Deep sea vs Bottom fishing : ( Key Differences Explained)

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Are you looking for a fun way to spend time? Try fishing. You can choose to engage in the deep-sea fishing or bottom fishing. Deep-sea fishing can be pretty adventurous since it requires one to go fishing deep into the sea. This fishing technique is ideal, especially for people who enjoy going out in groups.

On the other hand, bottom fishing is fun and perfect for all level anglers. You can always choose the technique that works best for you. Get the difference between the two fishing techniques from the article below.

What is Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep-sea fishing is the kind of fishing where you go fishing in the open ocean. Here, you must have at least 30 meters of depth so you can chase bigger fish that live and migrate off-shore. Deep-sea fishing is also known as sport, off-shore and big game fishing. This fishing technique is ideal for pro anglers since it requires experience and precision.

Deep-Sea Fishing Tips

It would be best if you learned a few tips to become a pro angler in deep-sea fishing. So here are a few deep sea fishing tips.

  • When fishing with live bait or fish, change it regularly to attract fish.
  • Always be prepared with motion sickness medications in case you experience motion sickness.
  • Try out reef fishing since you will find tons of smaller fish, and once in a while, you can find big game fish.
  • Always carry sun protection to protect you from the scorching sun in the water.

What is Bottom Fishing?

Bottom Fish

Bottom fishing is a technique used to catch fish found near the floor of the sea. Bottom fishing can be done from land or inside the water. You take the bait to the bottom of the sea to lure the fish into the hook. When the fish takes the bait, it will feel the weight’s resistance and bolt away. In turn, this will hook it to the hook that hangs with the bait. The heavy sinker helps cast the bait deep into the seafloor, and it keeps the hook and baits strong despite the currents and high waves.

Tips of Bottom Fishing

  • You need to ensure that your bottom fishing rig has a weight or sinker on the line rigged below your hook.
  • Once you have dropped your lure or bait, let the bait rest and float along until you get a bite.
  • Check your bait regularly to ensure that it is still on your hook.

Deep-Sea Fishing vs Bottom Fishing : Side by side Comparison

Deep-sea FishingBottom Fishing
This type of fishing is done in deep watersThis fishing technique can be practiced in shallow waters.
You will need a boat or water vessel for this fishing techniqueYou do not necessarily need a boat.
In this technique, there is a high chance of catching bigger fish species.You will mostly come across smaller fish species but once in a while, you can experience bigger fish.
Deep-sea fishing requires some experience.Bottom fishing is ideal for any level angler including beginners and hobbyists.

Deep-Sea vs Bottom Fishing: (4 key differences)

1. Deep-sea fishing is primarily done in deep waters, so it involves a journey out to the sea. In contrast, bottom fishing is done close to the shore, and the possibility of catching fish is higher.

2. The most common fish caught in deep-sea fishing include Marlin, Ono and Yellowfin Tuna. While in bottom fishing, common fish species include Grouper, bass, and snapper.

3. Deep-sea fishing is a technique for pro anglers since you need to have some experience and be knowledgeable. Bottom fishing, on the other hand, is perfect for hobbyists and new anglers.

4. When deep-sea fishing, you will catch bigger fish, but the number of fish caught is limited. On the other hand, while bottom fishing, you will go home with a considerable number of fish but smaller fish species.

Final Verdict

One can easily confuse deep-sea fishing and bottom fishing. However, it is essential to note that these techniques are very different. The two differ in their fishing locations, level of experience and the method used. Although the type of fish caught in the two fishing techniques is sometimes similar, most of them differ in size.


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