7 Best Left Handed Baitcasting Reels ( Top Picks for 2022)

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Left handed baitcasting reels have been interpreted as reels for left handed anglers as most people are accustomed to righthand reels. Changing hands has become second nature to most anglers; hence they do not understand how to use the lefthanded reels. However, if you are looking for efficiency and accuracy, try using this reel.

Firstly you will not need to switch hands while casting, and you will have better control with your rod. With a little experience, you will get the hang of it and enjoy using the reel more.

Here is the top 7 Left handed baitcasting reels. If you are in a hurry, you can choose your right gear from the table.

High-End Premium Choice
  • Manufacturer : ‎Shimano
  • Fishing techniques : Casting
  • Suggested User : Unisex
  • Hand Orientation : Left / Right
  • Perfect Freshwater Reel
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Best Budget-Friendly Reel
Piscifun Torrent
Piscifun Torrent
  • Manufacturer : ‎‎Piscifun
  • Material : ‎Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation : Left / Right
  • Retrieve per Turn : 7.1:1-30.0 in | 5.3:1-22.8 in
  • Mono Capacity 7.1:1  : 10 lb/120 yd
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KastKing Rover RoundKastKing Rover Round
  • Manufacturer : ‎‎‎Eposeidon
  • Hand Orientation : Left / Right
  • Target Fish : Catfish, Salmon , Bass
  • Handle material : Stainless Steel
  • Available Size : 40-90
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Abu Garcia Pro Max & Max ProAbu Garcia Pro Max & Max Pro
  • Manufacturer : ‎Pure Fishing
  • Suggested User : ‎Unisex-adult
  • Skill Level : All
  • Brake system : Magnetic
  • Model Year : 2021
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Best All-Around Reel
Lew's Tournament MP
Lew's Tournament MP
  • Manufacturer : ‎Lew's
  • Suggested User : Unisex-Adult
  • Model Year : 2020
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Skill Level : All


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Daiwa FuegoDaiwa Fuego
  • Manufacturer : ‎‎Big Rock Sports
  • Fishing Technique : ‎Spinning, Casting
  • Suggested User : Unisex-Adult
  • Color : Black / Red
  • Braking system : Magforce
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13 FISHING - Inception13 FISHING - Inception
  • Manufacturer : ‎13 Fishing
  • Suggested User : ‎Unisex-adult
  • Color : ‎Radioactive Pickle
  • Fishing Line Type : ‎Mono, Fluoro, Braided
  • Model Year : 2019
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1. Shimano CURADO DC Low Profile Baitcasting Freshwater Fishing Reel

Best All Around
Shimano Curado Dc
9.9/10Our Score
  • Manufacturer : ‎Shimano
  • Fishing techniques : Casting
  • Suggested User : Unisex
  • Hand Orientation : Left / Right
  • Drag : Cross Carbon

Well, what’s not to love about the Shimano CURADO DC lefthanded baitcasting reel. Experts crafted it to meet every angler’s needs while making it easier for righthanded anglers who do not like switching hands when casting. The micromodule gear system ensures smooth retrieves as it creates more contact points between the drive gear and pinion gear, and X-Ship technology improves gear durability.

Additionally, the reel features a metal HAGANE body for high rigidity and a C14 technology that maintains its lightness.

The intelligent Digital control braking system gives you the confidence to explore different waters and fish in any condition. Moreover, it comes with a  powerful cross carbon drag giving you enough fighting power.


  • Powerful Drag
  • Smooth Micromodule gear system
  • Easy to use
  • Line Retrieve 26 to 36 inches


  • The reel is a bit pricey

2. Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel

Budget Choice
Piscifun Torrent
9.9/10Our Score
  • Ball Bearings : 5+1
  • Gear Ratio : 7.1:1
  • Max Drag : 18lbs
  • Weight : 8oz
  • Brake System : Magnetic Brake

The Piscifun lefthanded reel is not only very affordable but also meant to ensure the comfort and efficiency of anglers.

It comes with four washers with a powerful 18lb drag for any fishing condition. The EVA knob handle is also very comfortable.

For unparalleled performance, the Piscifun Torrent reel features a 7.1:1 gear ratio.

Moreover, it comes with a unique side-plate oil port making it easy to oil, and you can be assured of its longevity.

The engineered and precision-cut gears and stainless steel springs and screws ensure maximum strength and speedy retrieves.


  • Comfortable handle
  • Shielded bearings
  • Powerful drag

3. Kastking Rover Baitcasting Reel

Best for Saltwater
KastKing Rover Round
9.8/10Our Score
  • Max Drag :30 LB
  • Gear Ratio : 3.6:1
  • Ball Bearing : 6+1 , 4+1
  • Material : Aluminum

With Kastking reels, it doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with a giant catfish, carp, or Walleye.

The Round Rover Reel is made to ensure maximum performance with the 6+1 shielded stainless steel bearings for sizes 40 to 60 and 4+1 ball bearings for 70 to 90.

Here will focus more on size 40.

The brake system consists of magnetic, hard-anodized aluminum side plates, CNC machined spool, and precision cut brass gears for maximum durability.

In addition to this, the reels feature a powerful carbon fiber drag system with a drag of 15lbs. Additionally, the handle consists of oversized non slip EVA grips and a line clicker alarm.


  • Superior carbon fiber drag
  • Smooth casts and retrieves
  • Clicker line out alarm


  • The performance of the reel does not compare to other reels.
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4. Abu Garcia Pro Max& Max Low Profile Batcast Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia Pro Max & Max Pro
9.8/10Our Score
  • Ball Bearings : 7+1
  • Gear Ratio : 7.1:1
  • Max Drag : 15lbs
  • Weight : 7.4oz
  • Hand Orientation : Left / Right

Abu Garcia stands out in the manufacture of fishing gear. The lefthanded Pro Max reel, like any other product of Abu, does not disappoint.

The construction consists of a one-piece graphite frame and graphite side plates that ensure lightness without sacrificing superior performance.

The handle is compact bent, ensuring maximum comfort for anglers.

Additionally, it has large co-molded soft-touch knobs and a recessed reel foot. Plus, the gear system consists of a Magtrax brake system and durable brass gear.


  • Feels sturdy
  • A smooth and easy to adjust drag
  • Two-mechanism braking system


  • Not suitable for a beginner
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5. Lews Tournament MP Speed Spool LFS Baitcast Reel

Best Overall
Lew's Tournament MP Speed Spool
9.9/10Our Score
  • Ball Bearings : 9+1
  • Gear Ratio : 6.8:1
  • Weight (oz) : 6.9 , 7
  • Line Capacity (Yards / LB ): 140/12 , 120/12
  • Recovery Per Turn : 23",28",31",35"

With the Lews left handed baitcasting reel, you do not have to struggle anymore changing hands when casting with a right hand oriented reel.

Its spool is properly aligned in the pinion gear through the bearing support system.

It comes with a lightweight 95mm aluminum handle with Lew’s combat grip paddle knobs for easy handling. This handle also ensures maximum comfort for the angler.

Additionally, the reel offers 20lbs of drag power plus ten double-shielded stainless steel bearings, ensuring a smooth feel.

The multi-setting Brake dual cast control system uses an external click-dial and four individually disengaging disk-mounted internal brake shoes for unparalleled performance. To know more about lews Tournament MP, you may check out our content on Lews Tournament MP Speed Spool Review


  • Super light reel
  • Comfortable grip
  • Great for beginners
  • Handle 95mm


  • The reel is a little expensive

6. Daiwa Fuego Left Hand Baitcasting Reel

Daiwa Fuego Left Hand
9.7/10Our Score
  • Material : Synthetic
  • Ball Bearings : 5+1
  • Gear Ratio : 8.1:1
  • Max Drag : 13.2lbs
  • Weight : 7.2oz

Daiwa Fuego left-hand reel is perfect for anglers looking for unparalleled performance without any missed catches.

This reel stands out for its low-profile design, attractive look, and comfort. Its aluminum CT frame is highly durable and offers superior performance.

The Ultimate Tournament carbon drag with 13.2lbs of drag gives you the confidence to deal with different fish species.

The handle is 90mm, and it has cutouts for reduced weight and maximum comfort.

Additionally,  it features a Magforce braking system that provides a free spool ensuring long and precise casts.


  • Powerful drag
  • Light and comfortable handle
  • Sturdy construction
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13 FISHING - Inception Sport Z - Baitcast Reels
9.7/10Our Score
  • Ball Bearings : 7+1
  • Gear Ratio : 7.3:1
  • Max Drag : 18lbs
  • Weight : 6.7oz
  • Material : HD Aluminum

The left-hand retrieve Inception SPORT Z reel has been made to ensure superior performance and maximum comfort. Its performance compares to reels three times its price making it the perfect choice for many anglers.

Its aluminum handle with EVA knobs ensures maximum comfort and gives you enough leverage so you can deal with big and fighting fish.

The reel features a 6-way Centrifugal Braking System and beetle wing side plates for unparalleled performance in different conditions.

Additionally, it comes with a powerful drag providing up to 18lbs of drag and saltwater protection, enhancing corrosion resistance.


  • Smooth and fast retrieves
  • Comfortable handle
  • Sturdy construction


  • The casts are not as good as Shimano and other brands’ casts.

Bonus Product : KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

The wrong combination of a reel and rod can ruin your day. Just imagine going out with a combo that will not cast or hold up. Frustrating right? That’s why you need to have the right combination to avoid any disappointments. When it comes to lefthand reels, you need to be a little careful about the rod you match them with.

Kastking Crixus casting combo works perfectly in freshwater applications. The rod’s lengths are 6.0′, 6’6″, and 7′, offering medium and medium-heavy power and fast action.

Additionally, the combo features IM6Graphite blanks with Aluminum oxide rings for improved performance. Moreover, you can be assured of smooth casts with the combo due to the 6+1 and 7+1 ball bearings.

Why do People use Left Handed Baitcasting Reels?

If you are a beginner or just began fishing, you might wonder why there are right-hand and left-hand oriented reels. Lefthand-oriented reels let you hold the reel with your left hand as you cast with your right hand. Anglers use the left-hand reels to avoid switching hands when fishing.  If you are right-handed and own a right-hand-oriented reel, you will be forced to switch the rod when making a cast. As you switch the rod, you might miss a catch; that’s why a lefthanded reel will help improve your accuracy. To know more about fishing reel hand orientation, you may check our content on Left vs right handed baitcasting reels.

How to change a Baitcaster Reel from left to Right-Handed

If you own a left-handed reel and you would love to try out a righthanded baitcasting reel, you do not have to worry about the budget to purchase a new reel. The steps below will help you switch your lefthanded baitcasting reel to a righthanded baitcasting reel within the shortest time.

  • Firstly, unscrew the dust cap on the left side of the reel and make sure it comes out.
  • Secondly, unscrew the reel handle on the right side of the reel. To do this, turn the handle in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • After this, insert the reel arm on the left side of the reel where the dust cap was removed and tighten it by turning the reel counter-clockwise.
  • Also, place your dust cap into the opening of the right side of the reel and screw it. This way, you’ll have switched your reel from left-handed to right-handed orientation.

What to look for while Buying a Left-Handed Baitcasting Reels

How to Choose Left Handed Baitcaster

Making any purchase requires research and care to avoid making a wrong decision. When buying a lefthanded baitcasting reel, you need to consider different factors. That is why you should not just walk into a store and make a purchase or order your reel before you have done your research.

Gear Ratio

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a baitcasting reel is the gear ratio. Your most preferred gear ratio will depend on the speed retrieval you prefer. A high gear ratio will ensure very speedy retrieves; on the other hand, lower gear ratios offer slower retrieves.


Comfort is paramount, especially if you will be fishing for long hours. Make sure the handle you are dealing with is the right size, and it does not leave you overly exhausted after a fishing experience.

Dominant Hand

Your dominant hand will determine whether you are suited for a lefthand baitcasting reel. A righthanded angler will work very efficiently with a lefthand baitcasting reel as you get to hold the reel with your left hand as you cast with your dominant hand. And so is the opposite with lefthanded anglers.


The material of your lefthanded baitcasting reel will ensure the reel’s durability and weight. When choosing your baitcasting reel, make sure the material is of good quality and can handle different conditions. Also, ensure that the weight is manageable and it does not leave you exhausted.


Price is an essential determinant when purchasing a baitcasting reel. Always do your research prior to compare the different prices offered by different brands with their specifications and features. This way, you will be assured of affordable and quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all baitcasters left-handed?

Baitcasters are lefthanded and right-handed. Different brands have made sure to provide products to meet the needs of different anglers. So, whether you are looking for a right-hand oriented or left-hand oriented baitcaster, you can find it without much of a struggle. These baitcasters are also made so that you can switch them, so if you have a lefthanded baitcaster, you can switch it to a righthand baitcaster.

Can a righthanded person use a lefthanded baitcaster?

Actually, the best reel for a righthanded person is the left-handed baitcaster. While most people think that left-handed baitcasters are meant for lefthanded people, this is not the case. A lefthanded baitcaster lets you cast with your dominant hand while holding the reel with your left hand.

How do you know if a reel is left or righthanded?

To determine whether your reel is left or right-handed, you need to check on the position of the handle. A right-handed reel will have the handle on the right side, while a left-handed reel will have the handle on the left side.

Final Impression

If you are wondering whether to get a lefthanded baitcasting reel, then my answer is yes. Especially if you are a beginner or fishing for the first time, you will have an easier time using this reel. However, fishing experts prefer the righthanded baitcasting reel as that is the reel they have been using for years.

Fifty years ago, this product was unheard of, and that’s why it gets a little difficult to convince veterans to fish on using this reel. Nonetheless, I believe it’s never too late to learn a new skill or improve on your skills. So, whether you are a beginner or veteran, you can try out the reel, and maybe it might just be perfect for you.


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