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If you are looking for the best magnet fishing kits in 2021, you are in the right place. We will review five of the best magnet fishing kits. But before we get to that, allow me to discuss this new hobby in detail. Remember, the more you know about the activity, the higher the chances of landing something of significance and the less the risks and frustrations. 

Here is a summary of the five magnet fishing kits I will review. 

Key FeaturesCTA
Brute Box Magnet Fishing Bundle PackBrute Convenience 
Brute 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
Rot and UV Fading Resistant 
King Kong Magnetics Fishing Kit Strong 400lbs Rare Earth Magnet 
Superior Craftsmanship 
A Complete Set to Begin Magnet Fishing 
Brute Magnetics 2600lb Double-Sided Kit2660lbs Double-Sided Magnet 
100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 
Waterproof Carrying Case 
Muscular Magnetics Double-Sided Fishing Magnet Double Pack Easy Toss 
It Comes With a Stainless Steel Grappling Hook 
It Comes With a 100ft Long 8mm Rope
Satisfaction Guarantee 
1225lbs Muscular Double-Sided Fishing Magnet Bundle Pack Rope + Tape 
A 1225 Double-Sided Magnet 
A Stainless Steel Grappling Hook 
100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 

What is Magnet Fishing?

It is a new hobby that involves the use of a strong magnet and a high-quality rope to attract ferocious objects in the water. Please note that magnet fishing is quite different from normal fishing, and you can never catch a fish using this technique. However, you can find some worthy objects such as guns, priceless coins, Old Stone Age artifacts, and swords, among other things. 

However, it is worth noting that, in most cases, you will find junk metals. The good thing is you will be cleaning the environment and making the water bodies safe for swimming and living species. Furthermore, you will be exploring nature while moving from one location to another, which can be a huge mood booster. 

Typically, the activity does not require any special skill, and anyone can venture into it. However, you will need to be careful while fishing to avoid slipping into the waters or cutting yourself with the items you find. Also, you should learn how to tie strong knots to avoid losing your magnet while retrieving. 

What Do You Need for Magnet Fishing?

A complete magnetic fishing kit should have everything you need for magnet fishing. Luckily, the activity does not require many things to get started. Furthermore, the tools are quite affordable. Some of the items a magnet fishing kit complete set should include are: 

A Magnet 

It goes without saying that the magnet is the most important component of a fishing kit and magnet fishing in general. The magnet should be strong enough to pull out whatever you find in the waters, but not too strong to cause fatigue or stronger than the rope. It also should be durable and rust-resistant. 

There are various types of magnets, and each kit comes with its own unique type of magnet. The most common type of magnet is double-sided. Double-Sided Magnets attract metals with both sides, and they have more pulling power than most. They come in different strengths, and they drop easily into the water. However, these magnets are susceptible to chips and breaks. 

The other type of magnet is top mount magnets. These ones are the most affordable, and they are usually quite friendly to beginners. They are small in size and can be used by kids too. However, they don’t have high pulling power, so you cannot use them for heavy-duty work. 

Finally, there is the cone magnet. Cone magnets are very strong and durable, and you can use them for heavy-duty work. They rarely get broken, and they are considered the most durable. However, they are made of solid steel, which makes them quite heavy. They are not the best choice for kids due to their weight. 

Each magnet fishing kit will have its own magnet, and it is up to you to choose the one with the best magnet. Ideally, choose a magnet that is not too strong or too big. A magnet with about 60 mm diameter and 250 kg pulling force will get the job done for anyone. Be sure to consider the brand of the magnet as well as your budget before making a decision.


The second thing that must be there in the kit is the rope. The rope needs to be as strong as the magnet, if not stronger, to avoid snaps while retrieving your finds. Typically, most strong ropes have a diameter of at least 8 mm. However, you can still find a stronger rope for a smaller diameter. 

The strength of a rope is not always determined by the diameter. The material of the rope plays a significant role in determining the strength and durability of rope. Two of the best materials for fishing ropes are nylon and paracord. 

Your rope should also be long enough to reach the bottom of the water body you plan to retrieve metallic things. It will be useless if the rope cannot reach the bottom because the magnet will not attract anything. 

Typically, a 10-meter long rope is usually long enough for most rivers and lakes. However, if you plan to fish in deeper areas, you might want to consider a 20-meter long rope. 

Finally, the coating of the rope should be water-resistant to help increase the durability of the rope. That’s why you see many experienced magneteers looking for magnet fishing kit with rope, waterproof carry case. They know that something waterproof will last longer. The rope should not be too heavy, either. A too heavy rope will make your experience too tiring. 

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A good magnet fishing kit should at least include a pair of gloves. Gloves are a crucial part of the activity since you will be holding slippery and sharp items from time to time. Furthermore, some of the findings might be containing diseases, and the gloves will decrease the risk of contracting these diseases drastically. 

The gloves should be made of high-quality material and such that they are cut resistant and have a great grip. They should feel comfortable in your hands. 


If you are using an eyebolt magnet, which will probably be the case, the fishing kit should include a Loctite. The Loctite or threadlocker makes sure your rope does not snap or slip while fishing, decreasing the risk of rope tangles and twists. It also makes sure your magnet is secure and cannot easily get lost in the water while retrieving your findings in a place with lots of hindrances. 

Antibacterial Gel 

Some kits include antibacterial gels, which are very important since the waters are full of bacteria, and you might eat some on your way from the fishing trip while taking a snack. But when you have antibacterial gel, you will wash your hands and get rid of all disease-causing bacteria. If your kit does not include an antibacterial gel, you can always get one from your local chemist. 

Grapple Hook 

A grapple hook makes it quite easy to pull out stubborn finds even if they are heavier than your weight. Typically, a grappling hook allows you to pull out an item with up to three times your weight. Therefore, if you weigh 70kg, you can pull out an item weighing over 400 pounds with ease. If your kit does not include a grappling hook, you can always get one from Amazon or eBay. 

Magnet Storage System/Case 

You will want to carry your magnet in its case every time you go out to fish. Carrying your magnet in its case makes it easy to transport, and it also reduces the risk of losing the magnet or breaking it by accident. Carrying cases often come with the kit, but you can always buy one if your kit does not include a carrying case. 

Water Bottle 

Your kit will not necessarily include water in a water bottle, but it is important to carry drinking water with you while going out fishing to stay hydrated. The water of the lakes and rivers is not always safe to drink, so make it a habit to carry drinking water from home. 

Bucket/ Storage Bag 

Finally, you will need to carry a bucket or storage bag to put your finds, both the important ones and the junk metals. You should never leave the retrieved metals on the side of the water body or throw them back into the river. Carry them and sell them for recycling for the sake of the environment. If you don’t have a way to carry the junk metals, call the local scrap man, and I’m sure he will be happy to come for them. 

Best Magnet Fishing Kits Reviews

Now that you know the basics of magnet fishing and the basic items that should be included in a kit allow me to review the top five best magnet fishing kits of 2021. 

Brute Box Magnet Fishing Bundle Pack

Brute Magnetics is one of the household names in the magnet fishing world, and it is because they always provide us with some high-quality products. They don’t disappoint with this kit. It includes a 1200lbs magnet, a carabiner, gloves, threadlocker, and a nylon rope. 


Some of the features of the items that come with this kit include:

Brute Convenience 

This kit has everything you need for magnet fishing, so you won’t need to do other orders once you receive it. The carrying case is waterproof, and the kit includes one of the strongest magnets in the market. 

What’s more, it comes with a 65ft long rope and a carabiner, so all you need to do is insert the rope and get going. It also includes a thread locker, which prevents the eyebolt from loosening. The threadlocker also protects the rope from corrosion. 

Brute 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Brute Magnetics stands with the quality of their product, so you can expect a fishing kit with items of the highest quality. However, if you are not satisfied, they are always happy to do right by you. They will resolve your issue to your satisfaction, and they can refund you if that’s what you want. 

Rot and UV Fading Resistant 

The rope that comes with the kit is of the highest quality. It is made of nylon, one of the strongest materials for fishing ropes. Additionally, its coating is rot and UV fading resistant, so you can expect your rope to last for the longest time. 


  • A magnet fishing kit from a trusted brand 
  • Includes everything you need for magnet fishing despite coming at a pocket-friendly price. 
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee. 
  • A durable magnet and rope
  • A waterproof carrying case 
  • A super-strong magnet. 


  • The magnet starts corroding with time, especially if you fish in saltwater. 


This Brute Magnetics magnet fishing kit has everything you need to start your fishing journey, plus it is pocket and beginner-friendly. Yes, the magnet will start fading with time, but that’s something that happens to every magnet, even if it is rust-resistant. I recommend it to all magneteers. 

King Kong Magnetics Fishing Kit 

The King Kong Magnetics fishing kit is one of the best magnet fishing kits with a case you will find in the market. It comes with a rare earth magnet, plus a high-quality rope, gloves, carabiners, and threadlocker. It is one of the most appreciated magnet fishing bundle packs, and you will probably love it too. 


To help you make an informed decision, here are the key features that come with this magnet fishing combo. 

Strong 400lbs Rare Earth Magnet 

The kit comes with a strong magnet for light to average magnet fishing. A magnet with a pulling force of 400 pounds is strong enough to pull out most things you will find under the water. The good thing about this magnet is it is smaller in size and lightweight, so you won’t feel too tired carrying it around. 

Superior Craftsmanship 

The magnet that comes with the kit is made of pure neodymium, a rare earth element that is strong and keeps its magnetic strength for the longest time. It is then coated with rust-proof material to increase its longevity. The rope is made of nylon, and the gloves are made of high-quality material too. 

A Complete Set to Begin Magnet Fishing 

This kit includes everything you will need to start this new hobby. The magnet is beginner and pocket-friendly, the rope is strong, and the gloves are cut resistant, so your hands are well protected. It also includes a carabiner and threadlocker. 


  • Relatively affordable and beginner-friendly
  • Industrial strength for average magnet fishing
  • A durable magnet 
  • Excellent customer support from King Kong Magnetics 
  • A lightweight magnet that can be used by kids too 


  • The magnet might be too small for some people. 
  • Some users were not impressed by the quality of the rope. 


If you are looking for a magnet fishing kit with rope, carabiner, carrying case, threadlocker, and carabiners, this King Kong Magnetics kit is an excellent choice. It has everything you need to start this new hobby, plus it is relatively affordable. 

Brute Magnetics 2600lb Double-Sided + Rope+ Carabiner+ Gloves + Threadlocker 

If you are looking for a magnet fishing kit for heavy-duty fishing, you should consider purchasing this one from Brute Magnetics. It comes with one of the strongest magnets and an original fishing rope that will not snap while retrieving. The double-sided magnet increases your chances of retrieving more things since it attracts ferocious materials with both sides. 


Here are some of the key features that come with this magnet fishing kit:

2660lbs Double-Sided Magnet 

Double-sided magnets are quite popular in this hobby, and it is for a good reason. They are strong, durable, and they increase your chances of finding more things. 

This Brute Magnetics fishing kit comes with a double-sided magnet with a total of 2600 pounds of pulling power. This means that each side has a pulling force of 1300 pounds, which is strong enough to pull out practically anything you find in the water.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 

Brute Magnetics are so confident with the quality of their products that they provide a 100 percent customer guarantee. This means if you are not impressed by the kit, you can return it, and it will be replaced, or you will be refunded. Your satisfaction is always their number one priority. 

Waterproof Carrying Case 

The Brute Magnetics 2600lbs magnet fishing kit case is made of black high impact polypropylene plastic that is waterproof and durable. The case has two padlocks for additional security and not forgetting the knob with an O-ring that allows manual pressure adjustment. 


  • A super-strong double-sided magnet
  • An easy to care for magnet 
  • A strong rope
  • A waterproof carrying case and UV resistant rope 


  • It might be too strong for beginners. 


If you are looking for a double-sided magnet for heavy-duty work, this one from Brute Magnetics will do you justice. With 2600 pounds, you can pull out practically anything ferocious in the water. The gloves, rope, and carrying case are also of the highest quality. 

Muscular Magnetics Double-Sided Fishing Magnet Double Pack 

Muscular Magnetics is an American company that has been providing magnet fishing gear for some time now. They don’t disappoint with this kit. It comes with a strong, high-quality double-sided magnet with a pulling force of 2625 pounds. It also includes non-slip nylon gloves, threadlocker, carabiner, tape, rope, and grappling hook. Muscular Magnetics has pretty much everything you need for magnet fishing. 


Here are the key features that come with the kit:

Easy Toss 

The magnet is designed in such a way that it is easy to toss and drag it back from the water. And with a 2625 pulling force, at least 1312 pounds on each side, you can expect to retrieve practically anything you attract under the water. Also, it has two eyebolt positions, so you can choose the one that perfectly suits your needs. 

It Comes With a Stainless Steel Grappling Hook 

A grappling hook makes it quite easy to retrieve even the most stubborn finds. You can pull out metals weighing up to three times your weight. Most fishing magnet kits don’t come with a grappling hook, and you have to purchase one separately. The Muscular Magnetics kit includes a grappling hook, saving you the extra costs. 

It Comes With a 100ft Long 8mm Rope. 

The kit comes with a thick (8mm diameter), 100ft long rope. It is strong enough to lift up anything the magnet attracts underneath the water. It also comes with an added tape, which increases its strength and durability. Also, it is long enough to fish even in the deepest parts of the river and lake. 100ft is no small thing. 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

Muscular Magnetics provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, meaning they trust their craftsmanship is of the highest quality. If you are not impressed by the magnet, rope, carabiner, threadlocker, or gloves, you can send the kit back, and you will be refunded. 


  • One of the strongest magnets available. 
  • It comes with a grappling hook.
  • The kit comes with everything you need to start magnet fishing. 
  • The magnet comes with two eyebolts.
  • It’s not heavy or clunky like some magnets of similar pulling strength. 


  • It might be too strong for some users, especially the younger ones. 


If you are looking for a strong and high-quality double-sided magnet, this Muscular Magnetics fishing kit is worth considering. It comes with a 2625lbs magnet, 100ft rope, threadlocker, carabiner, gloves, and a grappling hook. You will head straight down to the river. They, however, recommend waiting for about 24 hours after applying the threadlocker to let it dry up nicely. 

1225lbs Muscular Double-Sided Fishing Magnet Bundle Pack 

Muscular Magnetics’ goal is to provide consumers with the strongest magnets, and the quality of their magnets speaks volumes. In this kit, they provide a 1225lbs magnet, 100ft nylon rope, carabiner, threadlocker, gloves, and a grappling hook. 


To help you see the quality of this Muscular Magnetics magnet fishing kit, here are the features that come with it. 

Rope + tape 

The Muscular magnet fishing kit comes with a high-quality rope, which is 100 feet long. The rope is then coated with tape that makes it waterproof and even more durable. The rope is made of nylon, so you can expect that it is lightweight yet strong enough to lift practically anything your magnet attracts. What’s more, its length is enough to fish even in the deepest parts. 

A 1225 Double-Sided Magnet 

Double-sided magnets attract ferocious materials with both sides, which logically increase your chances of retrieving more things. This one comes with a combined pulling force of 1225 pounds, meaning each side has a pulling strength of 612 pounds. That’s enough pulling force to attract most things underwater. 

A Stainless Steel Grappling Hook 

A grappling hook makes it pretty easy to pull out whatever your magnet attracts. Most kits don’t come with one, but this one does. The hook is made of stainless steel, which means it is rust-resistant, and it will last for the longest time, even when used in saltwater. 

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 

Like with other Muscular Magnetics products, they provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They are confident with their craftsmanship, and you will love this kit because it is full of quality products. However, you can return the kit if you are not impressed, and they will refund you. 


  • Relatively affordable 
  • Beginner-friendly 
  • A strong double-sided magnet 
  • A durable magnet, rope, gloves, and hook 
  • Lightweight and can be used by younger persons.
  • Excellent customer support 


  • Some users feel that it is not strong enough for heavy-duty use. 


The 1225lbs Muscular Magnetics Bundle is the right choice for anyone looking for a strong but not too strong magnet. With 612 pounds pulling force on both sides, you can be sure to pull out the most ferocious items under the water. I recommend it to all magneteers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are the answers to the most frequent questions about magnet fishing kits. 

How Much Is A Magnet Fishing Kit?

There are many fishing kits available, and they come at different prices. It all depends on the type of magnet in the kit, rope, and the brand. However, magnet fishing kits are readily affordable, and you will always find one within your price range. 

Is Magnet Fishing Illegal in the US?

No, magnet fishing is legal in the United States, and there are no laws stopping you from giving it a try. However, you will need a Hobby License to magnet fish in South Carolina. You also shouldn’t take more than ten items per day in South Carolina. 

What is the Best Magnet Fishing Kit?

There are many quality magnet fishing kits, and if I have to pick one, I will pick the 1225 Muscular Magnetics fishing kit. It comes with a 1225lbs double-sided magnet, a 100ft rope, carabiner, gloves, threadlocker, and grappling hook. It has everything you need to start your magnet fishing journey. 

Wrapping Up 

Magnet fishing is a fun-filled hobby, and it does not require any special skill to begin. However, you need the right tools for the job, and that’s why I always recommend choosing magnet fishing kits. In this guide, you get the best magnet fishing kits of 2021 from Brute Magnetics, King Kong Magnetics, and Muscular Magnetics. 

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