Medium vs Medium Light Spinning Rod: Which one to Choose

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When getting a medium rod, you need to understand whether your fishing application requires a medium-light, medium, or medium-heavy rod. Even the most experienced anglers find it difficult to differentiate the rods. So don’t beat yourself up if you can’t quite get the difference.

Thankfully, in this article, we will help you understand the difference between medium and medium-light spinning rods so you will have the right rod for every application. You can easily differentiate the medium light and medium rods by their flex, fighting power, lure weight, and line weight.

More About Medium Power Spinning Rod

A medium-power spinning rod bends about 10 to 15%. This bend gives a bass or any other species time to take the bait deeper into its mouth so you will not lose your fish. Medium spinning rods are loved for their versatility and ability to handle different lures, and it is perfect for fish species like Bass, Walleye, and Pike. It works better with lures in the weight range of 1/8 to 3/8 oz. Whether you are setting out for saltwater or freshwater fishing, you can be sure that you will catch a bass or Walleye.

What is Medium Rod Used For?

A medium rod can be used for different applications due to its versatility. Their uses include

  • Catching fish like bass, Walleye, and Pike
  • They can be used in freshwater and saltwater applications

More About Medium Light Rods

Medium-light rods vary slightly from medium rods, and their applications fit the medium rods applications perfectly. However, medium-light spinning rods stand out for their sensitivity, and they come with a limber tips that increases the rod’s sensitivity.

So, you can feel every bite, and this way, you will not miss a single catch. These rods are perfect for lures in the weight range of 1/8 to ½ oz. Additionally, they do not limit you; you can use them for saltwater and freshwater fishing.

What is a Medium Light Rod Used For?

A medium-light rod will give you all the confidence you need to explore different water bodies. You can use this rod for:

  • Fishing for crappie and bass with light gear
  • Fishing in freshwater and saltwater
  • They can be used for species that require high sensitive rods

Medium vs. Medium Light Spinning Rod: What’s the Differences?

Differentiating medium and medium-light spinning rods can be challenging since the two can be used in similar applications and for the same species. Here, we will help you distinguish between the two power rods.

Lure Weight

As we have seen earlier, medium rods are highly versatile, and they work with a wide range of lures. A medium spinning rod will work with lures in the weight range of 1/8 to 3/8ounces. In contrast, medium-light spinning rods work with lures in the weight range of 1/8 to 1/2 ounces. Therefore, lures meant for medium-light spinning rods can be used with medium spinning rods.

Hook Sets

The hook set is the other difference between medium and medium-light spinning rods. Medium spinning rods are stiffer; hence their hook setting is more accurate and precise. On the other hand, the hook setting of the medium-light spinning rods is faster due to their reduced stiffness.


Medium spinning rods are less sensitive due to their stiffness, and with them, you can miss a few catches, especially when dealing with fast-moving species. In contrast, medium-light spinning reels come with limber tips that ensure maximum sensitivity and let you feel every bite.

Fishing Application

Medium power spinning rods are perfect applications like surfing, jigging, and fishing for bass. On the other hand, medium-light spinning rods are ideal for topwater fishing and fly fishing applications.

Medium vs. Medium Light Spinning Rod: Head to Head Comparison Table

Lure Weight⅛-3/8 oz⅛-½ oz⅛-½ oz
Line Weight6-12lb6-12lb6-12 lb
Hook setOpen hookOpen hook
ApplicationSurfing, jigging and Fishing for bassTop water fishing and fly fishing. 
WatersSaltwater and freshwaterSaltwater and freshwater
Type of fishBass, pike and walleye. and Lake PerchTrout and Crappie.

Frequently Asked questions

What is a Medium Rod Good For?

Medium rods are very popular among anglers. This is due to their versatility, so; you can use them for different fishing applications. Additionally, they are the best for beginners, so every level angler will enjoy using them. These rods are suitable for saltwater and freshwater applications, and they also excel in bass fishing, fishing for Walleye and Pike.

What is a Medium Light Rod Good For?

Medium-light rods are preferred for their sensitivity. Any angler who has used them can attest to this and that you will not miss a catch as you can feel every bite. These rods are ideal for topwater fishing applications and fishing for species like crappie. They stiffen up quickly and allow for quick hook sets with jigs, and they will not disappoint in freshwater and saltwater applications.

What Does Medium Light Mean for Spinning Rods?

Spinning rods are known for their longer casts and use of lighter lures. The benefit of spinning rods is that you can cast very light lures. So, with a medium-light rod. You have all the confidence with the recommended lightweight lures and soft plastics, and you will be better positioned to handle light applications like topwater fishing and fly fishing.

Is Medium Light Rod Good for Trout?

Fly fishing is the best way to catch trout in moving water like rivers. However, when fishing for trout in lakes, the best way is by trolling or jigging. This is because trout requires the use of smaller lures and lighter tackles. A rod with good flex and light power will enhance your success. A medium-light rod is perfect for this application as it uses lighter lures and lines. Additionally, it is highly sensitive, so you will not miss the bite.

Final Impression

Some anglers complain of missed catches and difficulty catching fish and blame the rod manufacturers. However, most of the time, the rods are perfectly fine; the problem comes in understanding the power of the rod and the applications.

If you use a certain rod power for the wrong application, you will either get frustrated or miss your catch. Medium and medium-light rods often confuse anglers and especially beginners. The article above will help you get the difference between the two.


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