2000 vs 3000 Spinning Reels: Which one is Better?

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Spinning Reels come in different sizes to meet every angler’s needs. Some anglers will choose the biggest reels, while others will go for the smallest reels. It all comes down to the angler’s preference and fishing application.

For instance, if you are fishing in saltwater, you will need a bigger fishing reels compared to when fishing in freshwaters since you will encounter bigger fish, and you will need to hold more line. Size 2000 and 3000 spinning reels are considered small spinning reels, and they are used for lighter applications and fishing in freshwaters. Keep reading and identify the difference between the 2000 and 3000 spinning reels.

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More About 2000 Spinning Reels

The 2000 size spinning reel is ideal for lighter rods within 6 to 7 feet. Basically, they are used for smaller species like Trout, crappie, bluegill and yellow perch. Beginners and children can use them lighter and easier to handle. However, they can not be used for larger species since they cannot withstand the pressure.

Most Popular 2000 Size Spinning Reel : KastKing Sharky III

You can use monofilament or braided line with the 2000 size spinning reel. The recommended monofilament line strength is 4-6lbs, while the recommended braid line strength is 4-8lb. Most of these reels are super light, with their weights ranging between 6 and 8oz. Their drag range from 6lbs to 10lbs, so they are not suitable for big and vigorous fish.

Key Features

  • They are ideal for rods in the range of 6 to 7 feet.
  • Most of these reels are used in freshwater, estuaries and harbours.
  • The recommended species for these rods are trout, crappie, bluegill and Yellow Perch.
  • They have a drag ranging from 6 to 10lbs.
  • The reels can be used with monofilament and braid line

3000 Size Spinning Reel

Size 3000 spinning reels are considered small-sized, but they can be used for medium applications. They work best with lightweight rods in the weight range of 6 to 7 feet and are ideal for species like Bass Walleye, Northern Pike and Catfish.

Most Popular 3000 Size Spinning Reel : PENN Battle III

You can enjoy a reasonable amount of drag to deal with vigorous and bigger species. You can use them in both saltwater and freshwater conditions, but they thrive best in freshwater conditions. Anglers prefer the 3000 size reels also in estuaries, bays and harbours. Extremely harsh conditions can lead to the destruction of the reel. However, they can withstand a reasonable pressure compared to other smaller reels.

Key Features

  • The size 3000 reels can be used in both freshwater and saltwater conditions. However, they are most popular in freshwater.
  • Ideal for species like catfish, walleye, bass and northern pike
  • Suitable for some medium level applications
  • Compatible with braid and monofilament
  • Recommended braid strength is 6-14lb, and recommended mono strength is 6-10lbs.
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2000 vs 3000: What’s the Difference?

2000 size reels and 3000 size reels can be confusing. Most anglers and especially beginners, cannot tell the two apart. Here we will look at the differences between 2000 and 3000 reels to tell their differences.


2000 and 3000 size reels differ slightly in the species they are made for. The 2000 size Reel is made for species including trout, crappie, bluegill and yellow perch.On the other hand, 3000 size reels are ideal for species like walleyes, catfish, bass and Northern Pike.

Line Rating

2000 and 3000 size reels have almost similar line ratings but they differ slightly.The 2000 size spinning reel’s line Rating is 4-8lbs braid and 4-6lbs monofilament.The 3000 size reel on the other hand, has a line rating of 6- 14lb braid and 6-12lb monofilament.


2000 size  reels are quite small and so they are used for finesse applications while 3000 size reels are ideal for medium level applications.


Although 2000 and 3000 size reels are  classified as small sized reels they differ on where you can use them.2000 size reels are limited to freshwater while saltwater reels can be used in saltwater and freshwater.

2000 vs 3000: Head to Head Comparison Table

2000 Spinning Reel
KastKing Sharky III
3000 Spinning Reel
Freshwater and Saltwater
Trout, Crappie, Bluegill and Yellow Perch
Walleye, Crappie, Bass and Northern Pike
Line Rating
Line Rating
Braid 4-8lbs and Mono 4-6lbs
Braid 6-14 and Mono 6-12lbs
Finesse Application
Finesse and Medium Applications
6 to 7 Feet Rods
6 to 7 Feet Rods
Good For
Good For
Streams, Estuaries, Bays and Harbours
Estuaries, Bays and Harbours

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 2000 or 3000 Reel mean?

2000 or 3000 size reels generally describe the size of the reel. 2000 and 300 reel size are classified as small sized reels. Mostly they are used in freshwater and for small sized species. In their classification,the first two numbers are the most essential and a 3000 size reel can also be classified as a 30 size reel. It all depends on the system used by the manufacturer.

What are 2000 size reels good for?           

2000 size reels are small, light and pair up with light and ultra-light lures. Therefore, they are used for light and finesse fishing applications. They thrive best in freshwater, harbours and streams. Also, they are used for smaller species like crappie and trout.

What are 3000 size reels good for?

Size 3000 reels are also in the classification of small reels. They are perfect for light and finesse applications, but they can also be used for medium applications. They are ideal for walleye, bass, and catfish since they have more torque than size 1000 and 2000 reels.

Final Impression: Which one is Better?

Every angler hopes to get the best quality product. Choosing the right fishing reel size can be tricky. However, if you are setting out for finesse applications or eying smaller species, smaller reels are the best. Size 2000 and 3000 reels thrive in the light and finesse applications, and they can be used hand in hand for various applications and species. Some anglers cannot tell the two apart. Size 3000 is more versatile, and it can be used for a wider range of applications compared to the size 2000 reel.


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