Can a Beginner Use a Baitcaster (And Are They Hard to Use)

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Beginners are often faced with backlashes and bird nests. This is not always an exciting encounter, and so you need to be careful about your choice of fishing reels. According to most anglers, baitcasters are more complex and can be challenging to some beginners.

However, even beginners can use baitcasting reels and excel perfectly in their techniques. You will realize that baitcasting reels are not that hard to use with the correct instructions. Additionally, you are assured of accuracy and effectiveness in any technique and when handling different types of fish.

Are Baitcasters good for Beginners?

Choosing a fishing reel as a beginner can be quite a challenge. Although some people highly discourage using baitcasting reels for beginners, I believe they are some of the best fishing reels, and they do not disappoint. Baitcasting reels mostly have a sturdy construction making them ideal for different fish sizes. They also have more torque and drag, so any angler, despite their level of experience, can handle their preferred fish species. With a baitcasting reel, you will enjoy,

  • Better line control
  • More accuracy
  • Powerful drags
  • Improved braking system

Is it hard to Fish with a Baitcaster?

Baitcasting reels are quite popular, especially for big game anglers. Without the right instructions and practice, they are quite hard to use. For this reason, anglers discourage beginners from using them. However, if you have the right training or rather a good tutor, you will have the best experience with baitcasting reels. Don’t fall for the notion that baitcasting reels are hard to use, even as a beginner. If you prefer them, go ahead and get them and do your practice regularly.

What size Baitcasting Reel is the best for Beginner

Any angler understands just how important it is to have the right fishing reel. With the wrong size baitcaster, it does not matter whether you are eyeing the smallest or the biggest species since you are doomed for failure. The different sizes of baitcasting reels are made for different size fish and different users. You don’t have to prove yourself by catching the biggest species as a beginner. Therefore, a 1000 to 4000 size baitcasting reel will be an ideal choice. These small-sized baitcasting reels are also less bulky and easier to handle, making them the perfect choice for beginners.

What are the Best Baitcasters for Beginners?

Most Popular
Okuma Cold Water Linecounter
9.7/10Our Score

Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Hand Orientation: Right Hand
Handle Material : Aluminum
Bearing Material: Stainless Steel

For a beginner, you need a baitcasting reel that will help you make a few catches and one that is easy to handle. Every angler has their preferences; what seems like the perfect choice for one person could be the exact opposite for another angler. For beginners, you must choose the aspects of your baitcasting reels carefully to enhance your fishing success. With all these said, there are specific reels that we can recommend for beginners, and they have been known to work perfectly for different beginners. These baitcasting reels include Pflueger President Low Profile Baitcasting Reel and KastKing Royale Legend.

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How does a Beginner use a Baitcasting Reel?      

As we have seen earlier, the key to an easy time using a baitcasting reel as a beginner is practice and following the right instructions. Here we will help you use your baitcasting reel effectively as a beginner.

  • The first step is ensuring you have all the necessary fishing gear: your baitcaster, rod, line and bait.
  • After this, locate your braking system. Determine whether you are using the centrifugal braking system or magnetic braking system. With the centrifugal braking system, you can find it by removing the side plate. With the magnetic braking system, you will only need to adjust the knob.
  • Having located your brakes, adjust the tension knob. The tension knob helps increase the spool tension. When you adjust the tension knob correctly, you will have an easier time fishing.
  • After this, observe the tension. After setting the tension, now it’s time to test it. First, hold the rod tip and disengage it, pressing the spool release button.
  • Then have a good grip on the baitcasting reel. Use your dominant hand. Also, ensure that your thumb is stable on the spool and spool-release switch.
  • Now, let the line go; 8-12lb of line will be sufficient for beginners.
  • Finally, release the spool and cast. You need to click the spool release switch. After the spool is released, place your thumb on the spool to minimize tangles and backlash.


Anglers who have used baitcasting reels can attest that they are some of the most effective reels. Whether setting out for saltwater or freshwater fishing, you can always rely on a baitcasting reel. Additionally, you do not have to be alarmed by the fish size and fights, as most of them are built for heavy game fish and hard fighting fish. They will excel in conditions where spinning reels will not give excellent results.

Beginners also will have an enjoyable tie with them. At first, you might experience tangles and backlash, but it never hurts to learn and better yourself.     


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