ST Croix Avid Vs Avid X : Which One is Better

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A rod is probably the most important fishing gear. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when getting a rod. Ensure you have a quality and high-performing rod to avoid future disappointments when fishing. St Croix rods remain an angler’s favorite as they are made with the anglers’ needs. Whether you are a beginner or a professional looking to bang the largest fish in the season, be sure St Croix rods will not disappoint.

You can choose between our two powerful rods, the Avid and Avid X. These two rods offer superior performance and ensure customer satisfaction. This article will help you decide between Avid and Avid X rod.

ST Croix Vs. Avid X : Head to Head Comparison Table

St. Croix Rod Avid Spinning Rod
Avid X
St. Croix Rods Avid X Spinning Rod
Length range from 4’6” to 8’
The rods length range from 6’4” to 7’10”
Tooling Technology
Tooling Technology
Integrated Poly Curve
Integrated Poly Curve
High Modulus SCIII carbon construction
Premium high modulusSCIII carbon construction
Guide Rings Material
Guide Rings Material
Alconite guide rings
Aluminum oxide guide rings
Reel Seats
Reel Seats
Fuji with gunsmoke hoods
Rod Weight
Rod Weight
The rod weight ranges from 1.7 to 3.6oz
15-years transferrable warranty
15 years transferrable warranty
One-piece handle
Two-piece handle

ST Croix Avid Spinning Rods

St Croix Avid series rods offer every action ranging from Ultralight action to Heavy action. They feature an Integrated Poly Curve tooling technology that eliminates all transitional points, improving sensitivity and providing smoother action.

These rods come with an advanced SCIII Carbon construction, and this explains their high performance and strength. The high-modulus and graphite material maintain the rods’ lightness and durability. The rods are also powered with a select-grade cork handle that is not only comfortable but also makes casting easier.

Other features include Fuji Concept Guide System with Alconite rings and black frames, Fuji ECS or TCS reel seats with gunsmoke hoods making fishing fun and successful. Also, two coats of flex-coat slow cure finish reduce wearing and a 15-year transferable warranty.

Size and Model

St Croix Avid spinning rods come in different sizes and models; the smallest rod measures 4’6″, and the largest rod goes up to 8′. The different models and sizes offer different power and action. The models include AVS46ULF, AVS50ULF, AVS59MXF, and AVS80MLM2. Follow the link for the different models and sizes.


  • The double slow-cure flex-coat reduces wearing
  • These rods are lightweight and sensitive
  • They work excellently in different applications
  • The cork handle ensures all-day comfort
  • The rods come with a 15-year transferable warranty.


  • These rods are a bit stiff

More About ST Croix Avid X

These rods feature an advanced SCIII Carbon construction that enhances the rods’ strength, durability, and sensitivity. The high strain graphite fiber maintains the lightness of the rods. Additionally, the rods feature a flex-coat cure finish that reduces wear. For enhanced comfort, these rods have a split-grip/ select-grade cork handle.

For easy maintenance, these rods come with a 15-year transferable warranty. You do not have to worry about defects or any damages. Also, an Integrated Poly Curve tooling technology eliminates all transition points in the rod, providing smoother action. Other features include slim-profile ferrules, Kigan Z micro guides with aluminum-oxide rings,  gunsmoke frames, and Fuji VSS reel seats.

Model and Sizes

St Croix Avid X spinning rods come in nine different models and sizes to fit every angler’s specification. These rods offer different lengths, power, and action, so; you’ll have a rod for the varying fishing techniques. The different models include AXC64MXF, AXC66MF, AXC68MHF, and AXC710HF. Click here for more models and sizes.


  •  split-grip handle for all-day comfort
  •  15-year transferable warranty
  •  SCIII Carbon construction provides maximum strength
  • Flex-coat slow cure finish reduces wear       
  • Lightweight and highly sensitive


  • The rods are a little expensive.

St Croix Avid vs. Avid X : What’s the Difference?

 St Croix Avid and Avid X rods are pretty similar in their making and specifications. If you are not careful, you can easily confuse the two. Trying them out will help you differentiate them and make a rational buying decision.

1. Performance

Anyone who has used Avid rod can attest that it’s good and it offers impeccable performance. St. Croix Avid rod’s guides do not have any weight, so the blanks perform better. However, Avid X rods blanks and guides are a dealbreaker to some anglers.

2. Guide Rings Materials

St Croix Avid and St Croix Avid X rods differ in the material of their guide rings. Avid have alconite guide rings, while Avid X has aluminum oxide guide rings.

3. Castability

Avid rods have better castability compared to the Avid X rods. Alconite guide rings play a significant role in enhancing the castability of these rods compared to aluminum guide rings.

4. Handle

St Croix Avid rods have the full one-piece cork handle, while Avid X rods come with the two-piece handle. The one-piece rods are sensitive and strong, while the two-piece rods are portable and easy to store.

Final Verdict

Choosing between St Croix Avid and St Croix Avid X rods can be confusing. The two rods are pretty similar and coming from the same brand, and their prices are also closely related. However, I would go for the St Croix Avid rod as it’s more sensitive and strong. The alconite rod guides and one-piece handle ensure their extreme sensitivity and remarkable strength. However, the Avid X rod is perfect for an angler looking for a portable and storable rod.


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