Best Penn Baitcasting Reels : (Top 7 Models for 2022 Reviewed)

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To have a productive day fishing, you need to have the right fishing tools. To slow down lures softly in the water, you need a good working bait caster. There is a wide variety of baitcasters available in the market today. You will be spoilt of choices.

However, if you are looking for a reel that will not disappoint, try Penn baitcasters. People who’ve used these baitcaster testifies that they are among the best, and the performance of these baitcasters is impeccable. Below are the Top 10 Penn Baitcasters for the Money.

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Here is the comparison table of top baitcasting reels manufactured by Penn. While picking the products, we have taken a lot of things into consideration including, quality, built material, performance, application, durability, etc. So if you are in hurry, you may choose your desired reels from the table below.

Premium Heavy Duty Reel
Penn Fathom Lever Drag
Penn Fathom Lever Drag
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Penn Fathom II Lever Wind Salt Water Casting ReelPenn Fathom II Lever Wind Salt Water Casting Reel
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Budget Choice
Penn RIV15LW Rival Level Wind
Penn RIV15LW Rival Level Wind
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Penn Special Senator Star DragPenn Special Senator Star Drag
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Best Level Wind
Penn Squall Levelwind
Penn Squall Levelwind
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Penn International Lever Drag Conventional ReelPenn International Lever Drag Conventional Reel
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Best Star Drag Reel
Penn Squall II Star Drag Conventional Fishing Reel
Penn Squall II Star Drag Conventional Fishing Reel
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1. Penn Fathom Lever Drag – Top Pick

This Penn Fathom Lever has a right-hand orientation and weighs 3 pounds. The heavy-duty lever drag fishing reels offer high durability and cranking power. The body of this baitcaster is made of metal, and the side plates are constructed with aluminum enhancing its rigidity.

The baitcaster also features a quick shift two-speed system that easily shifts into high or low gear. It also has a double dog ratchet anti-reverse. The lever contains a dura drag system that virtually eliminates snags and hesitations even under extreme drag settings.

There is also a fluid cranking with five shielded stainless steel ball bearings, switchblade harness lugs, and double-dog ratchet anti-reverse.


  • The bait caster is lightweight.
  • Robust and solid construction allows this reel to handle fighting fish and harsh environments.
  • The quick shift two speed systems ensure easy control


  • No Major Cons

2. Penn Squall Levelwind

This baitcaster is perfect for big game fish in different conditions in saltwater conditions. It is built to last long and enhance superior performance. The baitcaster is also lightweight, with a graphite frame and side plates. It also features a brass main gear and stainless steel pinion gear.

The Penn Squall Levelwind also contains HT 100 carbon fiber drag system that provides a powerful and smooth drag. In addition, it has two stainless steel ball bearings and an instant anti-reverse bearing that ensures smooth casting and eliminates rotor back play.

The forged, machined, and aluminum spool is braid-ready and has line capacity rings marked 1/3, 2/3, and full capacity.


  • This baitcaster is lightweight, and it only weighs 0.84kgs
  • It has a powerful and smooth drag system
  • This baitcaster handles all harsh conditions in the water.


  • The braided line is expensive

3. Penn RIV15LW Rival Level Wind

This bait caster is powered with a graphite frame and side plates, making it ultra-lightweight. It features a marine-grade bronze alloy main gear and machine-cut brass pinion gear that help get rid of backlashes. This baitcaster also has ht-100 carbon fiber drag washers that provide a smooth and powerful drag.

This bait caster is lightweight with 0.49kgs. It is also right-hand oriented and has a carbon fiber handle that enhances comfort.


  • This baitcaster is strong and highly durable
  • It is a lightweight reel ensuring ease of use
  • It has a powerful and smooth drag


  • It is limited to right-handed people

4. Penn Special Senator Star Drag

The Penn Special Senator star drag baitcaster reel is made by and for professionals. This reel weighs 1kg and is right-hand oriented. It has been tested over time for quality and durability.

Its lightness is due to the graphite frame, and it is constructed with high-quality stainless steel and aluminum material to ensure its strength and performance. It also has a machined and adonized aluminum spool for smooth casting and effortless retrieval. In addition, the HT-100 drag washers provide a smooth drag even under heavy loads.


  • It is a simple and effective baitcaster
  • They are perfect for fishing in salty waters
  • The price is excellent and favorable
  • It is ideal for catching large fish


  • It is ideal for professionals and experienced persons.

5. Penn Fathom II Lever Wind Salt Water Casting Reel    

This casting reel has 4+1 stainless steel ball bearings that help ensure a smooth and longer cast. It is made of high-quality materials. The body and side plates are made of stainless steel, while the handle material is carbon fiber.

The HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers provide a smooth and powerful drag. This item only weighs 0.73kgs and has a braided fishing line. It is right-hand oriented and has line capacity rings. The fast gear access side plates also ensure smooth casting.


  • It is lightweight, ensuring you are comfortable while casting
  • The carbon fiber handle is comfortable and allows you to cast all day without facing exhaustion
  • It ensures longer casts


  • The drag is not very powerful
  • It may fail when catching very large fish.

6. Penn International Lever Drag Conventional Reel

The Penn convectional reel is made of aluminum and stainless steel material. It only weighs 5.17 pounds and is built to ensure harsh conditions in the water. The baitcaster features stainless steel main and pinion gears that ensure a smooth cast and retrieve.

The aluminum body and side plates ensure durability. The convectional reel also features a quick shift two-speed system and a Dura-Drag system. It also features a Versa strike adjustable strike stop for easy adjustability and accuracy.


  • The bait caster is lightweight
  • It is highly durable and reliable
  • It has an adjustable strike stop for easy adjustability.


  • The reel is limited to saltwater.

7. Penn Squall II Star Drag Conventional Fishing Reel

This baitcasting reel is made of high-quality materials that ensure superior performance and durability. It has six shielded stainless steel bearings that ensure you have a smooth cast. The convectional fishing reel has a stainless steel pinion gear and marine-grade bronze alloy main gear.


  • This casting reel is perfect for surf fishing
  • With this reel, you can enjoy longer casts
  • It is sturdy and highly durable


  • This reel is quite expensive; however, the price is worth its performance and quality.

Key Features of Penn Baitcasters

Penn Baitcasters stands out among different baitcasters for their performance and make. The key features of these baitcasters are.

1. Strong Build

These bait casters are made with high-quality materials that ensure their robustness and durability. The high-quality materials are meant to withstand harsh conditions and the force of fighting fish.

2. Weight

These baitcasters are usually lightweight so, you can cast all day without getting fatigued or exhausted. These baitcaster reels also allow for longer and more accurate casts.

3. Ball Bearings

The Penn baitcasters have well-made ball bearings that ensure a smooth and comfortable cast. With the available ball bearings, you can enjoy your fishing time and have a productive fishing day.

4. Quality

Penn Baitcasters have built their name over time by the manufacture of quality products. Rarely will you find negative reviews on these baitcasters. On the contrary, customers who have used these products are satisfied and keep upgrading their purchases to enjoy better makes of these baitcasters.

Why Penn Reels are So Good (The Pros)

1. The design and construction :

Most people who have used Penn baitcasters keep using baitcasters from this company because of the design and robust construction. These Baitcasters have an excellent design and are made to withstand harsh conditions in the water.

2. The functionality of these Reels :

Penn Baitcasters reels are high-performing reels. Whether you are looking to go fishing in salt or fresh waters, you can enjoy the perfect functioning of these reels. The reels are unshaken by the strength and fighting of the fish.

3. The durability of these reels :

If you are looking for highly durable reels, look no further. This reel can last for years and still give the same performance all the years. With proper maintenance and greasing, you are assured of having this reel serve you for years.

4. The HT-100 Powerful drag disc :

Penn Baitcasters have a powerful and smooth drag that goes a long way in ensuring easy fishing, even on heavy loads.

5. The weight of these reels :

Penn reels are lightweight, so they allow you to have an easy and comfortable day fishing. In addition, you’ll have an easy time casting and fishing.

Cons of Penn Baitcasters :

Penn Baitcasters are good. However, there are some downsides associated with these reels.

1. Some can be expensive:

Some Penn baitcaster reels are expensive, and you need to cough over $100 for a single reel.

2. Limitation to certain places:

Some Reeks are limited to specific environments. For example, some reels can only be used in freshwaters or salty waters. This limits you to explore more waters.

3. Some reels lack versatility:

Some Penn Baitcaster reels are not versatile, and they cannot be used by left and right-handed people.

Types of Penn Baitcast Reels

Penn Low Profile Baitcasters

Penn offers Low profile baitcasting reels that can handle challenging situations in the water. Low-profile reels have a palm side and handle side. Some of the best Penn Baitcaster reels include Fathom Low profile reel and Squall Low Profile Reel

Penn Round Baitcasters

Round baitcasting reels are mainly used for long-distance casting, catching heavier fish, and casting heavier lures. Penn has ensured to produce the best quality round baitcasters. Examples of Penn Round Baitcasters include Penn International 975 Round Baitcaster Reel.

 Penn Convectional Baitcaster

Convectional reels are primarily used for trolling large fish and when targeting large freshwater reels. Penn Convectional baitcasters are built to ensure superior performance and strength. These convectional bait cast reels from Penn include Squall II level Wind, International VI Electric Standard Reel and International VI Electric Autostop.

Uses of Penn Baitcaster         

The Penn Baitcaster is very useful in your fishing escapades. Below are the uses of Penn Baitcaster.

1. This baitcaster casts heavier lines than most other baitcasting reels.

2. The Penn baitcasters have cranking power that incorporates high-density baits like crankbaits.

3. The baitcasters allow you to maintain contact with the lure. This helps improve precision and accuracy.

4. The Penn baitcaster allows you to slow down the lure softly and smoothly not to frighten and chase away fish.

5. This bait caster accords you better line control to control the line better and more comfortably.

How Do You Cast Penn Baitcaster

To Cast your Penn Bait caster, you first of all need to set your spool tension not too loose or too tight to have good tension. Then place your thumb straight down on the line and release the tension on your line. The thumb should be in the middle level down. After this, push the lever and engage in casting. Also, make sure that the line is still grinding against your thumb as you cast out. To prevent backlashes with your Penn baitcaster, practice regularly, and in no time, you will get the hang of it.

Care and Maintenance of Penn Baitcaster

To ensure the durability of your Penn bait caster Reel, you need to maintain and take care of it. You can get professional repair and service from your localized reel warranty center. They will service your reel and leave it working perfectly. To have the reel repaired and maintained, you need your reel, data proving the purchase or ownership, and a completed repair form.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are Penn Fishing Reels Valuable to Collectors?

There is no specific value of these reels to collectors. However, the value of this fishing reel will be based on its functionality. But, rarely will you find this value goes beyond the purchasing price. For the Penn reels, the value will go down and will depend on its working.

2. How Good is the Penn Peer no 309 Fishing Reel?

This fishing reel was designed years ago, and it’s still available today. It is ideal for pier and boat fishing. You will also love its price and functionality. The Peer no 309 Fishing reel has served different generations, and it remains a good and quality fishing reel.

Final Verdict

Fishing ought to be a fun and fantastic experience. However, if you carry the wrong baitcasting reel, you can regret the day and come back feeling like you were out lifting heavy loads. If you are looking for a good baitcasting reel, try Penn bait casters. The quality and performance of these reels will wow you and leave you yearning for the next fishing experience. With these baitcasters, you can tour the different water bodies around you and test your prowess.

Additionally, Penn spinning reels are another type of fishing equipment that you should check out. In our Penn Spinning Reels Review, we cover all the important details about them including their pros and cons!

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