Daiwa Fuego CT vs. Tatula CT Baitcasting Reel

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The Daiwa Fuego CT vs. the Daiwa Tatula CT is a comparison review for those looking to purchase either baitcasting reel and don’t know which one will suit their needs better.  The first thing you’ll notice when you look at these two models is that they’re both on the smaller side of things with low profiles.

They are perfect for kids and novices who may have more sensitive hands and wrists from casting so many times in a row, but they also work well with large hooksets like jigs or big trout plugs because of their light weight.

There are some other differences between these two reels too – check out this review post to find out what those are.

Comparison Table of the Daiwa Fuego CT and Daiwa Tatula CT Baitcasting Reel :

Fuego CT
Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcasting Reel
Tatula CT
Daiwa Tatula CT Baitcasting Reel
A cheaper option
Slightly higher than the Fuego CT
7.6oz and is slightly heavier than the Tatula CT
7.2oz-a lighter option
Retrieve Rate
Retrieve Rate
Faster rates
Slightly faster retrieve rates
New Innovation
New Innovation
Has other features to improve the distance casting.
T-Wing System for further casting and reduced resistance

Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcasting Reel Overview

The Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcasting Reel is a top-of-the-line reel from one of the leading fishing brands in Japan. It has been designed for both saltwater and freshwater use, so you can enjoy using this reel no matter what type of water you are near.

The drag system on these reels is smooth, with enough power to handle even your most challenging catches. You will also love how lightweight these reels are! If you have ever struggled with carrying heavy gear around all day then try out the Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcasting Reel today.

Pros – The Good

  • Quicker retrieves
  • For both fresh and saltwater use
  • Reels in smoothly
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Reduced line twists and tangles

Cons – Drawbacks

  • Slight flaking of the paint

Daiwa Tatula CT Baitcasting Reel Overview

The Tatula CT is a baitcasting reel with the latest advancements in trolling systems. The Tatula CT is designed for extreme fishing conditions and features an enlarged spool, increased gear ratio, and larger line capacity. With these innovations, this reel can cast farther than ever before!

This reel has been on the market for several years now. It was originally designed to target walleye anglers but quickly gained popularity amongst all types of anglers because of its ability to cast far distances even during tough weather conditions like low light or high winds.

Pros – The Good

  • Excellent control
  • Casts well for distance
  • Smooth yet powerful drag
  • A wider range of gear ratios to choose from
  • Smoother operation
  • Durable build
  • Greater line capacity
  • Low-profile

Cons – The Downsides

  • The bearings of the reel aren’t fully corrosion-resistant.

4 Key Differences of the Daiwa Fuego CT and Daiwa Tatula CT Baitcasting Reel


As a determinant of the reel to choose, the Fuego CT is cheaper than the Tatula. Though, the price difference isn’t that much.


If you are looking for a lighter reel from the two, go for the Tatula CT. It weighs in at 7.2oz while its counterpart weighs 7.6oz.

Retrieve Rate

The two almost have a similar retrieve rate but the difference is smaller. Though, in fishing, a slight addition to the numbers affects performance. The Tatula CT has it at 26-3-34.5’’ while the Fuego CT is between 26.3 and 33.9’’.

T-Wing System

This is what makes the Fuego CT unique from its contender. The system reduces resistance and ensures longer casts without backlashes.


This article has been a comprehensive look at the Fuego and Tatula CT baitcasting reels. Ultimately, both of these products are great choices for anyone that wants to use best daiwa baitcasting reel.

The only question is which one will be better suited for you. With so many options out there it can be difficult to know what’s best and where your money should go. I hope have helped clarify things with this comparison guide by giving you all the information on each product from their differences down to their price points.

Now take a step back, think about how much fishing time you have left before the next season comes around again, then head over here to see if either of these two is right for you!


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