Zebco 33 vs 404 : What are the Differences

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Zebco reels have stood the test of time, and they have remained most anglers’ most trusted  spincast reels due to their affordability without compromising quality and durability. The less than 50 dollar reel , adjustable from the right to the left and vice versa due to the quick set anti-reverse. With this reel, you will be boasting species like Walleye, Panfish, and Bass.

More About Zebco 33

These American-made products have been made for anglers looking for quality with a limited budget. Their construction ensures the reels rigidity plus all-metal bodies that provide maximum durability. Well, fishing never felt easier than with the built-in electronic bite alert that notifies you when the fish takes the bite so you can monitor its movement on your finder. The low gear ratios make the spin-cast reels ideal for large game fishing, and the 2+clutch ball bearings ensure smooth casts with little backlash and bird nests.

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You can adjust your drag easily and quickly to match the power and activity of your fish due to the microfine adjustable drag system. The handle is also easily adjustable from the right to the left and vice versa due to the quick set anti-reverse. With this reel, you will be boasting species like Walleye, Panfish, and Bass.

Sizes and Models

Zebco 33 comes in different models ranging from micro to max. The different models are made for different fish species and applications. So you can choose what works best for you. These models include Zebco 33 Max, 33 Micro, and 33 Micro Triggerspin.


  • Gear Ratio 2.6:1 4.1:1 and 4.3:1
  • Bearings 2+ clutch
  • Drag Micro-fine dial-adjustable drag
  • Spool pre-spooled

Key Features

  • Full metal gears
  • Dual ceramic pick-up pins
  •  Built-in electronic bite alert

More About Zebco 404

Anglers looking for affordability and performance should go for Zebco 404 spin cast reels. These reels come with technological advancements plus a sturdy construction to meet every angler’s needs. In addition, the low gear ratios make the reels ideal for large game fish due to the slow retrieves.

For More Models and Sizes : Check Here

Every angler will enjoy using this reel due to the built-in bite alert that alerts you when a fish takes the bite. The arm is changeable to fit your needs, and it also makes it easy for different people to use the reel despite their hand orientation. So whether you are in the middle of a fight or beginning to fish, you can quickly change your drag setting to your needs. The reel also features a stainless steel pick-up pin that is corrosion-resistant and less prone to destruction and wear.

Size and Model option

These reels come in different models and sizes. These different sizes have different weights and gear ratios. They also come in three sizes 30, 40, and 80.


  • Size 30-80
  • Weight 9 to 19.5oz
  • Gear Ratios 2.6:1 and 2.8:1

Key Features

  • Built-in bite alert
  • All metal gears
  • Pre spooled with Zebco line
  • Dial adjustment magnum drag
  • Quick set anti-reverse
  • Stainless Steel pick up pin

Zebco 33 vs. 404 : What’s the Difference?

Zebco 33 and Zebco 404 often confuse anglers, but they are quite different from each other. Here are some of their differences.

Gear Ratios

Zebco 33 and Zebco 404 vary in their gear ratios. Zebco 33 gear ratios  range from 2.6:1 to 4.3:1; on the other hand, Zenco 404 gear ratios are 2.6:1 and 2.8:1


The two spincast reels differ slightly in their prices. Zebco 33 is a little expensive with a difference of arounf15 dollars.

Ball Bearings

Zebco 33has 2+clutch ball bearings; however, Zebco 404 has no ball bearings.

Zebco 33 vs. 404 : Head to Head Comparison Table

Zebco 33
Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel
Zebco 404
Zebco 404 Spincast Fishing Reel
Gear Material
Gear Material
Panfish, Walleye, Bass & Catfish
Stripper, Bass & Catfish
Gear Ratio
Gear Ratio
2.6:1 - 4.1:1
2.6:1 - 2.8:1
Changeable Hanlde
Both (Right & Left)
Ball Bearings
Ball Bearings
Built in bite alert, Quickest Anti-Reverse & Microfiber adjustable Drag
Quick set Anti-Reverse & Dial adjustable Drag

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zebco 33 good for Bass Fishing?

Zebco 33 can be used for crappie, bluegill, and trout species. Generally, it deals with smaller fish species. It can be used for bass on rare occasions, but a grown bass will wear it out.

What Pound line come on a Zebco 404?

Zebco 404 spincast reel works well with Zebco line. The Zebco 404 can work with a 90/15 to 145/20 yards/lbs line for monofilament line. If you choose braid, 100/20 yards/lbs line will do.

What size line comes on a Zebco 33?

Zebco 33 spincast reel has a line capacity of 120yds/10lbs. However, you can use lighter lines and increase the capacity to reach more than 200 yards, but these lines might limit your fishing.

What is a bite alert on Zebco 33?

A bite alert on Zebco 33 is an audible clicker that can be switched on and off. It notifies you when a fish takes your bait. So you can’t miss a catch or a movement on your bait or lure with it.

Final Impression

American fishing tackle is usually in high demand. Mostly because of their sturdy construction and affordability. Zebco 33 and 404 spin cast reels are ideal for small fish and lighter applications. You are assured of their superior performance despite their affordable price. If you compare which of the two is better, I would recommend the Zebco 33. It is a little higher in price, but it’s lighter, has a wider range of gear ratios, and has three bearings, while the Zebco 404 does not come with bearings.

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