Can You Use Braided Line on a Spinning Reel (And What Size Braid is Best)

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Braided line is one of the most popular fishing lines. Whether you are using a Baitcasting or a spinning reel, you can use this lines successfully.

However, to ensure you have the best results, it would be best to have a mono or leader core backing. Braided lines are preferred for their low memory, abrasion resistance and sensitivity. Keep reading and find out if can use Braid on your spinning reel.

Is Braid Good for Spinning Reels

There is a reason why braided lines are so popular. So, if you are wondering whether they are ideal for spinning reels, then the answer is yes. Although people complain of the slippage on the aluminum surface of the spinning reel, don’t let this scare you.

When braid slippage occurs, the entire line starts rotating around the spool, which will make it difficult to retrieve the line by turning the handle and as a result, you could end up missing your catch. To avoid this menace, make sure you have a monofilament backing or a tape backing on the spool arbour.

Can you Use Heavier Braided Lines on a Spinning Reel?

Of course, yes.  If you are looking to fish with a stronger line, the best thing to do is use a braided line. You don’t have to worry about the size of the rod. Even lighter rods will work perfectly with a heavy braided line as compared to other lines like monofilament. This is because braided lines have small diameters.

What Pound Braid Should I Put on My Spinning Reel

The pound Braid you choose for your spinning reel will be determined by the reel’s size. A 2000 reel will have a different line from a 5000 size reel. Making sure you have the right size will prevent instances of running out of your line. A 100 to 150 yards of line will be used for most applications and for different reel sizes. However, you will need to have a 50 to 100 yard of monofilament backing.

What Size Braid is Best for Spinning Reel

Braided lines usually have very small diameters and that’s why they are loved by different anglers. However, the braid’s size will be determined by the size of your fishing reel. The smaller the reel the smaller the line and vice versa. A 2000 to 2500 spinning reel will work well with a 5-12lb of braided line, 3000-3500 will go with 6-14lbs, size 4000 8-12lbs and size 6000 12-30lb.

How Long can you Keep a Braided Line on a Spinning Reel

Braid is highly durable and that’s why some anglers claim that you can use it for a lifetime. However, changing it once in a while will not hurt. Heavy fishers can change it once or twice a year while moderate anglers can change it once a year. Your changing interval basically depends on your fishing pattern.

Is Braid or Mono better for Spinning Reel

The choice between mono or braid depends on the anglers preference. Some anglers prefer mono while others prefer braid. However, braid comes with more advantages making it an excellent choice. First, braid has zero stretch making it highly sensitive and ideal for finesse tactics. Also, with braid, you will experience fewer twists since it has no memory, and it has a smaller diameter so that you can spool even a stronger line on a small spinning reel. Lastly, braid is more durable, and it does not degrade even when exposed to ultraviolet light. However, some people will prefer mono since it does not require any backing or leader. Also, mono is less expensive.

What’s the best Braid for Spinning Reel

Most Popular
Suffix 832 Braid 20 lb Low
9.9/10Our Score
  • Material : Polyethylene
  • Color : Low Vis Green
  • Brand : Sufix
  • Line Weight : 6
  • Fishing Technique : Any

One of the best Braids for Spinning Reel : Sufix 832 Advanced Superline Braid

As we have seen earlier, Braid is the best line for spinning reels. Their low memory allows for farther casts and they are more sensitive compared to fluorocarbon and mono lines. Having compared the different lines we have come up with a conclusion on the best line. Sufix 832 and Power Pro Spectra will yield the best results. Sufix 832 is the go-to line. Its abrasion resistance and low memory stands out. It is the perfect choice for trolling. Power Pro Spectra on the other hand, is cheaper compared to Sufix 832 and it is also sensitive.

Final Verdict

Fishing is one of the most fulfilling activities but with the wrong tackle it can be frustrating. Getting the best line goes a long way in ensuring your success and comfort. For years I have used Braid in my spinning reels and one thing is for sure, Braid will get you boasting quite a number of catches. So, whether you are a beginner or veteran, try braided lines and you will never go for any other line.


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