Can you Use a Baitcaster for Trout Fishing? (Here is the Answer)

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When setting out for trout fishing, most anglers will go for a spinning reel. First of all, it’s lighter, easier to use and it’s ideal for beginners. Trout are generally small species mostly found in freshwater. However, if you do not own a spinning reel there is no need to worry. 

Although, there is a lot of confusion on whether a baitcast reel can be used for trout.  I believe with the right technique and experience, trout fishing with a baitcasting reel is very possible. However, you need to be careful about the choice of your desired reel.

Are Baitcasting Reels Good for Trout Fishing?

Baitcasters are not always the first choice for trout fishing. But, with the right equipment, you can comfortably go trout fishing. Baitcasters are ideal when casting from the shore or trolling since they are a bit harder to use and with them, you will achieve better hooksets. However, you need to be willing to learn since they are not as easy to use as spinning gears. Baitcasters are harder to use especially for beginners.

What Size Baitcaster for Trout Fishing?

Choosing the right fishing gear size will save you much frustration. When trout fishing with a baitcaster especially, you need to be extra careful about its size. Most manufacturers have their baitcasting reels sizes rated between 50 to 400. There is no specific sizing rule hence great variations. Hence, sometimes you have to use the line capacity rating to choose the ideal baitcasting reel. Having mentioned all this, you will have an easy time getting the right size baitcasting reel. Trout fishing is in the ultralight fishing technique. Therefore, a size 50 baitcasting reel will get the work done.

How to Fish for Trout with a Baitcaster?

Every fishing technique comes with its requirements and tactics. When fishing for trout with a baitcaster you need to ensure you have the smallest and lightest gear possible since this is an ultralight application. A big baitcasting reel will only leave you frustrated. The low profile baitcasting reels are an ideal choice and they are easier to use compared to the older baitcasting reels versions.

  • After you have the right size baitcasting reel you need to pick the right rod and line. A seven to eight feet rod weighing 10 ounces and below plus a 4-pound test line will get the work done.
  • Having picked the right gear, ensure that the dead setting on your baitcaster is properly set.
  • After this, hold your thumb bar horizontally, depressing the thumb bar so that the lure falls slowly.
  • Prepare to cast by bringing the rod back over your shoulders.
  • Press the thumb bar maintaining pressure on the line spool with your thumb.
  • After this aim for your trot.
  • Finally, make sure you maintain pressure on the spool with your thumb to prevent backlash.

Baitcasting vs Spinning Reel for Trout Fishing?

Over the years, spinning reels and baitcasting reels have proven to be ideal gears for trout fishing. Therefore, the choice between getting a spinning reel or baitcasting reel lies with the anglers. Let’s see the difference between the two.

A spinning reel is undoubtedly the best choice for trout fishing. Trout are freshwater species and they are quite small. With a spinning reel, it will be easier to cast lighter lures, using the reel is easy and they are beginner-friendly. However spinning reels are prone to line twists.

Baitcasting reels, on the other hand, are gaining popularity slowly. Anglers prefer them for techniques like trolling. They are easy to feed line, they have a better drag and have zero twists. However, unlike spinning reels, they are harder to use and are not beginner-friendly.

What is the Best Reel for Trout?

Most Popular
9.9/10Our Score

Brand: Shimano
Material: Carbon
Hand Orientation: Right Hand
Handle Material: Cork
Bearing Material: Stainless Steel

In the past, it was easier to choose good fishing gear since there were only a few manufacturers. The number of manufacturers has increased greatly making it hard to differentiate between well-made and poorly made reels. A good baitcaster will achieve longer casts and increased accuracy. Pay keen attention to the braking system bearing system and bearing count to ensure smoothness. These factors will help achieve longer and precise casts even with light lures. That’s why we recommend the Shimano Curado baitcasting reel or the Daiwa Tatula SV TW Fishing reel.

What reels are the best for Trout?

As we have seen earlier, trout don’t grow much in size. Therefore, you do not need the biggest or most powerful reels. Spinning reels are the ideal reels for trout since they excel in light and ultra-light applications. They are easy to use and handle. Additionally, they are lighter and ideal for entry-level anglers. Baitcasting reels can also be used for trout due to their accuracy and longer casts. However, with baitcasting reels, you need to go with the smallest to match the application.

Final Impression

Baitcasters are not always the ideal companion for trout fishing. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when choosing them. Make sure you have the smallest and lightest baitcasting reel. A big baitcasting reel will not cast the recommended light lures.

With the improved technology, you will not have a hard time choosing a small reel since there are multiple low-profile baitcasters from different manufacturers. Having the right baitcasting reel you will be boasting your catch in no time.


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