6 Best Surf Casting Rod for Distance [Top Picks for 2024]

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As the saying goes, “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but give him a surf rod and he will eat forever.” Surf rods have been in use for centuries, and they never go out of fashion. They are longer, stiffer, and can cast lures over longer distances. 

In this guide, I will show you how to choose the best long distance surf casting rod. Then, I will discuss the best surf rod for distance. 

If you are in a hurry, here is a summary of the best surfcasting rods for distance.

Best Overall
TICA UEHA Surf Spinning Fishing Rod Series
TICA UEHA Surf Spinning Fishing Rod Series
  • High Modulus Graphite Construction
  • High-Grade Titanium Oxide Guides
  • Non-Slip Cork Handles 
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Best for the Money
Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods
Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods
  • Graphite Composite Blanks
  • Premium Cork Handles
  • Premium Quality Components 
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Best for Long Casts
BERRYPRO Surf Spinning Fishing Rod
BERRYPRO Surf Spinning Fishing Rod
  • Enhanced Stainless Steel Rod Guides
  • IM7 X-Carbon Technology
  • High-Density EVA Grips 
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Best for Big Fish
Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Rod
Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Rod
  • Lightweight EVA Grips
  • Stainless Steel Rod Guides
  • Graphite + Fiberglass Blank Material 
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Best for Durability
OKUMA Tundra Surf Glass
OKUMA Tundra Surf Glass
  • Durable Glass Fiber Blank
  • Stainless Steel Rod Guides with Ceramic Rings
  • One Year Warranty 
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Best for Sharks and Redfish
Penn Prevail & Prevail II
Penn Prevail & Prevail II
  • Rubber Shrink Tube Handles
  • Stainless Steel Guides with Aluminum Oxide Inserts
  • 2-Piece Graphite Composite Blank 
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Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Quality Long Distance Casting Rod

While choosing a surfcasting rod, there are several features you need to consider. These features affect the performance of a fishing rod. If you know the right features to look out for, you will probably land a perfect casting rod. Here are the features to consider:

Blank Material

A blank of a rod is simply the flexible material that makes up the entire length of a fishing rod. Most people refer to it as the rod. The blank material affects the utility of a fishing rod, and it is the one that holds the rod guides and reel. A rod’s blank should be made of high-quality material for the best performance. Typically, there are three major materials for blanks, fiberglass, graphite, and composite.  

Graphite is exceptionally stiff, and it is the most sensitive among the three. You can feel even the slightest nibble from a fish while using a graphite casting rod. The material is lightweight but still quite strong. However, the material has been known to snap when larger fish puts too much pressure onto it.

Fiberglass is stiff and most suited for larger catches. It is slightly heavier than graphite, and it handles challenging fishing conditions better. It has more power than graphite, and you can pull larger fish without worrying about snaps. However, it is not as sensitive as graphite. 

Composite is a blend of different materials such as carbon, graphite, fiberglass, boron, and other flexible compounds. Composite rods provide both sensitivity and power. 


Since you will most probably be fishing from the shoreline, it is paramount to consider a fishing rod’s length. A shorter rod may be easier to use and more accurate, but that does not mean it does not have its drawbacks. For example, a shorter rod cannot cast as long as longer rods. Therefore, if you want to improve your casting distance, you should choose a longer rod. 

Typically, most surf rods measure from seven to fifteen feet.

  • A 7-9 ft. casting rod is excellent for smaller to medium fish. 
  • A 9-12 ft. rod is excellent for fan and jetties casting. 
  • If you want to cast over a longer distance, go for a 12-15 ft. casting rod.

Rod Action 

Rod action refers to where the rod bends when force/ pressure is applied to it. It is measured by speed, so expect to hear terms such as medium, slow, and fast action rods.

A fast action rod bends near the rod tip, and it is the most sensitive. A rod with fast action is often recommended for smaller fish. However, due to where they bend, fast action rods are not meant for long-distance casts.

slow action rods bend near the middle (closer to the reel) of the rod, making a U shape. This allows an angler longer distance casts but at the expense of sensitivity. Such rods are the least sensitive graphite and hard-fighting smaller fish can spit out the hook during the struggle. They are the best for long-distance casts, though.

A medium action surf rod bends near the middle but closer to the tip. This action provides enough flexibility, strength, and balance. It casts over longer distances, and it’s excellent while battling hard fighting fish. Most anglers consider medium action rods the best option for surf fishing. 

Rod Power 

Rod power is the pressure a rod can take before bending. A rod’s power often determines its strength. Most people often use strength and power to mean the same thing. Lightweight casting rods are recommended for smaller fish and freshwater fishing. Therefore, consider choosing medium/heavy rod powers for surf fishing. 

Rod Handle 

The handle of a fishing rod plays a vital role while battling a fish. The handle needs to be comfortable and should provide a strong rear grip. Typically, rod handles are made of two main materials, EVA foam or cork.

Cork handles are often recommended fishing in saltwater. The material is more responsive and more corrosion resistant. However, EVA foam is also excellent, and cork’s quality varies from one manufacturer to another. In most cases, the more expensive the rod, the better the handle’s quality is likely to be. 

  • It is also vital to consider the compatibility of the rod. If you already have a quality fishing reel, make sure to purchase a casting rod that will excellently complement it. 
  • Finally, the rod guides are an important consideration. Ensure they are made of stainless steel, and the inserts (rings) are made of a smooth material.

I highly recommend choosing a rod with silicon, aluminum oxide, or ceramic inserts. If you choose a rod with rough inserts, they will wear down your line and the line, reducing its durability and increasing frustrations while fishing. 

Best Surf Casting Rods You Should Consider  

Allow me to dive into the list of the topsurfcasting rods for distance. Hopefully, you will find the rod you have been looking for to complement your fishing reel. 

TICA UEHA Surf Fishing Rod Series- Best Overall 

There are many surfing rods out there, and I considered many things before settling on the TICA UEHA fishing rod as the best overall. This rod is one of the cheapest surf fishing rods you will find out there, and it has most features that come with many expensive fishing rods. It is long enough for long-distance casts, and it is lightweight, making it perfect for smaller fish.


The fishing rods in this series come with some excellent features for a reasonable price. These notable features include:

High Modulus Graphite Construction 

Graphite is one of the finest materials for fishing rods; it is high-quality, lightweight, and sensitive. TICA UEHA fishing rods have some touch of graphite. The graphite is then mixed with other flexible materials to make a durable and sensitive rod. 

High-Grade Titanium Oxide Guides 

Like stainless steel, titanium oxide is durable and corrosion-resistant. The rod guides are then complemented with the smooth FUJI aluminum oxide inserts. This means the rod guides will not wear down your fishing line, and the line will always follow the guide while casting without any difficulties.

Non-Slip Cork Handles 

Cork handles are often considered great for surf fishing. They are comfortable and provide a non-slip grip.  That means you can battle a fighting fish for up to 20 minutes without losing your grip. You can also fish all day without feeling too tired. 


  • Material: Composite
  • Brand name: TICA
  • Warranty: One year 
  • Suggested Users:  Adults, both genders 
  • Length: 12 Feet 
  • Package weight: 1.18 Kg 
  • Power: Medium-Heavy 


If you are looking for a high-quality surf fishing rod for a lower price, you will love this one. The TICA UEHA fishing rod works great, providing perfect balance and strength. It is perfect for smaller fish, and you can use it to land larger fish as well.

You can catch a fish weighing up to 40 pounds without losing it. Also, with its sensitivity, you can catch even the smallest trout. You can cast with it over long distances and still get the most accuracy. I highly recommend it to all fish anglers.

OKUMA Longitude Surf Graphite Rod: High-End Rod for the Money 

OKUMA are well-known for their quality fishing reels, and now you can count on them for quality fishing rods. The surf fishing rods are made with advanced materials and a dynamic design that will make you want to fish even more. The rod has received a lot of love from its users, most of them citing its power, castability, and versatility as the reasons for their love. 


As expected of OKUMA, the fishing rod comes with a solid feature that includes:

Graphite Composite Blanks 

Graphite is a lightweight material, but it does not handle challenging fishing conditions excellently, like fiberglass. Fiberglass, on the other hand, is not sensitive like graphite material. When you combine the two, you get an excellent rod that is both strong and sensitive. You can use the rod to cast heavy lures and catch larger fish and use it for smaller fish.

Premium Cork Handles 

The fishing rod comes with non-slip premium cork handles for comfort and functionality. You can use the rod to battle fighting fish and hold it all day without developing any sores on your hands. 

Premium Quality Components 

The rod is made of materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. For example, the rod guides are made of stainless steel to resist corrosion, and the inserts are made of aluminum oxide. These inserts are compatible with all types of lines, from monofilament to braided lines.  


  • Weight: 0.59 kg (package weight), 0.06 pounds (item weight)
  • Brand name: OKUMA Fishing 
  • Warranty: One year 
  • Suggested users: Unisex –adults 
  • Power: Heavy 


OKUMA Fishing is a well-established company, and they are back again with these excellent surf fishing rods. The rods have received a lot of love from users, and you can use one to land fish weighing up to 25 pounds without any issues.

However, there have been a few complaints about the guides wearing down the line since there is a guide missing a ring (insert). Also, the rod is not as responsive and sensitive as some other rods. Still, the casting model is worth every dollar. 

BERRYPRO Surf Spinning Rods: Best for Long Casts 

If you plan to catch fish from the shore, it is wise to use a fishing rod with the best cast distance. One of the finest surf fishing rods you will find for a longer distance is the BERRYPRO Surf spinning rod. It is made of graphite composite, making it both lightweight and strong. It is relatively affordable, and it is designed to battle even the most stubborn fish. BERRYPRO Surf spinning rod is available in different actions and lengths to suit all your needs. 


The features of a fishing rod determine its functionality and comfort. The BERRYPRO spinning rod has some fine features, which include:

Enhanced Stainless Steel Rod Guides 

Stainless steel rod guides are long-lasting and corrosion-resistant. The BERRYPRO rod guides are then complemented with ceramic inserts, making them smooth and friction-free. This means you will be able to release the line through the guides without struggles, and the guides will not wear down the fishing line.

IM7 X-Carbon Technology 

The fishing rod is made of composite material, a blend of graphite and carbon fiber. This material makes the rod incredibly sensitive and provides it with enough power to handle even larger fish.   

High-Density EVA Grips 

EVA foam is one of the most comfortable materials for rod handles. It is more comfortable than Cork, but some people feel premium cork provides a better grip. However, the BERRYPRO rod handle comes with a non-slip shrink tube design, providing a comfortable and strong grip. You will get to hold the rod firmly without necessarily having to use too much energy.  

One Year Warranty 

All BERRYPRO fishing rods come with a one year warranty, meaning you can return yours if it develops a manufacturer’s fault within one year after purchase. Their customer support has been termed as excellent, so you can be sure they will attend to you once you contact them. 


  • Weight: 0.64 kg 
  • Material: Graphite composite 
  • Brand name: BERRYPRO 
  • Length: Available in different lengths to suit all your needs 


The BERRYPRO fishing rods have received a lot of love, and it is because of good reasons. They are lightweight, responsive, and have enough power to catch even larger fish. They have excellent castability, and they are by far the best option if you want to cast over a long distance.  

For the best results, choose a rod measuring from 11 feet. You can be sure of an upper hand with such a rod while casting over long distances and battling hard-fighting fish.

Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Rod: Best for Big Fish 

Ugly Stik is one of the renowned companies for surf fishing gears, and they don’t disappoint with this surf spinning rod. The rod is relatively affordable, and it is available in different lengths and actions. You can choose the one you feel the most comfortable using. It might not be the most sensitive rod, but you don’t necessarily need a sensitive rod to land big fish. 


Like many Ugly Stik fishing rods, the Bigwater spinning rod comes with some fine features, which include:

Lightweight EVA Grips 

You will need to spend quite some time in the sea or lake to land something big. During that time, you will be holding the rod handles, and they need to be as comfortable as possible. EVA foam material is the most comfortable, so you can be sure of comfort during your lengthy fishing trip.

Stainless Steel Rod Guides 

The Ugly Stik Bigwater fishing rod comes with one-piece stainless steel Ugly Tuff guides designed to eliminate pop-outs and prevent the wearing down of the fishing line.  

Graphite + Fiberglass Blank Material 

The Ugly Stik Bigwater spinning rod comes with a blend of graphite and fiberglass, meaning it is lightweight, durable, and sensitive. You won’t feel too tired after your fishing trip, nor will your rod snap if you hook a large fish. The material has enough power to land even the most stubborn fish. 


  • Package Weight: 1.38 kg
  • Brand name: Ugly Stik 
  • Material: Graphite + fiberglass blend 
  • Suggested Users: Adults, both genders 
  • Length: Available in various lengths


If you plan to catch large fish, this Ugly Stik spinning rod is exactly what you need. Its power is enough to beat any fish. It is a heavy action rod, so you can expect longer casts from it, although at the expense of sensitivity. The rod is also relatively affordable and will serve you well. I recommend it to all anglers. 

OKUMA Tundra Surf Glass: Best for Durability 

If you are looking for a long-lasting surf spinning rod, the OKUMA Tundra Surf Glass will do you justice.  The rod has a 3-piece construction, which makes it quite easy to transport. Its fiberglass material has excellent sensitivity, and it is strong enough to land big fish. It is perfect for long-distance casting, and it has an excellent bait soaker.


Like other OKUMA fishing rods, the Tundra Surf Glass comes with some excellent features, which include:

Durable Glass Fiber Blank 

Fiberglass is well-known for its durability and capability to handle challenging fishing conditions better. The material is slightly heavier than graphite but is still sensitive to notice even nibbles from smaller fish. A pure fiberglass rod is something you can expect to last for a long time. 

Stainless Steel Rod Guides 

Like many other high-quality fishing rods, the OKUMA Tundra Surf Glass spinning rod comes with stainless steel rod guides. These guides are then complemented with ceramic rings to help prevent pop-outs and friction. 

One Year Warranty 

These fishing rods come with a one-year manufacturer warranty. This means that if your rod develops a mechanical problem within a year after purchase, you can return it to the manufacturer. Once you return it, the fishing rod will be repaired or replaced with another one. 


  • Brand name: OKUMA 
  • Weight: 0.77 kg (package weight), 1.5 pounds (item weight)
  • Warranty: Manufacturer warranty, one year 
  • Length: Available in several lengths 
  • Number of guides: 6+1 tip 


OKUMA Tundra Surf Glass is an exceptional rod that has received a lot of love from advanced anglers. It is easy to transport, and it costs lower than most fishing rods of this caliber. Its white color is great since it helps you notice bites from a distance even when the light is not enough. 

However, the rod’s grip has been criticized by several users. The rod is also heavier than most rods due to its fiberglass construction. If you buy a long one, you should be prepared for a hefty rod. Still, it is a rod that will serve you for a long time.

Penn Prevail & Prevail II: Best for Sharks and Redfish 

Penn Fishing has been around for more than eighty years, so it comes as no surprise that it is considered one of the best for fishing gears.  

If you plan to catch large fish such as catfish, redfish, or sharks, Penn Prevail is an excellent option. It is lightweight, yet it holds enough power to land all types of fish. It is available in all sizes.


The fishing rod comes with a fine feature like any other Penn fishing product. These features include:

Rubber Shrink Tube Handles 

The handles of a fishing rod play a huge role during a fight with a hard-fighting fish. If the handles are comfortable and provide a strong comfortable grip, you will have the upper hand. If the handles are uncomfortable and keep on slipping, you are likely to lose the battle. Rubber shrink tube handles provide an excellent grip, and they are comfortable enough.

Stainless Steel Guides with Aluminum Oxide Inserts 

A rod with stainless steel rod guides with aluminum oxide inserts ensures your line does not pop out while casting. Also, aluminum oxide is a smooth material that eradicates friction, meaning the guides will not wear down your fishing line. 

2-Piece Graphite Composite Blank 

The Penn Fishing rod is made of a blend of graphite and other flexible materials. This makes it durable, lightweight, and durable. It is a rod you can hold all day without feeling too tired and can’t break easily when you hook larger fish like shark and redfish.


  • Weight: 0.39 kg (package weight), 0.85 pounds (item weight)
  • Brand name: Penn Fishing 
  • Warranty Description: Manufacturer Warranty
  • Material: Synthetic 
  • Suggested users: Adults, both genders 
  • Power: Medium 


If you are looking for a surf fishing rod that will feel real nice on your hands and land large fish, the Penn Prevail should be your first consideration. The rod is lightweight, but it is capable of landing even larger fish like redfish and sharks. I recommend it to all anglers. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Surf Fishing Rods 

There are several questions asked more often about surf fishing rods, and I hope the answer to them will help you make even a better decision.

Which is the Excellent Surf Rod?

The TICA UEHA Surf Fishing Rod is the best overall for surf fishing. It can cast over longer distances, it is lightweight, and can land larger fish without any struggles. It is also more affordable than most, and it meets all the demand any angler would want from surf fishing poles

What is the Best Length for Surf Fishing?

The length of a rod is always a vital consideration. I recommend choosing a rod measuring between ten and fifteen feet for surf fishing. 

What is the Longest Size for a Surf Rod?

The longest fishing rod for surf fishing measures 15 feet. 

Wrapping Up 

Finding the best surf casting rod for distance is not always easy. However, it can get easier when you know what to look out for. In this guide, I have discussed how to choose a surf fishing rod and provide you with the top long-distance surfcasting rods. Thank you for reading through it.


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