinning rods

Four piece spinning rods are great when it comes to travelling. These rods fit perfectly on your backpack so you don’t need a car when transporting them. Although you will find relatively strong four piece rods, most of them do not compare to one piece and two piece rods in terms of strength and sensitivity.


There are numerous brands today that produce quality and reliable spinning rods. With the different brands, you can choose your most preferred material, size and make of your spinning rod. These brands  include,


Shimano spinning rods are known for their lightweight and strong features. Shimano provides highly sensitive and superior spinning rods for all your applications.


Whether you are looking for freshwater or saltwater spinning rods, Daiwa has got you covered. Their rods are quality, durable and reliable.

Abu Garcia

From Abu Garcia, you can choose your most preferred material, make and spinning rod type. These rods will assure you of durability and superior performance.


Okuma produces quality saltwater and freshwater spinning rods for all your needs. Here you will get a spinning rod for all your applications even at an affordable price.


Shakespeare is known for its quality and unmatched rods.  These spinning rods are not only quality but also quite affordable.


Penn has been in existence since the 1930s. This brand will provide the best quality and reliable products due their  experience. With Penn you will get a spinning rod for every application and you can be assured of the rod’s durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a good spinning rod cost?

Spinning rod prices vary greatly. Some anglers will go for high end rods while others prefer more affordable rods. A 40 dollar and above spinning rod will have a sturdy construction and is durable. However, you can choose to go for more expensive gear so that you don’t compromise on the quality.

2. What types of reels for spinning rods

spinning rods are better matched with spinning reels. A spinning reel is mounted at the bottom of the rod while other reels are mounted on top. Spinning gear is also lighter compared to other gears so pairing them with any other gear could lead to poor performance.

3. How far can you cast a spinning rod

How far you cast on a spinning rod will depend on the rod’s length, wind, lure weight and the line.
A longer rod will definitely cast farther than a short rod. The wind can either be your friend or enemy. When the wind is behind you will cast very far. However, if you cast across the wind you can expect shorter casts. With lure weights, it’s obvious that the heavier the lure the more it will load your rod translating into longer casts. The line also makes a great difference. The lighter and thinner it is, the more distance and accuracy you can achieve.

4. What types of bait for spinning rod

With a spinning rod, you can use quite a number of baits depending on the fishing application, target species and size of your rod. The best lures for spinning rods should be lighter and smaller an example of these lures include:
Finesse Lures
Ultralight poppers
Micro jigs
Ultralight swim baits
Small tubes
Small spoons
Soft Plastic Lures
Wacky worms
Shaky heads
Finesse worms
Soft plastic swim baits
Plastic stick baits
Finesse Rigs
Drop shot rig
Ned rig
Neko rig

Final Verdict

Getting a spinning rod is not always as simple as it seems. While these rods are the most common and versatile, you need to be extra careful when choosing them. It’s not once or twice that an angler has come across a poorly made rod or rather than had their rod break  on their first encounter.

There are numerous factors you need to consider before you make a purchasing decision. Although some manufacturers will guide you in making a decision, you need to have prior understanding of what you are looking for.


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