7 Best Shimano Baitcasting Reels for 2022 (Top Models Reviewed)

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Fishing is one of the most refreshing outdoor activities. Especially when you go out with fishing aids, you are assured of a successful and fulfilling day. Baitcasting reels are effective fishing aids that allow you to lure and catch different species of fish. One of the best ways to test your prowess and challenge yourself to a wide variety of fish is by using the baitcaster reel. It does not only make the activity fruitful but also fun. In this article, we have reviewed the Best Shimano Baitcasting Reels for all your fishing escapades.

Here are the list of top 7 baitcasting reels for the money

Best Overall
Shimano Curado DC
Shimano Curado DC
  • Best Freshwater reels 
  • Gear Ratio : 6.2:1, 7:4.1, 8.5:1
  • Maximum Drag : 11  lbs
  • Bearing : 6+1 
  • Weight : 7.8 , 7.9 (OZ)


SHIMANO Calcutta BSHIMANO Calcutta B
  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • Anti-Rust Gearing 
  • Super Strong Reel
  • Multiple Gear Ratios Upto 6.0:1
  • BEARINGS : 3+1
High End Premium Reel
Shimano Calcutta Conquest
Shimano Calcutta Conquest
  • Platinum Premier Service Plan
  • Synchronized Levelwind
  • 8 Pin VBS Braking System
  • Max Drag : 15 
  • Gear Ratio : 6:2:1


  • Super Smooth Reel
  • Zero Backlash
  • MAX DRAG (LB) : 11, 12
  • WEIGHT (OZ) : 7.6
  • BEARINGS : 4+1
  • Best for Bass fishing


Shimano Chronarch MGLShimano Chronarch MGL
  • Top Level Performance
  • WEIGHT (OZ) : 6.5, 6.7
  • BEARINGS : 8+1
  • Multiple Gear Ratios Upto 8.1:1
  • Multiple Size Options (Models)


Best Conventional Reel
Shimano Talica Conventional Reel
Shimano Talica Conventional Reel
  • Small Lever Drag 2 Speed Reel
  • Ultra-light and Powerful Drag System
  • 11 Different Sizes
  • BEARINGS : 6, 6+1
  • Best for Offshore Fishing, Tuna, Pelagic Species
  • Best for Fresh and Saltwater Action
  • Multiple Gear Ratios Upto 8.5:1
  • Tournament Tough Reel
  • Micro Module Gear
  • BEARINGS : 6+1



1. Shimano Curado DC, LowProfile Baitcasting Freshwater Fishing Reel

The Shimano Curado bait caster reel is the most advanced of Curado models. It has an advanced digital control braking system and other advanced features. These baitcasting reels are dependable, durable, and highly versatile.

Whether you are a beginner or expert, you will have an easy time thumbing and casting. Despite the lure or weather conditions, you will efficiently maneuver through the water. This baitcaster also has four easy adjustments on the side plate that allows the brakes to be adjusted to your liking so the reel can do the work.

 The new Digital Control braking system utilizes a microcomputer that monitors the spool speed 1000 times. It also allows one to apply the right amount of brake to maximize distance and prevent backlash.

Its gear ratio is 6.2:1 and weighs 7.8oz. The smooth micromodule gear system and X-ship system allow you to experience seamless reeling and smooth cranking. The high rigid Hagane body also ensures its strength and durability.

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  • Ease of use
  • Incredible performance with the micromodule gear system
  • Versatile and will work with almost all brand casting rods.


  • It is limited to use only in freshwaters.

2. Shimano Calcutta Conquest 300-400 Round Reels

 The Shimano Calcutta baitcasting reel is made of a Hagane body giving it excellent strength and high durability. The Hagene body works perfectly in eliminating flexing. In addition, this baitcasting reel contains S3D pool technology that helps reduce spool vibration and allows you to enjoy a smooth feel while casting and retrieving lures.

There is also a super Free Spool that helps eliminate friction on the spool shaft while casting. With The standard baitcasting reels, when the clutch bar is pressed down, the pinion gear is freed. This can drag the spool shaft creating friction that limits the length of the shaft.6.2:1 and a weight of 11.6, 12 oz.


  • The baitcasting enhances excellent casting due to the reduced casting.
  • It offers Precise casting


  • It’s a little wide for all-day casting


The Hagene body of this baitcasting reel is a metal reel body with high rigidity. It helps eliminate flexing by its stiffness and impact resistance. It also has the new brake system technology SVS technology that provides easy-to-manage, spool control, and brake force. This SVS Infinity controls spool speed-enhancing precise casting, especially when using lighter lures.

 There is also an external adjustment knob for quick adjustments in varying weather conditions and lighter lures. The Shimano SLX DC baitcasting reel also contains a super-free spool that is designed to eliminate friction on the spool shaft while casting.

This baitcasting reel also contains S3D spool technology that reduces spool vibration by designing a balanced and uniform thin wall aluminum constructed spool. So you are always assured of a smooth feel while casting and retrieving lures.


  • It has a super-free spool that eliminates friction.
  • The baitcasting reel is rigid due to the Hagane body


  • It has a right-hand orientation, so it is not advisable for lefthanded people.

4. Shimano Talica Conventional Reels

This baitcaster reel is made of stainless steel material so that you can be assured of its strength and durability. It is right-handed oriented so, it’s perfect for righthanded persons. It contains cross carbon drag that provides a wide range of settings. It also ensures a smooth drag performance.

The Hagane body ensures high rigidity, stiffness, and impact stability, eliminating flexing. The baitcasting reel also contains an S-compact body that ensures you are comfortable all day and improves fishability. It improves the fishability by making the palming side plate up to 25% smaller than the A-side plate.

There is also a super-free spool that eliminates vibration and friction on the spool shaft while casting. It also contains SA-RB bearings that have shields on both sides of the bearing, reducing the possibility of salt or sand getting into the bearings.

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  • It makes casting faster and easier.
  • Your comfort is assured all day due to the S-compact body.

5. Shimano Curado K Baitcast Reel

The Curado K baitcasting reel features the latest technology of the Shimano bait cast reels. It contains smooth, efficient, and durable micromodule gearing. It also uses the SVS Infinity braking system to manage and consistent spool control and brake force that ensures precise casting.  You are also able to adjustments when switching baits and in changing weather conditions.

The bait cast reel uses the X-ship technology to improve its durability. This technology also ensures a smooth and more powerful retrieve. This makes Shimano Curado the best baitcasting reel for fresh and salty waters. Its max drag is 11lbs, and the gear ratio is 6.2:1.

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  • This baitcasting reel ensures precise casting and precise adjustments.
  • Perfect for salty and freshwaters.

6. Shimano Calcutta B Round Reel

These bait cast reels are known for their durability, dependability, and versatility. These classic round reels will let you enjoy fishing in both fresh and salty waters. It is built with strong ultralight forged aluminum frames and side plates for perfect working and proper alignment.

These baitcasting reels feature ultra-smooth Dartanium drags, and speton handles with anti-rust bearings. The baitcasting reels have a gear ratio of5.0:1 and a weight of 11.07oz.


  • It is perfect for fishing in fresh and salty waters
  • Highly dependable and versatile


  • It is limited to right-handed people.

7. Shimano Chronarch MGL Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reels

The Shimano Chronarch baitcasting reel ensures incredibly smooth, silent, and effortless retrieves. It contains a micromodule gear with an advanced system that ensures seamless engagement and power transmission. It also reduces noise and improves sensitivity enabling you to have a smooth and easy time fishing.

The X-ship system also ensures smooth reeling even under heavy loads. The enlarged drive gear and optimum positioning of the pinion and drive gears make it easy for them to fight even large fish. In addition, a lightweight Magnum lite Spool design reduces the moment of inertia and allows for better casting distance and accuracy.

This baitcasting reel has the latest brake technology of SVS infinity, making it easy to control spool and brake force. They contain brake weights that use inner friction when casting. SVS infinity also controls spool speed-enhancing precise casting, especially when using lighter lures. There is also an external adjustment knob for easy adjustments when you switch baits.


  • It is equipped with the latest technology for easier fishing
  • Enhances accurate and precise casting


  • It can be challenging for beginners.

Best Shimano baitcaster Combo

Baitcaster combos consist of a rod and reel that are usually pre-assembled, allowing you to focus more while fishing. Getting a good quality baitcaster combo can be challenging. Getting something that matches up to your quality specification, make, and performance can be hard. But Shimano has made this easier by making the best quality baitcaster combos.  A good quality baitcaster combo can handle heavy fishing lines and allow you to cast your rod with more precision. You may find some of the Shimano Baitcasting Combos here

Why Shimano Reels are So Good

If you are looking for good reels for your fishing escapades, try the Shimano reels. I can assure you that you will not get disappointed. Reasons why these reels are so good to include:

  • Micro Module : Most of these reels contain advanced micro module gear that ensures easy engagement and precision when casting.
  • Durability– the Shimano reels are known for their durability; their make materials and Hagane body ensures that you can use them for years without getting back to the store.           
  • Easy adjustability– Most of these reels have easy adjustability due to the SVS Infinity braking system, so you can adjust when switching baits and in case of weather changes.
  • Less Vibration– Going out fishing with these reels allows you to enjoy a smooth experience with the S3D spool technology.
  • Anti-rust Bearings-These reels contain anti-rust bearings that ensure their longevity.

Cons of Shimano Baitcasters

Even though Shimano is one of the best baitcaster reels companies, there are some downsides to these reels.

  • Some of these baitcaster reels are limited to use in certain types of waters. Certain freshwater bait caster reels are only limited to freshwaters.
  • Not everyone can handle these baitcasting reels. Most of the baitcaster reels require that you have prior knowledge or use them at some point. So, it gets challenging for beginners.
  • You will spend too much time fixing the birds nest.
  • Price factor These Shimano Baitcasters can be quite expensive, and not many afford them.

Different Types of Shimano Baitcast Reels

There are different types of Shimano baitcasting reels. Here we are going to classify them according to low profile baitcasters, round bait casters, and convectional bait casters.

Shimano Low Profile Baitcasters

Low-profile baitcaster reels are those reels that have a palm side and handle side. The main advantage of these bait caster reels is the comfort it gives to the hand. This comfort is brought by design to fit the contour of the hand. Shimano has some of the best low-profile baitcasters. They include Shimano Antares A, Metanium DC, Shimano Tranx 300-400, and Shimano Curado DC.

Shimano Round Baitcaster

Experienced anglers will tell you that you should think of using Round baitcasting reels to look for long-distance casting reels. These reels are also perfect for catching larger fish, larger lures, and they are usually strong and perfect for salty waters. Shimano Round Baitcaster reels are perfect for this role. One of the best Shimano round baitcaster reels includes the Shimano Calcutta Conquest 300-400.

Shimano Conventional Baitcaster

Convectional baitcaster reels are mainly used when angling for large offshore fish. However, they are also perfect when looking for large fish, especially in freshwaters. Shimano convectional bait casters will allow you to enjoy fishing in freshwaters. These baitcaster reels include Shimano Talica, Shimano Ocean Jigger, and Shimano Speedmaster II.If you are interested about Speedmaster and telica, you may take a look at our full comparison, Shimano Speedmaster ii vs Telica.

Shimano Baitcaster for Saltwater

One of the biggest destroyers of fishing equipment is saltwater. Most people avoid going fishing in salty waters because of the corrosion caused. However, companies like Shimano have come up with ways to enjoy angling in salty waters without fear of your bait cast reels getting ruined. Bait caster reels for salty waters include Shimano Cardiff A Baitcasting reel, Shimano Tranx Baitcasting Reels, and  Shimano Chronarch G Baitcasting Reels.

Shimano Baitcaster for Freshwaters

Shimano has outdone themselves in the manufacture of baitcaster reels. Especially the freshwater baitcasting reels are made with different specifications but maintaining good quality. Some of these baitcasters include Shimano Curado DC baitcasting reel, Shimano SLX DC Baitcast reel, Shimano Tranx 300/400 Baitcast Reel, and Shimano Calcutta B Round Baitcast Reel.

Uses of Shimano Baitcaster

  • These baitcasters are used for long-distance casting.
  • The Shimano baitcasters are perfect for large lures, so they can be used to catch big fish.
  • They ensure you have an easy and adequate time fishing.

Shimano Old Reel vs. Shimano New Reel

Shimano is always coming up with better and new versions of baitcasting reels. Leaving many wondering should we stop using the old versions of these products? Comparing the Shimano Old reel and the new reel, you will spot several differences. From their materials to their effectiveness. The 1980s  reel, for instance, has three ball bearings. They are also smooth and rugged since they were made of steel. The new reels, on the other hand, are made of aluminum. The new reels are advancement, and in as much there are some features we love from the old reels, using the new reels is easier, and the advanced technology is to make work easier.

Additionally, with the new reels, it is easier for them to get repaired and replaced in case of a malfunction since more people understand them and they are readily available. However, the decision to use an old or new Shimano reel lies in your hands. If you prefer the old reel, then make the best out of it, and the dame case applies to the new reel.

Care and Maintenance of Shimano

To ensure the durability of a product, you need to maintain it and take good care of it. Shimano baitcasters are exposed to water, salt, and even sand, and the possibility of getting destroyed is high. However, by maintaining them, you can increase their lifetime and get them to serve you better.

How to oil Shimano Baitcaster

To oil the Shimano baitcaster, you need the Shimano Bantam Oil. First, clean the drive gear and apply the oil. Next, remove the spool assembly, clean any visible dirt, and then clean the pinion gear inside. After this, clean and oil the brake collars, the brake case, and spool bearing. Then oil the support bearing and driveshaft bearing and finally the level wind system.

How to fix Shimano anti-reverse baitcaster

To fix the Shimano anti-reverse baitcaster, remove the spool assembly by turning the knob in a clockwise direction. Remove the spool support by pulling them upwards towards the end of the spool shaft. Remove the small retaining screw with a small screwdriver. After this, lift the rotor assembly from the reel body to the exposed roller clutch. Remove the roller clutch mounting screws and carefully remove the roller clutch but be careful not to dislodge the pinion gear. After this, ensure the roller clutch sleeve is positioned with a large diameter area towards the top of the roller clutch. Next, install the new roller clutch assembly and make sure the anti-reverse cam and the groove on the roller clutch are aligned.

Final Verdict

Baitcasting reels are essential when you are going out to fish. The most important thing you need to consider is whether you understand how to use this product. Otherwise, without the proper knowledge, you might get frustrated and end up regretting a day or an activity that was supposed to be fun. With a company like Shimano, be assured you will be getting the very best of the product.


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