Best Flipping and Pitching Reels (Top Models for 2024)

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When you are looking to catch fish like bass, you need to get ready for pitching and flipping. Most people believe that you need to be a pro to get this done. However, this is not usually the case; if you have the right equipment and the proper technique, you can go fishing even heavier fish.

Having a proper setup for pitching and flipping will get you started and help you learn a few lessons on how to catch fish. Unfortunately, we overlook the reel and the main components that increase the chances of enjoying your fishing adventure most of the time. This article will guide you into deciding on a good flipping and pitching reel.

Here is the comparison of top 5 reels for flipping and pitching. We researched a tons of products, and picked the following reels. While making the selection, we took a lot of factors into consideration including quality, performance, durability, customer experience, warranty, etc. So if you are in a hurry, you can choose your desire gear from the list:

Overall Choice
Abu Garcia Revo SX

Abu Garcia Revo SX

  • Manufacturer : ‎Pure Fishing
  • Suggested User : Unisex - Adult
  • Bearing Count : 9 , 10 , 11
  • Color : Black
  • Retrieve Rate : 27" | 69cm To 41" | 104cm
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Budget Choice
KastKing MegaJaws

KastKing MegaJaws

  • Manufacturer : ‎Kastking
  • Fishing Techniques : Baitcasting
  • Hand Orientation : Left / Right
  • Color : White , Predator Red
  • Handle Material : Aluminum
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Premium Choice
Daiwa Tatula Elite

Daiwa Tatula Elite

  • Manufacturer : Daiwa
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Left/ Right
  • MLF 2022 at Lake Okeechobee
  • Handle Material : Aluminum
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Runner Up Choice
Ardent Apex Flipping

Ardent Apex Flipping

  • Manufacturer : ‎‎Ardent Tackle
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Fishing Line Type : All Type
  • Warranty : 3 Years
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For Heavy Duty
Lew's SuperDuty 300

Lew's SuperDuty 300

  • Manufacturer : ‎Lew's
  • Fishing Techniques : Casting
  • Suggested User : Unisex-adult
  • Color : Multi
  • Recovery Per Turn : 31", 35"
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1. KastKing MegaJaws Baitcasting Reel – Best Flipping Reel under 100

Budget Choice
KastKing MegaJaws
9.9/10Our Score
  • Max Drag : 17.6 lbs
  • Gear Ratio : 5.4:1. 6.5:1, 7.2:1,9.1:1
  • Ball Bearing : 11+1 
  • Weight (oz): 7.6 oz to 6.5 oz 
  • Brake System : Magnetic/Centrifugal 

This pitching reel is not only an attractive reel but also a budget reel. Megajaw reels combo are available in four different gear ratios-5.4:1, 6.5:1, 7.2:1, and the super-fast 9.1:1.

The jaws are built with the strength required by sport fishing anglers. The shark tooth front hood and shark fin side covers enhance your safety and improve your confidence while in the water. This reel is made of rigid metal components that ensure its strength and durability.

These baitcasting reels feature Low Friction Tapered Vortex and a funnel-shaped line guide that reduces line friction and enhances longer casts. In addition, the frame is made to fit in your palm, ensuring you are comfortable all day while fishing and reduces fatigue perfectly.

Its color-coded system makes it easy for anglers to identify the gear ratio on the boat’s deck. You can quickly identify the right reel, and you will be at a better advantage while fishing. Its 11+1 double-shielded stainless steel bearings and gears provide maximum strength, durability, and precision while casting.

The baitcasting reel also has an ultra-smooth carbon fiber drag system that uses multiple carbon discs providing up to 17.6lbs of fish stopping power. To ensure you can easily fight even heavier species, these reels have eight magnets with ten adjustment settings that help control backlash and overruns. Additionally, the reels also have easily accessible lubrication and drainage ports that ensure superior performance.


  • The baitcasting reel comes with a color-coded system for each gear ratio making it easy to identify gear right reel for you .
  • The 12 ball bearings ensure smooth and efficient casting
  • The reel comes with a powerful drag of up to 17.6lbs
  • It offers superior performance at an affordable price


  • Sometimes the handle slips after a cast, but this is not much of an issue.

2. Ardent Apex Flipping Baitcasting Reel

Best Freshwater
Ardent Apex Elite
9.7/10Our Score
  • Hand Orientation: Left/ Right
  • Gear Ratio :6.5:1 or 7.3:1 
  • Bearing : 12+1 
  • Weight  : 5.9 Ounces
  • Max Drag (Lbs) : 11 lbs 

This reel was made for flipping and pitching techniques. It improves the flipping accuracy through its narrow arbor spool and fixed-line guide. It features a 7.3:1 gear ratio for righthanded anglers and a 6.5:1 gear ratio for left-handed anglers. The line capacity for both models is 40 pounds/75 yards that ensure close-range retrieves.

This flipping reel is designed with a 10+1 ball bearing system with a strike saver system and swept-back star drag that provides superior flipping performance. Additionally, it features comfortable Eva grip knobs and an ergonomic frame design that helps reduce arm, shoulder, and hand fatigue.


  • Ergonomic aluminum frame that ensures comfort
  • The reel is also lightweight, with 5.9 ounces
  • Line capacity of 75 yards


  • The magnetic cast control does not deliver maximum performance.
  • The reel is a little expensive                          

3. Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Fishing Reel – Best Overall

Best Overall
Abu Garcia Revo SX
9.9/10Our Score
  • Gear Ratio :6.6:1 or 7.3:1
  • Bearing : 10
  • Weight : 7.8 oz
  • Max Drag : 24 lb
  • Brake System : Magnetic/Centrifugal 

These Abu Garcia pitching reels can be rated as the best overall. Looking at the performance, durability, and strength. You can never go wrong by getting this reel. This pitching reel comes into gear ratios—the 6.6:1 and 7.3:1 gear ratios that ensure a wide range of fishing applications and faster retrieves.

This reel comes with a power stack carbon Matrix drag system that ensures a smooth and consistent pressure with a max drag of up to 24 pounds. Its thicker carbon washer also extends the drag durability and performance.

The dual braking system consists of a  centrifugal brake that controls the first half of the case and a magnetic brake that controls the second half. This braking system provides a wide range of adjustments to suit any style of bait.

It also features the Infini II spool design making it easy to handle extreme loads and improve castability. In addition, the 9+1 stainless steel ball bearings ensure smooth castability and retrieval.


  • The reel has a Dura Clutch design that reduces thumb bar resistance when casting.
  • It contains a powerful draw of up to 24 pounds
  • It has an amazing braking system


  • This reel is limited to righthand retrieves

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4. Daiwa Tatula Elite Pitching/ Flipping Baitcasting Reels

Premium Choice
Daiwa Tatula Elite
9.9/10Our Score
  • Gear Ratio :7.1:1 or 8.1:1
  • Bearing : 7+1 
  • Weight : 6.9 Oz 
  • Max Drag : 12.1 
  • Brake System : Magforce braking 

Daiwa Tatula baitcasting reel is designed to optimize pitching and flipping. It is built with the best technology to ensure its durability and superior strength. This reel has an improved Mag force braking and spool tension that alters the spool’s magnetic pressure, providing longer casts.

It features a T-Wing system Zero adjuster, 100mm swept handle, aluminum frame, and side plates, ensuring its strength and superior performance. These pitching reels are available in left-hand and right-hand models with the following gear ratios. 7.1:1 and 8.1:1.


  • The reel is adjustable to fit right and left-hand retrieves.
  • It has an impressive braking system
  • It ensures longer and more precise casts.


  • The reel is pricy, but the performance makes the spending worth it.

5. Lew’s Super Duty 300 Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

Heavy Duty
Lew's Super Duty 300 Speed Spool
9.8/10Our Score
  • Gear Ratio :6.5:1 or 7.2:1
  • Bearing : 6+1 
  • Weight (OZ)  : 9.2 
  • Brake System : MSB Braking System 
  • Hand Orientation: Left/ Right

The Lew’s reel is made for pitching and flipping. If you are wondering whether you should get this reel, be assured that it is worth it. It is perfect for big bait, heavy line, and big fish. The flipping reel features a seven-ball bearing system with stainless steel double shielded bearings and a zero reverse one-way clutch that ensures smooth and longer casts.

The Externally adjustable Multi-setting brake dual cast control system utilizes an external click-dial for setting the magnetic brake plus four disengaging disc-mounted internal brake shoes. It also features high-strength brass gearing, precision gears that ensures a longer life for the gears.

The reel also comes with a one-piece aluminum frame and handle side plate, making it highly durable even in harsh conditions.


  • The reel is perfect for freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • The reel casts very smoothly and silently
  • It is perfect for beginners and experienced anglers


  • The drag does not compare to its price

Best Flipping and Pitching Combo

When looking for the best flipping and pitching reel combos, you need to consider specific facts. One, you need to be aware of the gear ratio, braking system, and drag. Second, ensuring you have a perfectly performing flipping and pitching is essential. Finally, you are more likely to get a quality reel if you get it from well-known companies. The best flipping and pitching combos include Shimano SLX casting reel, Shimano Curado DC, and Daiwa Tatula.

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What Makes the Best Flipping/ Pitching Reel?

Gear Ratio- The right gear ratio increases the possibility of landing a big fish. A high gear ratio allows you to pick up the line faster and ensures you can catch fish more smoothly.

Flipping Switches-A good flipping reel is also determined by a flipping switch. The switch saves you from losing fish that takes the bait before you have the chance to turn the handle.

The performance also determines the performance-A good flipping reel. It would be best to determine whether the reel has the strength to fight different types of fish and their performance in saltwater and freshwater.

Comfort– Another important aspect in determining a good flipping reel is comfort. When you are out fishing, you need to ensure you get a quality and high-performing reel that will help reduce fatigue in your shoulders, arms, and hands.

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Flipping and Pitching Reel Set up

The best place to flip and pitch is where a traditional cast won’t allow. Although flipping and pitching are closely related, the difference is that you do not reel up when flipping. Here is a flip and pitch mechanism.

How to Pitch

1. Let enough line out so that the bait hangs where your wrist falls at your hip.

2. Hold the rod tip at 12 o’clock, and let the bait rest in your off-hand

3. Eye your target and free spool the reel, but keep your thumb on your spool

4. Bring your rod tip towards the target and release the bait solely

5. When the bait is falling, lift the rod tip back up and let the bait pendulum forward as you release your thumb.

6. When it hits the water, stop the spool with your thumb and engage the reel.

7. Finally, let the bait fall to the bottom and reel up, and do it again.

How to Flip

1. Start with a short pitch

2. Instead of reeling in when you want to flip again, grab the line between the reel and first guide and pull it out like drawing a bow. When you lift your rod tip, you will be in a better position to pull the bait from the water.

3. When it pendulums back towards the water, aim it towards your next target and follow the bait with the line in your hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best Gear Ratio for Flipping and Pitching?

For flipping and pitching, I would advise that you go for a high gear ratio. A high gear ratio helps you improve on your casting. A gear ratio of  8.1:1 and above is good since it is fast. Thi gear ratio will allow you to pick up the line quickly and break off when the fish gets you wrapped around in cover.

2. Can you Flip a Spinning Reel?

If you are an experienced angler, you can understand why there is specified equipment for all your fishing adventures. However, it is possible to flip with a spinning reel. To do this, ensure the tag lines length is ¾ of the rod, flip your bail while holding the line with your finger, and flip from right to left with a smooth vertical motion.

3. What is a flipping switch in a baitcaster?

A flipping switch is a setting on the reel that lets you engage the reel without reeling the handle. This is usually done when you release the thumb bar, and it varies among different reels. This mechanism saves you from losing fish that takes your bait before you have the chance to turn the handle.

Final Verdict

Finding a quality and perfectly working flipping and pitching reel can be challenging, especially due to the many manufacturers available today. If you are not an expert in these products, get a person who understands picking an excellent reel. The above review will also aid you when deciding to buy flipping reels.


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