5 Best Telescopic (Collapsible) Fishing Rod and Reel Combo of 2024 [Top Picks)

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The fishing industry has come a long way, given that it was one of the first means of getting food for the early man. We have moved from using spears to catch fish to using some of the finest gears that make the activity easier and more fun.

Today, you can find various types of fishing rods, and one of the most exciting is telescopic rods. Many anglers have heard of these poles, but if you haven’t, it simply means collapsible rods. In this guide, I will show you how to choose the best collapsible fishing rod and reel combos. Then, I will review the top five best telescopic rods and reel combos.

Here is a summary of the best telescopic rod and reel combos I have reviewed.

Plusinno Kids Telescopic Fishing Gear

Plusinno Kids Telescopic Fishing Gear

  • Ultralight FRP,
  • Soft Rubber Rod,
  • Spincast Reel,
  • A complete Fishing Gear 
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Magreel Telescopic Rod and Reel Combo

Magreel Telescopic Rod and Reel Combo

  • Premium Materials
  • Aluminum Spool
  • 5.5:1 Gear Ratio 
  • Includes an EVA Carrier Bag 
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BlueFire Telescopic Fishing Pole and Reel Comb

BlueFire Telescopic Fishing Pole and Reel Comb

  • Smooth Guide Lines 
  • 5.2:1 Gear Ratio 
  • Carbon Fiber Rod 
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Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

  • 12+1 Ball Bearings 
  • EVA Handles
  • 24-Ton Carbon Fiber Rod 
  • Machined-Aluminum Spool 
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Mouhike Fishing Rod Reel Combo

Mouhike Fishing Rod Reel Combo

  • 8+1 Ball Bearings 
  • 5.1:1 Gear Ratio 
  • Carbon Fiber + Fiberglass Rod 
  • Smooth Stainless Steel Guides with Ceramic Inserts 
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Top Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo : Reviews 

Now that you know how to choose the best telescopic spinning rod and reel combo, here are some of the finest combos you will find in the market. Hopefully, you will find one that will make your fishing experience even more fun. 

1. Plusinno Kids Telescopic Fishing Gear 

If you are looking to buy your son fishing gear, you should consider this gear from Plusinno. It comes in beautiful colors for kids, and it is a whole package, containing a fishing pole, reel, line, hooks, carrier bag, and more. It is easy to use, plus it is lightweight, so your kid will not feel too tired after the fishing trip. What’s more, the combo is very affordable and worth the price. 


The combo comes with some fine features, which include:

Ultralight FRP, Soft Rubber Rod 

The soft rubber material that comes with the rod is so lightweight that it can be used by a three-year-old, and he won’t feel too tired.  

Spincast Reel 

The reel that comes with the combo is easy to use and lightweight, weighing around 134.2 g, equivalent to 4.73oz. The thumb click switch on the reel is easy to use, making it easy for your child to handle the fishing line. 

A complete Fishing Gear 

Typically, most combos come with a reel and a rod and nothing else. However, the Plusinno Kids Telescopic fishing gear comes with everything you will need to start fishing. Inside the bag, you will find ten soft lures, bobbers, four hooks, one sinker, three bobber stoppers, five fishing swivels, and more. 


  • Brand name: Plusinno 
  • Weight:1.15 Pounds (package weight) 
  • Material: Plastic 


It is always fun to have some time with your kids to bond. One of the finest ways to bond is through going out fishing together. If you want your kid to enjoy this experience, it will be nice if you purchase gears meant for kids. Adult combos may be too cumbersome, and your child may end up getting bored instead of enjoying the adventure.

This Plusinno gear has it all, and your child will appreciate it big time. It is lightweight, easy to use, colorful, and affordable. It is suitable for children from the age of three to ten. You can be assured your child will catch something during the fishing trip.

2. Magreel Telescopic Rod and Reel Combo 

If you are looking for a high-quality collapsible fishing rod and reel combo for an affordable price, you should consider the Magreel telescopic combo. The rod is easy to store and travel with. The reel is also of a high-quality. It has received a lot of love from its users, and you will love it too. The rods are available in several sizes, so you can choose the size that feels the most comfortable.  


The features of a combo help a user decide if it is worth it. The Magreel Telescopic combo comes with the following features:

Premium Materials 

The rod is made of high-quality carbon fiber, meaning it is lightweight, strong, and durable. The reel seat is made of stainless steel, a corrosion-resistant material. On the other hand, the line guides are made of stainless steel and complemented with ceramic inserts to ensure there is zero friction between the fishing reel and line. This smoothness ensures smooth casts. 

Aluminum Spool + 5.5:1 Gear Ratio 

The reel that comes with the combo has an aluminum spool, one of the finest materials for reel spools. The spool is designed in such a way that you can land lager catches hassle-free. Its gear ratio is 5.5:1, meaning the spool will turn almost six times once you turn the handle. With such a speed, you can use the reel to catch fish from the shore. 

Includes an EVA Carrier Bag 

The combo comes with multiple accessories, one of them being an EVA carrier bag. The bag is small enough to fit in your backpack, boot of the car, or the trunk of your boat. You can carry your gear to wherever you want at any time. 


  • Brand name: Magreel 
  • Weight: 2.45 Pounds (package weight)
  • Size: from 5.9ft 


The Magreel telescopic combo is convenient and versatile. You can store it practically anywhere in your house and use it in all freshwater bodies. It is sensitive enough for smaller catches and still strong for larger catches. The reel is of high-quality, and you will love just how compatible the two are. I recommend the combo to all anglers.

3. BlueFire Telescopic Fishing Pole and Reel Combo 

This BlueFire combo has received a lot of love from users, and it is because of the many fine features that come with it. The whole package includes a telescopic rod, reel, hooks, lures, and a carry bag.  


The combo comes with great features for the price. These features include:

Smooth Guide Lines 

The fishing rod comes with colorful and high-quality guides. The guides are made of high-quality stainless steel, and then the inserts are made of one of the smoothest materials for the job, ceramic. When these two materials combine, they make long-lasting guides that will not wear down your fishing line. They reduce the friction between the guide and the line, allowing smoother casts. 

5.2:1 Gear Ratio 

The reel comes with a high-speed retrieval rate, allowing faster lure retrievals even from long distances. It also gives you a chance to land big fish from the shore. The spinning reel is well-built, and you can be sure it will serve you for quite some time.  

Carbon Fiber Rod 

The fishing pole is made of high-density carbon fiber, a sturdy, lightweight, and durable material. And since the rod is easy to store and travel with, you can be sure it will always be convenient. 


  • Brand name: BlueFire 
  • Weight: 0.71 kg 
  • Suggested users: All anglers 


This BlueFire combo is meant for everyone, and you will love how affordable it is. It comes with a high-quality collapsible rod and a durable spinning reel. It is beginner-friendly, and you can use it with both hands. However, it might not be so great for sea fishing since the reel may not accept enough thick lines often required for sea fishing. Still, it is a combo I recommend to all anglers.

4. Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo 

If you are looking for a versatile telescopic combo, you will love this one from Sougayilang. The reels and the rods are available in several sizes, and you can choose the size you feel most comfortable using. Also, the reel is waterproof, and the rod is corrosion-resistant. This means you can use your Sougayilang gear in all waters, including the seawater.


Sougayilang has provided us with some fine fishing products, and they don’t disappoint with this combo. It comes with the following fine features:

24-Ton Carbon Fiber Rod 

The collapsible rod is made of high-density 20-ton carbon fiber material, which is reinforced with fiberglass to make it studier. The guides are made of stainless steel, and the inserts from Zirconium oxide, one of the smoothest materials for the job. The inserts help prevent heat and friction between the line and guides.

12+1 Ball Bearings 

The spinning reel that comes with the combo has a record 12 ball bearings and one roller bearing. With such a number, you can be positive that the spool will turn smoothly. You can expect a smooth fishing experience. 

Machined-Aluminum Spool 

It is easy to add a new line to the spool with the Sougayilang reel since it comes with a machined-aluminum spool. The aluminum is then coated to help prevent corrosion, so you can use the combo in all waters. 

EVA Handles 

The rod comes with comfortable EVA handles that provide a non-slip grip. With such handles, you can fish all day without feeling too tired and battle large fish for minutes without losing your grip.


  • Weight: 1.02 kg (package weight)
  • Brand name: Sougayilang 
  • Color: Blue 
  • Size: from 5.9 ft. 


This Sougayilang combo has received a lot of love, and I’m positive you will love it too. It casts excellently, and it is quite affordable. Sougayilang customer support is excellent. However, there have been a few complaints of line tangles. Still, it is worth every dollar. 

5. Mouhike Fishing Rod Reel Combo 

The last combo in this list of the best telescopic rod and reel combo is the Mouhike fishing rod and reel combo. The package is a full kit that comes with a high-quality rod, reel, hooks, fishing line, lures, carrier bag, and more. The kit has received a lot of love, and it is because of the many fine features that come with it.


8+1 Ball Bearings 

The reel comes with eight ball bearings and one roller bearing. With such a number, you can be assured of smooth performance from the reel. Moreover, the bearings are corrosion-resistant, so you can expect them to last long. 

5.1:1 Gear Ratio 

With the spool turning five times after one turn on the handle, you can expect fast retrievals even when fishing from the shores. 

Carbon Fiber + Fiberglass Rod 

The rod is made of composite material that is sturdy, lightweight, sensitive, and durable. A blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass is always excellent.

Smooth Stainless Steel Guides with Ceramic Inserts 

When a fishing rod has ceramic inserts, the friction is always less, and your line will not be worn down by the guides. The ceramic inserts also help with the casts, allowing you longer casts.


  • Weight: 0.84 kg (package weight)
  • Brand name: Mouhike 
  • Size: From 5.9ft 


This Mouhike combo has been in the market for almost two years and has been highly acclaimed by users. The combo is beginner-friendly, and it comes with everything you need to go fishing. I recommend it to all anglers.

Before I discuss how to choose a telescopic rod and reel combo, why use collapsible rods in the first place? 

Benefits of Telescopic Fishing Rods 

If you are still not so sure about collapsible rods, here is what sets them apart from the rest. 


Generally, most people damage their rods while traveling, especially the one-piece rods. With a collapsible, you can reduce this risk drastically. Collapsible rods can fit in most small suitcases and backpacks. Just imagine how convenient such a rod will be when traveling on a crowded train, bus, or when taking a flight. 


Typically, most telescopic rods come at lower prices compared to most traditional rods. They are relatively affordable, and you can combine them with most reels, making them even more worth the price.


Not only does the collapsing feature make it easy to travel with telescopic rods, but it also makes it easy to store them. You can store your rod in the cabinet, garage, or wherever you want in the house. They are a perfect option for any angler with limited space. Also, these rods are lightweight, allowing you to enjoy fishing without feeling too tired.


Telescopic rods are not designed to serve one or two purposes. You can use your telescopic rod for deep fishing, shallow fishing, shore fishing, boat fishing, and saltwater fishing. Furthermore, these rods are available in both spinning and baitcasting “worlds.” 


Typically, telescopic rods are lightweight and quite sensitive. With the right collapsible rod, you can be sure that you will notice even the slightest nibbles. And don’t let this lightweight nature make you think they are not strong enough. You can still use a collapsible rod to catch larger fish.

How to Choose the Best Telescopic Rod and Reel Combo

When buying a combo, it is important to consider both the rod and the reel. Ensure they are compatible, of high-quality, and worth the price. To determine if they are worth it, here are the features you should look for in a collapsible fishing rod. 

Number of Sections 

Typically, collapsible rods come with a number of sections. In most cases, the more the number of sections, the longer the rod will probably be. However, it is worth noting that the more the sections on a rod, the harder it will be to collapse or expand when the time comes. 

Always remember that all the sections must be extended to the maximum for the rod to work correctly. Therefore, as a beginner, you might want to consider buying a collapsible rod with fewer sections to make your work easier.  

Collapsible and Extended Length 

It is important to know how long the rod will be once it is fully extended and how short it will be once it is fully collapsed. The extended length matters most when you are fishing, and collapsed length matters when traveling. Try to balance the two such that the rod is long enough for perfect casts and short enough when collapsed for traveling.

A long rod is perfect for long casts. Shorter rods, on the other hand, are perfect for accurate casts. Measure your backpack and find a rod that will fit in it when collapsed but still have enough length to catch whichever fish you want.  


Most collapsible rods are made of either fiberglass or carbon fiber. Fiberglass telescopic rods are stronger and can catch large fish hassle-free. However, they are slightly heavier than carbon rods. Carbon fiber collapsible rods, on the other hand, are lightweight and sensitive but slightly more fragile than fiberglass. 

You can also find collapsible fishing rods with graphite blanks. Finally, some collapsible rods are made of composite materials (a blend of two materials), giving a perfect balance between the two materials. For example, you can find a blend between graphite and fiberglass. 

Line Guides 

Line guides are the tiny rings on the pole where the fishing line passes through while casting. Generally, a collapsible rod should have a line guide in every section. For the best experience, the guides should be made of durable and non-corrosion material such as stainless steel. Furthermore, make sure the inserts are made of a smooth material such as titanium oxide, ceramic, or silicon carbide. 

Inside Access 

The rod should be designed in such a way that you can unscrew it and get rid of debris and dirt that may make it hard to collapse or extend the rod. This access is often given by a cap at the end of the rod. If the rod has this cap, that’s a plus.

Other factors you should consider are:

  • Rod power/weight. 
  • Line weight 
  • Rod action
  • Lure Weight.

What to Look For in the Reel that Comes with the Combo

Now that you know what to look for in a collapsible rod, it is crucial to ensure it is paired with a high-quality reel. Here are some features to look for in a reel. 


The material of the reel will probably determine its durability and performance. Most reels are made of aluminum, and it is often one of the finest materials. However, ensure the aluminum reel has coatings to help prevent corrosion.


Choose a lightweight reel, especially if you plan to catch smaller fish like most anglers. However, you might need to use a heavy reel if you want to land some catfish and other larger fish. 

Number of Ball Bearings 

The ball bearings on a reel help the spool rotate smoothly. Typically, the higher the number of the bearings, the smoother the spool will rotate. Therefore, you should always consider purchasing a reel with at least four ball bearings for a smooth experience. However, the quality of the bearings also matters.

Gear Ratio 

Gear ratio is the term used to describe the number of times the spool turns once you turn the handle once. Typically, the higher the gear ratio, the faster the reel will retrieve catches. For example, a reel with a 6:1 gear ratio is much faster than one with a 3:1. If you plan to cast over long distances, always consider purchasing a reel with a higher gear ratio for faster retrievals.

Other features you should look for in a reel include:

  • The drag of the reel. The reel that comes with the combo should have a powerful drag to help you battle larger catches. 
  • If a reel comes with magnetic brakes and an anti-reverse switch, that’s a plus. Such a reel is easier to use, and it reduces the risk of line tangles. 
  • The handle of the reel should be non-slip for the best fishing experience. 

Wrapping Up 

Hopefully, you have learned everything you need to know about telescopic rods and reel combos. Once you get a perfect combo, don’t forget to follow the fishing rules in your area. The rules are not meant to restrict you but to preserve natural resources and protect anglers. Good luck on your fishing journey.

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