Can you Use Fly Rods for Pike Fishing (Here is the Answer)

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Pike appears to be strong and challenging, but they are actually quite delicate. The most popular pike fishing techniques include lure fishing, dead baiting, and live bait fishing. These techniques require heavier rods, and that’s why fly rods are not always the ideal companion for pike fishing.

However, anglers have normalized using fly rods for pike fishing, and with technological advancements, this technique is slowly gaining popularity. Pike are all-season fish, and you will find them all year. You can strike flies at the surface and in deep waters with a fly rod. In this article, we will be looking at how to fish for Pike using fly rods.

Are Fly Rods good for Pike?

Fly rods are not always ideal for pike fishing, but they still thrive well in this application. Most fly fishing rods are light, but you’ll need heavier rods for pike fishing. The pike fishing rods need to be heavier due to the wind, cover, and fly size. Therefore, you need to have rods with weights ranging from 7 to 10. The best rod is actually an 8 or a 9 weight rod. It allows you to cast almost all pike flies. However, they won’t cast the largest pike flies.

Can you Use a Fly Rod for Northern Pike?    

Northern Pike are somewhat tough and strong fish with razor-sharp teeth. However, you cannot compare these predatory fish with species like trout. They are lean, green and will ambush on your fly bait mercilessly. You can use fly rods for northern Pike, but you need to ensure that you have a  stout, fast-action fly rod perfect for large fish. Northern Pike can grow up to 30lbs; that’s why you need to be extra careful on the size rod you choose.

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What Size Fly Rod for Pike Fishing?

It would be best to be extra careful when choosing a fly rod for pike fishing. If you end up with the wrong size rod, you will be very frustrated in your fishing adventures. Size is a major determinant in the choice of your pike fishing fly rod—the best size fly rod for pike fishing range between 7 to 9 weight rods. However, 8 and 9 weight rods will thrive best. An 8 weight rod is versatile enough and can handle different pike sizes. They will handle large Pike pretty well, and they are ideal if you are casting floating lines and fishing in smaller streams.

On the other hand, 9 weight rods are very versatile. They allow you to present flies in shallow waters, heavy fish lines, and larger flies. They also have more lifting power. Although not very popular, you can also go for 9wt rods if you are eyeing the biggest pike fish. It also casts heavy lines more effectively.

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What is the Best Fly Rod for Pike?

Most Popular Fly Rod for Pike Fishing : Echo Carbon XL

Although not the best rods for pike fishing, fly rods are slowly gaining popularity in pike fishing. Fly rods initially were limited to smaller species like trout, but with the technological advancements today, you can comfortably use them for pike fishing. If you understand how best to use the rod, you will boast trophy catches all year. Every angler understands how important it is to have the right equipment when fishing. When using fly rods for pike fishing, you need to be extra careful to avoid ending up with the wrong gear. The best fly rod for pike fishing will be determined by the targeted size, fishing location, lure size, and line size. Unfortunately, most people often go wrong in making this choice. They are often confused by the different fly rods available since manufacturers will not differentiate them according to the fishing technique. Some of the best Pike fishing fly rods include Echo Carbon XL Fly Rod and Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo.

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Final Impression

Gone are the days when fly rods were limited to trout and other smaller species. Pro anglers have now designed ways of catching pike fish using fly rods. With a bit of practice, even beginners will be boasting the largest Pike in no time. However, it would be best if you were very careful about your choice of fishing tackle. These predatory fish can leave you disappointed if you go fishing with the wrong tackle. This article guides you on the best fly rod for fly fishing.


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