Humminbird Lakemaster vs Lakemaster Plus: Whats the Differences

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With Humminbird GPS SD cards, you will become a pro angler in no time. The unbeatable accuracy and detail of these products help determine the best fishing spots. Additionally, you will have the maps of all lakes in your region with you. So, when you step out fishing, you are assured of nothing short of excellence, and you will not have to worry about finding your way. Even when fishing in an area for the first time, the SD cards make you feel well aware of the area and the waters. In this article, we will be comparing Humminbird Lakemaster and Lakemaster Plus. So, you’ll have an easier time choosing the two.


With the Humminbird Lakemaster, you get to maximize every moment fishing with the unmatched accuracy of the Digital GPS map card. The package includes a micro SD card, adapter, and full-size water-resistant carrying case. You can enjoy the maps of 270 high-definition lakes and more than 385 total lakes, and the list keeps adding up as the updates are regular. The SD card is compatible with all GPS-equipped HELIX, SOLIX, ONIX, and ION series.

Whether you are a beginner or just obsessed with exploring, this product will help you spot the best fishing spots while features highlight depth, shallow water highlight, and water level offset. The highlight depth feature helps you spot the most productive waters and stay in the bite zone. It also gives depth contours between 1-3’ 0r 3-5’. The shallow water highlight feature, on the other hand, lets you identify shallow water areas on an adjustable range of 0 to 30feet, and water level offset synchronizes the depth contours and shorelines of your Lakemaster charts.

Size and Model

The Lakemaster series comes in four models. Model 60017-5, 600009-8, 600017-5, and 1103807. The different models vary slightly in size and weight.  Model 600009-8 and 1103807 dimensions are 7.5x5x1 inches, while their weights are 6.4 and 5.4 ounces, respectively. 6000023-8 and 600017-5 models dimensions are 8x6x1, and their weights are 5.6 and 5.5 ounces, respectively.


  • Easy to see shading highlights
  • Boasts more than 385 lakes
  • Easy to read contours
  • Color coding of depths


  • They could get destroyed when in contact with water
  • They are a little expensive

Lakemaster Plus

The Humminbird Lakemaster plus is a must-have for an everyday angler. The map card lets you find the best fishing spots with the Highlight depth feature that enables you to select any depth you want, giving you accurate 1’-3’ deep contours. Additionally, there is a  shallow water highlight that lets you spot flats and shallow waters. Finally, the water level offset feature that synchronizes the depth contours and shorelines of your lake master chards.

Additionally, this product stands out because of the aerial photography of lakes, docks, buildings, and structures. With this technology, you have a choice of how you can view the aerial imagery. The Aerial only view gives a satellite view of all land and water. However, there is no map data. Land Aerial +Lakemaster map gives a view of all the land surrounding lakes. Finally, the Full Aerial + Contours Overlay view all land and water plus contour data overlay on water. Moreover, these map cards boast over 400 high-definition lakes and 500 total lakes.


  • Aerial view
  • Easy to see shading highlights
  • Compatible with GPS equipped SOLIX, APEX, and HELIX
  • Provides high detail and accuracy
  • Easy to search


  •  They are not water-resistant
  • Their small size makes them prone to disappearing.


Most people will not identify the difference between Lakemaster and Lakemaster plus. Although the two are very similar in construction, they differ a bit in some of their features. Below are their differences.

Aerial Image

Lakemaster Plus series comes with an aerial image overlay on high-definition waters so that you can choose your most preferred view. In contrast, the Lakemaster series only comes with depth contours of more than 10,000 lakes.


Lakemaster plus is more advanced with a groundbreaking technology of follow the contour. When Paired with a compatible i-Pilot Link system, your boat can follow a path directly on or offset from any contour. On the contrary, the Lakemaster series only comes with multiple cartography options and coastmaster charts.


Humminbird Lakemaster and Lakemaster Plus SD cards differ slightly in terms of their detail. Lakemaster Plus is more detailed due to the aerial image overlay. You can choose what map to use with it, and you’ll get it in unparalleled detail.

Lakemaster vs. Lakemaster Plus : Head to Head Comparison Table

Humminbird LakeMaster
LakeMaster Plus
Humminbird LakeMaster Plus
GPS equipped HELIX, SOLIX, ONIX and ION models
Depth colors, depth highlight, depth highlight range, water level offset and lake list
Depth colors water level offset, shallow water highlight, and lake list
Included Components
Included Components
SD Card, Adapter and water-resistant carry case.
SD card, full-size adapter and water-resistant case
Groundbreaking technology, i-pilot link system, and advanced search technology
Aerial image overlay, advanced search, and i-Pilot link system.
Models 600 to 1100
Models 600 to 1100

Final Impression

When shopping for Humminbird products, you might be caught in between Lakemaster and Lakemaster plus digital GPS. The two are pretty similar in size, make weight, and coverage area. However, some people will still prefer one over the other. For me, I would recommend Lakemaster Plus for the aerial image overlay. Detail and precision are my number one considerations; that’s why my choice is Lakemaster Plus. This does not mean that the Lakemaster SD card is bad. Some people will still prefer it. The bottom line is that you choose the product that works best for you.


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