Can You Use Spinning Rod for Jigging? ( A Quick Answer)

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Spinning rods in jigging are slowly gaining popularity among anglers. However, most anglers find it difficult to choose a spinning rod for jigging techniques. To avoid making a wrong purchasing decision, ensure you get the features of your spinning rod right.

Jigging technique requires the use of shorter, sensitive and light rods. Therefore, you need to be extra careful on the rod’s action, power and length. With the right specifications, you will be boasting a superior rod you can use in different applications.

Best Types of Spinning Rods for Jigging

There are different types of spinning rods that can be used for jigging. To succeed in walleye jigging, you need a lightweight spinning rod. Vertical jigging and pitching for jigging style will help you determine what type of spinning rod to use. The two styles will yield similar results but require the use of different rods.

Vertical jigging, for instance, does not require one to make any casts, and it’s done from a boat. In this style, you need a spinning rod that uses smaller jigs combined with live minnows.

On the other hand, Pitching for jigs is carried out from the shore and requires one to cast. So, it would be best if you had a spinning rod that uses larger rigs and one that casts far.

What is the best Action Spinning Rod for Jigging

When it comes to jigging, sensitivity is paramount. The action spinning rod you choose will determine whether you will be successful or you will end up missing a few catches.

Extra fast and fast action are the best actions for overall jigging techniques. When pitching for jigs, a fast action rod will deliver better results as it loads up better when casting to cover longer distances. However, when using the vertical jigging style, an extra fast tip yields better results as the extra stiffness lets you feel every movement.

What is the best Length Spinning Rod for Jigging?

Length consideration is crucial when choosing a spinning rod for jigging. A 5 to seven-foot-long spinning rod will yield great results as you do not need exceptionally long spinning rods for jigging. However, the style you are using will determine the best length for you.

For vertical jigging, shorter rods are better since the distance between your hand and the jig is small so that you can feel every movement, and there is no chance to miss your catch and so 5 feet to 6 feet spinning rods will excel here.

In pitching for jigs, you need longer rods as they offer longer casting distance. 6’9” to 7’2” spinning rods are perfect for this style as they allow the blank to load up more when the fish takes a bite.

What is the best Power Spinning Rod for Jigging

When choosing rod power for jigging, you need to ensure that you go as light as possible. Lighter rods are more sensitive, and they let you detect movements and bites better. When vertical jigging, medium-light power will work best since it maintains maximum sensitivity and strength.

Medium-light power is ideal when dealing with light jigs weighing 1/8oz or less.  When casting pitching for jigs, on the other hand, you can go with heavier rods so you can cast bigger lures. A medium-power blank will excel in this application as it can handle up to 3/4ozof weight.

Final Impression

There is nothing as frustrating as fishing with the wrong rod. That’s why manufacturers come up with fishing rods for every application. In jigging, there are specified jigging rods for this application. However, if you are more comfortable with using spinning rods, there is no harm in getting a spinning rod that matches the performance of a jigging rod. Just ensure you are extra careful when choosing the rod’s specifications.


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