Abu Garcia Pro Max Baitcasting Reel (Key Features Explained)

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The Abu Garcia Pro Max is the perfect reel for anyone looking to catch large game fish like striped
bass, tuna, and bluefin. Abu Garcia has a long history of designing high-quality fishing gear that can
endure even the most demanding environments.
As a result, the Abu Garcia Pro Max Reel has become one of their most popular products on the
market today. If you need an excellent quality fishing reel that isn’t so cheap but won’t break your
budget, then this is definitely worth checking out.

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Abu Garcia Pro Max

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Specs :

  • Ball bearings – 7+1
  • Gear ratio – 7.1:1
  • Line capacity (mono) – 145yd/12lb
  • Line capacity (braid) – 140yd/30lb
  • Drag (kg)-17 lbs.
  • Weight (g) – 7.3 oz


The reel comes in three models. The PMAX3, PMAX3-L (L-left hand variant), and PMAX3-C. The
models are so identical but will come in different packaging.

Features and Benefits :

  • High-quality low-profile design
  • Attractive price
  • Recessed foot for great balance
  • Lightweight reel
  • Aligned gears
  • Advanced brake system
  • Incredible speed and ultra-smoothness
  • Accurate and for distant casting
  • Higher-end drag system
  • Great ball bearing system
  • Precise drag adjustments
  • Can do well in saline areas

Low-profile Construction :

The Abu Garcia Pro Max features a low-profile construction at an attractive price. This reel is great
for many types of fishing and it has a lightweight design that makes it easy to cast in any situation.

Durable and Corrosion-free Design

This reel is a beast in its way. The graphite construction was smart hence its applicability in salty
areas. This won’t rust at all. The other hardware and bearing system are made of stainless steel
hence, they’re tough and can withstand any kind of saltwater.
Still, if you are to use it in such areas, ensure you give it a thorough rinse under fresh tap water. This
improves its functionality and longevity.

Lightweight and Smooth Drag System

The Abu Garcia Pro Max is not only light but also smooth. The reel houses a drag system that has
been specially designed to give you an incredible catch. It engages smoothly and the power it
produces when reeling in your fish is perfect for all freshwater fishing and saltwater.
It is the Power Disc Drag System that Abu Garcia has been using for years. It works through a disc
that is inside the spool, which will release pressure on your line when you need to slow it down or
stop the fish from running off with your bait.

Dependable Brake System

The Mag Trax brake system is superb and it is designed to stop the spool from spinning, which can
lead to a tangled line. Tangled lines are common problems with low-quality reels. Count this Abu
Garcia reel is among the best!

Advanced Gear System

You will love the Duragear Brass Gear on this reel. Abu Garcia uses this gear to provide you with a
strong, durable reel that will not slip. This Abu never slips and it maintains its durability very well for
years of fishing trips!
It gives the reel the power it deserves to reel in the big fish! The Abu Garcia Pro Max reel is a
a fantastic choice for any angler who wants to catch the biggest and best fish from their favorite
fishing spot.

Retrieve Rate

The reel boasts a high retrieve speed thanks to the high gear ratio. Abu Garcia has designed this reel
to be one of the best for speed and power.
The Abu is equipped with an Instant Anti-Reverse bearing system that allows you to maintain
maximum control over your fishing line. This feature helps make sure that it never gets tangled
again, so if you are looking for a good one in such a case, stick here.

Double Anodized Machined Spool

Its spool is well-machined and anodized to make sure that it is durable enough to withstand any
conditions. Your fishing line can keep up with all of the big catches you want!
This also reduces its overall weight which is always a plus. Especially if you will be fishing for long
hours. Or are using this reel to train youngsters.

More Line Capacity

The reel can hold up to a whopping 140-145 yards of fishing line! This is perfect if you are going out
for an all-day, or even multiple-day, expedition. The range is because it can hold a monofilament or a
braided line.
You don’t have to worry about running out of line and not getting the fish that’s on your hook
because Abu has got your back.

Awesome Ergonomics

Here, I talk about the bent handle that assumes a compact design. Who doesn’t love a reel handle
that isn’t oversized and causing fatigue? The handle is designed to be more ergonomic for your
So many reels are too big and bulky so Abu has done a great job on this design.

Great Performance

The Pro Max Reel is a stunner. It can hold up to 145 yards of fishing line and has a quick release
system so you can change out your bait. Abu Garcia thought this one through. This is the perfect reel
for someone who spends all day on the water or even multiple days in a row. Abu never lets us
It feels great in the hands despite being made from graphite which is not a traditional material. Abu
Garcia has experience in this area, so it’s no surprise that the Pro Max Reel feels great!
Most people might have wanted an aluminum frame but the price point would not allow it. If you
understand the logistics of manufacture and pricing, this would make sense.

Affordable Reels

I would place this in the mid-level priced reels. You can also agree that it isn’t in the category of
entry-level priced reels. Considering its construction and features, it still is an affordable option for
novices to pro fishermen.

Pros – The Good

  • Easy castability
  • Smooth reeling
  • Affordable
  • Available in three models
  • Smooth drag
  • Faster retrieve
  • Great for fresh and saltwater areas alike
  • Large spool capacity
  • Quiet operation
  • High gear ratio

Cons – The Concerns

  • Limited one year warranty
  • You can feel some slight side play

How do I cast this Reel?

Depress the button as you maintain the thumb on your spool. This is to control your lure. Hold your
reel and lure in a manner that lets the handle point upwards. You want to maintain great wrist
Hold your reel and rod at your front and bring your rod backward. The tip should be above but
behind the shoulder. Don’t stop. Bring your rod to the front of your body in one motion.
Release the button. The rod will be brought forward to launch your lure slightly upwards and
outwards heading to your target. Use your thumb to stop the spool when the lure begins to
approach the surface of the water. Begin retrieving.

Best Rod for Abu Garcia Pro Max

Abu Garcia Pro Max is one of the most stylish and versatile reels on the market. You can use any rod that suits perfectly with your bait, species, or water type for a successful fishing trip!

Best Line for Abu Garcia Pro Max

Abu Garcia Pro Max bait cast reels are great for use with mono, braid or fluorocarbon-based fishing line. This is determined by the spool capacity and target species as well as water type you will be using it in such as freshwater versus saltwater.

Best Lure/ Bait for Abu Garcia Black Pro Max

The most common lures that you use with a baitcaster are topwater lures, crankbaits, jerk baits, spinnerbaits, buzz baits.

Best Alternatives of Abu Garcia Pro Max

Abu Garcia Pro Max is one of the most stylish reels in Abu Garcia’s lineup. The other reels of this series you may consider are Black Max, Ultra Max, and Silver Max. If you want to know more about the max series, you may check our content on Abu Garcia Black Max vs Pro Max vs Silver Max. you may also consider Revo x. These reels are a great addition to your fishing arsenal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Is the Abu Garcia Pro Max a good reel?

A) Yes, Abu Garcia Pro Max is a popular reel that offers great performance for anglers. It comes in
various models to meet any fishing needs. If you are new to baitcasting reels or unsure of what to
get, this one will be ideal.

Q) Is the Abu Garcia Pro Max for saltwater?

A) Abu Garcia Pro Max is saltwater ready. It’s a durable reel with graphite construction for corrosion
resistance and extra gear durability. If you’re looking to adventure in the flats, this reel is a great
Abu Garcia Pro Max offers high-speed gearing for powerful casting and fighting against big game
fish, but it may not be able to outlast heavy-duty use by larger fishing boats or tackle the extreme
shock loads.

Q) How do I care for my Abu Garcia Pro Max Reel?

A) You should clean the Abu Garcia Pro Max reel after each use. For more difficult tasks, you can
soak it in a solution of water and dish soap for 20 minutes before rinsing off with fresh water.
Leaving bait residue on your Abu Garcia Pro Max reel may attract bacteria to form.

Q) What does the warranty cover?

A) The one-year limited warranty caters for Abu Garcia Pro Max reels against manufacturing defects.
Abu Garcia will also repair or replace the Abu Garcia Pro Max reel if it is damaged by some other

Q) What is the maximum drag for this reel?

A) The reel has a maximum drag of 17lbs. It is 1lb less than the Black Max that almost resembles it.

Final Impression: Is Abu Garcia Pro Max Worth It?

If you want a fishing reel with precision and power, then the Abu Garcia Pro Max Baitcasting Reel is
for you. This reel will outlast all others thanks to its construction and durability.
Whether you are new to fishing or an expert angler who has been on the water since childhood, this
baitcasting reel should be your go-to choice each time that it’s needed. The Abu Garcia Pro Max
Baitcasting Reel offers versatility at every turn so that no matter what kind of fish is biting today –
from bass to pike – there will always be something in store for them.

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