5 Best Baitcasting Reels for Saltwater (Top Picks for 2022)

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Saltwater fishing is often associated with large fish, and it is crucial to prepare yourself with the right tools for the job. Typically, you will need a baitcasting combo for the best experience. There are thousands of saltwater baitcasting reels, which is nice as it gives you options. However, these options can give you trouble choosing the best.

There are several things you need to consider before settling for any baitcaster. I will discuss these factors later in the guide and then review the best saltwater inshore baitcasting reels. Hopefully, you will find a reel that will compliment your rod and make your fishing more enjoyable. Here’s a summary of the baitcasters I’ve reviewed. 

Best Baitcast Reels for Saltwater : Comparison table

KastKing Spartacus I & II Baitcasting Reels
KastKing Spartacus I & II Baitcasting Reels
  • Gear Ratio : 6.3:1/7.2:1
  • Ball Bearings : 7+1
  • Max Drag (LB) : 17.64
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Best Budget Reel
KastKing Royale Legend II Baitcasting Reel
KastKing Royale Legend II Baitcasting Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 5.4:1-7.2:1
  • Ball Bearings : 5+1
  • Max Drag (LB) : 17.64
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Premium Baitcaster
SHIMANO Curado K Baitcasting Reel
SHIMANO Curado K Baitcasting Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 6.2:1
  • Ball Bearings : 6+1
  • Max Drag (LB) : 11
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Best Baitcasting Reel Under $100
KastKing Crixus Baitcasting Reel
KastKing Crixus Baitcasting Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 6.5:1-7.2:1
  • Ball Bearings : 7+1
  • Max Drag (LB) : 17.64
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Best for Inshore Saltwater
Abu Garcia, Revo X Baitcasting Reel
Abu Garcia, Revo X Baitcasting Reel
  • Gear Ratio : 6.6:1 
  • Ball Bearings : 6+1 
  • Carbon Matrix Hybrid Drag System
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Now that you know pretty much everything you need to know about baitcasters and how to choose one, allow me to review the Top saltwater baitcasting reels. 

1. KastKing Spartacus I & II Baitcasting Reels

Best Light Weight
KastKing Spartacus II
9.9/10Our Score
  • Material : Reinforced nylon
  • Reel Weight : 6.0 oz
  • IPT(inch per turn) : 28
  • Brake System : Magnetic 
  • Mono Line Capacity (LB/YD) : 10/140, 12/110, 15/90

If you are looking for a versatile saltwater baitcaster, you should definitely consider purchasing one of the KastKing Spartacus baitcasters. The reel is designed with dynamic features and comes with high-quality materials. However, it might be a bit tricky for beginners, but with enough training, anyone can use it. The baitcaster comes at a very reasonable price, especially considering its materials. In fact, you might confuse it with some expensive baitcasters since it has the same qualities like them. It is versatile such that you can use it in fresh and saltwater. Be sure to choose the reel of your dominant hand since it is available in both left and right-handed models.

Most anglers that have used the baitcaster rate highly, and I’m positive you will love it too. The good thing is you don’t have to use a fortune to get it. 


The best way to determine if a reel is worth it is to explore its features. KastKing Spartacus reels come with some fine features that include:

CNC Machined Aluminum Spool 

The KastKing spool is designed in such a way that it is lightweight and easy to spool new line. Aluminum is a strong and durable material that will serve you for years. The tension cap is also made of aluminum. 

Aluminum Handle and EVA Foam Knobs 

EVA handle knobs are considered among the best, so you can expect a non-slip grip and connection to the rod. The EVA handles are also comfortable and easy to control. Furthermore, they are lightweight, so you can use the reel all day without feeling too tired.

6.3:1/ 7.2:1 Gear Ratio 

You can get a KastKing Spartacus with a 7.2:1 or 6.3:1 gear ratio, depending on the one you choose. The KastKing Spartacus II comes with 7.2:1, while the first generation comes with a 6.3:1 gear ratio. Both gear ratios are fast enough to retrieve fish to the shore without causing too much injury to it. 


So, would I recommend either of the Spartacus KastKing baitcasters? Yes, I would do that without hesitation. It is not common to find such a high-quality baitcaster at such an affordable price. KastKing Spartacus has a serious drag force and a good number of ball bearings to provide you with smooth performances. It outshines most baitcasters on its price range, and it is available on Amazon and other leading stores.

2. KastKing Royale Legend II Baitcasting Reel

Budget Friendly 

Budget Choice
KastKing Royale Legend II
9.9/10Our Score
  • Material : Graphite
  • Reel Weight : 7.2oz
  • IPT(inch per turn) : 22.4 -29.8
  • Brake System : Magnetic Brake
  • Line Capacity mono : 10/130, 12/110, 14/90 

The first thing you should always consider while purchasing a reel is your budget. You should purchase something you can afford without affecting your family budget. If you are looking for a budget-friendly saltwater baitcaster, the KastKing Royale Legend II will do you justice. 

The baitcaster has received a lot of love, and it will definitely provide you with the value of your money. It is has been hailed as beginner-friendly and easy to use.

KastKing Royale Legend is available in two generations, I & II. It casts excellently and provides a smooth performance regardless of where you are fishing.


To help you make a decision about the reel, here are some of the features that come with it. 

EVA Handle Knobs 

Like many KastKing reels, the Royale Legend comes with high-quality EVA handle knobs. The handles are lightweight and comfortable for all-day use. Furthermore, they are non-slip and durable. With such handles, you can comfortably battle catfish weighing 15+ pounds.

8 Magnetic Button Braking System with 10 Levels of Adjustment 

The KastKing Royale Legend II baitcaster comes with easy-to-use magnetic brakes that can be used by people of all skill levels. The brakes help eliminate casting problems and help control windy fishing conditions. They also play a role in improving the casting distance.

Ceramic Line Guides 

The KastKing Royale Legend II comes with one of the smoothest materials for line guides, ceramic. These smooth guides protect your line from friction and help improve the smoothness of the cast. They also protect your line from wearing down, so it will last as long as it is supposed to last.  

3 Drag Options 

It comes with three different drag options, which you can use to avoid backlashes and Birdnesting.


The KastKing Royale Legend II will not make you break the bank, unlike most baitcasters of the same quality. It has a comfortable and lightweight grip, and you can count on it for smooth performances. The oversized grips give you the upper hand while battling monster fish and are not affected by wet conditions. I recommend it to anyone looking for a quality saltwater baitcaster at an affordable price. 

3. Shimano Curado K

Best Saltwater Inshore Baitcasting Reel 

Premium Choice
Shimano Curado
9.9/10Our Score
  • Material  : Carbon
  • Suggested users : Unisex 
  • Weight : 300 Grams
  • Hand Orientation :  Left/Right
  • Line retrieve : 31"

If you are planning to do some inshore fishing, the Shimano Curado K is probably the best baitcaster you can buy. Shimano already has a good reputation, and it is among the best reel manufacturers. They don’t disappoint with this saltwater baitcaster, either.  

The reel is available in one size but with different gear ratios. You can choose one among 6.2:1, 7.4:1, and 8.5:1 gear ratios.

Curado K is more popular than many Shimano models, and I believe you will love it too.

Remember, it is available in left and right-handed models. Only choose the model of your dominant hand.


This Shimano is more affordable than most, but that should not make you question its quality. It comes with some fine features, which include:

Compact Body Design 

The Shimano Curado K is smaller than most baitcasters with the same features and way more lightweight. However, it is still strong enough to land large saltwater fish. 

Oversized Handles 

Even though its body is small, the handles are large enough to provide a comfortable and non-slip grip while fishing. It also has a superior drag force, so it should be very easy to land larger catches. 

Hagane Aluminum Frame 

The durability of a baitcaster should always be among the things you consider while purchasing one. Aluminum is one of the most durable materials, and when a reel has an aluminum frame, you can expect it to last for a long time. It is lightweight but has more strength than most materials used for reel frames. 

S3D Spool Design 

The Shimano spool design ensures it rotates excellently and provides smooth performance while casting and retrieving. The design cuts the vibration while casting, and it makes it easy to cast over long distances.

Anti-Reverse Roller Bearing 

The Shimano Curado K baitcasting reel comes with six quality ball bearings and one anti-reverse roller bearing. This means you can expect smooth performance from the baitcaster and fewer backlashes since the roller bearing has a one-way design. Furthermore, the ball bearings are made of A-RB stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, so you can expect them to last for quite some time. 

SVS Braking System 

SVS brakes help control the spool’s speed while casting, hence helping with precision, which many baitcasters lack while casting lighter lures. The adjusting knob is external and easy to use, even for beginners.


So, is the Shimano Curado K worth the hype? Yes, the baitcaster deserves all the praises it has received and more. It is incredibly lightweight and strong for such a reel. It is also durable and pocket-friendly. You will not go wrong with Curado K if you are looking for an inshore saltwater baitcaster. 

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4. KastKing Crixus Baitcasting Reel

Best Baitcasting Reel Under $100 

Best Under 100$
KastKing Crixus
9.8/10Our Score
  • Material : Infused Nylon
  • Weight : 7.7 Ounces
  • Hand Orientation : Left / Right
  • Main Gear : Brass
  • IPT(inch per turn) : 26.9-29.8

KastKing has done it again with this quality Baitcasting reel. It is made of a strong carbon-infused nylon frame, making it both lightweight and strong. Its drag is strong enough to haul out monster fish from saltwater, and it has been termed as beginner-friendly. It comes with an excellent gear ratio, higher retrieval speed, lower weight, and extended lifetime.  


Just like other KastKing models, the Crixus baitcasting model comes with some fine features that place it among the top-performing baitcasting reels in the market. Some of these features include:

Carbon Disc Drag 

Its drag force is 17.6 pounds, meaning you can comfortably battle fish weighing up to 17 pounds with it. Furthermore, the drag is adjustable, so you can adjust it for lighter fishing lines whenever you want to. The drag knob is made of durable aluminum, and it is easy to adjust the tension of the line. 

Magnetic Braking System 

Typically, magnetic brakes are easier to control than manual brakes. However, most baitcasters with quality magnetic brakes are highly-priced. You don’t need to worry about that with KastKing Crixus, though.

The baitcaster comes with a quality magnetic braking system with eight magnets with ten levels of adjustments. The brakes are easy to adjust. The likelihood of backlashes with these brakes is so much less than with most baitcasters. 

Additionally, there is an aluminum tension cap that allows you to control the tension of the fishing line. It works together with the braking system, allowing you to have more control of your casts. The reel has seven high-performance stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing, which allows smooth casts and retrievals. 

Higher Retrieval Speed 

Having a baitcaster with a higher retrieval speed is always handy, especially when fishing from the shore. It makes it easy to retrieve fish with fewer chances of losing it or hurting it more during retrieval.  

That said, the KastKing Crixus baitcaster comes with a 7.2:1 gear ratio, which means the spool turns around seven times when you turn the handle once. Its U-shaped CNC machined aluminum spools have a larger fishing line capacity, so you will have enough space for all the lines you need for long-distance casting.


The KastKing Crixus is an affordable saltwater baitcaster that you will enjoy using. It delivers hassle-free performances, even after using it for a few years. It is beginner-friendly and aesthetic. You can use it as a gift. When paired with the right rod, you will have a lot of fun with it. I recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality and affordable saltwater baitcasting reel. 

5. Abu Garcia, Revo X

Best Saltwater Low Profile Baitcasting Reel 

Best For Inshore
Abu Garcia, Revo X
9.7/10Our Score
  • Weight : 8.32 Ounces
  • Material : Aluminum, stainless steel 
  • Suggested users : ‎Unisex-adult
  • Handle material : Stainless steel
  • Hand Orientation : Left / Right

Abu Garcia is one of the leading reel manufacturers, and they do not disappoint with this Revo X model. It is designed for people looking for a high-quality baitcaster but doesn’t want to spend a fortune to get one. Revo supports all types of fishing lines, and you will not need to back the braided line for it to work excellently. It is a low-profile reel, but it has a large capacity.  

Many anglers who have used it have praised its cast smoothness and ease of use. The handle is made of stainless steel, a corrosion-resistant material. Just make sure to rinse it in fresh water after a saltwater fishing trip. It does not have a Baitclicker like many modern baitcasters, but you will always notice when a fish takes the bait.


Abu Garcia is known for its high-quality products, and this one is no different. It comes with the following distinctive features. 

Carbon Matrix Hybrid Drag System 

Abu Garcia Revo X comes with a high-quality drag system that allows you to be in control whenever battling hard-fighting fish. The drag adjusts knob is easily adjustable, with just a simple dial to it to make it happen. It provides some audible clicks, so you will know when the drag knob is tight or loose.

6+1 Stainless Steel Bearings 

This Abu Garcia baitcaster comes with six high-quality ball bearings and one roller bearing. With such a number of ball bearings, you can be assured of smooth performance while casting and retrieving. The ball bearings are corrosion-resistant, so expect them to last for a long time.

7.3:1 Gear Ratio 

Typically, a baitcaster with a 5.0:1 gear ratio is fast enough even for shore retrievals. Therefore, a reel with a 7.3:1 gear ratio is excellent for the job. However, it is worth noting that some models have a 5.4:1 gear ratio while others have 6.6:1. Still, even the lower gear ratios provide fast retrievals.  


Abu Garcia has done it again with this high-quality but affordable saltwater baitcaster. It is easy to use, lightweight, and durable. Many anglers who have used it have great things to say about it, and I think its features speak volumes. Therefore, if you are looking for a low profile baitcasting reel, I suggest going for Abu Garcia Revo X. 

Why Every Angler Needs a Baitcaster 

There are many of us who grew using spinning tackles and never gave a thought about baitcasters. Not because we don’t want to use them, but because no one in our fishing circles uses baitcasters. Also, there has been a lot of misinformation about baitcasters. Some of us are convinced that they are almost impossible to use. That’s not the case, though. There are many beginner-friendly baitcasters that can be used by anglers of all skill levels. 

Today’s baitcasters blend power, design, and high-tech materials to provide a high-quality baitcaster with great precision. Most of them are lightweight and won’t make you feel too tired if you combine them with the right rods. 

They provide smooth performances due to the higher number of ball bearings and a higher gear ratio. That said, here are some of the reasons you should own a baitcaster even if you have a few spinning tackles.

Baitcasters Are Excellent When Fishing in Vegetated Areas 

If you plan to fish in a local pond full of vegetation, you cannot do better than a baitcaster. Baitcasting reels are really powerful, and the strength is enough to haul out large fish under heavy cover. Just ensure to pair your baitcaster with an exceptional fishing line that can cut through the cover and a strong fishing rod that won’t break while retrieving.

Baitcasters Are Excellent For Trolling 

Baitcasters have dominated the trolling world, and it is for a good reason. Most of them come with higher retrieval speeds. Therefore, you can retrieve a lot of fishing line in a hurry, which is key when catching fast-swimming catches like salmon. Moreover, baitcasters come with comfortable handles and strong drag that help stop fast-running fish in their tracks. 

Precision Casting 

Typically, baitcasters offer more accuracy than spinning tackles. They are excellent with heavy lures required for saltwater fishing, and they cast with more precision. They also offer superior casting distance to spinning reels.

With some practice, you will be able to drop lures precisely where you want them. You can cast over long distances and land some large catches after a few days of practice in your backyard. This gives you an edge when fishing for spooky fish in clear water since you can cast from a distance.  


With a baitcaster, you will not need to worry about line twists, which are pretty common with spinning tackles. For that reason, a baitcaster will always be the better option when using a stop-and-go fishing pattern. For example, when twitching suspended bait for pike. There won’t be a problem with the line recoiling if there are no line twists.

Baitcasters Allows You to Lure Almost Anything 

Typically, a spinning tackle is mostly used with lightweight and live baits. It is, however, poor when it comes to casting heavier lures. On the other hand, you can use a baitcaster to cast all lures, both lightweight and heavy ones. Spinning tackles may be slightly better with light lures, but baitcasters still deliver. 

Excellent Choice for Large Fish 

If you plan to land some catfish and king salmons, it is only wise to prepare yourself with the right tools. Unfortunately, most spinning tackles do not offer much help when catching fishing, weighing more than 15 pounds.

On the other hand, baitcasters are made for large fish. They offer so much power to retrieve large fish with ease. You just need to pair it with the light braid and casting rod. 

A good casting combo will allow you to retrieve larger catches fast, accurately, and with fewer injuries to the fish. Spinning reels can still get the job done, but baitcasters are much better when fishing large and hard-fighting fish. 

Major Components of a Baitcaster 

A baitcaster is made of several parts, primarily for storing the fishing line and making the cast as smooth as possible. These parts should coordinate appropriately, ensuring your fishing experience is as smooth as possible. If you are new to baitcasting, its parts are pretty much like those of a spinning reel. Here are the major components of a baitcaster and their functions.

Reel Handle 

The reel handle is the part of a reel that you turn when retrieving the lure. When you turn the handle, the fishing line starts coiling back to the spool fast or slow, depending on the gear ratio. While purchasing a baitcaster, buy a reel of your dominant hand. For example, if you are left-handed, purchase a left-handed baitcaster. Failure to that, it will be very hard to turn the handle while retrieving. 

Reel Foot 

The reel foot is the point of attachment where you attach your baitcaster to the casting rod. The reel foot is often rectangular in shape, but some baitcasters have square reel feet. It is a vital part of the fishing reel, and it should be firmly fixed to withstand the pressure from casting and retrieving lures.  

The reel seat is the part on a casting rod that is attached to the reel foot. The two should match to perfection to ensure there is a firm connection, such that the two parts cannot get separated while fishing. 


The brakes of a baitcaster are handy while casting and play a vital role in preventing backlashes. Typically, backlashes and Birdnesting are pretty common with baitcasters, but when you know how to use the brakes, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The brakes are located on the side of a baitcaster, making it easy for the angler to locate them while casting. 

Typically, there are two major types of brakes on a baitcaster. You can choose a baitcaster with magnetic or centrifugal brakes. Magnetic brakes are easier to operate for beginners, but they are often slightly expensive than centrifugal brakes. If possible, choose a baitcaster that can use both brakes. 


Typically, the spool is an essential part of the reel. It is the part that stores the fishing line and rotates while retrieving a lure. The baitcaster spool is located underneath the reel, unlike that of a spinning reel, which is placed on top. Also, baitcaster’s spool rotates instead of moving up and down. This allows it to handle more pressure, and that’s why baitcasters are recommended for larger catches.

However, this spool design makes it a little tricky to add a new line to it. But with practice and determination, it shouldn’t take you long to master how to do it.


A Baitclicker is one of the few features that a baitcaster has over spinning reel. It is a switch on the side of the baitcaster, and it clicks once there is increased tension. Typically, it acts as an alarm that notifies you once the fish takes the bait. However, the Baitclicker can also click if the lure is bumped or meets an obstacle.  

Most anglers find the Baitclicker an important part of the reel since it allows you to focus on other rods, and you will always know when the baitcaster catches something.

Drag Adjust Knob 

The drag control, or as known as the drag adjust knob, is a knob/button (often starfish-shaped) on the right side of the baitcaster close to the tensioner knob. The drag adjustment knob helps prevent backlashes and line breakage. Typically, a line with minimum drag (a lot of tension) can break easily. Therefore, always adjust the drag using the knob to reduce the tension and increase your catch rate.


The gears on a baitcaster ensure that you get the smoothest experience while fishing. The seat on the body of the reel and they are often made of zinc, aluminum steel, or brass. It is the quality of the gears that determines the gear ratio. Gear ratio is the number of times the spool rotates when you turn the handle once.

Features of Best Saltwater Baitcasting Reels 

As a beginner, it is not always easy to find a perfect baitcaster since there are so many options. But when you know what to look for, choosing the best saltwater baitcasting reel under 100 should be easy. That said, here are the vital features of a baitcaster you should consider. 

Reel Material / Frame 

Typically, there are two major materials used to make baitcasters, aluminum and graphite. Aluminum is the most common, and it is often thicker and stronger than graphite. With that in mind, aluminum baitcasters are often heavier than graphite reels.

On the other hand, graphite is lightweight but still strong enough. However, some anglers have complained that graphite reel seats may break under intense pressure. For saltwater fishing, you should choose an aluminum baitcaster. Aluminum is corrosion-resistant, and it will most probably perform better than graphite in the open sea.

Gear Ratio 

The gear ratio of a baitcaster is the number of times the spool turns once you turn the handle once. For example, a baitcaster with 6.1:1 means the spool will turn about six times once you turn the handle one. Typically, the higher the gear ratio, the faster the retrieval speed of a baitcaster. 

One major benefit of baitcasters is they often come with higher gear ratios than spinning reels. This means you can cast from the shore and retrieve the catch fast without losing your catch or causing many injuries to the fish as it struggles to get free. 

However, it is worth noting that baitcasters with lower gear ratios often have more torque, which is vital while battling large fish. Therefore, if you plan to land big fish, consider purchasing a baitcasting reel with two gears; one gear for combating the fish and the other one for retrieving. Ideally, choose a baitcaster with an average gear ratio, for example, 5:1. That way, you will get both power and fast retrieval speed.

Brake System 

The brakes of a baitcaster are an integral part of the casting, and it is crucial to ensure that the brake that comes with the reel makes your work easier. Most modern baitcasters come with magnetic brakes, which are easier to operate, even for beginners.

Magnetic brakes may seem like the best bet, but as an angler, you should consider purchasing a baitcaster with both magnetic and centrifugal brakes. This will provide you with the best adjustment and make it easy to avoid backlashes once you master using both sets of brakes. But if you can’t find a baitcaster with both sets of brakes, settle for the one with magnetic brakes. 

Drag Force 

The drag force or power is the weight a baitcaster can hold comfortably. For many fish, a drag force of about 12 pounds is more than enough. However, you can still find baitcasters that can haul out fish weighing over 25 pounds and still work smoothly. Choose a baitcaster with enough drag force to catch the fish you plan to catch. 


Typically, the higher the number of ball bearings, the smoother the performance of a reel is likely to be. However, the quality of the ball bearings also matters. Therefore, a baitcaster with five quality ball bearings may have a better performance than one with eight low-quality ball bearings. 

Other features of a baitcaster you should look for include the following :

  • The reel handles: You should always choose a baitcaster with a firm and strong reel handle. The handle should be slip-free and durable enough to withstand the pressure from casts and retrievals. EVA and Cork’s handles are usually good enough since they are strong and provide a non-slip grip. 
  • Weight: Don’t choose a too heavy baitcaster that will make your fishing experience too tiring to enjoy it. Buy something strong but lightweight, such that you can hold it all day without feeling too tired. With so many materials available, it is not hard to find a strong but lightweight baitcaster.
  • Spool size: If you plan to fish from the shore, you should consider choosing a baitcaster with a deeper spool that allows you to add more lines into it. In most cases, a larger spool is also easier to control too. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying best baitcasting reels for saltwater

It is always wise to research before buying anything. When researching, there are several things you need to keep in mind to ensure you get the best product. Now that you are looking to buy a saltwater baitcaster, here are the factors to consider before purchasing one. 


The first thing on your mind while buying anything should be your budget. Luckily, there are many baitcasters in the market, and you will always find several options within your price range. Choose a few baitcasters within your price range and then start cutting them out one by one, considering the other factors. 


If you already own a good casting rod and excellent fishing lines, it is crucial to search for a baitcaster that will complement them well. However, if you are buying a full set for the first time, you can opt for a baitcasting combo since the reel will already be paired with an excellent rod. As for the fishing line, the manufacturers usually recommend the line you should use with their reels. Check on the manufacturer’s website and buy the recommended line.

Fishing Location 

There are many baitcasters available, and it is essential to choose the one that will be perfect for your fishing condition. Now that you plan to fish in saltwater, make sure you buy a baitcaster dedicated to saltwater fishing.

If you use a freshwater baitcaster in saltwater, it won’t last as long as it should, and it will not serve you well. Also, make sure to purchase a large or extra-large baitcaster since you will mostly deal with large fish.

Target Fish 

It is crucial to consider the type of fish you plan to catch because some reels might not be enough for some fish. For example, if you plan to catch catfish, you cannot use a small baitcaster. Similarly, you should not use an extra-large baitcaster to catch smaller fish like bass or trout because it will be overkill. 

Research about the fish in plenty in the area you plan to fish and only buy a tackle that will do a perfect job for such fish. 

Your Skill Level 

If you are an experienced angler, there are some baitcasters designed for experienced anglers. They often offer excellent performance, but they are hard to use for most people. If you are new to baitcasting, purchase a beginner-friendly reel. As a baitcaster, you can learn how to cast in a few days and go out fishing in three or so days.


Typically, if a product develops a manufacturer’s fault within the warranted period, you can return it, and it will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. That said, if you are torn between two excellent baitcasters, choose the one with a longer warranty.

Other factors include the following :

  • Availability of spare parts and their cost: Always purchase a baitcaster that you can find spare parts with ease at a low cost. Don’t purchase a reel whose spare parts cost is as much as purchasing a new reel.
  • The durability of the reel: The durability of a reel is determined by several factors, but you can always get recommendations for durable baitcasters from your fishing buddies. Alternatively, you can read reviews on online stores and see what other people have to say about the durability of the reel.

Tips for Saltwater Fishing Every Angler Should Know 

  • Always lubricate a new reel before going out in the sea to make sure there were no critical areas overlooked by the manufacturer. However, do not over lubricate it. 
  • Don’t use a wire leader when fishing in saltwater. 
  • Always have a valid saltwater fishing license. You don’t want to get in trouble with the authorities. 
  • Always check the local tides in the sea before going out for an inshore fishing trip. 
  • Use live baits instead of lures whenever possible. Live baits increase your chances of catching fish since they have a scent, and most lures don’t.
  • Choose the right baitcasting combo, at least a 7-foot rod, and a reel with a 10 -20-pound test line.
  • If you are practicing catch and release, keep the fish out of water for a short time. Ideally, keep it out as long as you can hold your breath. 

FAQs Saltwater Baitcasting Reels 

Hopefully, you have learned all you need to know about the best saltwater baitcasting reels. However, if you still have some questions, here are the answers to FAQs about saltwater baitcasters.

1. Is Mono or Braid Better for Saltwater Baitcasting Reels?

Typically, you can use any type of line with baitcasters. It all depends on the baitcaster and the lines it can support. 

2. What Should I Look for When Buying a Baitcaster?

Consider the type of fish you plan to catch and find a baitcaster with features that will be enough for the fish. Ensure it has a proper gear ratio, a good number of ball bearings, non-slip grips, and the right spool size. Also, make sure the reel feels comfortable on your hands. 

3. What is the Best Baitcasting Reel for Saltwater?

The KastKing Spartacus II Baitcasting Reel is hands down the best saltwater baitcasting reel. It is user-friendly, affordable, durable, and it comes with features that speak for it. Other saltwater baitcasting reels worth consideration include Abu Garcia Revo X, KastKing Royale Legend, and KastKing Crixus. 

4. Can I Use Braid on My Baitcasting Reel?

Yes, you can use a braid, and you should use it on your baitcaster. Braid is expensive, but it is always worth it since it is durable and stronger than the monofilament line. However, some baitcasters don’t work well with braids, and you will need to back it for the best results.  

Bottom Line 

There are hundreds of baitcasting reels, and it is not always easy finding a perfect reel for the job. But when you know what to look for, it shouldn’t be too hard. In this complete guide to saltwater baitcasting reels, I have discussed everything you need to know. Furthermore, I have recommended the best saltwater baitcasting reels, with my top pick being KastKing Spartacus II Baitcasting Reel.


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