Is Pike Good to Eat

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Fish is one of the best delicacies you can enjoy. Some people, however, have a hard time choosing the best species to cook since some species will disappoint you with their taste and multiple bones. But, if you choose the suitable species, you can try out different recipes and enjoy one of the best delicacies.

Pike is one fish species that often brings confusion to people on whether it is a delicacy or garbage fish. It all depends on where you are coming from. In some parts of the world, it’s a delicacy sought after, while in some parts, it’s garbage fish. I believe it’s a beautiful delicacy, especially when properly prepared.

What Does Pike Taste Like?

Pike is a delicious fish if properly prepared. It has a rich taste and a very distinctive flavor. The flavor is mild with firm white meat. However, it has quite a number of bones, so you need to trim the fish and remove the outer layer. The outer layer is a protective membrane with a muddy taste; no recipe can conceal the taste; that’s why you have to remove the skin with a sharp fillet knife.

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Is Pike Safe to Eat?

Pike is a tasty fish and safe to eat. There are many recipes you can try out and enjoy the delicacy. However, some people are put off by the bones. It would be best to be very careful when eating since the bones are unlike other fish. The spine and ribcage can be removed easily when filleting, but you will also encounter some other smaller bones. Pike has nutrients like selenium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12, and niacin essential for your body.

Is Northern Pike Good to Eat?

Northern Pike is a freshwater fish that is very famous for its bones. For this reason, it’s a subject of debate on whether it is a delicacy or garbage fish. Yes, if you take your time to trim and fillet it properly, you will enjoy the delicacy. A disclaimer, though, northern pike has a distinctive odor when alive, which could put you off first.

Is Yellow Pike Good to Eat?

Yellow pike is also referred to as walleye, and it’s one of the healthiest fish to eat. The meat is white and tender with a mild flavor. Some people claim that it tastes like flounder. Unlike the northern pike, you do not have to remove the skin with the yellow pike. If you are deep-frying, you can choose to remove the skin, but if you are pan-frying, you can leave the skin. The same is the case for the bones. Again, you can remove the bones or leave them. Some people insist that the bones add flavor to the fish.

Is Alaska Pike Good to Eat?

Alaska Pike falls in the same family as other Pike.with the right recipe, it’s also very tasty.However, to enjoy it, you need to fillet it and slime it.

Does Pike Taste Fishy?

Yes, pikes are fishy despite their bad smell when alive and razor-sharp teeth. However, northern pike are more fishy than walleye and perch, and they have side bones, so you have to fillet them. With the right recipe, you will achieve a delicious taste.

Is Pike a Junk Fish?

Although pike is not as popular as other fish, you cannot refer to them as junk fish. They are easy to catch and are available all year. However, many do not prefer them as good to eat fish. As a result, they have their turn-offs, making them less popular than species like trout, but they are a delicacy you will long for when well prepared.

How to Fillet a Pike

To enjoy pike, you need to fillet it first. The first step is removing the slime. This is the most annoying part when filleting, as pike tends to slip on every grasp. The tips below will help your slime easily:

  • Prepare a big bucket and clean it
  • Fill the bucket till its 1/3 full with hot to warm water
  • Add one liter of vinegar
  • Put the pike in the water and keep stirring until the slime falls off
  • Wipe with a cotton towel to remove any left traces.

After removing the slime, now it’s much easier to grasp your fish. Follow the steps below to fillet it.

  • Get a fillet knife. You can shop for the filleting kit in different stores or easily get it from Amazon.
  • Secondly, remove the head with a vertical cut behind the gill plate.
  • Cut along the backbone with a horizontal cut ending at the tail.
  • Cut ahead of the dorsal fin by another vertical cut
  • Work the knife inside the fish parallel to the backbone in the middle.
  • Slice along with the Y-shaped bones
  • Turn the fish and repeat the process to slice the other side.
  • Cut the flesh around the backbone horizontally.
  • Cut the part with pelvic fins in half and remove the pelvic girdle
  • Remove all skin after filleting

Final Impression

Pike are predatory fish that strike on any provocation. They are fun to fish, and you can land them all year. However, they are not always the first choice for anglers looking for edible species. Firstly, they have a foul smell when alive and multiple bones, so you need to fillet them, which is not always an easy task. However, if you are not afraid of trying out new recipes, they are delicious; if properly prepared, they have a distinctive flavor with a rich taste.


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