Garmin Striker 4 vs 4cv : Which is Better

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Getting a good fish finder can be challenging. You need to consider their quality, display size, Sonar capabilities, and size, among other factors. Garmin fish finders are among the best devices you will find in the market today. Their quality and specs are unmatched. Garmin Striker 4 and Striker 4cv fish finders are some of the best Garmin fish finders, and we will be comparing the two today. Despite being very similar in their performance, make, and other features, the two are different in their way. So, if you are in a dilemma and wonder which device is better, keep reading and identify their differences.

Garmin Striker 4 vs. 4cv : Head to Head Comparison Table

Here is the side by side comparison of Garmin Striker 4 and 4 cv. The comparison will guide you to choose the right one.

Striker 4
Garmin Striker 4 Fish Finders
Striker 4cv
Garmin Striker 4cv Fish Finders
Dual Beam, CHIRP
Dual Beam, CHIRP ClearVaju
Power Output
Power Output
200 watt
Max Depth
Max Depth
1600 feet fresh water, 750 feet saltwater
1750 feet freshwater830 feet saltwater
Gps Features
Gps Features
GPS speed, GPS spot tagging, and internal GPS
GPS speed, GPS spot tagging, Internal GPS
Built-in speedometer, Water Temperature, AutoGain technology, split-screen zoom, and adjustable depth line
Trip log, water temperature, Depth ice fishing, and contours speed

Garmin Striker 4 Fish Finders

The Striker 4 fish finder has a Garmin CHIRP 77/200 transducer that provides more clarity and detail. This CHIRP sends a continuous sweep of frequencies ranging from low to high and later interprets them individually. Therefore, the CHIRP sonar can create crisper fish arches with better target separation. They are also easy to use and install as they offer a keyed interface with dedicated buttons. The smooth scaling graphics also provide clear images when switching between depth scale range.

The high-sensitive GPS on Garmin Striker devices helps you locate your position precisely and maintain it. With these devices, you can mark spots where fish are hiding and return to them later.

These fish finders will let you master your waypoints and routes. They also help you get back your hotspots, boat ramps, and docks. 

The Sonar history rewind allows you to scroll back through the images and identify spots that you could have missed. There is also a portable kit that helps you protect and carry the fish finder.

The fish finders also have a flasher that comes in handy when you are fishing in a stationary position for example, when ice fishing. You can see the bottom clearly and watch as the fish is being lifted.


  • These fish finders are easy to use and install
  • The high sensitivity is perfect for people who travel much
  • They have a maximum depth of 1600 for freshwater and 750 feet for saltwater
  • The CHIRP provides clarity and more detail
  • They have a history rewind so, you can rewind and identify spots you missed previously.


  • The mount does not have suction making it harder to use in a kayak.
  • The screen is not waterproof
  • The screen disappears quickly in the sunlight

Garmin Striker 4cv Fish Finders

Garmin striker 4cv, just like Striker 4, is a quality fish finder that makes fishing easier and fun. It is built to work in any environment. The wide and sunlight readable display gives you a clear view of what is below your boat.  These devices have an inbuilt high sensitive GPS that lets you maintain your position and mark different way points. The GPS shows your speed on the screen so you can know whether you are trolling at the right speed. 

 These devices also features Garmin CHIRP Traditional sonar, Garmin CHIRP ClearVu scanning sonar and quick draw contour map drawing software. 

The quick draw contour map drawing software stores upto 2 million acres of content so you can understand your waypoints better and it also marks the places you have been before. The Garmin CHIRP  and scanning sonar technology gives photographic and wide images of what is below your boat. They also provide remarkable target separation. 

The maximum depth of these devices is 1750 feet for freshwaters and 830 feet for salt waters. They also have a rewind feature so you can identify spots you missed and trace your way back to certain waypoints.


  • These fish finders can be used even in direct sunlight
  • They have the rewind back feature so you can identify spots you missed.
  • The high sensitive GPS lets you master different waypoints
  • CHIRP ensures clarity and gives more detail
  • Easy to use
  • They are perfect for use in a kayak
  • You can easily spot your location and see structures easily
  • You can change the frequency of each split screen


  • Some people find the devices hard to set it up

Garmin Striker 4 VS 4cv : What’s the Difference

Garmin fish finders are very popular among anglers looking to find different fish hiding spots. These devices are closely related and function almost the same. However, they vary slightly in their specifications and price.

Sonar Capabilities

Both have dual-frequency Sonar and use CHIRP. However, Striker cv has a CHIRP ClearVu giving a clear vision of the fish, bottom, and trees.


Striker 4 fish finds are cheaper and more affordable compared to the Striker 4cv. However, the performance of both is top-notch.


The two fish finders vary in their technological advancements. Garmin Striker 4 includes a built-in speedometer, Autogain technology, split-screen zoom, A-scope adjustable depth line, and ultra scroll. Striker 4cv, on the other hand, consists of a Trip log, quickdraw contours speed, water temperature, and depth ice fishing.

Size and weight

The Garmin Striker 4 is smaller in size with 0.5lbs and measures 5.9×3.6×1.6inches HXWXD. Striker 4cv, on the other hand, is bigger, weighing 0.7lbs with 6.9×3.9×1.8inches.

Final Impression : Which one is better?

Garmin Striker 4 and Garmin Striker 4cv are incredible devices that help you discover fishing spots and find your way around different water bodies. Identifying the better device can be challenging since they are both from the same manufacturer. However, in my opinion, Garmin Striker 4cv is a little more advanced. The Sonar is my first consideration when purchasing a fish finder. The Striker 4cv comes with dual-beam frequency and ClearVu CHIRP, making it perfect for any angler looking for a clear vision.


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