Best Zebco Reels for 2022 (Top 10 Models Reviewed)

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Zebco reels have been trusted since 1954. If you are looking to enjoy and discover outdoor activities like fishing, get a Zebco reel. These reels are excellent due to their performance, reliability, and great functionality. I can assure you that you will never regret getting a reel from these manufacturers. Imagine having a reel that serves you for years? Look no further. Get a Zebco reel and work your way to amazing fishing escapades.

Here is the comparison table of top models of Zebco reels. We reviewed all the available models of the company and picked the best models. If you are in a hurry, you may chose your right gear from the table below

Best Overall
Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Fishing Reel
Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Fishing Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 2.9:1, 3.4:1
  • Ball Bearing : 6+1
  • Weight (OZ) : 8.1 - 10.6
  • Model Options : ZO2, ZO3, ZO2PRO, ZO3PRO
  • Hand Retrieve : Right/Left
Best Budget
Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel
Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 2.6:1, 4.1:1, 4.3:1
  • Ball Bearing : 2 + Clutch
  • Model Options : 33 MAX Spincast Reel, 33 Spincast Reel, 33 Micro Spincast Reel, 33 Micro Triggerspin Reel, 33 Micro Triggerspin Reel 
  • Hand Retrieve : Right/Left
Zebco Omega Spincast Fishing ReelZebco Omega Spincast Fishing Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 3.4:1, 2.9:1
  • Ball Bearing : 6+1
  • Weight(OZ) : 9.5, 13, 8.1, 10.6
  • Model Options : ZO2, ZO3, ZO2PRO, ZO3PRO
  • Hand Retrieve : Right/Left


Best Premium Choice
Zebco Bullet Spincast Fishing Reel
Zebco Bullet Spincast Fishing Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 5.1:1
  • Ball Bearing : 8+1
  • Weight(OZ) : 10.9, 13.9
  • Model Options : ZBA30A, ZB30MG, ZB3
  • Hand Retrieve : Right/Left
Zebco Spyn Spinning Fishing ReelZebco Spyn Spinning Fishing Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 4.3:1, 5.3:1
  • Ball Bearing : 2+1
  • Weight(OZ) : 5.6, 8.4, 8.9
  • Model Options : SPYN10, SPYN20, SPYN30
  • Hand Retrieve : Right/Left


Best for saltwater
Zebco 808 Spincast Fishing Reel
Zebco 808 Spincast Fishing Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 2.6:1
  • Ball Bearing : Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Drive, 2+1
  • Weight(OZ) : 19.2, 17.1, 19.5
  • Model Options : 808JSF, 808J, 888J
  • Hand Retrieve : Right/Left
Zebco Delta Spincast Fishing ReelZebco Delta Spincast Fishing Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 3.4:1, 2.9:1
  • Ball Bearing : 4+1
  • Weight(OZ) : 9.5, 13
  • Model Options : ZD2, ZD3, ZD2C, ZD3C
  • Hand Retrieve : Right/Left
Zebco 33 Gold Spincast Fishing ReelZebco 33 Gold Spincast Fishing Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 2.6:1, 4.3:1, 4.1:1
  • Ball Bearing : 2 + Clutch
  • Model Options : 33 Gold MAX Spincast Reel, 33 Gold Spincast Reel, 33 Gold Micro Spincast Reel, 33 Gold Micro Triggerspin Reel
  • Hand Retrieve : Right/Left
Zebco Roam Spinning or Spincast Fishing ReelZebco Roam Spinning or Spincast Fishing Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 5.2:1, 3.6:1
  • Ball Bearing : 4+1, 3
  • Weight(OZ) : 9.3, 8.7
  • Model Options : ROAMBK30, ROAM3BK
  • Hand Retrieve : Right/Left
Zebco 404KBK15CP3 Spincast ReelZebco 404KBK15CP3 Spincast Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 2.8:1
  • Ball Bearing : 0
  • Weight(OZ) : 9
  • Hand Retrieve : Right

1. Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Fishing Reel

The Zebco Omega Pro features one of the lightest reels. It is 20% lighter than most Zebco standard omega reels. In addition, you can be assured of a smooth and comfortable feel when fishing due to the six bearings and a clutch drive. Its grip is also comfortable, and it can be configured for left-and right-hand retrieves.

The reel features aluminum covers, and the Triple-cam multi-disk drag system ensures a smooth and powerful drag. In addition, the reel anti-reverse technology aids in the easy capture of fish, making it highly reliable in any fishing escapade. It has a mono capacity of 85/10, so you can go fishing heavier species like walleye, catfish, bass, and striper. The 10.6 ounces reel also features a 3X positive pick-up system, oscillating spool, and an auto bait alert.


  • It is configured for left and right hand retrieve
  • The all-metal gear ensures high durability
  • The reel has a 19-inch retrieve rate.


  • It has a limited warranty of only one year.
  • The reel is limited to freshwater fishing.

2. Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel

The 33 spincast reel is America’s most trusted reel. This reel has been advanced, and it now has a bigger gear ratio so that you can battle heavier fish. With this reel, you can retrieve your lure 20% faster compared to other reels.

The reel has an audible clicker that can be switched on and off, notifying you when a fish takes the bait. Within no time, you will be casting like a pro. It can also be adjusted for right or left-handed people.

You need not worry if you are a beginner. With this reel, you will become a pro in no time. The all-metal gear also assures of its quality and durability. In addition, the micro-fine dial-adjustable drag ensures a smooth and powerful drag so you can even handle heavier fish species. For Indepth comparison of the two models, check out our content on : Zebco 33 vs 404


  • This reel is perfect for beginners
  • It has a 20% faster retrieve rate
  • It has a built-in bite alert


  • The reel feels a little rough

3. Zebco Omega Spincast Fishing Reel

This spin cast fishing reel comes with 6+1(clutch) bearings. Therefore, if you are looking for a reel with exceptional smooth performance, this is the best product. In addition, it has an all-metal construction so that you can be assured of its durability and high performance.

Its triple-cam dial-adjustable disk drag ensures a smooth and powerful drag plus the 3X positive pick-up ceramic pins that help reduce friction. The reel also features a changeable right-and left-hand retrieve and an oscillating quick-change spool. The handle also ensures you are comfortable and have an amazing day in your fishing escapades. It has a gear ratio of 2.9:1 and an 85-yard line capacity.


  • Seven bearings ensure smooth and longer casts
  • The handle is comfortable.
  • It has a level wind oscillating spool.


  • The warranty is limited to one year
  • The reel is a little pricy.

4. Zebco Bullet Spincast Fishing Reel

This spincast has been named appropriately. The bullet spincast is the fastest spincast reel. It can’t even compare to the 6.1:1 and size 20 spinning reels. Its gear ratio is 5.1:1, and it picks up 29.6″ of line with each revolution. It features a padded handle with GripEm so, you can use it in all weather conditions. The instant anti-reverse clutch ensures a smooth and easy time catching fish. The front cover is forged with aluminum and double anodized, making it strong and durable.

This reel also stands out due to the Triple-can dial-adjustable disc drag, and machined brass and solid brass gears make it more reliable. It also has a revolutionary Zero friction dual-bearing pick-up pin that allows for higher crank power.


  • The reel’s speed is incredible
  • The grip handle is perfect for all-weather use
  • It has higher crank power


  • This reel is expensive compared to other reels; however, the performance is impeccable.

5. Zebco Spyn Spinning Fishing Reel

This reel features 2+1 bearings and a gear ratio of 4.3:1. Its construction is all metal so, it is a sturdy and highly durable reel. The instant anti-reverse clutch ensures you have easy retrieval and smooth casts. It comes with a mono capacity of 135/6, helping you become a pro angler.

This reel has a changeable right-or left-handed retrieve, so you can change the retrieves in seconds while still fishing. It is perfect for beginners, and it walks with you till you become a pro angler.

It is also crafted with a super tough titanium-nitride plated bail wire so that you can enjoy fishing all year with this reel.


  • It is highly reliable, especially when dealing with light species.
  • It is lightweight, with only 0.44 pounds.
  • The reel offers impeccable performance at an affordable price
  • It is perfect for beginners and even children


  • The warranty is only limited to one year.

6. Zebco 808 Spincast Fishing Reel

This spin cast fishing reel features a 2.6:1 gear ratio and picks up 19inch of line with each revolution. The reel is tough and highly reliable. The anti-reverse system and push-button make it easy to use this reel.

The pick-up pin is made of ceramic that reduces friction within the reel. This reel also features a Built-in Bite alert technology that informs you when a fish takes bait using audio and visual indicators. You can switch the bait alert on and off and adjust its sensitivity to match the fishing conditions.

Its adjustable magnum drag has the power to handle even large and heavy fish. The reel is also pre-spooled with a 20lb Zebco line. The reel is perfect for any person due to the changeable right-or left-hand retrieve.


  • The built-in bite alert makes your fishing experience more fun.
  • The reel is easy to use and handle due to the push button.
  • Offers a powerful and smooth drag.


  • The reel is not very durable.

7. Zebco Delta Spincast Fishing Reel

For smooth, long cast, and easy retrieval, this reel features five bearings. The inches per turn of this reel is 14, and it has a gear ratio of 3.4:1. This reel is highly efficient firstly because of its weight. The lightweight reel lets you have an easy time handling it. This reel also has adjustable right-and left-hand retrieves.

It features a triple-cam dial-adjustable disk drag giving it a smooth and powerful drag. The all-metal construction and gears assure you of their durability and high performance.

It is pre-spooled with a 6-pound Zebco line making it ideal for panfish, trout, walleye, and Bass.


  • The reel has changeable right-and left-hand retrieves.
  • It is lightweight with only 9.5oz
  • The reel has a solid construction.


  • Its size limits it mostly to freshwaters.
  • Its gear ratio is low

8. Zebco 33 Gold Spincast Fishing Reel

This spin cast fishing reel is perfect for heavy application. It has a gear ratio of 2.6:1 and has 2+1 bearings.

It is pre-spooled with a 20lb Zebco Cajun line and has dual ceramic pick-up pins that ensure a smooth retrieval and reduces friction.

This reel is made of metal ensuring its durability. The lightweight graphite frame ensures that the reel handles heavy and large fish with better precision.

It has a mono capacity of 100/20 and has a changeable right-or left-hand retrieve.


  • This reel is excellent for heavy application
  • It is lightweight, weighing 0.85 pounds
  • It has a tough but sleek design


  • The drag is a little weak compared to other Zebco reels
  • It is not compatible with braided line

9. Zebco Roam Spinning or Spincast Fishing Reel    

This spinning reel has a gear ratio of 3.6:1 and a mono capacity of 110/10. Its front is covered with stainless steel ensuring the durability of this product. The front cover also protects the internal components of the reel. Its drag is easily adjustable, so it can easily match the drag setting.

The anti-reverse mechanism and three internal bearings ensure smooth and long casts. In addition to that, you are also assured of smooth retrieve. The handle knobs are soft, giving you a comfortable feel when you are out fishing.

With this reel, you no longer have to worry about being left or right-handed; it can be easily adjusted for left and right-hand use.


  • It is perfect for both right and left-handed people.
  • The handle is smooth and comfortable.
  • It has a front cover that ensures the protection of all its internal components.


  • It is a freshwater reel, and it does not have any saltwater protection
  • The reel is not as durable as other Zebco reels

10. Zebco 404KBK15CP3 Spincast Reel

This Zebco reel is perfect looking for a high-performance reel. Additionally, it’s also highly durable and sturdy. This is due to the all-metal and gear construction. So, you can be assured that the reel can handle harsh conditions.

It has a quickset anti-reverse for easy and quick retrieval and a comfortable EVA handle that ensures you are comfortable and do not suffer fatigue for long hours fishing. It is perfect for beginners and children learning to fish.


  • The reel is lightweight, with only 9.59 ounces
  • It is perfect for beginners and children
  • The handle is comfortable and perfect for all-day fishing.


  • The reel is only right-hand retrieve

Different Types of Zebco Reels


Spincast reels are meant to prevent backlash, reduce line twists and snare complaints encountered by traditional spinning reels. Zebco has outdone its self in the production of spin-cast reels. Zebco keeps on producing quality and different sized reels to fit their customers’ wants. Zebco spincast reels include The Zebco Rom Reel, Zebco 33 Gold Micro Spincast Reel, and Zebco Delta spincast reel.

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Spinning reels are perfect when you need to improve on your casting distance and precision. Zebco has kept on upgrading and improving its spinning reels to suit the needs of all its anglers. Some of the best Zebco spinning reels include the Stinger spinning reel, Zebco Spyn spinning reel, and the Zebco Roam spinning reel.

Trigger Spin

Trigger spins are perfect for sun fishing, crappies, trouts, and other small fish. If you are looking for these reels, try the Zebco reels, their make, functionality is perfect for beginners and pro anglers. However, they are meant for use with lighter lures and line weights. Vintage Zebco Shooter Triggerspin is an example of a quality and high-performing reel.


Convectional reels are made for catching large fish and handling harsh conditions. These reels come in handy where other reels cant handle the strain. Zebco convectional reels have been made to withstand the toughest conditions in deep salt and freshwaters. Some of the latest and best Zebco spinning reels include Zebco Big Cat reels and Zebco Big cat XT.

Best Zebco Reels for Bass Fishing

When choosing a reel for bass fishing, the most important consideration you need to consider is this reel’s construction. The Zebco 202 Spincasting Spincast Fishing reel is perfectly made for bass fishing and offers great results.

What is the best Zebco Reel for Catfish?

When going fishing for catfish, you need to be aware that not just any reel will work. You require a quality and high-performing reel. At Zebco, you will find high-performing and quality reels for catfish. The Zebco big cat XT spinning reel is perfect for catching catfish.

What is the best Zebco Reel for Trout?

When fishing for trout, you need to consider the gear ratio, construction, and bearings. Zebco has outdone itself in the manufacture of quality reels to meet every angler’s need. The best Zebco reels for trout include Zenco 202 spin casting Spincast Fishing Reel and Vintage Zebco 33 spincast spin casting Reel.

Why Zebco Reels are so Good

A company doesn’t just remain for over 60 years if the products are not perfectly made. Here are some of the reasons why Zebco reels are so good.

A) Durability

When you purchase the Zebco reels, you can be assured that they will sustain you for years.

B) Superior Performace

The Zebco reels offer superior performance, and they do not disappoint in terms of precision and long-lasting.

C) Pricing

Zebco reels are preferred for their conducive prices. With the low pricing, you will find quality and well-functioning reels.

D) Large Line Capacity

Zebco reels have a large line capacity ensuring longer casts without much struggle.

E) Different sizes and varieties available

Zebco reels are available in different sizes and capacities to meet every angler’s needs.

Cons of Zebco Reels      

A) These reels require regular maintenance; otherwise, their life is cut short.

B) Some of these reels are not adjustable for right-or left-hand use.

C) It might take some time to master how to use these reels for better results.

D) These reels sometimes experience backlash and wind knots.

Uses of Zebco Reels

1. Zebco reels make your all-round fishing experience fun and easier.

2. These reels are perfect for fishing under harsh conditions and fighting heavy fish species.

3. Zebco reels are used for spin fishing with artificial lures or with dead and live baits.

Is Zebco 33 better than 202

Judging from the performance and specifications of the two reels, Zebco 33 can be considered superior to the Zebco 202. The 33 has one ball bearing while 202 has none, so the 33 is more likely to offer a smooth retrieve. On the gear ratio, Zebco 33 has a higher gear ratio compared to Zebco 202. 33 gear ratio is 4.1:1, and 202 gear ratio is 2.8:1. So do, 33 which has a higher and faster retrieval. The other feature is the retrieve rate; the 33 offers a 23 inch per turn of the handle while the 202 offers 15 inches per turn.

What type of line is best for Zebco Reel?

The most popular line for Zebco reels is the monofilament fishing line. This line works perfectly with  Zebco reels.

This fishing line is made from a single fiber of plastic. It is effective for topwater lures where the line is required not to sink or float.

Best Rods for Zebco Reels

Different rods coincide with different types of fish. Rods are available in different lengths and styles.  The features of a rod determine how good it is. These features include their weight, handle and bite alert feature. Some of the best rods for Zebco reels include Rhino Tough casting rod, big cat casting rod, and Crappie fighter spinning rod.

Care and Maintenance of Zebco Reel

If you want your Zebco reels to last for a long time, you need to maintain and care for them properly. Make sure you disassemble the reels, then clean and oil them atleast twice a year. The number of times you disassemble the reels is determined by how often you use them. To oil them, you will need a pair of pliers, flat screwdrivers, an old toothbrush, a bowl of water with a little dishwashing liquid, and a clean cloth. You’ll also need some oil and reel grease. Make sure you purchase oil and grease meant for that purpose.

To disassemble, remove the front and rear reel covers, remove the spinner head and the crank handles, and the gears. Using the toothbrush and water, scrub all parts until all grease gunk and debris are gone, rinse them and all, and allow them to dry. After this, grease the parts you are required to and make sure you do not over-grease them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Zebco a good Fishing brand?

Judging from the reviews and popularity of Zebco, you can tell that it is a good fishing brand. However, once you have used these reels, you will find yourself only getting the Zebco reels since they are quality and highly durable.

2. Are Zebco Reels made in the USA?

Yes, since 1955, when Zebco 33 model was made, Zebco reels have been made in America. As a result, this company has become a cornerstone in the mass production of fishing reels.

3. Who Owns Zebco Reels?

Zebco Brands is one of the oldest reel companies located in America. Recently, the company was sold to Rather outdoors that also owns Strike king lures, Salmo, and fox fishing companies.

4. Can you Use Zebco Rels for saltwater?

Most Zebco reels are designed for use in freshwaters. However, there are also a few Zebco reels that can be used in saltwater. These reels include the Zebco 808 saltwater reel that is built to handle rigors saltwater fishing.

5. Does Zebco Prepare Rod and Reel Combo?

Yes, Zebco prepares the best variety of fishing rods and reel combos. This company has developed and grown over the years for the production of fishing equipment.

Final Verdict

Clearly, from the above article, you can tell that the Zebco brand is one of the best in manufacturing fishing equipment. Therefore, even with a limited budget, you will get a quality and high-performing reel. Furthermore, with the wide variety of reels available, you can enjoy fishing with your loved ones; you only need to purchase the right reel for everyone.

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