7 Best Penn Spinning Reels Review (Top Models for 2022)

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You don’t have to face backlashes and overruns anymore. Penn Spinning reels are made to ensure your fishing escapades are productive, and you enjoy using these spinning reels for years. Additionally, you get to pay less for a quality and durable reel.

The market is flooded with manufacturers coming up with new ideas and making different kinds of spinning reels. However, you need to pick a reel that generations have trusted before to deliver the best. So keep reading and discover the best Penn Spinning reels.

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We reviewed all the available products manufactured by Penn, and picked top Penn spinning reels. We have taken couple of factors (ie, quality, performance, durability, customer experience, built material, pricing etc) into consideration. If you are in a hurry, you may choose your desired reels from the list.

Best Premium Choice
Penn Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel
Penn Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel
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Best Overall
Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reel
Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reel
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Penn Clash II Spinning ReelPenn Clash II Spinning Reel
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Best Budget Friendly
Penn Fierce III Spinning Reel
Penn Fierce III Spinning Reel
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Penn Battle III Spinning ReelPenn Battle III Spinning Reel
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Penn Pursuit III Spinning ReelPenn Pursuit III Spinning Reel
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Penn Conflict II Spinning ReelPenn Conflict II Spinning Reel
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1. Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reel

The Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning reel is made of metal, and the side plates are also metallic. This makes it sturdy and robust, and sturdy. In addition, it has a Techno-balanced rotor that makes retrieval easy and smooth. 5+1 shielded stainless steel bearings ensure smooth casts.

The spinning reel has an IPX5 sealed body and spool design and instant anti-reverse gear. It also has CNC gear technology that ensures durability. It also features four positions that increase the rear drag when need be. In addition, the HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers provide a smooth and powerful drag.


  • The spinning reel delivers smoothness and precision
  • This Penn spinning reel has line capacity rings
  • Four settings are adjustable and reduce tension.


  • The reel does not come with a spare spool
  • The reel is also a bit pricy if you have a limited budget.

2. Penn Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel

This spinning reel is right and left-hand oriented. It weighs 1 pound and has 6+1 corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings that ensure smooth and precise casts,

This Slammer III spinning reel features CNC gear technology that provides its technology. The reel’s body and side plate material is metal so that you can be assured of their robustness and sturdiness. The reel also has an IP6 sealed body and spool design and a sealed Slammer drag system that provides a smooth and powerful drag.


  • The reels are perfect for fresh and salt waters.
  • It is well built and sturdy.
  • The spinning reel has ultra smoothness due to the 6+1 ball bearings


  • The reel has a minimum drag.

3. Penn Fierce III Spinning Reel

This spinning reel has a full metal body and side plate; hence they are sturdy and meant to withstand harsh conditions while fishing. It also has precise gear alignment even under heavy loads. Its Techno balanced rotor also gives smooth retrieve.

The spinning reel also features four shielded stainless steel ball bearings and an instant anti-reverse bearing that ensures smoothness while casting. There are also  HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers that provide a smooth and powerful drag. The Fierce III spinning reel also has a super line spool and line capacity rings.


  • It has a Techno balanced rotor for smooth retrieves
  • The reels can handle salt waters perfectly.
  • It holds plenty of lines and casts very well.


  • The gears grind after some time, so you need to grease them regularly.

4. Penn Conflict II Spinning Reel

The Penn Conflict II spinning reel has a rigid resin RR30 body and rotor that makes it sturdy and highly durable. The spin also features a CNC gear technology also maintains the durability of this reel.

The spinning reel also has a 7+1 shielded stainless steel system that ensures smooth and accurate casts. In addition, the HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers ensure a powerful and smooth drag. The drag is also adjustable, and you can adjust it mid-fight.


  • The drag is smooth and easily adjustable
  • It is lighter than most Penn spinning reels
  • It is highly durable.


  • This reel is a bit pricy, but the performance is impeccable and worth every shilling.

5. Penn Clash II Spinning Reel

This spinning reel has a full metal body and also metal side plates. The HT-100 fiber drag washers ensure a powerful drag that is also easily adjustable. The spinning reel has eight stainless steel ball bearings and an instant anti-reverse bearing.

The CNC gear technology also maintains the durability of this reel. As a result, the reel is perfect for surf anglers and those that like to follow seagulls. It also has a Clutch Amor System.


  • The spinning reel is comfortable so, you can enjoy a day fishing without getting fatigued.
  • The ball bearings and instant anti-reverse bearing ensures a smooth cast and retrieve
  • It is built to withstand different types of fish and harsh conditions.


  • The spinning reel is a bit pricy

6. Penn Battle III Spinning Reel

The Penn Battle III spinning reel only weighs 0.25 kgs and is made of metal, making it robust and highly durable. The spinning reel has CNC gear technology that ensures the durability of this reel. It also features HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers that provide a smooth and powerful drag.

The spinning reel features five shielded stainless steel ball bearings, and an anti-reverse ball bearing that ensures smooth and longer casts. In addition, it has line capacity rings so that it can hold multiple lines.

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  • The spinning reel can hold multiple lines.
  • It is lightweight and so comfortable for all-day fishing
  • The spinning reel has a smooth and powerful drag.
  • It is perfect for saltwater fishing.


  • The spinning reel does not come with a free spool
  • The reel is costly but functions exceptionally.

7. Penn Pursuit III Spinning Reel

This spinning reel is right and left-hand oriented. It contains HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers that provide a smooth and powerful drag. It is made of graphite, stainless steel, and aluminum materials, making it lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

Its sealed drag washer system is smooth and works perfectly. It also has a slow oscillation gearing that improves line lay and minimizes line twists. Its line capacity rings give you an idea of how many lines the spinning reel can hold. Its superline spool also ensures that no backing is needed since the rubber gasket keeps the super line from slipping.


  • The line capacity rings allow it to hold multiple lines
  • This reel is ideal for beginner anglers in salt waters.
  • The reel has a smooth drag


  • The spinning reel is a bit pricy.

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Key Features of Penn Spinning Reel

1. The all-metal construction

Penn spinning reels stand out for their all-metal construction. This metal construction ensures the robustness and durability of these spinning reels.

2. Sealed Dura-Drag System

The sealed Dura-Drag system is another outstanding feature of the Penn spinning reels. This spinning reel ensures a smooth and powerful drag even with a heavy load.

3. Quality

Penn Spinning reels are high quality and are built to withstand harsh conditions and catch large fish.

4. IPX6 Water Tight Sealing

The water Tight sealing of the Penn spinning reel ensures that you are well sorted even for heavy-duty use, and you are protected against powerful water jets.

Why Penn Reels are So Good

1. The reels are highly durable- If you are looking for a highly durable spinning reel, try the Penn reels. They are made to withstand all harsh conditions and last for years without disappointing you.

2. Performance-Penn spinning reels are some of the best performing spinning reels. In addition, these spinning reels have features like instant anti-reverse handles, assuring that you are not faced with backlashes or backward motion.

3. Exceptional smoothness-Penn spinning reels have exceptional smoothness due to the ball bearings equipped with these reels. As a result, you can be assured of smooth and precise casts.

4. Comfort- Penn spinning reel is comfortable with ergonomic handle grips that alleviate fatigue even after casting all day.

The Pros of Penn Spinning Reels

1. These spinning reels are highly versatile, making your fishing experience easier and more comfortable.

2. These spinning reels are robust and solid so that you can be assured of a more accurate and longer cast. In addition, they are also able to fight fish better.

3. The Penn spinning reels are also highly durable, and you can be assured they will not break or get damaged easily.

4. These reels also come with a warranty so you can have your reel repaired or replaced in case of defects.

The Cons of Penn Spinning Reels

1. Pricing-Penn spinning reels are a little pricy to get a good reel; you need to have $100. This price might be unfavorable to someone with a low budget.

2. Weight-Some of these reels is a little heavy compared to other reels. As a result, some people might find it difficult to cast accurately.

3. Spare Spool not provided-Penn do not provide an extra spool, so if your spool gets destroyed, you need to purchase a new one. Some Penn reels also have very handy spools.

Different Penn Spinning Reels

Penn has advanced their manufacture, and they produce different types of spinning reels. These spinning reels include inshore and offshore spinning reels.

Inshore Spinning Reel

Inshore fishing involves fishing in water that doesn’t run too deep and near the shore. For inshore fishing, you need to get a strong spinning reel that can run smoothly throughout the cast, drag, and retrieve. Penn has outdone itself in the production of inshore spinning reels. Their best reels include Penn Pursuit IV Spinning Reel, Penn Slammer IV Spinning Reel, and Spinfisher VI Live Liner Spinning Reel.

Offshore Spinning Reel

Offshore fishing is the type of fishing that occurs more than 9 miles from the shoreline. For this kind of fishing, you need a sturdy and robust fishing reel that can handle large fish and harsh conditions. Penn spinning reels are perfect for offshore fishing and are made for superior performance. The best Pen offshore spinning reels include Penn Pursuit III Spinning reel, Penn Fierce III reel, and Pen Fierce III live Liner Reel.

Uses of Penn Spinning Reels

1. Penn spinning reels ensure smooth and longer casts.

2. Penn Spinning reels are used by anglers and professionals in competitions and tournaments.

3. These spinning reels allow you to maintain contact with the lure, enhancing precision.

4. They allow you to slowly lower light lures, so it falls in water smoothly without frightening the fish.

Care and Maintenance of Penn Spinning Reels

To ensure the durability and proper working of spinning reels, you need to maintain and care for them. The Penn spinning reels require to be kept cleaned and greased often. For repair and servicing, call the Penn professionals or your local authorized reel warranty center. With professionals, you will get your reel lubricated, repaired and cleaned perfectly. All you require is your reel, Evidence of ownership or purchase, and completed repair form. When sending the reel to Penn, send via UPS so the spinning reel can be tracked.

Best Penn Spinning Reel for Salt Water

When going fishing in salty waters, you need to know that salty water is more corrosive and may cause damage to your fishing equipment faster. However, there are numerous fish in these waters where you can test your prowess. Penn spinning reels are made to withstand saltwater and corrosion from the sand also. Penn saltwater spinning reels is the Penn Slammer III spinning reel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Largest Penn Spinning Reel?

The largest Penn spinning reel is the new Penn Spinfisher V-10500 spinning reel. This spinning reel is meant for heavy offshore and onshore work.

2. How do you choose the best Model for your purpose?

Choosing the right spinning reel can be a piece of work. Especially with the increased number of manufacturers. Getting the best model is just as crucial as getting the correct size. When choosing the suitable model, make sure you get a high-performing, quality, and highly durable reel.

3. How We Found the best Penn Spinning Reel?

We found the best Penn spinning reel by testing the different reels in adverse conditions and checking their different specifications. Weighing in on the different Penn spinning reels’ functionality, quality and durability got us to decide which is the best spinning reel. However, it’s important to note that we had to upgrade on several Penn spinning reels and get additional information from other users of the Penn spinning reels.

Final Verdict

Every buyer desires to get the best product. However, there are instances where we are disappointed by the products we buy. The popularity of some products blinds us, and we end up making the wrong buying decision. To avoid purchasing a substandard spinning reel, try Penn reel their quality, make, and durability will wow you.

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