3 Best Baits (lure) for Flipping and Pitching [Top Picks for 2024]

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Baits and lures are an essential aspect of flipping and pitching. Baits determine how successful your fishing adventure will be. Going out fishing without baits will probably take a miracle to catch a fish. Flipping is now made easier since you do not have to carry live worms and flies. Instead, you can purchase flipping baits and bring them for your fishing trips. The flipping baits listed below are among the best flipping baits that lead to a successful fishing experience.

Here are the top 3 flipping and pitching baits

1. Missile Baits 4.5” D Bomb 25-Count Lures

Try out this new go-to bait if you are looking for a new good bait for pitching and flipping. This D Bomb is a bulky 4.5″ creature bait. It has a unique ribbon body that displaces lots of water resulting in a straight fall.

The tail of this bait sail when sinking slowly or flap wildly when moved rapidly. It comes with a thin body where the hook comes out, ensuring easy hook sets. The head is solid and thick, ensuring that the bait stays on the hook even in heavy cover.

This bait is lightweight, weighing o.6 pounds. The baits come in one package containing 25 baits. The baits do not rip fast, and you will be in a better position to catch bass with the baits.


  • With this bait, you can see the action clearly
  • The baits are very affordable for a 25 pack.
  • The baits are soft, and fish love them


  • The plastic material can be dangerous in the hands of small children

2. Missile Baits – Baby D Bomb-3.65” Small Ribbed Creature Bait for Bass Fishing

These baits are perfect for bass fishing. They are soft, and fish love them. So, you can be assured of increasing the fish you catch with these baits. This new go-to bait is a bulky 4.5″ creature bait, and it features a unique ribbon body that displaces a lot of water resulting in a straight fall.

The bait is lightweight, 0.06 pounds making them perfect for flipping and pitching. The tails of these baits sail when sinking slowly or flip wildly when moved rapidly. These baits also feature a thinner body where the hook comes out, ensuring easy hook sets. However, the body is solid and thick, so the bait stays on the hook in heavy cover.


  • This bait is soft, and fish love them.
  • The unique ribbon body replaces lots of water resulting in a straight fall.
  • These baits are beautiful


  • The plastic material can be harzodours when taken by children
  • The pack only comes with seven baits

3. Missile Baits D Bomb

The bulky 4.5″ creature bait has made successful attempts in catching bass. However, when going out for pitching and flipping, make sure you carry the missile baits. The bait features a unique ribbed body that displaces a lot of water resulting in a straight fall.

Its tail sails when sinking slowly or flap wildly when moved wildly, attracting the fish in the water. The body of the Missile baits D Bomb is thinner where the hook comes out for easy hook sets. On the other hand, the head-on is solid and thicker, so the bait stays on the hook in heavy cover. This bait has also been credited in numerous bass tournament wins for catching even the very large bass.


  • The baits are attractive as they come in black or blue laminate
  • The softness and amazing scent of these baits are easily noticeable
  • The price of these baits are favourable


  • These baits fell a little cheap.

How to Choose the Best the Best Flipping Baits

a) Color

You must choose a flipping bait that matches the fishing environment. If a bait blends with the environment, it will be easier to catch fish. So, it would be best if you had different flipping baits for different seasons all year.

b) Weight

Baits are designed to go into the heaviest woods and come back unscathed. When picking flipping bait, go with a bait that is between 3/8 to 1 ounce.

c) Quantity per pack

When choosing flipping baits, you also need to consider the quantity per pack. Some packs come with as many as 25 baits and others as low as three. Get the package with the most number of baits.

d) Material

When choosing a flipping bait, you need to consider its material. Baits are mostly made of PVC material. The bait will determine the softness of the bait. Make sure you get a soft and smooth bait.

e) Price

The price of flipping bait should also be considered when choosing a flipping bait. Some manufacturers have their baits too expensive. Get the fairly priced baits.

When to Use Flipping Baits

You can use flipping baits all year round in your fishing adventures. For example, you can use the flipping baits to kicker fish or a bass fish.

Where to use Flipping Baits

Flipping baits are perfect for fishing in thick vegetation such as hyacinth and matted grass-like hydra. The flipping baits are also ideal for bass fishing and fishing for bigger fish.

Flipping baits vs. Punching baits vs. pitching baits

Flipping, punching, and pitching are closely related and often mistaken for one another. Flipping and pitching are short-range baits are for short-range casting that involves isolated targets. The difference between the two is in flipping since the angler does not engage the reel. Instead, the angler uses the rod to lift the bait out of the water and flip it to the next target. While pitching, the reel is engaged in bringing the bait to and from the boat. Punching baits, on the other hand, is like pitching. However, it involves using a heavyweight to puncture the surface of thick, matted vegetation with the bait to target the fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Best Weight for a Flipping Bait?

For a flipping bait to work perfectly, you need to consider its weight. The recommended weight ranges between 1/4oz up to 1 oz. From ¼ oz flipping bait, you can upgrade the flipping bait to meet the required speed and standard.

2. What is the best flipping bait for flipping and pitching?

People have different preferences. It is difficult to point out a flipping bait that will work for every angler. However, I prefer Missile flipping baits for their make, body, and functioning.

3. How do you Flip a bait successfully?

Take the rod in your dominant hand and let out about 15 feet of line to flip a bait. With the other hand, grasp the line the reel and first-line guide. Swing the rod towards the target, releasing the excess line with your other hand. This way, the lure lands softly, making a splash.

4. What are gears you need for Flipping and Pitching Baits

Flipping and pitching fishing technique is all about having the right equipment. In order to be successful you need a perfect rod, reels, lure and line.

Final Verdict

To have a successful flipping experience, you need to have the right bait. A good bait is determined by the material, body, and attraction to the fish. Imagine what happens if the bait does not attract fish, you will go out fishing and come back empty-handed. However, with the right bait, you can be assured of coming back with the largest bass.


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