5 Best Magnets for Magnet Fishing (Top Picks for 2022)

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Welcome to the complete guide to magnet fishing. Here, I will give you the basics of this exciting new hobby and then review five of the best fishing magnets. By the end of the guide, you will be able to choose the best magnet for fishing and increase your chances of landing treasures every time you go out. However, here is a summary of the best magnets for magnet fishing if you are in a hurry. 

Best 5 Magnets for Magnet Fishing :

1333lb Quest Neodymium Fishing Magnet1333lb Quest Neodymium Fishing Magnet
  • A versatile magnet
  • Indestructible guarantee 
  • It comes with a thread locker
  • It comes with Superior strength of 1333 pounds
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Best Overall Magnet
DIYMAG Super Strong Neodymium Magnet
DIYMAG Super Strong Neodymium Magnet
  • Permanent Strength 
  • Ni+Cu+Ni Triple Layer Coating 
  • A High-Quality Magnet made according to the ISO 9001 Quality System
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Neosmuk 2.5 MagnetNeosmuk 2.5 Magnet
  • Stainless Steel Eyebolt 
  • Three Layers of Coating 
  • A Sturdy Magnet for Reliable Fishing 
  • You Can Use It For More Than Fishing 
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Best High-End Magnet
575 LBS Brute Magnetics Fishing Magnet
575 LBS Brute Magnetics Fishing Magnet
  • Nickel- Copper- Nickel Coating
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • A Super Strong Magnet with a pulling force of up to 575 pounds
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Best Budget Friendly Magnet
Neosmuk 100LBS Fishing Magnet
Neosmuk 100LBS Fishing Magnet
  • Reliable coating
  • A versatile magnet 
  • A super durable magnet 
  • 100% money-back guarantee


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1333lb Quest Neodymium Fishing Magnet 

If you are looking for a super-strong magnet for average to heavy-duty use, I recommend going for the 1333lb Quest Neodymium magnet. It is one of the best magnets for magnet fishing (Dymium Magnet). It is strong, and it comes with a 120 mm diameter. You can use it in lakes, rivers, and even seas to recover objects weighing up to 640kg. 

With such a pulling force, you can be sure of retrieving bikes, safes, and other heavy metallic objects. The magnet is designed to last for the longest time, and many consumers have been impressed by its functionality. 


It comes with the following fantastic features:

A Versatile Magnet 

The 1333lbs Quest magnet is so strong that you can use it for more than just treasure hunting. Quest recommends using it for magnetic fishing +treasure hunting, finding lost bolts, picking up metal scraps, heavy-duty hanging, and heavy supplies handling. You can use it correct small items like priceless coins as well as larger items like bicycles and guns. 

It comes with a Thread Locker

The magnet comes applied with a thread locker to ensure the eyebolt sits tight and does not come out while retrieving. 

Superior Strength

With a strength of up to 1333 pounds, which is equivalent to 604 kg, you can be sure of retrieving pretty much anything you attract in the waters. It is, in fact, one of the strongest fishing magnets in the market. 

A Ready to Use Magnet 

The Quest magnet comes with a countersunk hole where you will put the rope and start your fishing quest. 

Indestructible Guarantee 

Quest is so confident with their product that they offer an indestructible guarantee for all their magnets. Therefore, if you are not impressed by your magnet, you can return it, and they will make it right by you. 


The Quest Super Strong magnet is one of the strongest magnets you can find. Most people love its functionality, and I’m, convinced you would like it too. However, be sure to keep it away from your watch, electronics, and other metallic things in your house. I recommend it to all magnet fishing enthusiasts. 

DIYMAG Super Strong Neodymium Magnet 

If you are looking for the best magnet for river fishing, this DIYMAG is an excellent option. It comes with a 60 mm diameter, and you can use it to retrieve small and larger metallic items weighing up to 500 pounds, which is equivalent to 227 kg.


The magnet comes with the following key features

A High-Quality Magnet 

The DIYMAG magnet has its magnetic fields concentrated at the bottom, and it is protected with reel steel for maximum durability. Its magnetic force is at least ten times more than the volume of the magnet. 

What’s more, it is manufactured according to ISO 9001 Quality System. To put the icing on the cake, the magnet comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you are not impressed, you can always return it within sixty days of purchase, and you will be refunded. 

Ni+Cu+Ni Triple Layer Coating 

The magnet comes with one of the best coatings, which provides a rust resistance surface and a shiny appearance. The coating also protects the magnet, preventing chips and breaks. 


You can use your magnet for more than fishing. DIYMAG recommends using it for hanging, lifting, and retrieving metallic things. You can use it in your garage to find small items like screws, fasteners, and eyebolts. 

Permanent Strength 

The DIYMAG magnet is not the kind that loses its strength after a few months. On the contrary, it will serve you for many years without losing its magnetic strength. 


The DIYMAG magnet is an excellent choice for river fishing. You can use it to retrieve small and large items weighing up to 227 kg. This magnet is worth every dollar due to its functionality and durability. Please wear gloves while handling the magnet and keep it away from children.

Neosmuk 2.5 Magnet 

Neomusk is one of the most trusted brands in the market, and they don’t disappoint with this rare earth magnet. The magnet has a pulling force of up to 500 pounds, and it is ideal for lifting and retrieving items. It has an excellent coating, and it is lightweight. 


Here are some of the features that come with the magnet:

Three Layers of Coating 

The magnet comes with three layers of nickel coating, which makes it quite durable and rust-resistant. It also adds a classy look to the magnet, making it look much more expensive than it actually costs. You can even use it in salt water, and it will still not rust. 

A Sturdy Magnet for Reliable Fishing 

The magnet may not be too big in size, but it is a perfectly sturdy magnet. It is made of high-grade steel, and you can use it to retrieve items weighing up to 500 pounds of metallic items. 

Stainless Steel Eyebolt 

The magnet comes with a durable stainless steel eyebolt, which is rust-resistant and durable. The eyebolt is designed to make your fishing and hanging easier. 

You Can Use It For More Than Fishing 

Many people are using the Neosmuk magnet to hang lights, bird feeders, and more. Therefore, if you don’t want to continue magnet fishing in the future, you can always use your magnet for other functions such as hanging. 


The Neosmuk 2.5 is an excellent all-around magnet that comes at an affordable price and offers an unreal pulling force for a magnet of its size. You can use it for fishing, hanging, and some people use it in their gyms. I highly recommend it. 

575 LBS Brute Magnetics Fishing Magnet 

The 575lbs Brutes magnet is made of A3 steel casing and then coated with nickel-copper-nickel coating. This coating is one of the strongest, and you can expect your magnet to last for the longest time.

Additionally, it has an M10 eyebolt, hook, and knob. These inclusions make your work pretty easy. All you need to do is add a rope and go out on to treasure hunt. It is available worldwide, and it is one of the best magnets for magnet fishing UK. 


To help you make an informed decision about the magnet, check out the features that come with it. 

A Super-Strong Magnet 

The magnet comes with a pulling force of 575 pounds, making it one of the strongest magnets for river magnet fishing. 

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 

Brutes Magnetics is so sure about its craftsmanship that it offers a 100% customer guarantee. This means, if you are not impressed by the product, you can return it, and Brutes Magnetics will replace the magnet or refund you if that’s the only way for you to feel satisfied. 

Nickel- Copper- Nickel Coating 

Like many high-quality magnets, it comes with a nickel-copper-nickel three-layer coating. This coating protects the magnet from chips and breaks, making it last for the longest time. 

A Durable Magnet with Permanent Magnetic Strength 

The magnet is neodymium iron boron (Nb-Fe-B), one of the best materials for magnets. This material makes the magnet durable and helps it maintain its magnetic strength for the longest time. 


The ‘Brutes Magnetics’ magnet is a strong magnet that is well-made and one that will serve you for a long time. You can use it with a 65ft rope, and it comes at a reasonable price. Just make sure to use it carefully and use the right knots not to lose it while retrieving. I highly recommend it.

Neosmuk 100LBS Fishing Magnet 

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly magnet that will serve you for a long time, you should consider the Neosmuk 100lbs magnet. It might not have the highest pulling force, but it will retrieve small items like coins, some safes, and guns. The magnet is lightweight and can be used by young users. It strongly attracts nickel, iron, steel, and other ferromagnetic materials. 


Don’t let its low pulling force make you think that it is not a high-quality magnet. Here are a few features that come with it that proves it is a high-quality magnet. 

A Super Durable Magnet 

The magnet is sturdy, strong, and reliable. It comes with 1.3 inches of CNC machined steel and then embedded with a super strong NdFeB magnet that offers a pulling force of up to 130 pounds. The magnetic strength is permanent and will not wear out after a few months of usage. 

Reliable Coating 

The magnet comes with a reliable coating of nickel and copper, which increases the durability of the magnet and reduces the risk of rusting. The coating has high moisture resistance and electric insulation. Furthermore, it exhibits thermal resistance. 

A Versatile Magnet 

The magnet might appear small, but it is quite versatile. With a pulling force of up to 130 pounds, it is an excellent choice for hanging, retrieving, and magnet fishing. It attracts iron, cobalt, steel, and their alloys. You can use it in your garage, yard, and other places that might require magnets. 

100% Money-Back Guarantee 

Neosmuk stands by the quality of its product, and if you are not impressed by the magnet, you can return it, and you will be refunded. You will most probably love the magnet because it is of high-quality, though. 


The Neosmuk 100lbs is a small magnet weighing only 9 ounces, but it will serve you well for many years. It is beginner-friendly, and your kids can use it since it is quite lightweight. However, you should not expect to use the magnet for heavy-duty fishing. Just go for it if you plan to retrieve smaller objects or hang lightweight metallic objects not exceeding 100 pounds. 

What is Magnet Fishing?

This new hobby is pretty much like metal detecting, only that you do metal detecting on the ground while you do magnet fishing in the waters. The activity is different from normal fishing even though you will be fishing in water bodies. Instead of using tackles ad lures to catch fish, you will use a strong rope and a high-quality magnet to attract metallic objects in the waters. 

This hobby has become quite popular in recent years, and you can land a lot of fascinating things. Furthermore, you will be helping the environment by getting rid of the metallic objects in the rivers, lakes, and seas. As a bonus, it includes exploring different places. If you are a person who enjoys nature, you will love this hobby. 

The good thing about magnet fishing is it requires little to no skill to venture into it. Unlike traditional fishing, where you have to take a few days to practice how to cast, all you need to know in magnet fishing is how to tie a super strong knot. 

Types of Magnets 

There are several types of magnets, and each comes with its pros and cons. Therefore, if you are asking yourself what the best type of magnet for magnet fishing is, it will depend on your likes and preferences. Here are the types you can choose from:

Magnet Fishing Kit

A kit comes with everything you will need to go out. You won’t need to use your time looking for a compatible rope for the new magnet you will purchase. 


  • It comes with the necessary equipment required for magnet fishing, including a magnet, rope, carabiner, and gloves. 
  • It comes with a case that you can use to store tools on your fishing trip. 
  • It usually has different types of magnets, varying in sizes and strengths. 


  • It usually has weaker magnets that you can’t use in heavy-duty work. 
  • Its ropes are not too strong either and are mostly not waterproof. 

Double-Sided Magnets 

Double-sided magnets are the most popular in this new hobby, and it is for a good reason. They attract metals with both sides, which increases your chances of landing something during your trip. 


  • Increases your chances of attracting more items since it attracts both sides. 
  • It has more pulling power.
  • It is available in various strengths.
  • It drops easily in the water, whether deep or shallow. 


  • Double-sided magnets increase the risk of snags. 
  • They crack easily compared to the other types. 

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Top Mount Magnets 

Top mount magnets are among the most affordable magnets, and they are usually beginner-friendly. They are versatile and fun to use. 


  • Relatively affordable and beginner-friendly. 
  • They are small in size, but they can still attract larger items. 
  • They have a lower chance of developing snags and tangles of the rope. 
  • You can use them with all the best styles of a magnet for magnet fishing.


  • They don’t have a lot of pulling power.
  • Their eyebolts can slip while retrieving a catch. 

Cone Magnet 

If you are looking for a strong and durable magnet, a cone magnet is an excellent choice. However, its weight is not among the best weight magnet for magnet fishing,


  • It comes with a higher pulling power. 
  • It is more durable than the other types, even though it is slightly heavier since it is made of solid steel. 
  • Its rounded edges decrease the risk of snags and tangles. 


  • It might be too heavy for younger individuals. 
  • It is not available in many sizes. 

How to Choose the Right Magnet 

To choose the right magnet for the job, you will need to consider a few factors. These factors include :


The best size magnet for magnet fishing will depend on where you plan to fish and what you intend to catch. I recommend going for a magnet with a diameter of at least 60 mm. Smaller magnets than 60 mm may not bring good findings. To catch larger items like bikes and safes, you will require a larger and stronger neodymium magnet. 

Pulling Force 

Magnets come labeled with their pulling force. That said, don’t be excited with magnets with a high pulling power of up to 1000 kg if you will be pulling out the items on yourself. If you are not as strong as the Hulk, you can barely move a 500kg item out of water. 

That’s why I recommend going for a magnet with a pulling force of about 140 to 200 kg. That way, you will decrease the risk of losing the magnet in the water, plus it will be more fun without being too tiring.  However, if you are planning to do some heavy-duty fishing,  I recommend going for a magnet with a minimum pulling force of 400 kg. 

Type of Magnets 

As noted above, there are four major types of magnets. Each has its pros and cons. I Recommend going for a top mount magnet if you are a beginner. Double-sided are great magnets for people of all skill levels and ages. If you are experienced in this field, you can go for cone magnets as they are stronger, have high pulling power, and can last for many years. 


It is not always easy to establish a trustworthy brand. Therefore, if people trust a brand like they do Apple and Samsung for phones, then it means they must be doing something right. Some of the best brand magnets for magnet fishing includes Wukong, CMS Magnetics, DIYMAG, Quest, Neomusk, Dakin, and MHDMAG. Any magnet from them will be worth the price.


Magnets are relatively affordable, but it is still important to buy something within your budget. Choose several magnets within your budget and use the above factors to determine the best among them. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Magnet Fishing 

We have covered a lot to do with magnet fishing, but there is a possibility that some of you might still have some questions. Here are the answers to the most frequent questions about the activity. 

Is Magnet Fishing Worth It?

Yes, the activity is worth it. People have found all sorts of things while fishing. If you are as lucky as most magnet fishers, you can go back home with swords, guns, priceless coins, unexploded bombs, propellers, anchors, and more. Furthermore, there is a lot of fun in it. 

However, you should not keep your hopes too high. In most cases, you will land lots of junk materials before landing something worth your while. But if you find yourself a suitable location, your chances of landing worthy items are very high. For example, if you fish in areas where world war battles used to take place, your chance of landing something worthy is very high. 

Is Magnet Fishing Legal?

Well, it all depends on your location—the rules changes from country to country and state to state. In the United States, magnet fishing is legal all states but South Carolina. In South Carolina, there are many fossils and artifacts in the waterways. To fish in the waterways, you will require a Hobby License and not take more than ten items a day. These items will still belong to you, but you will need to provide a report of all your findings for review. 

In other states, you can take as many items as you want. However, if you will be fishing in private properties, you will need to acquire permission from the landowners. National parks and other government-owned properties are also out of bounds. To be sure, contact the department of natural resources, and you will be pointed in the right direction. 

In Canada, there are no laws prohibiting individuals from magnet fishing. Therefore, it is completely legal to fish in lakes and rivers. However, be careful with what you uncover while fishing. If you find things like unexploded bombs and other dangerous items that pose a threat to human life, report the findings to the police as soon as possible. 

Is Magnet Fishing Unsafe?

The activity is not dangerous, but it can get dangerous at times. Here are some dangers associated with this activity include :


You will be fishing in water bodies, and in most cases, you will be near the water. You could slip and fall into the water, and you might end up drowning if you don’t know how to swim. 

Also, if you have large metallic objects in your pockets or backpack, you could get attracted to the magnet in the water, making it even more difficult to get out of the water. Avoid areas with unstable edges and areas you can’t be able to get yourself out of if you fall. Also, going out with someone is advisable. 

Rope Tangles 

The rope you will use to pull out your things can get tangled and create a potentially dangerous situation. If, by mistake, you get tangled in the rope, you could get pulled into the water with the magnet. That’s why it is always advisable to use a high-quality rope that rarely tangles. 

Dangerous Finds 

Finally, you can end up fishing out potentially dangerous items. For example, you might find an unexploded grenade, and while examining it, you end up exploding it. It is highly unlikely, but it could happen. 

Moreover, some things you get underneath like knives are quite slippery, and you could end up hurting yourself with them if you are not wearing gloves. That’s why it is always to wear high-quality while going out to fish.

What’s the Best Magnet for Magnet Fishing? 

There are many high-quality magnets, and the best for you will depend on what you want to retrieve and where you want to use it. However, if I have to choose one, I would go for a 1333lb Quest Neodymium magnet. It is one of the strongest magnets with a pulling force of 1333lbs, and it is relatively affordable. 

Wrapping Up 

Magnet fishing is really fun, but it is not a hobby for everyone. If you are venturing into it so you can find a 24k gold ditched in a river somewhere, this might not be the hobby for you. But if you are getting into it to uncover artifacts and enjoy the hobby, you will grow to love it. Maybe someday you can uncover something really expensive. Enjoy the hobby with one of the best magnets for magnet fishing I’ve recommended. ENJOY!


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