8 Best Kastking Spinning Reels (Top Models for 2022 Reviewed)

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Have you bought spinning reels before and got disappointed? Some spinning reels are made from low-quality materials, and going out fishing with them only leaves you frustrated. However, you don’t have to go out fishing with substandard reels and inferior products. Instead, get a Kastking spinning reel and enjoy your fishing escapades even more. Kastking offers high-quality products at a reasonable price. So, you can be assured you’ll get a quality spinning reel without digging too deep in your pocket.

If you are in a hurry, you may pick top product from our list below. We have done extensive research for you and gathered the best products here. You may consider any of them to go out for your next trip

Top Pick
KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel
KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 5.2:1
  • Ball Bearings : 10+1
  • Model Options : 5
  • Max Drag(Lbs) : 33, 39.5
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KastKing Megatron Spinning ReelKastKing Megatron Spinning Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 5.0:1, 4.5:1
  • Ball Bearings : 7+1
  • Model Options : 5
  • Max Drag(Lbs) : 33, 39.5
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Budget Friendly
KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels
KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels
  • Gear Ratio : 5.2:1, 4.5:1
  • Ball Bearings : 9+1
  • Model Options : 5
  • Max Drag(Lbs) : 11, 12, 13, 17.5
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KastKing Valiant Eagle Gold Spinning ReelKastKing Valiant Eagle Gold Spinning Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 6.2:1
  • Ball Bearings : 7+1
  • Model Options : 4
  • Max Drag(Lbs) : 17.6, 22
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KastKing Valiant Eagle II Spinning Reel
KastKing Valiant Eagle II Spinning Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 6.2:1
  • Ball Bearings : 10+1
  • Model Options : 4
  • Max Drag(Lbs) : 17.6, 22
  • Both Freshwater And Saltwater Reel
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KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder III Spinning ReelKastKing Sharky Baitfeeder III Spinning Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 5.1:1, 5.5:1
  • Ball Bearings : 10+1
  • Model Options : 4
  • Max Front Drag/Rear Drag(Lbs) : 17.6/2.6, 26.5/4.4
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KastKing Lancelot Spinning ReelKastKing Lancelot Spinning Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 5.0:1, 4.4:1
  • Ball Bearings : 5+1
  • Model Options : 4
  • Max Drag(Lbs) : 12, 13, 17.5
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KastKing Spartacus II Fishing ReelKastKing Spartacus II Fishing Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 5.0:1
  • Ball Bearings : 7+1
  • Model Options : 4
  • Max Drag(Lbs) : 17.6, 22
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1. KastKing Sharky III Spinning Reel

This next-generation spinning reel features up to 39.5lbs of smooth, reliable triple disc carbon fiber drag. It also has an oversized stainless steel main shaft and strong precision mesh manganese brass pinion gear for more fishing muscle.

The Sharky III spinning reel is sealed with a KastKing Intrusion Shield System(K.I.S.S.). This is a unique protection water-resistant design for the spool, rotor, and body. The KISS helps keep water and dirt out of the spinning reel.

It also has a silky smooth retrieve plus a unique shark fin braid-ready aluminum spool. So you will not need to use a backing line when spooling on the braid fishing line. The 10+1 stainless steel double-shielded saltwater ball bearings ensure a smooth feel, and there is also an instant lock anti-reverse.


  • The reel has a smooth and reliable drag
  • It is super lightweight
  • It has an anti-twist line roller that reduces tangles and snarls
  • It is ideal for handling any from monster river to the ocean


  • The reel requires a bit of experience

2. KastKing Megatron Spinning Reel Freshwater and Saltwater Spinning Fishing Reel

This powerful spinning reel will transform your fishing experience. It has an aerospace aluminum alloy skeletal design frame that gives it a great look and enhances its durability. Its make gives it the power to fight large fish in both fresh and salty waters.

This spinning reel offers the required strength and performance for tournament anglers looking to win. Its main drive gear is made of durable zinc alloy matched with a pinion gear machined from solid brass delivering smoothness and rigidity. It also features a C.N.C. machined aerospace aluminum alloy spool and an exclusive design robot-inspired aluminum handles.

It is built and designed for large fish and harsh conditions. Its carbon fiber drag system offers 30lbs of consistent drag. The 7+1 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings and the instant anti-reverse ensure a smooth and longers cast.


  • It is ideal for large fish and harsh environments
  • The ball bearings ensure smooth and longer casts
  • The reel is highly durable and offers superior performance


  • This reel is not ideal for beginners or newbies

3. KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reel

This Spinning reel features 9+1 stainless steel ball bearings giving you a smooth feel. The spinning reel is also lightweight with a narrow graphite frame design and computer balancing system for high performance.

The spinning reel also has a superior drag system that offers incredible stopping power of up to 17.5lbs. It also features a hardened metal main shaft, perfect mesh drive gear, and precision machined pinion gear for fish fighting power.

The nine quality ball bearings and one instant stop one-way anti-reverse bearing enhance an ultra-smooth performance.


  • Lightweight and compact design for easy casting
  • Perfect for right-hand and left-hand users
  • The price is very favorable


  • It is not as smooth as other KastKing reels, but the performance is still superb.

4. KastKing Valiant Eagle Gold Spinning Reel

This spinning reel features a high-speed gear ratio of 6.2:1. It is lightweight, has a strong body enhanced with a graphite frame and rotor, and has an exceptional 22lb multi-disc carbon fiber drag. The carbon fiber drag keeps the drag washers dry, avoiding inconsistent drag operation.

The spinning reel uses a 7+1 MaxiDur stainless steel double-shielded ball bearing that enhances smooth retrieval. The patent-pending spool design helps improve casting distance and improve line control. There is also a braid-line ready spool that does not need a monofilament backing line. Its Eva knob also provides extra leverage and control.


  • The spinning reel is lightweight, ensuring longer casts.
  • There is improved line control.
  • The reel is equipped with an Eva Knob that offers maximum comfort


  • This reel is meant for experienced anglers, and beginners will have a hard time using it.

5. KastKing Valiant Eagle II Spinning Reel-Bald Eagle Edition Spinning Reel

This spinning reel offers superb performance. The carbon drag system is 22lb of fighting power and keeps drag washers dry to prevent unreliable drag operation. This spinning reel also has 10+1 stainless steel ball bearings that ensure smooth retrieves and longer casts.

The reel has 1-piece bail that will not rust or snag on the fishing line. It also provides exceptional fast speed of a 6.2:1 gear ratio. Its lightweight also ensures longer and more precise casts.

This spinning reel also features an Expanded pinion system and sliding stabilizer rod increasing the gear strength and improving the durability of this spinning reel.


  • The spinning reel is light and robust.
  • It has superior performance that can be compared to the performance of $100 reels.
  • It is perfect for use in fresh and salt waters.


  • It makes some grinding noise while in use.
  • It is not as freewheeling as other KastKing reels.

6. KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder III Spinning Reel

The KastKing Sharky III reel features 10+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings that ensure smooth retrieval. It comes with classic front and rear drag functions that work perfectly in salt and freshwaters. It is also equipped with precision alloy gears and a 5.5:1 gear ratio.

There is also a carbon fiber drag that stands up to 26.5lbs. It also features a C.N.C. aluminum shark fin braid ready spool, a high modulus corrosion-resistant graphite body, and a computer-based rotor. It also has an interchangeable right or left-hand handle with a sure-grip T handle for excellent performance.


  • This spinning reel is perfect for both right and lefthanded people
  • This reel is very affordable, and it performs like a reel twice the price
  • This smooth reel ensures smooth retrieval.


  • The clutch is not as quality as the reel.
  • If you are not used to this reel, you might have a hard time adjusting it.

7. KastKing Lancelot Spinning Reel Freshwater Spinning Reel

This spinning reel is built to last and offer superior performance. It has a robust, lightweight and rigid frame that stands out in harsh conditions and gives the strength required in catching large fish. It features a stainless steel main shaft brass pinion and zinc alloy drive gear.

The spinning reel also has a C.N.C. aluminum spool and a reversible left or right-handed retrieve aluminum handle. It also features a powerful, smooth drag that delivers up to 17.5lbs. In addition, the 5+1 stainless steel ball bearings allow for smooth casting and effortless retrieval—the gear ratio range from 5.0:1 to 4.4:1.


  • This reel is ideal for left-handed and right-handed users
  • The reel is highly reliable and durable
  • It is cheap and has the performance of a reel twice its price.


  • It is limited to freshwater fishing only.

8. KastKing Spartacus II Fishing Reel

The KastKing Spartacus II fishing reel comes with a brand new design built to handle harsh conditions. It can be used in fresh water and saltwater fishing. These fishing reels are super lightweight and are built with a reinforced nylon body and rotor.

This KastKing Spartacus II fishing reel has a reliable 22lbs of triple disc carbon fiber drag that allows you to use lighter fishing lines. There are also 7+1  double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings and a C.N.C. aluminum handle with an E.V.A. handle knob that keeps everything turning smoothly.

The reel also contains strong metal Hamai cut precision gears with an oversized stainless steel main shaft that gives the required performance even on a rough day. The C.N.C. aluminum handle and adonized aluminum spool also allow you to battle big fish.

It also features brass pinion gear, ceramic line roller stainless steel hardware sealed spool, and an innovative Sliding Stabilizer Rod technology. The pinion gear improves the strength and durability of this reel.


  • The reel has a sophisticated color scheme giving it a great look.
  • The Eva knob handle ensures all-day comfort
  • This reel is also highly durable
  • This spinning reel is affordable


  • The drag is not as strong as other KastKing reels

KastKing Salt Water Spinning Reel

When going for saltwater fishing, you need a good quality saltwater spinning reel so that you are in a better position to fight fish. KastKing is known for the production of high-quality spinning reels at affordable prices. Examples of quality KastKing saltwater spinning reels include KastKing Sharky III Fishing reels and KaskKing Summer and Centron Spinning reels.

KastKing Heavy Duty Spinning Reel

Heavy-duty spinning reels are meant to enhance water resistance. The KastKing heavy-duty spinning reels are made with high-quality materials and are meant to withstand harsh conditions in the water. The KastKing Heavy duty spinning reels include KastKing Megatron spinning reel and KastKing BD Series Heavy Duty Spinning reel.

KastKing Spinning Reels Parts

To ensure the quality and superior performance of KastKing Reels. These reels parts are made of quality materials and assembled by professionals. These parts include the aluminum spool, aluminum star wheel, handle, line spool, drag adjustment, and line roller. For proper functioning of the reel, their parts need to be correctly installed and taken care of.

Piscifun vs. KastKing Spinning Reel

To get a quality product, it is wise that you get reviews and comparisons from different companies. Piscifun and KastKting are examples of companies known to manufacture quality spinning reels.  Kastking Spinning reel weighs 5.7 ounces and has soft impressive four-disc carbon fiber tournament-ready 16.5lbs. The gear ratio of this reel is 6.3:1 and has 11+1 shielded Maxidur corrosion-resistant ball bearings.

Piscifun Spinning reel, on the other hand, weighs 5.7 ounces and has a gear ratio of 7.0:1. It offers long-distance casting and comes with six corrosion-resistant stainless steel bearings plus one clutch bearing. It also has a four-disc carbon fiber drag that gives 17lbs of stopping power.

What Makes a Good Spinning Reel

1. The instant anti-reverse Handles

Having anti-reverse handles helps reduce backups, overruns and you can easily move on to a different fishing reel.

2. Ball bearings

Ball bearings help ensure smooth and longer casts—the more the ball bearings, the better the functioning and performance of this spinning reel.

3. Gear Ratio

The gear ratio is the number of times the bail rotates around the spool during one rotation of the handle.

4. Quality

You need to get a good quality spinning reel to ensure you have a great time fishing.

5. Comfort

A good spinning reel needs to be comfortable. Ensure the handle is comfortable on your hands to avoid fatigue and exhaustion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kastking Reels Made In U.S.A.?

Yes, they are are made in USA. They provide quality and superior performance reels at very affordable prices.

Who Makes Kastking Spinning Reels?

They are made with premium Spectra fibers by Honeywell.

Are Kastking Spinning Reels Any Good?

This is a common question among anglers, especially after seeing the pricing of these spinning reels. Most of the time, people weigh the quality of products by checking their prices. However, at Kicking, you will get quality and excellent performing spinning reels at affordable prices. These reels are very good and high-quality.

What Is The Best Kastking Spinning Reel For Pike Fishing?

Most spinning reels from Kastking are quality and highly durable. For Pike fishing, you need quality and well-performing spinning reels. You can easily get a good Kastking fishing reel for Pike fishing. Try the Kastking Sharky III Innovative Water Resistance Spinning Reel and you’ll not be disappointed.

Final Verdict

Getting a good quality product is the desire of every customer. However, some manufacturers and companies take advantage of their customers and provide low-quality products. At KastKing, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality product at an affordable rate. Moreover if you are looking for baitcaster, you may check out our buyers guide on best kastking baitcasting reels


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