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Catfish tend to move around a lot in ponds in search of food. Typically, they have a great sense of smell and can tell the difference between a baby carp and creek chub from a distance. They disregard most scents from unpleasant foods and only choose the ones that have something they would want.

When you use baits with a decent scent for a catfish, the likelihood that the fish will come for it is very high. In this guide, I will discuss the different types of baits for catfishing, best catfish bait for pond fishing, then provide you with some tips for catching catfish.

Here is a summary of the best catfish baits for ponds.

Which is Better, Lures, or Live Baits?

When catching catfish, you can use baits or lures. Both are excellent, but none is better than the other.

Fishing with Lures

Lures are artificial objects often shaped as fish’ prey used to catch fish. You can use these artificial lures the same way you use live baits. The lures are made of different materials to entice the specific fish, and you will always find a perfect lure for catfishing.


  • They are re-usable
  • They don’t require any special storage
  • Lures are not smelly or dirty
  • They attract the type of fish you want to catch.
  • They reduce deep hooking, reducing the risk of killing a fish while retrieving.


  • Lures can ve expensive
  • It is not always easy to find an effective lure.
  • Lures are not effective in muddy water or at night.
  • Lures hardly attract fish, so you must cast them in an area full of fish.
  • You must get the right combination of size, weight, and color, to effectively catch the type of fish you plan to catch.

Fishing with Catfish Baits

Baits are actual prey of fish, and they attract the predators (fish) at any time. They are easy to find and use.


  • Baits are hugely effective compared to lures.
  • Baits appeal to a variety of fish, increasing your chances of catching more fish.
  • They are typically cheaper than lures.
  • Baits attract fish from a distance with their scents.
  • You can return an unused bait back to nature or freeze it for your next fishing trip.


  • They are smellier and messier
  • They require special storage, like circulating water or refrigeration.
  • Baits are used one time, so you will keep on getting more baits on every fishing trip. 
  • Increases the risk of deep hooking

In the end, the best option will depend on your fishing conditions and the type of fish you plan to catch. Today, my focus is on baits, so let’s discuss more about catfish baits for ponds.

Types Of Catfish Baits You Can Use For Pond Fishing

Generally, catfish are feeders, and they are not too picky, especially when hungry. However, sometimes they can get choosy, and your bait can be the difference between catching more or fewer cats. Here are some good catfish baits in ponds that guarantee you more cats throughout the year. 


Nightcrawlers catfish baits

Catfish are big fish, some weighing up to 120 pounds. But even with their large sizes, most catfish can’t resist nightcrawlers (worms). The aroma from the worms attracts catfish to the rig, and when they see them wiggling, they just can’t resist.


Best catfish baits:Amphibians

Catfish are also hugely attracted to amphibians, including frogs and snakes. Since frogs are quite popular and easier to catch, I recommend using some to catch catfish in ponds. You can hook up the frog from the nose or leg. Some anglers often cut the frog’s lower legs to make a better combat bait for the catfish.

Typically, a dead frog will be as good as a living one. Make sure to crush the frog to attract the catfish even more. Like crayfish, when you cut or crush a frog, it releases amino acids, attracting the catfish even more.


Best Crayfish  Catfish Baits for Ponds

Like bass, catfish are hugely attracted to crayfish. Flathead catfish are even more attracted to the catfish compared to the other two. With that in mind, if you plan to catch some flathead catfish, you should consider using crayfish.

Crayfish are often easy to catch, and the best time to catch them often coincides with the best time to use them for catfishing. They are often under the rocks during the day, and they emerge at night to eat whatever edible. You can catch them at night with the help of a headlamp and long-handled dipnet. Then store them carefully to use them the following day or just use them at night.

Prepared Stink Bait

Prepared stink baits are available in fishing stores, and they are hugely effective in landing catfish. However, you can make the baits from home, if you know how to do it. They are often the best homemade catfish baits for ponds.

Prepared stink baits usually have a strong scent that attracts catfish. They are designed in such a way that they slowly release their scent and disperse the flavor near where you cast the bait. The scent will attract the cats near them, and you can be sure of going home with some. 

Punch Baits

Punch baits are thicker liquids with a strong aroma that attracts catfish. They are easier to rig, and you don’t need to touch them with your hands when rigging. You will just need to use something (a stick maybe) to punch the bait and pull the loaded hook.

Dip Bait

Dip baits are artificial, and they come with a weird smell for humans, but excellent for catfish. You are supposed to add something onto them before you cast, though. For example, you can add cheese or any other protein, something the fish can bite. It comes with a thin consistency, so you will need to use a sponge to keep the bait on the fishing hook.

Best Catfish Bait for Ponds: Reviews

If you don’t want to spend time trying to catch some catfish baits, you can always purchase some from your local fishing store or online. Here are some of the best catfish baits you can find for pond catfishing.

Pro-Cure Catfish Magic Chicken Liver Cure

It is not always easy to find a perfect catfish bait online, but the Pro-cure Catfish Magic Chicken Liver Cure is definitely an excellent option. Catfish love chicken livers, and this one is designed in such a way that you can be assured of catching some cats. However, it is vital to use just the right amount, not to make a mess. 


  • Weight: 0.41 kg (package weight), 12 ounces (item weight)
  • Color: Red fluorescent
  • Brand name: Pro-Cure


  • Works great and attracts large catfish.
  • It comes with easy-to-read instructions that will ensure you use just the right amount of the bait.
  • It is designed in such a way that it makes the chicken liver feel jerky, hence making it stay longer on the hook.
  • Easy to use and provides you the value of your money.
  • Perfect for long casting since it stays on the hook for a longer time.
  • Has amino acids that attract catfish even more


  • A little messy, so you might need to wear gloves.
  • Some people feel like it is too much of a hassle following the instructions.


The Pro-Cure chicken livers are an excellent choice for anyone not willing to spend time trying to catch baits for catfishing. It is relatively affordable, easy-to-use, and gets the job done. It has received a lot of love from users, and you will probably love it too.

However, the product is messy, and it stains almost anything it touches. For that reason, be very careful while using it and wear gloves. Still, it is worth every dollar.

Berkley Powerbait Catfish Bait Chunks

Berkley has been in the market for quite some time, and they never disappoint. This catfish bait has received a lot of love for several reasons, although there have been a few complaints. The good thing is it is way stronger than standard catfish baits for ponds, meaning it will attract lots of catfish to your hook. It is a perfect bait for catfishing.


  • Weight: 0.11 kg
  • Brand name: Berkley
  • Size: Catfish Bait Chunks
  • Fishing Technique: All, including baitcasting and spincasting


  • A powerful scent that attracts catfish much better than most baits available for the price
  • Attracts more catfish than other fish species
  • Comes with easy to understand instructions and recommendations.
  • Fairly priced
  • Easy to rig and use


  • A very strong smell that can remain on your hands for days
  • The chunks dissolve way too fast for some anglers’ liking.


Berkley has done a great job with this catfishing bait for ponds. It is easy to use, excellently priced, and it attracts more catfish than most baits in the market. However, there have been several complaints that it dissolves pretty fast in the water. You can fix this problem by putting tiny mesh bags with the bait while casting. It will keep it longer on the hook and increase your chances of landing larger catfish.

Also, make sure to wear gloves while using the bait since it has a very strong smell. All in all, it is a catfish bait that I recommend to all anglers.

Suki Gizzard Catfish Bait

Suki has come up with an effective bait for catfishing by mixing cheese and chicken gizzards. The combination brings about an odd smell for humans, but the smell is excellent for catfish. It sticks on the hook much better than most catfish baits, and it is easy to use. However, you will need to use a treble hook for maximum benefits. That shouldn’t be a problem, though. Most people use a treble hook, anyway.


  • Weight: 6.85 Pounds (package weight)
  • Brand name: Suki
  • Size: One Gallon
  • Ideal Prey: Channel and Blue Catfish


  • Catfish love it, so you can be assured of more catches with it.
  • Attracts catfish than other fish species
  • Easy to hook and works excellently.
  • You can use the Suki Gizzard Catfish bait in all fishing locations, from ponds, rivers, lakes, and the sea.


  • Don’t let any of it get on you because it really smells bad.
  • You will need a treble hook if you want the hook to work excellently.


If you can put up with the smell, which seems to be most people’s problem, the Suki Gizzard Catfish bait an excellent choice. It is easy to use, sticks on the hook for a longer period, and the bad smell is heaven for catfish. I recommend it to all anglers, both beginners and experienced ones.

Magic 71-12 King Kat Chicken Blood

Catfish love chicken, and chicken blood is as good as gizzards and livers. The only main difference is chicken blood is way cheaper than gizzards and livers. It attracts catfish in large numbers, easy to hook, and it will get the job done just like the rest. The product is well-packaged in a strong plastic bag, so the likelihood of it leaking during the transportation is low.


  • Weight: 0.6 pounds (package weight), 0.51 pounds (item weight)
  • Brand name: Magic
  • Color: Black


  • Has been hailed to attract more catfish than most baits in the market
  • Easy to hook and works excellently
  • Way cheaper than most catfish baits
  • Excellent even in murky water


  • Dissolves in the water fast, making it challenging to keep it on your hook. That said, it will stay on the hook for enough time for short casts. However, it is not good enough for long-distance casts. 
  • It is stinky, and the smell can stay for a long time if it touches your clothes. Make sure to be careful while hooking it.


If you are looking for cheap bait for catfishing, Magic 71 is an excellent choice. It is stinky as most baits, but don’t let the smell discourage you because that’s what attracts the cats. The baits is excellent in most waters, and you can use it with all types of hooks. It may not stay long enough on the hook for longer casts, but it is excellent with shorter casts. I recommend it to all anglers.

How to Catch Catfish in a Pond

Catfishing is not always that easy, especially for new anglers. However, when you what to do and when to do it, there is a chance you will land more cats. That said, here are a few tips to help you catch more catfish in your nearest fishing pond. 10 Tips for Catching More Catfish in Ponds

Match the Hatch

This simply means that you should bait the catfish with something that they love. Identify what the catfish in the ponds love feeding on and get it in plenty. Luckily, most prepared baits usually attract catfish, regardless of the fishing location or condition. I recommend using the Pro-Cure Catfish Magic Chicken Liver Cure. It is excellent for catfish pond fishing.

The Stinker the Better

In most cases, the stinker the prepared bait is, the better it is likely to be. This bad smell that is making you cover your nose is heaven to the catfish in the pond. However, some catfish, blue catfish, for example, may be attracted to less smelling baits. All in all, stinker baits are typically better.

Use Long Rods

Typically, most long rods are stronger, and they provide better casting distance than shorter ones. This means you will be able to cast to where most catfish are hiding, and you will have better control of the rod. I recommend using a 7-feet or longer casting/spinning rod.

Fish Deeper During the Day

If it is hotter during the day, catfish tend to retreat into deep waters since they don’t like being exposed to sunlight. For that reason, try casting into the deep holes in the pond. Typically, these holes can be found near the base of the pond or water spillways. Topwater fishing will rarely land you a catfish during the day.

Fish Shallow During the Night

Most catfish anglers fish at night. The reason behind this is catfish typically feed at night, so you can find them in shallow waters, making it easier to catch them. It will be very easy for you to land several catfish during the night than you would during the day. Just make sure to use the right bait to draw the catfish towards you.

Spot Catfish Hiding Places

If there are any structures in the pond, there is a high chance the catfish will be hiding under them. Additionally, if there are some logging trees or bushes, the catfish will probably be hiding beneath them. They also tend to hide under rocks. Target such areas first to increase your chances of catching something before leaving.

Try Chumming

In most cases, pond owners stock the catfish and feed them with pelleted foods. The catfish get used to these pellets and may prefer them to most baits. For that reason, get some of that food from a local fishing store and chum it into the water, specifically on the area you plan to cast your bait. By doing so, you will stimulate catfish’s appetite, which will make your bait even much attractive.

Use Multiple Lines

The law of numbers works in catfishing, just like it works in other disciplines. That means the higher the number of hooks and lines you have, the higher the chances of landing more catfish. In most states, you are allowed to fish with multiple lines, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Try Different Baits

There are many types of catfishing baits, and what may work for me may not work for you. Most people often think that as long as the bait stinks, it will attract catfish. Yes, that’s true, but that’s not always the case.

Catfish have a diverse consumption, so if one bait is not working out well for you, you can always try another. I’ve discussed some of the baits that catfish prefer, so be sure to use a couple of them during your fishing trip.

Don’t Overstay In One Spot.

Some anglers often cast their baits and wait for hours until they attract catfish, then pack and go home. Well, fishing in one spot may work, but I think you will increase your chances of landing something if you try several spots. Typically, if you stay for up to 30 minutes without a nibble, I think you will have better luck trying a different spot.

Say No to Homemade Bait Recipes

Technically, it is possible to make the prepared catfish baits yourself. However, it is not always worth it if you look at the bigger picture. The recipes will require you to buy several raw materials and take some time to prepare.

In the long run, the raw materials may be more expensive than buying ready-made bait. Also, these homemade baits don’t always work, meaning you may need to lose all the raw materials you had purchased. Just go for something proven, and you won’t need to spend a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions About Catfish Baits for Ponds

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about catfish baits.

What is the Best Catfish Bait for Ponds?

There are various catfish baits for pond fishing, and the best for you will depend on your fishing condition. However, if I have to recommend one, I would say the Pro-Cure Catfish Magic Chicken Liver Cure is one of the best catfish baits you can find. It is easy to use, sticks on the hook and attracts more catfish. 

Where Can I Buy Catfishing Baits?

You can find baits for catfish in your local fishing store, or you can purchase them online.

What do Catfish Eat in Ponds?

Smaller catfish feed on 38% proteins in crumble forms, while larger ones (about three inches long) can eat floating pellets. Once they are big enough, the options for food are quite many.

Where do Catfish Hide in Ponds?

Catfish tend to hide in the pond’s deepest parts during the day and under rocks or structures if there are any. If there is a creek feeding into a pond, there is a huge chance catfish will be hiding there.

Wrapping Up

There are many catfish baits for ponds, and the perfect one will depend on your condition. Hopefully, you will find a perfect one for your fishing condition with the above information.

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