Where are Lew’s Reels made? (Here is the Answer)

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Lew’s is one of the world’s most popular fishing reel brands with outstanding reel quality and design. However, this once an American company out of Springfield, MO, was acquired by BDT Capital Partners on 5th June 2019. 

Today, Dawon and Doyo are the lead manufacturers of Lewi’s fishing reels. They are an engineering company with headquarters both in Korea and China. Read on to find out about other countries that make Lew’s reels today and what some of their best reel models are.

Who makes Lew’s Reels?

The history of the Lew brand dates back to 1949 when Lew Childre founded it. Initially, Lew’s was headquartered in Springfield, MO, supplying fishing branded products for mass-market retailers. Lew’s product portfolio included reels, rods, combos, and fishing accessories. 

However, in 2009, Peak Rock Capital acquired Lew’s, and since then, the company has grown through product innovation, design, and investment in the Lew series.

What are Lew’s reels made of?

Childre made his make in the world of reels for the first time in 1973, introducing his ever Lew’s speed spool bait caster.

Lew went to Japan with a quest for a better bamboo. While in Japan, Lew managed to find the desired grade of bamboo and met with his business friends interested in fishing and the U.S.

Lew developed his signature speed spool graphite casting rod, hand-carved from wood with a design concept for a pistol grip. Fuji made this Lew’s rod handle. After that, Childre and sons; Bebe, Craig, and Casey, made Lews Speed Spool Baitcaster.

Are Lew’s Reels made in the USA?

Most reels are American fishing reel brands, but that does not guarantee that they are made in the U.S. Some usually manufacture their reels in the U.S., while others assemble them using parts manufactured elsewhere. 

Today’s production of Lew’s reels mostly takes place in Asian countries, North Korea and China, but only a few models are manufactured in the USA, such as the LFS and speed spool reels with four models. Lew’s outsource its manufacturing to overseas countries where work is cheap, thus lowering the product’s final price. 

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Are Lew’s reels made in China?

Different companies manufacture Lew’s reels. However, Dawon and Doyo are the leading manufacturers.  Dawson and Doyo are based in both Korea and China.

China is more developed and with improved technology. You can have different parts of Lew’s reels made in Kora then imported to China for assembling, then exporting them to the U.S., which is the country of origin. 

Sometimes the reel’s tag may say made in China even though the parts came from Korea. Therefore, it’s hard to tell the country where the Lew reels are made, but Dawon and Doyo make high-quality Lew’s reel brands based in China and Korea. 

Lew’s has provided high-quality reels, making it difficult to choose the best brand from the available models. 

After intense research and review of many products and different Lew brands, I can comfortably pick the best Lew’s reels based on the prices, features, and design facts. 

Let’s find out more about this brand and see which one is the most popular.

Lew’s baitcasting reels 

Most Popular
Lew's Tournament MP
9.9/10Our Score
  • Brand Name : Lews
  • Material : Blend
  • Gear Ratio : 6.8:1
  • Reel Weight : 6.9 oz
  • Bearing : 9+1

One of the most popular Lews baitcaster : Lews Tournament MP Speed Spool

The quality baitcasting reels are those you can hold and handle with ease for a long time when angling. Lew’s has been innovative for a long time and set the standard for dependable fishing gear. 

Lew’s baitcasters are an excellent choice for bass fishing because it is built up using quality components to hold up to the most severe abuse.  The baitcasting reels usually come in two major categories; round baitcasters and low profile baitcasters.

Well, talking about Lew’s round baitcaster, extensive line, big fish, and enormous strength is what comes to mind. This reel is tough and smooth while making it more valuable for bass angling. These baitcasting reels are designed for peak performance and durability

The best Lew’s baitcasting reels include Lew’s SuperDuty and Lew’s fishing tournament Pro Speed. Lew’s SuperDuty is a pretty lovely reel that casts beautifully with a wide spool, thereby cutting out the backlash when angling for bass.

Lew’s fishing tournament pro speed has a beefed-up interior with an adjustable centrifugal braking system built around solid brass speed gears, covering you fully from casting and catching. 

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Lew’s Spinning Reel

Most Popular Lews Spinning Reel : Lews Mach 2 Spinning Reel

Spinning reels are the most popular reels I have ever had. Lew’s spinning reels pool up a combination of power and speed, which is great when fishing in saltwater or freshwater.

Their drag is smooth, the wind is level, super light, and can handle any freshwater fish. Even if you use any for silver salmon, it spin-cast with a lot of ease and convenience. The Lew’s reels are essential for the new anglers because they are easy to handle and understand. 

The best spinning Lew’s reels include Lew’s Team Lew’s Custom Pro Speed and Lew’s Mach 2. Lew’s Mach 2 is an all-around purpose spinning reel with a rugged lightweight aluminum body, making it strong and balanced. Also, its handle is adonized aluminum fitted with a Winn Dri-Tac knob.

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Final Impression

Now you know where Lew’s reels are made. No matter the country of origin, Lew’s is a fishing brand that knows a lot about the quality of fishing reels. If you want to get the top product, you can choose among models made in Korea or China. 

Lew’s invests a lot into new technologies and constant improvement from entry-level to high-end reels. You can never find a perfect reel that best suits your fishing needs regardless of background and years of experience. Therefore, having Lew’s reel means investing more effort into your angling performance and quality output.


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