The 5 Best Spinning Rods Under 50 (3rd One is The Most Durable)

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Fishing is fun, but it can be quite frustrating if you don’t have the right gear. To do it right, you need a high-quality fishing reel and a rod that can withstand the pressure from the fish. Most high-quality fishing rods are usually expensive, but that does not mean you can’t find a great spinning rod for less than fifty dollars. 

If you are a beginner and plans to enjoy fishing without spending a ‘fortune,’ this article is for you. I have prepared you a list of the best spinning rods under $50 that will make your fishing experience even more fun. But before that, let’s discuss some of the crucial factors you should consider while purchasing a spinning rod. Here is a summary of the products in this list, in case you are in a hurry.

Awesome Ultralight Rod
Ugly Stik Elite
Ugly Stik Elite
  • 35% Graphite Construction + Fiberglass
  • Clear Tip Design
  • Cork Handles
  • Stainless Steel Guides
Check Price on Amazon
Salmon/Steelhead Spinning Rods
Okuma Celilo Graphite
Okuma Celilo Graphite
  • Graphite Blank Construction
  • Stainless Steel Guides with Aluminum Oxide Inserts
  • Rear Cork Grips
Check Price on Amazon
Best for High Performance and Value
St. Croix Rods Premier
St. Croix Rods Premier
  • Premium SCII Graphite Construction
  • Premium-Grade Cork Handles 
  • Fuji Guides with Aluminum Oxide Inserts 
Check Price on Amazon
Portable Rod
Fiblink 4-Piece 7-Feet Carbon Fiber
Fiblink 4-Piece 7-Feet Carbon Fiber
  • Portable Design
  • Stainless Steel Guides 
  • High-Density EVA Handles
Check Price on Amazon
Freshwater Fishing Rod
Mounchain Spinning Rod 2-Piece
Mounchain Spinning Rod 2-Piece
  • Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Stainless Steel Guides
  • EVA Handles
Check Price on Amazon

Buyer’s Guide: Crucial Features to Consider While Purchasing a Spinning Rod under $50

Buying a spinning rod for below 50 dollars can be as easy as going to the fishing store and asking for one. That approach is easy, but it is not the right one. Here are the spinning rods feature you should always compare to buy a rod that will be worth the price.  


The words you will find describing the power in a spinning rod include light, medium, or heavy. Well, don’t let these terms confuse you. Power means the lifting power of the rod/ its strength. For example, a rod with heavy power means it is designed for heavier lures. This means such a rod can carry more weight, and it has what it takes to retrieve a larger fish without any obstacles.  

Ultralight rods, on the other hand, are designed for lighter lures and smaller fish like trout. Lightweight fishing rods are not as strong as heavy power rods and can break with ease if more force than they can withstand is applied. 

That said, you should keep in mind the type of fish you plan to catch. If you want to catch larger fish like catfish, you should go for fishing gear with heavy power. If you plan to catch smaller ones, choose a fishing rod with ‘light’ power. 


While discussing the rod’s action, you will find terms like slow, fast, and moderate. Sometimes these adjectives are blended into other words such as moderate-fast to describe a rod with an action between fast and moderate, for example. 

Typically, action describes how much the rod tip bends when force is applied. 

  • A rod with fast action bends near the rod tip.
  • A moderate action rod bends near the middle of the rod.
  • A slow action rod bends closer to the fishing reels.

That said, a fast action rod is quite sensitive. For that reason, fishing rods with fast actions are recommended for smaller fish since you can detect even when the smallest fish takes the bait. 


I don’t think I need to explain what the length of a fishing rod is. However, I need to mention that the length of a fishing rod plays a crucial role in determining your casts’ distance and accuracy.

Typically, longer rods will cast over a longer distance than a short rod. On the other hand, a short rod is more accurate and the best-informed choice if you plan to fish in a place full of vegetation. If you are casting in an open area, go for a longer fishing rod. 

Composition/ Material 

There are three major compositions of spinning rods; fiberglass, graphite, and composite materials. Fiberglass is a tough material and handles fishing obstacles such as rocks better. However, it is not as sensitive as graphite. Also, fiberglass is a little heavier, and you will feel a bit tired if you spend the whole day fishing with a fiberglass rod. 

Graphite, on the other hand, is lightweight and sensitive. However, you will need to be a bit careful with fishing in hard-to-fish locations such as rocky areas.

Composite fishing rods are becoming more popular in recent years, and it is for good reasons. The material blends different materials together to provide a lightweight, sensitive, and strong fishing rod. A composite fishing rod may be made of a blend between fiberglass and graphite, carbon blanks, and more.


It is crucial to examine how a fishing rod is constructed to determine if it will be easy to use. Also, a rod’s construction can tell you if it will be comfortable and durable.

One thing to look at is the reel seat. Ensure that it is made of metal or at least reinforced with it. A pure plastic reel seat may not be durable enough. Other features on the construction to pay attention to include:

  • Make sure the handles feel comfortable and provide a firm grip. Cork handles EVA foam, and split grips are highly recommended.
  • Ensure the line guides have smooth inserts such that they will not wear down your fishing line. Excellent inserts include silicon carbide, ceramic, and aluminum oxide. Stainless steel guides are considered excellent. 
  • Consider purchasing a fishing rod with a hook keeper. 

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Best Spinning Rods for the Money 

There are many spinning rods in the market, but not all are worth your money or time. If you have been looking for a worthy budget spinning rod option, you are in the right place. Here are the top-quality spinning rods for this price that will not disappoint you.

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod- Top Pick 

Ugly Stik is one of the most popular fishing product brands. Thousands of people trust this brand to provide quality products, and they never disappoint. This time, they impress with the elite spinning rod, the best you will find for the price. 

The rod is lightweight yet strong enough to catch a fish weighing up to 28 pounds. It is a beautiful rod, and it can make an excellent gift. This Ugly Stik fishing rod comes with a warranty, meaning you will get a replacement if it develops a manufacturer’s problem within the warranted period.


The Ugly Stik spinning rod comes with some incredible features, which include:

35% Graphite Construction + Fiberglass 

For a comfortable, lightweight, and sensitive feel, the Ugly Stik spinning rod comprises 35% graphite. The graphite is then blended with the tough fiberglass. This means it is sensitive enough to respond to the smallest bites yet strong enough to handle larger fish.

Clear Tip Design 

The Ugly Stik spinning rod tip is designed in such a way that it can notice the slightest bait bites. The design quality also makes the tip stronger, meaning it can last longer than most. 

Cork Handles 

For a comfortable and firm grip, the fishing rod comes with exceptional Cork Handles. 

Stainless Steel Guides 

Like many high-quality fishing rods, the Ugly Stik Elite spinning rods come with stainless steel guides. The inserts are smooth enough and can be used with all types of fishing lines. 


  • Weight: 0.18 kg 
  • Material: Graphite, Fiberglass 
  • Suggested Users: Men 
  • Power: Medium 
  • Brand: Ugly Stik 


Ugly Stik is known for its great fishing rods, so it is no surprise that my top pick for the best affordable spinning rods is from them. The rod has received a lot of love from users, most of them citing its sensitivity and being lightweight as the source of their love. 

However, there have been a few complaints, especially with the packaging. Some users received a broken rod. Fortunately, you can return the rod and have it replaced if that’s the case. All in all, it is a spinning rod I recommend to all beginners. 

OKUMA Celilo Graphite Spinning Rod 

OKUMA Celilo is a versatile spinning rod that you can use both in saltwater and freshwater. The rod is ultralight and sensitive, making it a perfect rod for trout fishing. The good thing about it is you don’t need to use a lot of money to buy one, plus you can practically use it anywhere. The fishing rod comes with fast action, making it an excellent choice for lighter lures.


Here are the features that come with this affordable price spinning rod:

Graphite Blank Construction 

The rod is made of graphite, one of the finest materials for fishing rods. This makes it lightweight yet strong enough to land larger fish. 

Stainless Steel Guides with Aluminum Oxide Inserts 

Stainless steel line guides are highly recommended and considered the most durable since they are corrosion resistant. It is also essential to consider the guide inserts since that’s where the line passes through while casting. If the inserts create a lot of friction, they will wear down the line. Aluminum oxide is one of the smoothest materials inserts and will not wear down your fishing line.  

Rear Cork Grips 

The spinning rod comes with comfortable handles and provides you with a tight grip, giving you the upper hand when battling a fish. 


  • Weight: 0.16 kg
  • Brand name: OKUMA 
  • Suggested users: Adults, both male and female 
  • Power: Medium 
  • Lightweight spinning rod


If you are a person who loves fishing and don’t want to break the bank to buy a fishing rod, this rod is for you. It is lightweight, sensitive, and comfortable. However, it is indicated that it is for salmon fishing, but some users complain of snaps while trying to land larger fish. For that reason, please use it for smaller fish. experienced I recommend it to all anglers planning to catch some trout.  

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St. Croix Premier Graphite Spinning Rod 

St. Croix is one of the major fishing rods providers in the US, and they have provided with some of the finest fishing rods. The St. Croix premier graphite spinning rod does not disappoint. It is lightweight, and the rod grips are excellent. It is also strong and comes with a 5-year warranty. St. Croix Premier Graphite Spinning Rod is made in the US. 


To help you make a better decision about the fishing rod, here are the features that come with it:

Premium SCII Graphite Construction 

Premium SCII graphite construction is for amateur anglers who appreciate exceptional and excellent performance without needing to spend a fortune. The material is a blend of graphite and fiberglass, and it offers a higher strain than your standard fiberglass. It is also lightweight and sensitive, like graphite. 

Premium-Grade Cork Handles 

For a comfortable and strong grip, the St. Croix spinning rod comes with Cork Handles. This type of handle is one of the best you will find. 

Fuji Guides with Aluminum Oxide Inserts 

The fishing rod will not wear down your expensive fishing line. With Fuji guides and aluminum oxide inserts, you can be sure of that. 


  • Weight: 1.54 kg (package weight), 1.5 pounds (item weight)
  • Brand name: St. Croix 
  • Material: Blend 
  • Power: Medium 
  • Suggested Users: Unisex, adults 


If you know you are the most careful person, purchasing an expensive fishing rod may not be a wise decision. You might carry it wrongly in the car, and end up losing a lot of money. That’s why quality rods for a lower price like St. Croix premier graphite rod exist. 

The rod comes with a 5-year warranty, and it will serve you well. However, you should note that it is not meant for larger fish. Use it mostly for smaller ones like panfish and trout. 

Fiblink Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod 

Fiblink carbon fiber fishing rod is a fairly new product, but it has received a lot of love from its users. Fiblink is a modern spinning rod, and it balances fish-fighting ability and lures presentation perfectly. It is lightweight, and it comes with a one-year after-sales service. 

It comes with a rod case, and its 4-piece design makes it exceptionally easy to pack and carry. The line guides are excellent and not forgetting the comfortable handles that come with it.


Fiblink carbon fiber fishing rod has all you can ask for from a spinning rod costing less than fifty dollars. Here are some of its incredible features. 

Portable Design Features

The Four-piece design makes it easy to pack and carry with on a trip or vacation. 

Stainless Steel Guides 

This Fiblink spinning gear comes with stainless steel guides, excellent material, or line guides. The inserts are made of ceramic, meaning they are smooth and will not create friction that can lead to the wearing down of the fishing line.

High-Density EVA Handles

The fishing rod comes with durable and comfortable EVA grips. The grips are also lightweight and provide a strong and comfortable grip when battling a fish. The grips are excellent in all conditions. 


  • Weight: 0.45 kg 
  • Length: 7 Feet 
  • Brand name: Fiblink 
  • Line weight: 8-14 pounds 
  • Power: Medium 


The Fiblink spinning rod has received warm reviews from users, some saying it feels and looks like a more expensive rod. The rod is light enough for trout fishing but strong enough for salmon fishing. It feels high-quality, and you won’t be disappointed if you give it a try.

The only complaint I met is about its hook keeper. Some users were not impressed with it. Still, it is a spinning rod that I recommend to all anglers. 

Mounchain2-Piece Spinning Rod 

This fishing rod has been in the market for more than two years now, and it has received a lot of love from users. The fishing rod is cheap, and it will provide you with the value of your money. It is fair to say it is the quality strength rod you can find for the price. Here are some of its features to help you in your decision making:


The Mounchain 2-piece rod comes with the following features:

Carbon Fiber Construction 

The spinning rod is made of IM7 carbon blanks, maximizing its strength and sensitivity. 

Stainless Steel Guides 

It comes with corrosion-resistant line guides, and their inserts do not pop out while casting. They are also quite smooth, so you don’t need to worry about friction. 

EVA Handles 

EVA handles are usually comfortable, and they provide strong grips. They are also lightweight, reducing fatigue while fishing.


  • Weight: 0.14 kg
  • Material: Carbon Fiber 
  • Action: Moderate  
  • Brand name: Mounchain
  • Power: Medium 


For the price it comes at, the Mounchain fishing rod has everything you can expect from it. It is lightweight, comfortable, and quite versatile. You can use it in rivers, lakes, ponds, and all freshwater spaces. It is easy to pack and carry since it comes with a 2-piece design. I highly recommend it to all anglers. 

Wrapping Up 

Choosing a fishing rod may seem like an easy task, but it is not. There are hundreds of fishing brands, and making a choice can be overwhelming. If you have to make a choice yourself, make sure to consider the following features before settling on one:

  • Construction/ material of the spinning rod 
  • Length 
  • Power 
  • Action 
  • Rod’s components, such as reel seats, handles, and line guides

If you are not sure where to begin and want to purchase a spinning rod at an affordable price, consider purchasing any of the following: 

  • Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod- My top pick 
  • OKUMA Celilo Graphite Spinning Rod 
  • St. Croix Premier Graphite Spinning Rod 
  • Fiblink Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod 
  • Mounchain2-Piece Spinning Rod 

Additionally, if you are thinking for offshore spinning rod, you may check our content on the Best Deep Sea Spinning Rods in the market

Thank you for reading this guide. Hopefully, you will find the spinning rod you have been looking for, or better.


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