Fenwick HMG vs HMX : Which one is Better ?

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Fenwick rods are some of the best rods you will find today. With the increased number of manufacturers and brands, coming across a poorly made rod is not a shock. However, with Fenwick products, you can be assured of quality, durability, strength and balance. Fenwick HMG and HMX series are some of the best-rated Fenwick rods, and they stand out mainly for their incredible performance, especially in freshwaters. The two are closely related but have some slight differences. The article below covers the two rods in detail, so you have an easy time choosing which of them works best for you.

Fenwick HMG vs HMX : Head to Head Comparison Table

Fenwick HMG
Fenwick HMX
Medium-light to extra heavy
Ultralight to medium heavy
AAA Cork grade handle
TAC/ Cork handle
30 Ton Graphite blanks
7’ to 8’
5’ to 7’6”
Reel Seat
Reel Seat
Sea guide graphite
Fuji reel seats
Guides Type
Guides Type
Fuji Alconite
Stainless steel with Zicronium inserts
Lifetime warranty
5 year warranty

More About Fenwick HMG

Fenwick HMG rods are built primarily for inshore anglers, and they have the power and strength needed to fight inshore species. They feature 30-Ton graphite blanks that are carbon bound and spiralled with carbon threads for increased accuracy and strength.

Other additional features include Fuji guides, reel seat and AAA cork full grip handle.

The Fuji guides come with stainless steel frames with alconite inserts, and the reel seats have a positive lock design that secures the reels. The AAA cork full grip handle on the other hand, ensures all-day comfort while maintaining a firm grip.

Size and Model Options

The Fenwick HMG rods series comes in different models including, HMGIN70ML-FS, HMGINSG70ML-FS, HMGIN70M-FS, HMGINSG70M-FS, HMGIN70M-FS-2, HMGIN70MH-FS and HMGIN76MH-FS. These rods also vary in size, with the smallest being 7′ and the largest 8′, so they offer different action and power. Follow the link for more models and sizes.


  • Comfortable AAA full grip handle
  • Ergonomic reel seat design
  • Lightweight stainless steel guides
  • Increased sensitivity
  • High durability and excellent quality
  • Offer varying action and power


  • The medium-light rod feels a little flimsy
  • Some people complain of poor packaging and delivery

More About Fenwick HMX

Fenwick HMX rods series are among the best-rated rods given their incredible power, sensitivity and balance.  These rods feature a smooth intermediate modulus carbon fibre blank and Fuji reel skeleton and reel seats.

They come with stainless sloped guides with Zirconium inserts. Additionally, these rods have premium cork and TAC grips in a split and full handle model.

They are powered with a 5-year limited warranty to ensure customer satisfaction, so you do not have to worry about damages and defects.

Size and Model Options

The HMX series comes in different models including, HMX50UL-MFS, HMX56UL-MFS-2HMX60L-MFS-2, HMX60ML-MFS, HMX60M-FS and HMX66L-MS-2. The sizes are also different, with the lengths ranging between 5′ to 7′. Therefore, they offer ultralight to heavy power.


  • Five-year warranty
  • Lightweight and highly sensitive
  • Offers different power and action
  • Comfortable AAA cork full grip handle
  • High modulus blank
  • Incredible balance


  • These rods are not as durable as other Fenwick rods
  • Poor packaging

Fenwick HMG vs HMX : What’s The Difference

Despite these two rods being from the same brand, they differ slightly. That’s the reason why some people will prefer one over the other. These two rods differ in terms of,


Fenwick HMX series rods come with power from ultra-light to heavy power. On the other hand,  The HMG series power range from ultra-light to medium power.


Based on the power each rod has to offer, we can tell that the Fenwick HMX rod performs better with heavy lines and lures. The performance of HMG series rods with heavy lines and lures may be compromised as they offer ultra-light to medium power.


These two rods differ in length as the HMG series starts from 7 feet while the HMX series starts from 5 feet.

Blank Construction

These two rods differ in terms of the blank construction. The blank of the HMG series is graphite with a carbon spiral wrapping for maximum durability. The HMX series, on the other hand, has the standard graphite blank.


The Fenwick HMG series comes with a lifetime warranty, while the Fenwick HMX series only has a five-year warranty.

Final Impression

Every angler looks to find the best fishing equipment. When it comes to rods, you need to get a comfortable rod and one that will enable you to catch different species. Fenwick HMG and HMX rods are some of the best rods you will find at a reasonable price. However, between the two, I would go for the Fenwick HMX series due to its performance. It offers ultra-light to heavy action making it perfect for use with heavier lures and lines. It also has a wider range of length as its length starts from 5 feet to 7 feet. This does not mean that the HMG rod is any bad, as it comes with a graphite construction with carbon spiral wrapping for maximum durability and a lifetime warranty.


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