Left hand vs Right Hand Baitcaster: Which One to Choose

Left-handed and right-handed baitcasting reels often confuse anglers. Most anglers have difficulty choosing between the two, especially new anglers since they do not understand how the two work.

Well, left-handed baitcasting reels let right-handed anglers reel with the left hand as they cast with the right-hand and right-handed baitcasting reels let left-handed anglers reel with the right hand as they cast with their dominant hand. Therefore, when choosing your baitcasters, let your dominant hand guide you.

 More About Left-Handed Baitcasters

If you are hearing about left-hand baitcasters for the first time, you could think that they are meant for left-handed anglers. This is not the case; left-handed baitcasters can be used by right-handed and left-handed anglers. They have the reel handle on the left hand.

So, they let you cast with your right hand as you reel with your left hand. Most experienced anglers are accustomed to switching hands due to the prevalent use of the right-hand baitcasters. However, if you are starting as an angler, the left-handed baitcaster will probably be the right fit to maintain the hand’s position throughout your fishing.

Advantages of Left-handed Baitcasters

  • They are easy to use
  • You do not lose contact with the lure
  • Right-handed anglers do not have to switch hands while casting.
  • Right-handed and left-handed anglers can use them
  • Fewer backlashes as you are not switching hands

Drawbacks of Left-handed Baitcasters

  • Some left-handed anglers will have difficulty using them as you will need to switch hands while casting.
  • It’s possible to lose your catch, especially if your left hand is the dominant hand.
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More About Right-handed Baitcasters 

Right-handed baitcasters have been in existence for the longest time now. Older anglers are only accustomed to the right-handed baitcasters since they were the only available baitcasters in the market. Although most people find it challenging to switch hands so that you can crank with your right hand, older anglers find it easy and fast.

On the other hand, left-handed users will have the easiest time using the right-hand baitcasters as you can cast with your dominant hand and crank the reel with the right hand. Therefore, if you are a beginner and right-hand oriented, a right-hand baitcasters will be a little challenging to use at first.

Advantages of Right-handed Baitcasters

  • They make work easier for left-handed people.
  • Both right-handed and left-handed anglers can use them
  • Easy to find

Drawbacks of Right-handed Baitcasters

  • Right-handed anglers could easily lose their catch when switching hands
  • You can’t hook the fish immediately

Left-handed vs. Right-Handed Baitcaster: What’s the Difference?

If you are getting a reel for the first time, you are probably wondering the difference between left-handed and right-handed baitcasting reels. Here are their differences.

Handle Location

The biggest difference between a left-handed baitcaster and a right-handed baitcaster is in the location of the handles. The handle on the left-handed baitcaster is on the left side, while the right-hand baitcaster is on the right.

Hand Orientation

Right-hand baitcasters are better suited for left-handed anglers as they let you crank with the right hand and cast with your dominant hand. On the contrary, left-hand baitcasters are best suited for right-hand users as they let you cast with your dominant hand, so you do not need to switch hands while cranking and casting.


For years, anglers have only known and used right-handed baitcasters since they are the only ones available in the market, so they are more prevalent, and old anglers still prefer them. On the other hand, left-handed baitcasters have not been in the market for so long, but they are quickly gaining popularity, especially among new users.

Left hand vs Right Hand Baitcast Reel : Head to Head Comparison Table

Handle locationOn the left-hand sideOn the right-hand side
Hand orientationBest suited for right-handed anglersBest for left-handed people
AvailabilityThey are new advancements and introduced not very long agoThey have been in existence for years.
SpeciesBig game fishBig game fish
WaterSalt and freshwater applicationsSalt and freshwater applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Switch Sides on a Baitcaster?

Switching sides on a baitcaster are pretty easy, especially if you are experienced. You can always switch your left-handed baitcaster to a right-handed baitcaster and vice versa to meet your requirements. Switching your baitcasters will let you use your dominant hand to cast and the other hand to crank the reel.

Which hand do you reel with if you are Right Handed?

The hand you reel with will depend on the baitcaster you are using. If you are using a right-handed baitcaster, you will switch your rod to the left hand after making a cast to crank with the right hand. However, if you use a left-handed baitcaster, you will reel with your left hand and cast with your dominant hand.

Should I Reel with my Dominant Hand?

No, casting requires more energy and effort; that’s why it is more advisable to cast with your dominant hand and reel with the less dominant hand. However, if you are using a right-handed baitcaster and you are right-handed, you will be forced to reel and cast with the dominant hand. The same case applies to left-handed anglers using left-handed baitcasters.

Final Impression

Unlike olden days where you had to switch hands while fishing, it’s now possible to use your dominant hand to cast and the other hand to reel. Initially, only right-handed baitcasters were available, so right-handed anglers had to switch hands while fishing. Although most experienced anglers will tell you that after practice, it feels like second nature, most beginners have a hard time switching hands, and often they miss their catch and experience backlashes.


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