The 3 Best Double Sided (Neodymium) Fishing Magnet in 2021

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Magnet or magnetic fishing is increasing in popularity as days go by. Like many people, when I first heard of magnet fishing, I thought of catching catfish and salmons with a magnet. I was like, how is that even possible? Well, it turns out I was wrong because it has nothing to do with regular fishing. 

Yes, you will be fishing in the seas, rivers, and oceans, but instead of catching fish, you will be retrieving metals and treasures. It is a fun activity, but you will need to be equipped with the right tools. 

In this guide, I will provide you with crucial tips for magnet fishing and recommend three of the best and strongest double-sided fishing magnets. There are a few tools crucial in for the activity, including a carabiner and a double-sided magnet with rope. You can still use single magnets, but double-sided ones are the most preferred. 

Tips for Magnet Fishing 

If you are going to invest your time and money in the activity, you should do it right. Here are a few tips to help you in your magnetic fishing journey. 

Get the Right Magnet 

There are hundreds of magnets in stores, but not all are worth your money or time. I highly recommend buying a Neodymium (rare earth) magnet for the best results. 

Neodymium magnets are super strong, and they can retrieve practically anything you find in the waters. The magnets are also easier to attach to a rope than most standard magnets in the market.

However, when using such a powerful magnet, it is crucial to be careful. You can end up pinching or breaking your fingers. They can also attract your electronics damaging them, probably like we saw in Breaking Bad season five. But if you take a few precautions, these problems can be avoided. 

Tie the Right Knots 

Like with regular fishing, it is crucial to always tie the right knots. The bottom of the lake or sea is full of debris, which makes it difficult to retrieve things, and you might end up losing the magnet while retrieving if the knot is not strong enough. 

Use the Right Rope 

There are many ropes available for purchase, with each having its strengths and weaknesses. Nylon is the most common, but you can also use paracord, which is light yet strong and durable. If I’m asked, I will go for nylon ropes. 

Always Use Gloves 

Choose a pair of gloves that will protect your hands adequately. The items from the sea or river are slimy and sometimes nasty, so it is important to protect your hands with gloves.

Choose a Favorable Location 

Choose a location that usually has visitors who are capable of throwing off things. A swimming beach is a fantastic example. Just make sure you have a permit, and it is legal to practice magnetic fishing in your locality. 

Be Patient and Realistic 

Like with most things in life, it is very important to set realistic goals and be patient. Don’t expect to throw your magnet for the first time and come out with gold. It does not work like that. In most cases, you will “fish” worthless scrap metals. Look at it positively and say you are “sanitizing” the environment. One day you will retrieve something valuable, and that’s the thrill of the hunt. 

Use Double-Sided Magnets 

There is no problem with using a single-sided magnet. In fact, single magnets are cheaper, and they still get the job done if you know how to use one. However, with a double-sided magnet, you increase your chances of retrieving more items. A double-sided magnet attracts items with both sides. Logically, you have a higher chance of landing more items with a double-sided magnet. 

Best Double-Sided Magnets 

Now that you understand the basics, here are the three best double-sided fishing magnets.

Wukong Double-Sided Fishing Magnet

If you are looking for a strong magnet that can lift practically almost anything it finds in the sea, you should consider purchasing the Wukong Double-Sided magnet. 

The magnet comes with a 94mm diameter and 30 mm thickness. It comes with a double force of 1700 pounds, which is equivalent to 770 kg. This means each side has a magnetic pull force of up to 850 pounds (385kg).


The magnet comes with some fine features, which include:


It is designed for heavy-duty use, and it is perfect for recovering all kinds of items from underwater. You can use it to recover things like pumps, ferrous tools, and other heavy metal objects.

Ni+Cu+Ni Triple Layer Coated 

The magnet comes with one of the best coatings, which makes it rust-resistant and more durable than most magnets in the market. The coating helps prevent the magnet from chipping and breaking. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Wukong provides replacements and refunds if a customer is not impressed by their product. Their customer support is also always ready to help whenever you have questions


  • High pulling force 
  • Excellent packaging 
  • Easy to use 
  • A durable magnet for multiple uses 
  • Provides you with the value of your money


  • Does not attract gold, stainless steel, copper, and silver 


Wukong double-sided magnet is a durable and worthy magnet for all. It is easy to use and comes with a high pulling force. However, you should not expect to use the magnet to “fish” gold because it does not attract gold. Finally, keep it far from children and electronic devices. 

3600 LBS Double-Sided Fishing Magnet 

36000 LBS is one of the heaviest and strongest doubled-sided magnets. The magnet weighs 9.5 pounds and comes with a pulling force of 3600 pounds. Many people agree that it is easy to use and can retrieve almost anything metallic underwater. Please note that  3600 pounds puling power is a combined force. Each side of the magnet has an 1800 pound pulling force.


Some of its features include:

Nickel-Copper coated Steel 

The coated steel provides the magnet with protection, preventing chips and breakages. 

High Pulling Force (3600 pounds)

You will not find a stronger magnet than this one coming at such an affordable price. 

Excellent Packaging 

Many people are impressed by the packaging of the magnet, and you will probably like it too. 


  • A powerful magnet capable of retrieving almost anything from underwater
  • A well-made, sturdy, and durable magnet 


  • Some people found the magnet to be too big for their use. 
  • Slightly expensive than most magnets. 


If you are looking for a strong magnet for heavy-duty use, you should consider the 3600 LBS double-sided magnet. It is worth every dollar.

Uolor Double-Sided Neodymium Fishing Magnet

Uolor double-sided magnet is not as powerful as the ones we discussed above, but not everyone is looking for a super-strong magnet. Therefore, if you are looking for a magnet for average “fishing,” you will love this one. It comes with the following features:


It comes with the following features:

Multi-use and Easy to Use 

The magnet is easy to use and not too heavy, meaning it can be used by even children. 

Ni+Cu+Ni Coating 

The magnet comes with a shiny and rust-resistant coating, which ensures your magnet lasts as long as possible. 

Ready to Use 

The magnet comes assembled with eyebolt screws. All you need to do is attach your rope and get out to your treasure hunt.

Satisfaction Guarantee 

If you receive a defective product, they are always ready to replace or refund you. You can buy with confidence, knowing you are buying a high-quality product.


  • Durable 
  • It can be used by children, although you still need to be very careful. 
  • A ready-to-use magnet 


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty use 

Wrapping Up 

Magnet fishing is fun, but you need to ensure you have the right tools for the job. Buy a high-quality magnet like 3600 LBS Double-Sided Magnet and a strong rope to complement it. Finally, make sure you have a permit since some states like South Carolina have strict rules about treasure hunting. Good luck. 

Additionally, if you are looking for more style magnets, we have covered the top-notch quality magnets in our reviews on the Best Style Magnet for Magnet Fishing.

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