Can you Use a Baitcaster for Catfish? (Here is the Answer)

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New anglers often waste a lot of money and time choosing the right fishing reel for Catfish. When choosing a fishing reel for Catfish, you need to clearly understand the catfish species you are targeting and the size you are targeting.

With baitcasting reels, you can be sure of success when catfishing. This does not mean that you cannot use other reels for this technique, but you are always assured that you will have easy fishing. Baitcasting reels are preferred due to their strength and ability to handle catfish species.

Are Baitcasters good for Catfish?

Baitcasting reels are undoubtedly the best fishing reels for Catfish. These reels are ideal for all sizes and species of catfish. They are best suited for landing bigger fish and applying the different techniques. These reels have a good line capacity and can hold more line. Their gear ratios are also suited for Catfish and pulling long lengths of fishing line.

Additionally, they are heavily built and have sophisticated and powerful drag systems. Most of these baitcasters also have bait clickers that allow the spool to operate in a free spool and alert you when the fish takes the bait.

Can We Use Low Profile Baitcaster for Catfish?   

For sure, baitcasters are the best and most widely used reels for Catfish. Some anglers, though, wonder whether you can use low profile baitcasters for Catfish. Well, the most preferred baitcaster for Catfish is the round baitcaster, but you can still use a low profile baitcaster. However, you need to know how to adjust the drag and target smaller Catfish.

Generally, low profile baitcasters are smaller and lighter, and even for Catfish, they have some advantages that round baitcasting reels don’t example:

  • They are easier to handle
  • They are less tiring
  • Controlling them is easier, even for long hours

Can we Use Bass Baitcaster for Catfish

Bass fishermen are more accustomed to using baitcasters since they have more torque, are accurate, and handle heavy lines better. These are the same qualities recommended for Catfish and holding more line.

So, if you are a bass angler, you do not have to get a new baitcasting reel for catfishing. Most bass baitcasting reels can be used for Catfish, but you need to be specific on the gear ratio, line capacity, drag system and line alarms.

What size Baitcaster for Catfishing

As we have seen earlier, catfish require heavy line and more torque. For this reason, round baitcasters are the most preferred. They are bigger and have greater torque than their low profile baitcasters. Mostly the 6000 series fishing reels have great line capacities and the strength required for Catfish.

They can be used for the different species of catfish and sizes from small to large catfish. Some anglers will go for the 7000 series baitcasting reels to handle trophy catfish, but this is unnecessary because the 600 series baitcasting reels will get the work done.

Spinning vs Baitcasting Reel Reel for Catfish

The choice between spinning reels and baitcasting reels has always been debated. The two reels can be used for Catfish, and they come with their advantages and disadvantages.

Spinning reel

Spinning reels are the most popular and widely used fishing reels for different applications. They are easier to handle and to use. Actually, they are the most preferred reels for beginners. For Catfish, you need the heavy saltwater spinning reels since they can handle heavier lines and have powerful drag systems.

Advantages of spinning reels

  • They are easy to use
  • They are lighter
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Only a few have bait clickers
  • There is a limited variety for Catfish

Baitcasting Reels

Baitcasting reels are the most preferred reels by catfish anglers. They stand out due to their great torque, heavy line capacity and superior construction. They are not always the go-to reels for anglers, but pro anglers looking for an unmatched experience baitcasters are the ideal accompaniment.

Advantages of baitcasters

  • Large line capacities
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Line alarms
  • Powerful drag systems
  • Gear Ratios suited for Catfish


  • They are more complicated compared to spinning reels
  • They are a bit pricy

What are the best Selling Baitcasting Reels for Catfish

Most Popular
KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel
9.8/10Our Score
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Weight : 7.2 oz
  • Max Drag : 17.64LB
  • Gear Ratio : 5.4:1-7.2:1
  • Brake System : Magnetic Brake

Choosing the right baitcasting reel for catfishing will save you a lot of time and money. However, you need to consider their construction, line capacity, the gear ratio and drag system. When making your purchase, make sure the quality top notch. Nothing can be more frustrating in water than a poorly made reel, especially for large game fishing.

With the many manufacturers today and the different technological advancement, you can always find a good baitcasting reel for Catfish. Here are some of the best baitcasting reels for Catfish. They will last longer and make your fishing experience better and easier. Most popular catfish reels include Piscifun Chaos XS Round Baitcasting Reel and Kastking Rover Round Baitcasting Reel.

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Final Impression

Baitcasting reels have remained anglers’ favourite reels, especially for large game fishing. They are built to offer superior performance, great line capacities, and powerful drag. Whether you are new to catfish angling or a veteran, you understand that not every reel can be used. That’s why we recommend baitcasting reels. If you are careful with choosing a baitcasting reel, you can be assured of durability and superior performance.

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