6 Best Baitcasting Combos for Beginners [Top Picks for 2022]

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When you are out fishing, your fishing gear makes a huge difference. If you have the perfect gear, your fishing experience is likely to be fun. One thing that you need to ensure you get right is the fishing reel and rod.

That said, you have two major options. You can choose the spinning or baitcasting combos. Spinning is regularly recommended for beginners, but you can still use baitcasters if you get the perfect combination.

Baitcasting rod provides you with more accuracy and distance. It is also easy to battle larger fish with its combo. In this guide, I will provide you with the best beginner baitcaster combos. Intermediate or Pro Level anglers can also use these combos effectively.

If you are in a hurry, here is the top 6 baitcast combo for the money.

Best Overall
Abu Garcia Mike Laconelli Pro
Abu Garcia Mike Laconelli Pro
  • 4+1 Ball Bearings 
  • Machined-Aluminum Spool
  • Fast Action Rod  
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Sougayilang Fishing Rod and Reel CombosSougayilang Fishing Rod and Reel Combos
  • Carbon Fiber Rod 
  • 7:0:1 Gear Ratio 
  • Beginner’s Gift  
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Best High End
Lew's Mach 2 SLP Baitcast Combo
Lew’s Mach 2 SLP Baitcast Combo
  • Zero Reverse 
  • Winn Dri-Tac Handles
  • Externally adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS)
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Cadence Baitcasting ComboCadence Baitcasting Combo
  • Graphite Rod Cork Handles 
  • 7+1 Bearing System 
  • Machined Aluminum Spool
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Budget Friendly
Sougayilang Baitcasting Fishing Rod with Reel Combos
Sougayilang Baitcasting Fishing Rod with Reel Combos
  • Advanced Rod Guides 
  • High-Grade Rubber Cork handles
  • Magnetic Braking System 
  • Engineered and Precision-Cut Gears
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Fishing Baitcaster CombosFishing Baitcaster Combos
  • Humanized Gourd-Shaped Handle Fish Rod 
  • Standard Coating Design 
  • Carbon Fiber Rod
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Abu Garcia Mike Laconelli Pro-Designed Youth Baitcasting Combo

Abu Garcia is known for its quality and worth the price fishing gears, and they don’t disappoint with this one. The rod has a great feel, and the reel has received a lot of love too. It is a lightweight combination, and it will get the job done.


Here are some of the features that come with the combo:

4+1 Ball Bearings

The reel comes with four stainless steel ball bearings plus one roller ball bearing. Such ball bearings are enough to provide you with a smooth cast.

Machined-Aluminum Spool

An aluminum spool is always recommended since it is strong and durable. The machined spool makes it easy to spool a new line. It is worth noting that the spool comes spooled with a 10 lb. line.

Fast Action Rod

The combo comes with a fast action rod, meaning you can use it to catch even the smallest fish. It is sensitive and still stiff enough to land larger fish of up to ten pounds. You can use it for bass fishing.


  • Package Weight: 0.39 kg
  • Brand name: Abu Garcia
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Suggested users: Adults, both genders


The baitcaster combo is relatively new in the market, but it has received a lot of love from users. It is quite affordable, and you can use it to catch small to medium fish. Its packaging is great and looks classy, despite its low price. However, some people feel the reel could have been better given the rod is excellent. Still, it is a solid combo and perfect for beginners.

Sougayilang Fishing Reel and Rod Combo

If you are looking for a baitcaster combo that will not cost you much, the Sougayilang should be among your first considerations. The combo is easy to use, and the rod is lightweight. It is elegant looking, and anyone would love it if you send it as a present.


The combo comes with exciting features, some of which include:

Carbon Fiber Rod

Carbon fiber has become quite popular in recent years, and it’s because of good reasons. The material is lightweight, strong, and durable.

7:0:1 Gear Ratio

The gear ratio determines the speed of retrieval, and the higher the gear ratio, the faster the retrieval speed. Sougayilang reel comes with 7:0:1, so you can expect fast retrievals. The brakes are also excellent, making your fishing experience even more fun.

Beginner’s Gift

The rod is designed in such a way that it is beginner-friendly and elegant looking. It is not complicated at all, and sending it as a gift to any beginner may mean the world to them. Sougayilang provides a one-year warranty, so you can always return it develops any mechanical problems within a year.


  • Weight: 0.62kg
  • Material: Carbon Fiber (rod) Aluminum + Stainless Steel (Reel)
  • Brand: Sougayilang
  • Gear ratio: 7:0:1
  • Max drag: 17 pounds
  • Magnetic system brakes


The Sougayilang baitcasting combo is beautiful and easy to use. The rod is lightweight, and the EVA handles provides one with a fantastic grip and a comfortable one. Sougayilang braking system is excellent, and anyone will find it friendly to use.

It may not be as durable as some other combos, but it is worth the cost. It is cheaper, and with a one year warranty, you can be sure it will serve you for quite some time.

Lew’s Mach 2 SLP Baitcast Combo

Lew’s is one of the most established fishing gear companies, so you can expect an exceptional combo from them. In this combo, they combine a lightweight baitcasting rod with a high-quality baitcaster that comes with an anti-reverse switch. The rod handle is comfortable, and the reel can be used for both larger and smaller fish.


The combo comes with great features that include:

Zero Reverse

The reel comes with a 10-bearing system, meaning its casts are always smooth and effortless. On top of it, Lew’s have added the Zero Reverse anti-reverse to help reduce backlashes and Birdnesting as much as possible. The ball bearings are made of stainless steel, so you can be assured that they are long-lasting.

Winn Dri-Tac

The fishing rod comes with a Winn Dri-Tac handles, among the best rod handles one can ask for. The handles provide an exceptional grip, and they are comfortable enough. You can keep holding your fishing rod all day, and you won’t get any sores.

Externally adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS)

The brakes are always an important consideration on a baitcaster. A fishing reel with exceptional brakes will be easier to control, and you can cast without worrying about backlashes. The Lew’s reel brakes are magnetic, plus it has manually controllable brakes. A reel with externally adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS) is always exceptional.


  • Length: 7,0”,7’3″
  • Power: Medium-Heavy
  • Bearings: 9+1
  • Gear Ratio: 7:5:1
  • Brand: Lew’s


The Lew’s Fishing Mach Baitcasting is my top pick for many reasons. Its rod is comfortable and just about the right length. The handles are comfortable, and it is made of graphite blanks, meaning it is strong and lightweight. 

On the other hand, the reel comes with an exceptional braking system and ten ball bearings. This means you can expect smooth casts and fewer backlashes. It is also beginner-friendly. However, some users complain the package arrived broken. Lew’s should improve their packaging. All in all, it is an excellent combo, and I recommend it to all baitcasting beginners.

Cadence Baitcasting Combo

Cadence has the goal of providing their users with the best fishing gear that makes their experience enjoyable. They believe fishing can bring people together, and that’s why they provide quality gears at a lower price. In this combo, they combine a lightweight rod with an efficient baitcaster.


The Cadence baitcasting combo comes with several exciting features that include:

Graphite Rod

The rod that comes with the combo is made of graphite blanks, making it lightweight and durable. The guides are made of stainless steel, making them durable and stain-resistant and durable. Its inserts are smooth enough, so your line will not stick while casting.  You can be sure your line will last long as it should since the guides will not wear it down. 

Cork Handles

The comfort of rod handles is always an important consideration while purchasing a baitcasting combo. Remember, you will be holding the handles most of the time while fishing. Premium cork handles will provide you with a comfortable and strong grip.

7+1 Bearing System

The baitcaster comes with seven ball bearings and one roller bearing. This provides a user with a smooth cast and excellent performance. Most people enjoy using magnetic brakes, which are easy to use, even for beginners.

Machined Aluminum Spool

The combo comes with a great spool design that makes it easy to spool new line into the reel. Even beginners find it easy.


The combo is excellent in both fresh and saltwater bodies. You can also use it for many types of fish, from trout to surf fishing.


  • Length: 6’6”
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium
  • Brand name: Cadence


Many people were skeptical about the combo, considering how affordable it is, but they cleared their doubts once they purchased it. The fishing rod is lightweight, and the reel provides a smooth performance. The guides will not wear down your line, and the rod feels excellent. Some people feel like the rod is slightly better than the reel. Still, it is an excellent combo for beginners.

Sougayilang Baitcasting Combo- Medium Power Portable Carbon Fishing Pole

Sougayilang makes it to the list of best baitcaster combos again. In this one, they combine affordability and quality. It is one of the top quality budget combos


This Sougayilang combo has received lots of love, and it is because of the impressive features that come with it. These features include:

Advanced Rod Guides

The rod is made of carbon fiber blanks, giving it strength, durability, and sensitivity. You can use it with various fishing lures and baits, including jigs and worms. The rod guides are made of stainless steel, and the inserts are made of ceramic. This makes the guides both durable and smooth. You can be sure that they will not wear down your line.

Comfortable Handles

The Sougayilang fishing rod comes with High-Grade Rubber Cork handle design, meaning the handles are comfortable and provides you with a strong enough grip. It is easy to maintain your grip with the handles even when battling a hard-fighting fish. You can fish all day, and your hands won’t get sores or feel pain. 

Magnetic Braking System

The baitcaster comes with state-of-the-art magnetic brakes to make your work even easier. The brakes make it easy to control your cast and prevent unnecessary backlashes. Sougayilang reel brakes are easy to fine-tune, so even beginners can use them easily.

Engineered and Precision-Cut Gears

The gears that come with the reel are excellent, and when you add the 12 ball bearings that come with it, the reel is powerful, water-resistant, reliable, and provides steady-speed retrievals. 


  • Action: Moderate fast
  • Length: 7’0”
  • Gear ratio: 8:1:1
  • Bearing System: 12+1
  • Brand  name: Sougayilang
  • Material: Stainless steel, Carbon, Aluminum
  • Package Weight: 1.11 kg


You can use the combo with all types of lines, including monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided. It is well packaged, and the only complaint from some users is it might not be as durable as some combos. Nevertheless, the combo is worth the money with your budget.

AHXF Baitcaster Combo

The AHXF baitcaster combo is relatively new in the market, but it has all the features to make any angler intrigued. The combo is travel-friendly, making it perfect for hiking. You can use it in both salt and freshwater. 


Here are the features that come with the combo:

Humanized Gourd-Shaped Handle

The rod handles are comfortable and provide you with excellent grip while battling a hard-fighting fish.

Fish Rod Standard Coating Design

The fishing rod comes with an excellent coating to provide users with a beautiful rod you can use as a gift.

Carbon Fiber Rod

The rod is made of carbon fiber, making it strong, durable, and sensitive.


  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Brand: AHXF
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Length: From 3.6 M to 7.2 M


The AHXF combo is fairly new in the market, but it has some excellent features that any angler will love. It is lightweight and comes in different lengths, so you can choose the perfect length for you. You can use it in both freshwater and saltwater. If you are looking for a more travel-friendly rod and reel, take a look at our reviews on quality travel combos in the market

Buyer’s Guide: Features to Consider While Purchasing a Beginners Baitcast Combo

Buying the best baitcaster combo is not a walk in the park, but it can get easier when you know what to look for. Here are the features you should look for while purchasing the combo.


You need to consider the material of both the reel and rod. As for the reel, go for metal material if you plan to catch larger fish. If you plan to catch smaller fish, a plastic reel can still get the job done.

For the rod, graphite and fiberglass are often considered the best materials. Graphite is lightweight, strong, and sensitive. Fiberglass, on the other hand, it is slightly heavier, strong, and handles challenging fishing conditions better.

Number of Ball Bearings on the Reel

The number of ball bearings on a fishing reel often determines the performance of a fishing reel. The higher the number of ball bearings, the smoother the performance is likely to be. Always choose a combo with a reel with a higher number of bearings. However, don’t forget to examine the quality of the ball bearings.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio of a baitcaster reel is simply the number of times the spool will turn once you turn the handle once. Typically, the higher the gear ratio, the faster a baitcaster reel will retrieve the bait or lure. For example, a baitcaster with a 7:1:1 gear ratio is faster than one with 5:1:1. Ideally, a baitcaster with a 4:1:1 gear ratio is fast enough.

Length of the Rod

The length of the rod plays a vital role, determining the accuracy and distance of your cast. Generally, a longer rod will provide you with a superior casting distance than a shorter rod. However, a shorter rod is often more accurate and can be handy while casting in a place of weed and vegetation. If you plan to fish in an open area, a longer fishing rod is better since you can cast further where most fish are.


Fishing is fun, but if you keep holding a heavy rod and reel, it can get too tiresome. I usually recommend going for a lightweight fishing reel and rod. However, they shouldn’t be too light to the point they break while battling a fish. Consider the type of fish you plan to catch while choosing the weight of the reel and rod.

Other factors to consider include:

  • Rod Action: The action usually determines the sensitivity of a fishing rod. Fast action means the rod is very sensitive. However, most fast action rods are not as strong as slow action rods. Only choose fast action rods if you plan to catch smaller fish. Go for medium action rods if you are not sure the type of fish you want to catch.
  • Construction : We should consider the construction of the rod. Ensure that the guides will not wear down your fishing line, and the handles are comfortable enough.
  • Spool Size : we should check the size of the spool. In most cases, a large spool means the reel takes more line.
  • If you can find a baitcaster with an anti-reverse switch, that’s an added advantage.

Baitcaster Combo Parts (Infographics)

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best baitcaster combo is not always easy. However, it can get easier when you know the features to consider. These features include rod power length, power, action, and material. For the reel, consider the number of bearings, spool size, anti-reverse, and gear ratio.

I have discussed the best baitcast combos for beginners in this guide, and I hope you will find a fantastic combo here. My top pick is Lew’s Fishing Mach Crush Baitcast Combo. The others are fantastic as well.

Additionally, If you are interested in a high-end baitcasting combo, you may check out our article on the finest baitcasting combo under 150 in the market.


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