Lew’s Tournament Mp Speed Spool LFS Baitcasting Reel Review

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Lew’s Tournament MP Speed Spool LFS Baitcast Reel is a high-performance baitcasting reel designed with tournament anglers in mind. Lew’s has taken the best features of their popular TRF series and added a few new ones to create this powerhouse reel.

It will be perfect for those who are looking for more power, better ergonomics, or increased line capacity without sacrificing performance. Keep reading for our full review on this product.

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  • Material: Blend
  • Hand Orientation: Right Hand, Left hand
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Bearing Material: Stainless Steel

Features and Benefits:

Here are key features you may looking before considering the reel.


The P2 Super Pinion is a high-performance gear system that provides superior gear alignment and stability. It reduces friction, resulting in smoother operation and extended gear life.


A soft rubberized coating on the handle for all-weather performance.


Delivers smooth performance with less resistance, while reducing weight and increasing corrosion resistance.


Allows you to cast without backpay or backlash, so you can focus on your presentation instead of having to worry about line twist or backlash. Zero Reverse also makes it easier to land fish because it allows you to set the hook immediately upon feeling a bite.


Provides five different settings for varying conditions: Free Spool, Light Drag, Medium Drag, Heavy Drag and No Brake (for use with an external drag system). The Multi Setting Brake is easily engaged by turning the knob at the top of the reel’s handle clockwise until it stops; then, turn the knob counterclockwise to release.


Features Lew’s patented “pendulum weight system,” which balances out the reel for a comfortable and even grip at all times.

Speed Gears & Speed Keeper

Allows the angler to quickly and easily adjust from a slower retrieve for bottom fishing or jigging, to a faster retrieval when targeting suspended bass.


The automatic reset function is Lew’s patented design which allows you to hook multiple fish by releasing the pressure foot at just the right time.

What you Like About It

  • Lightweight & Compact Design
  • Multi Segmented Ratchet System
  • Speed Gears & Speed Keeper for Adjustable Retrieve Speeds
  • Auto Reset Function to Release Pressure Foot at Just the Right Time
  • High strength solid brass gearing
  • Quality Drag & Handle
  • Long-lasting, Durable Construction
  • No Rattles or Jitters
  • Smooth Casting with Lew’s Duralumin U.S.-made Bearings
  • Smooth Zirconia line guide

What you don’t Like about It 

  • Comparatively smaller spool size than some of Lew’s other baitcasting reels.

What Makes it Stand Out 

The Lew’s Tournament MP Speed Spool LFS has a number of features that make it stand out, but the most noticeable difference you’ll see is in its cast ability. It’s a workhorse, yet super light and easy to pack

Who It is for:

The Lew’s Tournament MP Speed Spool LFS Baitcast Reel is designed for freshwater fishing, and specifically bass, walleye fishing.

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My Experience with It 

I have been fishing with Lew’s Tournament MP Speed Spool LFS for a few months now, and I’m really happy with it. The design is sleek and modern while still being very traditional in its approach to lure retrieval. The drag system isn’t too noisy (this is my main complaint about other reels) which is perfect because I can fish without worrying about being too loud. The Lew’s Tournament MP Speed Spool LFS also has a really simple design that anyone could operate, even if they have never tried using one before.

I love the lifetime warranty as well; it’s nice to be able to use this reel and not worry

Final Impression:

The Lew’s Tournament MP Speed Spool LFS Baitcast Reel is a great option for anglers on the go who like to cast with their reel. This reel features an aluminum frame and spool that will help you maintain control over your line, even when it starts to whip around in the wind or under water currents. It also has high-quality gearing that allows this baitcasting reel to be both accurate and fast while fishing from shorelines or boat docks. If you are looking for a reliable product at a reasonable price point, then look no further than the Lew’s Tournament MP Speed Spool LFS Baitcast Reel.

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