The 4 Best Rods for Sturgeon Fishing (Top Picks for 2024)

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Do you want to try sturgeon fishing, but don’t know what rods to use? Stay with us, and check out our top 4 sturgeon fishing rods.

Sturgeon is among the largest freshwaters species, and on top of that, they don’t give up easily. This means you’re in for a lot of fun, but if you use proper equipment. Your rod should be able to withstand a lot of stress, so going lightweight won’t be enough. Keep reading to see our list and guide on how to choose the best sturgeon rod.

Top 4 Sturgeon Fishing Rods for the money

Okuma record Chaser Spinning Rod

Okuma record Chaser Spinning Rod

  • Manufacturer : ‎Okuma Fishing Tackle Corp.
  • Fishing Techniques : Spinning
  • Suggested User : Unisex-Adult
  • Warranty : One Year
  • Country of Origin : Taiwan, Province Of China
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Best Overall
2.  Ugly Stik Tiger Casting Rod - best overall

2.  Ugly Stik Tiger Casting Rod - best overall

  • Manufacturer : Pure Fishing
  • Fishing Technique : Casting
  • Warranty : Seven Year
  • Color : Black/Tan
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Shimano Technium Casting Freshwater Fishing Rods

Shimano Technium Casting Freshwater Fishing Rods

  • Manufacturer : SHIMANO
  • Fishing Technique : ‎Casting, Spinning
  • Suggested User : Unisex
  • First Available : August 14, 2020
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Okuma Battle Cat Casting rod

Okuma Battle Cat Casting rod

  • Manufacturer : Okuma Fishing Tackle Corp.
  • Fishing Technique : Casting
  • Suggested User : Unisex-Adult
  • Country of Origin : China
  • Warranty : Limited Lifetime
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1. Okuma record Chaser Spinning Rod

Okuma record Chaser Spinning Rod
9.7/10Our Score
  • Power : Medium Heavy
  • Length : 7’ 6”
  • Weight : 12.4oz
  • Guides : 7+Tip
  • Line Weight : 12 - 30 lbs

Okuma’s record Chaser is designed in collaboration with world record holder Kirk Kirkland, in the effort to make the best championship rod for battling large catfish, gar, and sturgeon. They range in lengths from 7’6’’ to 9 feet. Its 24-ton carbon rod blank and Ultime Flex carbon-reinforced tip will give you everything you need for trophy sturgeon fishing. Stainless steel guides paired with titanium oxide inserts provide additional durability, without sacrificing the smooth movement of your braided line. Camo tapered EVA foam handles are incorporated to minimize hand stress and fatigue during long battles with big sturgeon.


  • Comfortable to hold
  • Strong backbone
  • Affordable
  • Long casting distance


  • It could use a guide on the bottom part of the rod

2.  Ugly Stik Tiger Casting Rod – best overall

Best Overall
Ugly Stik Tiger Casting Rod
9.8/10Our Score
  • Power : Medium Heavy
  • Length : 7’
  • Weight : 15.7oz
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Line Rating : 30-60lb

The tiger is Ugly Stik’s versatile, heavy-duty, rod that comes in three different sizes – 6’6”, 7” and 8 feet. These rods are great for both saltwater and freshwater use, so if you’re a big game fisherman, you won’t need extra rods for the sea monsters such as tuna. One-piece stainless steel guides are tough and corrosion-resistant, utilizing UglyTuff technology. The rod blank is made out of graphite and fiberglass composite material, providing a good backbone when fighting a big sturgeon. Elongated and comfortable EVA grips will prevent the rod from sli


  • Durable and strong for big sturgeon
  • Comfortable EVA handles
  • 7-year warranty
  • Affordable price

3. Shimano Technium Casting Freshwater Fishing Rods

Shimano Technium Casting Freshwater Fishing Rods
9.6/10Our Score
  • Power : Medium
  • Action : Moderate Fast
  • Length : 10’ 6”
  • Material : Glass
  • Guides : Fuji O

Technium Casting is a rod line specifically designed for the West Coast’s particular requirements, such as sturgeon fishing.

Glass core in combination with graphite wrapping provides the best power to weight ratio. It comes as a two-piece rod, in three different lengths  8’, 10’6’’, and 11’6”. Fuji graphite reel seat and Fuji O guides are purposely designed to handle the stress of sturgeon fishing. Compressed cork handles are easier to maintain, strong, and convenient for long fishing sessions.


  • Very strong, easily handles trophy size sturgeons
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Lightweight for its size


  • The price reflects its features, it’s on the more expensive end

4. Okuma Battle Cat Casting rod

Okuma Battle Cat Casting rod
9.5/10Our Score
  • Power : Heavy
  • Length : 8’ 
  • Weight : 17.4oz
  • Material : Blend
  • Guides : 9+Tip

Okuma’s Battle Cat is a rugged casting rod made to withstand hand-to-hand combat with trophy size catfish. Since catfish are even tougher opponents than sturgeon, the Battle Cat will serve you well for a long time. Its rod blank is made out of E-glass, a new strong fiberglass version that’s even lighter than before. It’s a two-piece rod that comes in two sizes – 7’6’’ and 8 feet in length. EVA foregrips provide are designed to give maximum comfort and additional leverage during the fight. Double foot welded stainless steel guides even further improve the durability of this rod. The indicator tip is covered in a fluorescent wrap, so spotting it at night won’t be an issue. Every inch of this rod is designed to handle large and strong fish, making it the best premium rod choice for sturgeon.


  • Very durable and strong rod
  • The heavy backbone for large fish
  • Visible tip for night fishing
  • Great action for circle hooks


  • Not the greatest action for J-hooks

How to choose perfect rods for Sturgeon fishing

When choosing the best sturgeon rod, you’ll need to look into a couple of rod features and characteristics, in order to make an optimal choice for you.


When battling sturgeon, the rod length needs to provide an optimal combination of sensitivity, casting distance, and strength. Longer rods make fighting with larger fish easier. When choosing a sturgeon rod we’d recommend going for at least an 8’ long one. For trophy-size sturgeons, you may go even longer. That way you’ll be more comfortable while fighting your trophy sturgeons.


If you want to have only one rod and use it for all sturgeon sizes your best bet would be a moderate-fast action rod. These give the greatest balance between being able to catch smaller ones and battle large sturgeons.


When considering going for an E-glass, S-glass, graphite, or composite rod you need to decide based on the size of the sturgeon you’re after. For smaller, 5-10lbs sturgeon the best option would be graphite rod, due to its sensitivity. For larger ones (over 20lbs) go for fiberglass or composite material, because of the improved strength and backbone.


The ideal power for a sturgeon rod also depends on your planned use. If you target only smaller ones you could go for a light rod. Generally, the best choice would be a medium or medium-heavy rod. The reason is they cover a variety of sturgeon sizes.

Rod handle

As far as rod handle material is considered, for sturgeon fishing you should probably go for cork composite or EVA foam handles. They offer better durability and are easier to maintain.

Another aspect is rod handle length. You should look for longer handles because they give greater leverage.


This is also a very important thing you’ll need to consider when purchasing your new sturgeon rod. If you’re a beginner or looking for a budget-friendly rod alternative, we have good news for you. With 50 to 70 bucks, you can get yourself a pretty good sturgeon rod. Ugly Stik’s Tiger comes from this price range and offers all the features you need to catch your first big sturgeon.

Other Important pieces of gear for your sturgeon rod

After choosing the best sturgeon rod, you’ll need an appropriate reel, line, and tackle.


When choosing a reel, match its size and type to your rod’s. For a long and heavy rod, you’ll need a bigger reel. We recommend casting reels for sturgeon fishing.


Since sturgeons are really feisty, we recommend always using the braided mainline, ranging from 60# to 90#. For the leader use a 90# nylon line or 130# braided line.


Circle and octopus-type hooks have proved to work the best for sturgeon fishing. For circles choose the size from 5# to 8# depending on the size of the fish you’re after. For octopus hooks pick a size from 7# to 12#.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Rod Do You Need For Sturgeon Fishing?

You’ll generally need a long, fiberglass, or composite rod with medium-fast action and medium-heavy to heavy power. For smaller sturgeons, you can go for a shorter and less powerful rod.

 What Types Of Sturgeon Rods Are Best For Bank Fishing?

When fishing for sturgeon from a bank, you’ll need a strong and long rod for casting heavier weight. Casting rods and surfing rods are the best ones for bank fishing since they prove you with enough power and leverage.

Why Are Casting Rods Good For Sturgeon Fishing?

When choosing a longer and heavier rod, baitcasting rods are offered by way more retailers, and in many more configurations, compared to spinning rods. They also facilitate the use of bigger and tougher spinning reels, which are crucial for large sturgeon fishing.

 Can You Use A Spinning Rod For Sturgeon?

Yes, you can. Especially if you are a beginner, and already own a spinning rod, it can serve you well for fishing some smaller or even medium-size sturgeons. Heavy-duty spinning rods can even be used for catching large sturgeons. But if you do target trophy size sturgeons, your safest bet would be a casting rod and reel.

Final Verdict

Finding the best sturgeon rod for you is going to be a breeze after reading this article. We’ve listed the best and most affordable options, to minimize the time you would wend on research and use it for fishing instead. Even if you don’t go for some of the rods on the list, you’ll still know what to look for, in your best sturgeon rods. If you have additional questions about sturgeon gear, catfishing, or fishing in general, be sure to check some of our many articles on these topics.


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