Where are KastKing reels made? (Here is the Answer)

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When you talk about the budget fishing reel, what rings in your mind is Kasting fishing reels.

Within a few years of business, KastKing fishing reels take the market by storm. If you are an angler, probably many times you have heard about these reels, or perhaps you own one.

KastKing achieves market penetration due to its high-quality reels brands at an affordable price compared to known reels like the Daiwa or the Shimano.

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Who Makes KastKing reels?

Two college fishing buddies, Tom Gahan and Tate Cui, students at the University of Syracuse, came up with an idea for KastKing.

Their main aim was to make fishing gears to match students’ budgets. They decided to start KastKing, which manufactures and sells high-quality fishing reels at an affordable price.

However, after a few years in business, Kastking is a big name in the fishing industry, designing and manufacturing quality reels, fishing rods, and their line brand.

When was the KastKing reel company founded?

KastKing started in 2013 when two college friends, Tom Gahan and Tate Cui, brought about their business ideas, technological skills, and passion for making high-quality fishing gear at low costs.

They wanted to make fishing fun and affordable to every angler or beginner by providing low-cost fishing reels.

Today, Kastking has won the Best in Show Award in different categories at major fishing industry shows.

Where are Kastking reels made?

Most people are curious and ask many questions about where Kastking reels are made. This happens in many scenarios because they wouldn’t want to commit to a purchase before knowing the detailed background of these reels.

KastKing started its operation and production in the U.S., but it shifted to China due to high economic sanctions to maintain low production costs.

Today, KastKing reels are made in China by the same facilities that manufacture other reel brands.

KastKing reel features that same aluminum frame, magnetic and carbon fiber drag system just as Daiwa and Shimano reels but at a low cost.

Many people believe that reels from China are low quality or not durable. However, that is not the case; KastKing uses durable materials like other reels.

KastKing purchases its production materials at low costs and tries to pass that savings to its customers. For this, you get a high-quality reel at a reasonable price that matches your money.

Are KastKing reels made in China?

China is known for relatively low production costs. Many fishing reels shifted their production activities to China to lower the cost of production.

KastKing is today made in China. The production operations in China are cheap, making them reach a target agreement of manufacturing high-quality reels at lower costs.

What KastKing reels are made in the U.S?

KastKing all started in the USA by the two college university friends who had a passion for fishing.

The first KastKing reels were made in the U.S before shifting production activities to China to cut costs and supply the anglers with more affordable reels.

Surprisingly, most people still think that some KastKing reels are being made in the U.S.

Well, as it stands, all KastKing reels are made in China.

What are The top Models for KastKing reels?

KastKing produces top-notch products with premium features that every angler is looking for.

These reels are excellently perfect, and that is why they have gained popularity within a short time of existence.

Here are the top models of KastKing reels :

Baitcasting reels

One of the Most Popular Baitcasting Reels : KastKing Crixus

KastKing Baitcasting reels feature a lightweight aluminum frame and spool, making it comfortable and allowing you to cast all day long. KastKing reels are for power and speed with a strong gearing ratio to enhance their smoothness and increase the casting ability with less effort.

The best KastKing Baitcasting reels include Kapstan Elite, Bassinator Elite, and KastKing Crixus Baitcasting reels.

  • KastKing Kapstan Elite : Kapstan has additional line capacity for longer tackles, bigger baits, and powerful tackles. Features a strong triple disc carbon drag and 8-double shielded ball bearings to enhance smoothness and easy retrieval.
  • Kastking Bassinator Elite : They are designed for a series of tournament-ready fishing reels for bass tackling. Bassinator has a hardened aluminum load gearing ratio and solid brass pinion gear for durability and enhanced performance.
  • KastKing Crixus : Crixus is a low-profile baitcasting reel. It features a smooth and reliable carbon disc drag and powerful bearings to offer ultra-smooth performance.

Spinning Reels

Most Popular
KastKing Centron Spinning Reel
9.9/10Our Score
  • Brand Name : Kastking
  • Material : Aluminum, Graphite
  • Gear Ratio : 4.5:1
  • Max Drag : 17.5LBs
  • Reel Weight : 0.62 ounces

One of the Most Popular Spinning Reels : KastKing Summer and Centron

KastKing Spinning reels have wider options from novice anglers to beginners with a low price range. KastKing’s goal was fishing to be fun. Therefore, they make reels that will not blow your pocket dry. The spinning reels are designed for freshwater or saltwater trolling.

Some of the best KastKing Spinning reels include KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels, KastKingSharky III Fishing Reel, and KastKingMegatron Spinning Reel.

  • KastKing Summer and Centron : It’s a good reel with lots of features at an affordable price. Feature nine-ball bearing enhances its smooth performance, and the two-colored anodized aluminum spool makes it look string and attractive.
  • KastKing Sharky III : This reel is tough and designed to tackle land abuse easily in all fishing conditions. Sharky 3 is reliable smooth and features strong precision mesh manganese brass pinion gearings.

Spincast Reels

One of the Most Popular Spincast Reel : Kastking Brutus Spincast

KastKing Spincast reels are reliable. It features five stainless steel-double shielded ball bearings making it extra-smooth when tacking in saltwater and freshwater.

Also, spincast reels are corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and have a graphite frame topped with an aluminum honeycomb. The most popular KastKing Spincast reel is KastKing Brutus Spincast Fishing Reel.

  • KastKing Brutus Spincast : It is a powerful and high-speed reel. KastKing Brutus Spincast Fishing Reel features stainless steel and a dual pickup system that grabs the slaking lines to make you always prepared to cast or set the hook.

Conventional Reels

One of the Most Popular Conventional Reels : KastKing Rover Round

Apart from being sleek and stylish, KastKing conventional reels are easy to use by any angler.

It performs amazingly because it has been reinforced with thicker hard anodized aluminum side plates to enhance its durability.

The best conventional reels include KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel and KastKingReKon Round Baitcasting Reel.

  • KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel : KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel is versatile and perfect for trolling, bottom fishing other techniques used in freshwater and saltwater angling.
  • KastKing ReKon Round Baitcasting Reel : Features high-performance components and is designed for tough trolling conditions.

Final Impression

KastKing reels are manufactured with cost savings in mind. The company used solid components to produce high-quality reels at an affordable price that matches every angler’s pocket.

KastKing has gained its popularity and is slowly taking the market because of its price range compared to well-known brands with the design of the same reel but charges extremely high.

The good thing about KastKing is that they understand the customers’ needs and try to satisfy every potential customer. These reels perform well in freshwater, trolling a river, or bottom fishing.


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