Where are Daiwa reels made? (Here is the Answer)

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Most anglers usually want to know where their reels are made and their importance. Daiwa, since 1955 is not trying to fool its customers. Daiwa produces high-quality, affordable reels, with all their reels preciously labeled.

Well, where are Daiwa Reels made? Daiwa reels are made in a variety of locations, including Japan, China, and South Korea. In recent years, Daiwa has been increasing its production in China, which has resulted in lower prices for Daiwa products. Daiwa’s manufacturing process is vertically integrated, meaning that Daiwa owns and operates all of the factories that produce its products. This allows Daiwa to maintain tight quality control over its products.

Who makes Daiwa reels?

Daiwa is a Japanese reel brand with its headquarters in Tokyo. Globally, Japan leads in new technologies and superior-high-quality products; thus, Daiwa reels are no exception.

Daiwa produces numerous high-quality reel models from both entry-levels to high-end reels. These reels are excellently fantastic, and most anglers who have tried Daiwa reels become regular customers.

What are Daiwa reels made of?

Daiwa reels are made from a variety of materials, depending on the model. Some models are made entirely of metal, while others feature a mixture of metal and plastic. The materials used in Daiwa reels are carefully chosen to provide the optimum balance of strength, durability, and weight.

Are Daiwa reels made in China?

Yes, Daiwa has factories in China where it manufactures a portion of its products. The use of Chinese labor has allowed Daiwa to lower the prices of its products.

However, Daiwa reels made in Japan still exist despite some of their reels made overseas. Speaking of China, it’s not the only country that manufactures Daiwa. Depending on the model, Daiwa reels come from various destinations. Daiwa BG is among the famous brand being produced in China. The reels produced in China are still perfect with reasonable prices, and the quality is top-notch.

Are Daiwa reels still made in Japan?

Yes, Daiwa still manufactures some of its products in Japan. However, the company has been increasingly moving its production to China in recent years in order to lower costs.

Japanese manufacturer Daiwa has been producing fishing reels since 1955. With its expansion to the international markets, only high-end reels are still made in the original company in Tokyo, Japan. Most of the Daiwa reels are produced in other countries.

Daiwa had experienced a higher demand on the reels making it expand its operations to other countries around Asia and worldwide. However much Daiwa outsourced its manufacturing products, it ensured that some of the high-end reels are still produced in Japan, and these reels are undoubtedly the core of Daiwa.

Are There any Daiwa Reels made in Vietnam?

Some Daiwa reel models are produced in Vietnam, apart from China and Japan. Daiwa brought some of its manufacturing activities to Vietnam to achieve low production costs. This was a move to cater to the anglers who wanted quality reels at a low price.

For example, The Daiwa Crest Ais is a net spinning reel brand produced in Vietnam. This reel features Daiwa’s new technology and modern performance.

Most Popular Models of Daiwa reels?

Finding quality fishing gear is a top priority for many anglers. However, Daiwa has received constant praises from the fishing tackle industry for decades.

Daiwa has drowned their influence and solidified their reputation throughout by producing quality reels, both low-end and high-end, at an affordable price.

Daiwa is commonly known for two types of reels widely used by anglers; The Daiwa Tenacom electric reel, one of the most affordable electric reels in the market today and can be used in deep fishing, giving excellent performance. The second Daiwa reels primarily used by anglers are the line counter reels superior in saltwater and freshwater.

Also, Daiwa produces conventional reels, spinning reels, and Baitcasting reels. Here are some of the most popular Daiwa reels.

Daiwa Tatula 100 TWS Baitcasting Reel – Most Popular Daiwa Baitcaster


  • Material : Aluminum
  • Max Drag : 11lb
  • Weight : 6.9oz
  • Gear Ratio : 6.3:1
  • Ball Bearing : 7+1

This is the lightest, smallest, and most comfortable palm-able reel that has ever existed. Daiwa Tatula 100 TWS is a popular high-end Daiwa series in both left and right-hand configurations. It’s fatigue-free because it’s a lightweight reel weighing approximately 6.9 ounces, making it suitable for beginners with smaller hands.

It also features the zero adjuster spool setting and T-wing system level, casts longer, and is mostly accurate. It is made with aluminum to offer durability and smooth performance.

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Daiwa BG Spinning Reels – Best Daiwa Spinning Reel


  • Material : Synthetic
  • Max Drag : 13.2lb
  • Weight : 9.3oz
  • Gear Ratio : 5.6:1
  • Ball Bearing : 6+1

Daiwa BG spinning reel features a machined aluminum body with a black anodized exterior giving it more strength, durability, and stability. The strong covering also acts as an anti-corrosion agent with exceptional scratch resistance to enhance your reel safety and angling.

Also, to enhance casting, it has an ABS spool with a maximized core diameter enabling you to fill the line to the top without experiencing knots.

The BG also features a screw-in handle to maximize control by stopping movement between the main gear and the handle arm.

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Daiwa Seagate Star Drag Reel


  • Material : Synthetic
  • Max Drag : 19lb
  • Weight : 20.4oz
  • Gear Ratio : 6.4:1
  • Ball Bearing : 3+1

Seagate Star Drag reel features four bearing drag system with a centrifugal spool brake.

This reel has a machined anodized aluminum spool a corrosion-proof composite frame and is equipped with rugged brass gears that are helically cut to enhance smoothness and powerful winding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Daiwa Tatula Reels made?

Daiwa Tatula Reel is manufactured in Thailand. These reels are a sign of the combination of new technology and high-quality materials.

Final Impression

Having a quality reel is a top priority when it comes to fishing. With a leading brand like Daiwa, you are sure of a quality reel packed with powerful features that increase your catches, leaving you always with a smiling face. Daiwa won’t leave you out just if you are looking for entry-level or high-end reels.

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