Sufix 832 vs Power Pro : Which One is Better

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Nothing is more frustrating than having your line break when you are battling a fish. That is why every angler needs to pay keen attention to the line they choose. Your line plays a vital role in ensuring casts and persevering a fight. Sufix 832 and power pro lines are quality and amazing lines for anyone looking for lines that can handle different species. Sufix 832c lines work perfectly when bottom fishing, and Power Pro lines are recommended for techniques like frog fishing. To pick the right line, you need to understand them and how they work. Keep reading to get an overview of these two lines and their differences.

Sufix 832 vs. Power Pro: Head to Head Comparison Table

Sufix 832
Sufix 832 Advanced Superline Braid
Power Pro
POWER PRO Spectra Braided Fishing Line
6lbs to 80lbs
8lbs to 100lbs
7Dyneema Fibers and one Gore
13lbs to 99lbs
5lbs to 200lbs
0.0095 inches
Max Cast
Max Cast
3000 yards
3000 yards
100 to 250m
Braiding Technology
Braiding Technology
R8 precision Braiding technology
Spectra braiding with an enhanced body technology

More About Sufix 832

Sufix 832 braided lines are among the most robust braided lines you’ll come across. They come in different sizes including, 150 yards line, 300 yards, 600 yards, and 1200 yards line. The most popular Sufix 832 lines include Sufix 832 Braid Line 1200 Yards and Sifix 832 Braid Line-600 Yards.

These lines have a small diameter making them highly sensitive. The angler can feel the lures movement and every movement.

These lines have an R8 Precision braiding and fiber technology that provides superior strength, roundness, and line consistency. They also feature a patent-pending construction of 8 fibers (7 HMPE Dyneema plus one patent pending GOE performance fiber).  So, they can be used for different fishing applications.

The performance fibers improve abrasion resistance, casting distance, accuracy, and reduce line vibration. HMPE Dyneema fibers provide hydrophobic water-repellent protection, high strength, and sensitivity.

These braids can be matched with any spinning reel and deliver the best. With these lines, you can forget about backlashes or wind knots. The lines also have a TGP technology that enhances color retention. So, the braided lines do not fade quickly even after frequent use.


  • These lines eliminate backlash and wind knots completely
  • They let you explore different types of fish
  • The small diameter increases the sensitivity of the line
  • Remarkable casting distance
  • The lines are easy to tie
  • Impressive abrasion resistance
  • They fly through the guide with ease
  • They do not tangle easily


  • They are a bit harder to work with, especially for beginners
  • Some people complain that they  slip if you put them directly on the reel
  • Some people complain of the color fading.

More About Power Pro

Power Pro braided fishing lines are excellent with exceptional quality. They come in different sizes, including the 30lb line, 50lb, and 65lb line.

These braided lines have a thin diameter and are powered with enhanced body technology, making them incredibly sensitive and smooth. You can feel the movement of your lure and even the tiniest bites.

Another exceptional feature of these lines is the abrasion resistance. They are constructed with Spectra fiber that enhances their abrasion resistance. Hence, these lines can withstand heavy fish species and withstand scratches on rocks and even heavy vegetation. The 50lb line has a spool length of up to 3000 yards, ensuring longer casts so you can cover more ground in the shortest time.

The enhanced body technology on these lines boosts handling power, making them perfect for different level anglers.


  • The lines have superior strength, and they can handle any species
  • Highly sensitive due to the thin diameter\
  • Incredible abrasion resistance even when snugged against a rock
  • They sit on water well
  • They let you cover more ground fast due to their long casts
  • They are great for use in fresh water and saltwater
  • The lines do not stretch


  • The lines are a little expensive
  • The color fades very fast
  • Due to the braided nature, the lines are prone to line twists.

Sufix 832VS Power Pro: What’s the Difference

Sufix 832 and Power Pro lines vary in different features. If you are seeing them for the first time, the two could look the same. However, after using them, you will realize that the two vary a lot. Here are their differences.

1. Strength

Sufix 832 and Power Pro lines are both sturdy lines that will withstand different levels of pressure. However, Sufix 832 line has more power and can withstand more pressure. Power pro lines soften up quickly, making them wear out faster.

2. Performance

Sufix 832 and Power Pro fishing lines vary in their performance. Sufix 832 lines rarely experience wind knots or tangles. On the other hand, Power prolines are prone to wind knots and tangles.

3. Sensitivity

These two lines vary slightly in their sensitivity. Power Pro line is more sensitive, and it lets you feel even the tiniest bites and every movement on the bait. Sufix 832, on the other hand, is also sensitive but not as sensitive as the Power Pro line. If you are not careful, you could miss a bite.

Final Impression

When purchasing braided lines, you need to be extra careful. You need to check out their quality, sensitivity, and strength. Going out fishing with a weak or substandard line can be frustrating. Sufix 832 and Power Pro lines will not disappoint. Picking which line is better can be tricky. People have different preferences and tastes. I would recommend Sufix 832 line. This line feels stronger and more durable compared to the Power Pro line. However, if you are looking for a sensitive line, I would recommend the Power Pro line.


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